Insecure (2016) s05e04 Episode Script

Faulty, Okay?!

1 Yeah, we got drinks over here.
There's volleyball over there.
And we got food comin'.
Don't worry.
I know y'all hungry.
There's food comin'.
Ah, shit.
It's two already? This my third coat of sunscreen.
You know you missin' your whole backside, right? I'm always facin' the sun, though.
Well, you need to put some on, too, 'fore you out here lookin' like a strawberry.
- Yeah, you right.
Gimme some of that.
- Yeah.
Yo, this was a good idea.
Folks straight-up frolickin' out here.
I, I didn't even know we frolicked.
Shit, I was frolickin' yesterday.
Ah, well, they frolickin' on a empty stomach.
Ah, Suge was supposed to bring the meat for the grill, and he still ain't here.
Typical Suge.
The princess is here.
- Ayeee! What's up, girl? - What's up, y'all? Aric, I see you got yo' boobs out today.
- 'Bout time you got here.
- What's the problem? It's not like I was gonna help anyway.
- You want sunscreen? - What's this? This just regular-ass Aveeno.
Girl, there's niggas in bulk out here.
It's like Costco.
I don't know how we gon' find this party.
All the Blacks had the same idea.
Damn, we are a monolith.
I think that might be Nathan's group over there.
Niggas to the North and the South? Girl, the options is lookin' good, too.
Caught one bee on Bumble, and the bitch is back.
First of all, I said the date was good.
The sex I fuck weird now.
I need to get more reps in with somebody who knows what they're doin'.
Oh, someone who knows what they're doin'? That would be me.
You know what? I might be on my spiritual shit, but I'm here to support you.
- And you.
- Ooh.
Are we open for business? Ahh! Okay, yes, Tag Team! I love that for y'all.
I'mma go try to talk to Nathan, and not cry in his mouth.
Should ask him what my tears taste like.
- I know they salty.
- Didn't he walk out on you in the middle of the night? Like my Dad.
Girl, it's been a week.
Still nothing? I mean, we texted, but not about that.
We both been super busy, though.
All right then, maybe just like, ease into it.
Take your time.
- That's what I would do.
- Do y'all see this? I knew as soon as I announced this Nothing But Water deal he'd have some shit to say.
Don't even trip off of him, okay? He can have all the emoji fingers he wants, but his stuff sold out because of who? Mm, that part.
Everybody wants to be successful on Etsy, but not everybody's ready for the fame.
Y'all right.
I ain't Let me stay off this shit.
I am not about to argue with someone who went to Scared Straight for high school.
(LAUGHS) I didn't know he went there, too.
Man, I've tried to get into juicin', but they say you still can't juice meat.
This - Hey! - Hey! Hey.
- Thanks for comin'.
- Yeah, great.
And you? (LAUGHS) You didn't ask.
How are you doing? I'm just tryin' to get my host on.
That's dope.
Every party needs a GHB.
That's, "Great Host Boiii.
" And this party's got you.
- Thanks.
- Killin' it since before we got here.
Yeah, thanks.
We would love some alcohol.
I say, what's happenin'? I'm Aric.
I got y'all.
I got, got drinks right over here.
- All right.
- Okay.
The weather turned out great, right? What is it, like 74? Nah, it's probably, like 81, actually.
(CHUCKLES) What you think it is? Oh, shit.
I should probably - You good? - Mm-hm.
Excuse me, rainbow girl.
Can you throw it back? So, he's definitely mad at me.
He's bein' so weird, right? I mean, I don't know his baseline.
I always thought he was a weird nigga.
I thought that was the draw.
We should've talked earlier.
- Maybe I shouldn't have come.
- You want us to leave? - And make things more weird? - It might not be to him.
But then again, I don't know his baseline.
Wait, Kelli, you're drinkin'? No! Booze is on snooze until a bitch is enlightened.
(LAUGHS) This is for you.
Loosen up.
You right, thanks.
Is Aric swipe right or swipe left? Well, let's not choose just yet.
Everybody's still in the runnin' until they disqualify themselves.
- Yes! - Hoo-hoo! She back! Yo! Who tryin' to get busy on the Spades table, though? Oh, Spades! Wait, is that like Pitty Pat? I'll play if y'all teach me.
The cut-off is 16.
Ain't nobody teachin' you Spades at your big age.
They said I can't play.
- Guys against girls.
- Let's go.
I mean, I'm just, I'm just, I'm ju Ahh! Bam! Ahh! (LAUGHS) We gon' take those.
Oh, I am gonna take those.
You know what? You gon' go 'head and call us the librarians.
Why? 'Cause we got books! Read 'em! They fuckin'.
Oh, no.
They not fuckin'.
But they fuckin'.
