Insecure (2016) s05e09 Episode Script

Out, Okay?!

The floors have just been redone.
Gets plenty of natural light, and the windows are double-paned, which keeps the street noise out, and the heat in.
Good 'cause she stay shiverin' under like 10 blankets.
You stay puttin' your icy-ass feet on me, so who's livin' right? Okay, you guys wander.
If you have any questions, I'll be up front.
- Thank you.
- Yep.
This is nice.
This is nice.
- I could see us here.
- Right? And it's close to your shop.
I can take the train to NBW, or walk to Crenshawn's.
Plus, it's got two Wingstops equidistant from each other.
I mean, c'mon.
Yeah, it's big, too.
- We need two bedrooms? - Hell yeah.
This could be an office or a guest room.
Plus, we're gonna need a "cool off" room just in case we have a beef.
If we in separate rooms, how we gonna have make-up sex? Trust me, you're gonna want the extra space.
(GASPS) Ooh, and it got a mini bathroom, too? Hey, you can, you can shave in here, or do whatever you want with the toilet seat 'cause I know how y'all do.
- Man, we ain't all the same.
- Mm-hm.
I don't know what kind of men you've been livin' with.
I mean, Ahmal had chaotic bathroom habits.
But I mean, it's kind of perfect.
Isn't it? Yeah I'm not mad at it.
Can we get an application? Ooh, I just rented it out five minutes ago.
You just seemed so excited, - I didn't wanna disappoint you.
- Nathan, get him Why wouldn't you say somethin' before - Mornin', ladies.
- Hey, good mornin'.
Good mornin'.
What were you meetin' with Malcolm about so early? Did he lose a document in the cloud again? He probably did.
Nah, no, it wasn't that.
Why are you bein' so coy? What? Did they offer you partnership or somethin'? Wait.
Taurean, did they? Um - yeah they did.
- What?! Oh my god! Congratulations! Y'all not gonna hug this man?! Get up in this hug! You really deserve it.
Thank you, Carter.
They definitely fuckin', right? Yep.
Yeah, I don't know, man.
Ceilings look a little low.
Nah, you just too tall.
Only nigga I know still growin' after 30.
Where your water at? I'm parched.
You need to buy a house from me so I can afford Perrier again.
I'm not really lookin' right now.
What about that condo on Chesapeake? That one was great.
It had a built-in wok.
Look, if I move again, I want somethin' that has everything I'm lookin' for.
I don't wanna settle.
Well, you're givin' me nothin'.
You get a gift for Derek? Leah and I got him a briefcase.
Think he'll use it? I bet he will.
Wait 'til you see this motherfucker.
It's cold.
Yeah, I don't think I'mma go to the party.
Nigga? Fuck you mean? You know, Issa gonna be there.
- Ol' girl.
- Her? Why? I mean they're her friends, technically.
So, what's the problem? She let you go, you ain't fight for it.
Sound like y'all peaceful to me.
What you mean I ain't fight for it? You know how you are.
Sittin' back, lettin' life happen to you like you on the dock of the bay.
Well, no, I couldn't force her to be with me.
You remember what I went through with Leah? All I had to do just for barely fuckin' a set of titties.
I'm just sayin', if it was me, nothin' would've stopped me from gettin' her back.
So where's the food? Nigga really in the mood for a quiche.
You a ham, no ham? You Kosher? Damn, Tiffany parents' house is amazing.
How many times you had braces? Twice The first time didn't take.
They said that's normal, though.
- Oh.
- Ah, shut up.
You don't know.
Hey! - Wow, y'all look good.
- What's up? Okay, dress.
Thank you.
- Just the dress, I mean.
- The titties look right.
- Thank you.
- I mean, we don't.
Is y'all ready for Denver? Gettin' there.
You want a toaster? - Nah, I'm, I'm good - Whoa, whoa, whoa let's see it.
- It got a crumb tray? - Don't play me.
See, mine doesn't have a crumb tray.
Does yours? I don't know.
I haven't ever thought about it.
Well, these are the hard questions we have to ask ourselves now that we're consolidating.
Consolidating? Together, together? Domestically? Nathan and I are moving in together.
- Ah! I love that.
- Congrats, man.
Yeah, we haven't found a place yet, - but, uh, it's happening.
- Yeah, it's goin' well.
I think we've been seein' some good places.
Oh, uh, I'll be right back.
- Can you get me a drink? - Yeah.
I won't even get to see you in your place.
'Cause I'll be in Denver.
I love Denver, love Denver.
I read there's over 300 days of sunlight, so, you know, that's a thing.
Ooh, look at Molly lookin' all blissful.
Aw, they cute with the hands.
- Hey! - Hey! Okay, stop.
- Taurean, this is Derek and Tiffany.
- Wassup? And you already know Issa.
And that's Kelli.
She's the one who helped me and my parents with their estate planning.
- Right.
I heard that went well.
- A little too well.
My mom can't stop talkin' 'bout you guys and your walks.
Oh, that's my girl.
I actually think I might like her better than y'all.
Well, look, I gotta do the same thing with Issa's mom.
Do you wanna tag team again? Don't make friends with my mom.
Too late.
We text.
Could you put me on the group chat? No, she would not like that.
But I'm down.
Aric, uh, lost his keys, and needs to get into the barber shop today.
I told him he could come by here and get mine.
He stay losin' his keys.
Get that man a carabiner.