Y'all lucky y'all not some niggas, 'cause these size 14s would be all up in yo' ass.
Mmm, size 14s, huh? - Noted.
- Aric, what your feet be lookin' like? Probably drier than a bitch.
Barbers be the ashiest ones.
Damn, why you comin' for me? Don't worry 'bout it, baby.
I got cocoa butter.
I wear a size nine.
Why you proud of that? Also, round up, nigga, round up in public, shit! Is that Issa? Hey, Issa! Resha! Hey! - You look so good.
- Oh, you too! I almost didn't recognize you (CHUCKLES) outside of your smock.
You think the water looks cool? It looks hella cold.
It looks real warm to me.
Say less.
Y'all comin'? Go! Woo! I bet she doesn't even have to learn how to swim with those.
She could just float.
That's Resha.
So, I just wanted to check in.
Are we cool? Nothin's changed for me.
Okay so we're still friends? Yep.
Aye, the wait is over! Ah, shit.
Man, what happened to the burgers and the hot dogs you was supposed to bring? - I got all this mustard.
- I said I was bringin' food.
I ain't say nothin' about no barbecue.
Now take this Domino's, Nathaniel.
Oh, this a big one! - You okay? - Yeah, you? I'm okay, too.
We made it.
We're bonded for life now.
Why the fuck would you drop the pizza? - It was a earthquake.
- What's that gotta do with your hands? - Yo, relax.
- Please evacuate the beach.
We're shutting down in case of a tsunami.
- Are you serious? - Tsunami? I can't be in another tsunami, y'all.
I basically died.
I repeat, please - evacuate the beach.
- I did, too.
Fuck a tsunami.
I'm just gettin' started.
Hold up, y'all! Y'all! Let's hit a bar nearby! Drinks on the shop! Y'all wanna go somewhere else? 'Cause we don't have to go with them.
Um I'm still narrowin' it down.
These niggas is neck-and-neck to see me nekked.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Please evacuate the beach.
We're shutting down in case of a tsunami.
Hey, real talk, I think I sensed that earthquake before it hit.
I mean, I got chills, and then, five minutes later, boom.
Oh, shit.
Aye, you at lot 10 right now? Yeah, we had to leave 'cause yeah yeah, that's my bad, man.
We rollin' to Sharkeez, though.
You should come through.
Aight, bet.
Hey, Nate, you think your girl's homegirl was feelin' me? Maybe.
Ain't Johnny tryin' to get at her? Man, she wasn't staring at Johnny.
Them big, sexy eyes talkin' all that shit with them sexy lips.
Wouldn't it be a trip if I started datin' your girl's girl? Not my girl.
- She all over the place.
- What you mean? She basically called me over last week to cuddle.
Did somebody die? Shit, I don't know.
We been friends over the last year because that's what she wanted, and then, she pulled this shit.
Then she show up today, legs all out, all oiled up, talkin' about, "We still friends?" Women always quick to friendzone you, and then, want you to spoon 'em like y'all been fuckin', but you haven't.
Exactly! Haven't! And then, she started crying.
- Wait, what? - So, somebody did die.
I didn't wanna do that shit all night, so I bounced.
Man, there must be a reason she felt comfortable cryin' on you.
- What you mean? - You do have that, "Let me cry on your shoulder" energy.
You let her friendzone you, bro.
Man, she don't know what she want.
Bruh, she is rollin' to the next spot.
She wants somethin'.
And, trust me, it ain't no haircut.
Aye, I can't wait to shake Molly's fine ass up.
Hit it from the back.
Spin her around.
Give her a little part.
Get that scalp wet.
Slap that neck.
Aight, okay.
Ha ha, no.
See, I'm tellin' you.
That was no earthquake.
See, the government's tryin' to test out they kill switches.
Right! But like, when the Earth was shakin' I was already shook.
Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? Oh, girl, I am so hot right now, I'm leakin'.
I had to step outside.
Right? Like, what the fuck? Now I'm a fraud? You know this nigga was born in the Valley.
Suburbia niggas.
So, what you want me to do? You know I can buzz down on him.
I'm in the hive.
You know what? Don't even worry about it.
We good over here, baby.
We on salary now, we gettin' money.
QUOIA: Girl, you right.
But you let me know if you wanna start trippin'.
My bags stay packed Oh.
Oh, shit.
Okay, bye.
That's why I buy a new phone every other week.
Switch it up.
Shock the system.
Stay off the grid.
I call it the three S's.
I wish the fourth S was "silence.
" I know I didn't really die, but it still made me wanna look inward.
And then, you know what I found out? I got a Lotta shit goin' on inside.
- Ain't that part of the journey? - Mm-hm.
It's like, at the end of the day, don't we all just wanna be okay? You know what? Those are good questions.
Oh, shit.
I got a podcast about questions.
You tryna be a guest? Ooh, I love existential shit.
Girl, I minored in philosophy before beauty school, so I stay askin' questions and turnin' over stones.
- Even heavy ones.
- Oh, shit, honey.
My papa was a rollin' stone.
I gotta unpack that.
Hey, Resha.
Quick question.
- What's up? - You fuckin' Nathan? What? Girl, no.
That's like my brother.
My blood.
But I bet he could fuck good.
Are you tryin' to smash? 'Cause I could set that up.
I'll circle back if I need you.
- Sounds good.
- So, anyway, like when my neighbor's cat died, it was like it, it was mine.
- You know what I mean? - I feel you.
And I still see his ghost.
- That's so deep.
- You know what I'm sayin'? And I'm just like, what does that mean? If your pussy a ghost, - is my pussy a ghost? - Wow.
Like, put that together.
You know what I mean? Do you journal? - I do.
(EXCLAIMING) - KELLI: You do? Get it, girl, get it, get it, get it, girl, get it, girl Ayeee! Ayeee! Ayeee! - Oh, Johnny, you beat us here.
- Sure did, bitch.
- Yo, you want a drink? - I got her one.
You wanna stick with that weak drink, or you want somethin' stronger? Why niggas gotta be so combative? You know, that's another great pregunta.
Aye, we got shots! Hell yeah! One for all of us, none for Johnny.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You read my mind.
- I be tryin'.
Oh, shit! Ah, shit! This that H-town mug.
- So, you requested this? - Yup.
So, um, about the other night.
I'm sorry if I made it weird.
- Nah - But why did you leave me like that? Uh, well I mean, the taco trucks was about to close.
What'd you want me to do, Iss? I guess I just expected you to be there when I woke up.
I ain't know we had expectations for each other.
I probably shouldn't have kissed you.
That was my bad.
No, no.
It's, it's my fault.
Uh, 'cause I shouldn't have asked you to spend the night.
Well, then that's settled.
Ayeee! (LAUGHS) Hey! Shiiit! Aye, y'all see Prison Bae over here? Can I get your autograph? - Shut the fuck up.
- He do look like him, though.
What's up, cousin? Hey, Nathan.
Good to see you, Velma.
- Hi.
- Oh! Oh, shit, yeah.
This is my cousin, Thomas, and this is, uh, this is his wife.
Hey, sorry about the whole last-minute - location change, man.
- Don't even trip.
Aye, you never know where a night with Nate Dogg gon' take ya.
Might end up on the back of a milk carton.
That's funny.
Uh, yeah, so we just, you know, chillin' here 'til we get our food, we gon' get a real table.
How long are you guys in town? Oh, we live in Lawndale.
Oh, you got family here? How did I not know that? Yeah, man, I, I stayed with them for a minute, before I moved in with Andrew.
How about we catch up to y'all with them shots? Houston people really claim Paul Wall like that? Hell yeah, we used to see Chamillionare and him at the club all the time.
Yo, remember when we drove to South By to see them? And that one nigga sold us them t-shirts, but they said "Calamari-onaire.
" That sounds delicious.
Every-fuckin'-body was at that party.
There was like after-parties in the parkin' lot.
- Wow! - That was my whole college soundtrack.
I even got a grill 'cause of them, but it didn't fit, so I kind of just had to suck on it.
- Anyway, I know y'all had fun.
- We did until Nathan abandoned my ass.
Oh, shit.
Here he go.
I done apologized for this so many times.
Wait, what happened? This nigga just ran off into the night.
He swore he was gonna be their tour manager.
- I had to hitchhike home.
- Yeah, that sound like Nathan.
He be gone with the wind, like a little light-skin leaf.
- Ooh.
- You do be wearin' leaf colors.
(LAUGHS) Look at him! About to blow away.
Well, I'm so glad the wind blew him my way, 'cause I used to be all over the place, but he inspired me to put down roots.
Turn me into a whole tree.
'Cause you had said leaf I was buildin' - It was an analogy - We got it.
Ah, shit.
Jason Derulo's havin' a party in Palos Verdes.
You fuckin' lyin'.
(SINGS) Jason Derulo.
You a fan of Derulo? I'm a fan of parties.
So you tryna roll? Damn, I wanna go, but I gotta let my cat out.
You know how that is.
But you should come through.
Jingles is cool.
This nigga focused on the wrong cat.
Hey, Aric I'll roll with you.
- Bet.
- Hey, Kelli, we tryna go (CRYING) It is It's time to find the answers, you know? Are y'all okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We good.
- Y'all go ahead.
- We're having a breakthrough, y'all.
I think we gonna need some more taquitos.
More taquitos, please.
Aye, aye, you should come.
It's gonna be like 15 minutes down the road.
Babe, you wanna go? You know what? You guys should just go and hang out.
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm gonna go home, relieve the sitter.
You guys have fun.
Okay? - Yeah, I'mma walk her out.
- Okay.
Bye, everybody.
I had this dream, and my Mom was in it, and she was a hamster on a wheel, right? And I ain't have no food, so I ate her.
So what does that mean? You know, like my past is inside of me.
I don't know.
- No! - That's what I'm sayin'.
You didn't never win.
Nah, nah, nah.
You never, ever beat me, bruh.
What?! I was givin' you the business on the court every time.
You mean the summer I broke my shootin' arm? I was shootin' with my off hand! Man, both your hands been off.
Nah, I'm, I'm glad we here kickin' it again, man.
Been a minute since I felt like this was home.
Yeah, it's been too long.
You dribble with both hands.
You always double dribble.
- I - dribble with both hands.
You got tattoos? Okay, so what's this one mean? The Chinese symbol for good dick.
Oh, okay.
Fuck! Fuck, I love this song.
I don't know the words, but Look, I know you said not to bring people, man, but I brought people.
Is this gonna be a problem? I ain't never been no problem, baby.
Bruh, bruh, bruh.
Hey, gimme one sec.
- He's workin' on it.
- He better work faster.
That's Derulo in there.
I'm tryna fight, tryna tussle.
Yo, this is Hollywood as shit.
We ain't gon' get in.
Aric know everybody.
We gettin' in, all right? Girl, you good? Yeah, just some work shit.
No big deal.
I handled it.
Oh, okay.
Hey, listen, so, I think Aric and I are a match, so - should I fuck him? - (LAUGHS) If you want to.
What that Nani say? "It's a yes from me, dawg.
" - Oh, here he come.
- Ooh.
- Aye, yo, the party's at capacity.
- No! And I can only get one person in, so - Molly.
- Oh.
Um, I'll try and sneak you in from the back.
- Girl, I'll text you.
- Okay.
(SINGS) Jason Derulo.
Girl, I can't believe we've been standin' in this line for over an hour.
And my camel toe is kickin'.
How y'all feelin'? I mean, if this don't work out, I heard Sharkeez still poppin'.
Wait, Molly found a door.
She said come around back, but hurry because Jason just started doin' close-up magic.
Oh, I sure as shit ain't missin' that.
Wait, Moe! Moe! Thomas! Thomas! - You comin'? - I think I'mma head home.
My Lyft will be here in a few minutes.
Lyft? When you order a Lyft? When your boy started tearin' up over not gettin' in.
Well, I mean, I ain't gonna abandon you.
If that's what you're worried about.
No, man.
I'm old now.
I don't have your energy.
I know Velma got you on a tight leash.
Nah, she wanted me to come out.
- She happy we hangin' again.
- You ain't gotta cover for her.
- I know she don't fuck with me.
- No, Velma loves you, man.
That's why she kicked me out? - No place to go.
- Come on, man.
I'm lyin'? That wasn't on Velma.
What you mean? Look, we don't have to get into this tonight.
Nah, I mean, we in it, bro.
To be honest I'm the one who didn't feel comfortable havin' you around.
I mean, you showed up with practically no warnin'.
Then you'd be gone for days on end, or come home in the middle of the night.
You'd leave the door unlocked.
I got kids, man.
That ain't me no more, man.
I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't tell you straight-up.
I just didn't really know how to handle it, or what to say.
And Velma thought it'd be easier if we just put it on her.
I gotta go.
We should keep talkin'.
I'll call you, okay? Oh, he left? Well, Molly's gettin' us in.
Oh, Moe's inside already, obviously.
Uh, yeah, I need a minute.
Oh okay.
You okay? I was manic when I lived with them.
And I ain't know it at the time.
And you haven't told him yet? Nah, I ain't talked to them since I moved out.
I just wanted him to see I got my life together.
But fuck it.
Can't change how nobody see me.
I get that.
Can't change how you see me either.
What? Me? Me crying wasn't about you.
It caught me off guard, too.
I guess I was just overwhelmed.
Last year was a lot for me.
And now, I feel like I'm just always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I'm scared to get my hopes up.
And I I know I've been afraid to admit it because I don't wanna look stupid, but I don't wanna just be friends with you.
I don't wanna be friends with you either.
- You felt that? - Yeah, I felt that.
Woman (SHOUTS): Earthquake! Are you coming in today? I told my assistant I was having some personal stuff.
How is she? Oh.
Yeah, Molly can't make it.
We just would have to keep hanging out.
Let me Let me just call her.
Hi, what you doing? Reading a book? What y'all reading there?
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