You didn't have to get us a gift.
Oh, this is, uh, trash.
You brought us trash? I'mma find a dumpster for this bullshit.
Trash right there.
- You good? - I, um, I brought some edibles, but I'm now realizin' that this is not that kind of party.
- Well, it could be.
- I don't think so.
There are like multiple babies here.
Look, I'll take one with you.
- Mmm.
- Think of it like we are celebrating you makin' partner.
Uh well, in that case.
Pop it open, Big Daddy, all right.
Let's see what's down this rabbit hole.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You ready to get your party on, Jah? Is that right? So, should we, uh, take him out? Yeah, yeah.
Hey, bud.
You wanna come out? Come on.
- Hey.
- There you go.
Hey, um, actually, could you take him? - I need to go to the bathroom.
- Yeah.
This, uh, mommy bladder is no joke.
- That was TMI.
- It's, it's all good.
I got him.
- Hey, uh, paci.
- Oh, paci, paci.
Here you go.
There's your paci.
I wonder if this pool is heated, though.
Could I interest anyone in a mac 'n' cheese ball? Uh, hell yeah, you can.
Here, you want one of these, Iss? Huh? Yeah, I do.
- Ma'am, be careful they're - Ahh! - Oh.
- Hot.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
I'm so sorry.
- 'ppreciate you, man.
- Those are hot.
Come here, baby.
Okay, thank you.
Can't take you nowhere.
He loves this thing.
That's him, right? Uh, yeah, it is.
Uh he actually came down here for this? Um he actually moved back a minute ago.
To be closer to his girl and the baby? Uh, yeah, I guess so.
You wanna get another drink? Yeah.
Oh! Right? Look at all these amazing people here gathered to celebrate you.
- It's the best.
- I know.
You couldn't invite more than the usual gay suspects for me? Um, have you not met Rolando? I'll never forget you.
- Derek? - Oh, thank god.
I thought that was in my head.
I think I'm startin' to feel it.
Are you? Do you smell mac 'n' cheese balls? I swear I smell mac 'n' cheese balls.
Can we all gather for a toast? She said gather! - Shit.
- Okay.
Thank you, baby.
Well, we just wanted to thank everyone for coming.
We're gonna miss you all so, so much.
And even though Denver has one of the most unique city park systems in the nation, what it doesn't have is you.
So, we just wanna show our appreciation to all of you.
Kelli, I know people throw around "ride or die" all casually but I feel like you would actually die for me.
I would I would kill for you, too.
And Derek.
I would, I would kill Derek.
And my guys over there.
My Papa Posse.
Still don't love the name, but Craig, Edward, Lawrence, Marjon I'mma miss neglecting our kids with y'all.
Issa I love you, girl.
There is no one else like you in my life.
Thank you? Hey, do me, do me, do me! - Um and - And Dro! - Oh shit! - Girl! - You heard that? - Everybody did.
Well, all of you are so fabulous in your own way.
And even though Denver has six professional sports teams, which means my baby's gonna be getting the bag.
What it doesn't have is you.
She said that already.
Here's to love, life and great friendships.
We'll miss y'all.
- You okay, girl? - (SIGHS) I just I didn't expect to be all Do you guys mind if I steal them for a minute? You know how much money I spent - on that briefcase? - Bruh, get out your feelings.
It's 100% eel.
I told you it's cold.
Nigga, that's an endangered species.
And? That's why I'm sayin' they should do somethin' for me.
Just talk to 'em about it.
Yeah, you want me to talk to 'em about it? - Nah, I'm good.
I'm cool.
- Right here, c'mon.
Hey, I read somewhere that Denver has 0.
001 black people per capita, so, for every person, there's only 0.
001 black people.
You about to be a fraction, nigga.
Hey, so whatchu gonna miss about L.
the most, man? Honestly, the food.
Mexican, barbecue, sushi.
I mean, there's no way Denver has good sushi.
Mmm, barbecue sounds so good right now.
I mean, L.
got bomb-ass weather, but y'all gotta leave the barbecue alone.
Oh, no, sir.
got some bomb barbecue spots.
Yeah, I mean, you got Woody's, Bludso's, Moo's Craft, Ray's.
That's just off the top.
Yeah, if you a transplant just say that.
I'm from Houston.
- There it is.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I felt it.
Go ahead and talk yo' shit, Houston.
They got the meats out there.
- They do they really do.
- Hell yeah.
I mean, I still stand by L.
havin' good barbecue, though.
You know, people who haven't been here long enough, they just write it off.
That's true, too.
Nah, once people have Texas barbecue, they know what's good.
Barbecue must not be good enough to keep 'em there.
Why'd this get so tense? Hey my man, Rolando, thinks I would look so cute with a Caesar, but I don't know.
- Whatchu doin' tomorrow? - Oh, I'm out.
Me and Issa still lookin' at apartments.
So, should I get us some barbecue? Postmates says it'll only take 20 minutes.
I upgraded priority delivery last week.
Game changer, y'all.
- Game changer.
- Okay.
So - You like briefcase? - Hey, you know, we're, we're friends outside of Lawrence.
Like it's, it's gon' be okay.
We gon' keep in touch.
I Yeah, I knew that.
- What day are y'all leavin'? - Sunday.
Well, I'm gonna save my goodbyes 'til then.
What? Ah, hold up.
Champagne ain't alcohol.
Oh, you got new rules now? I'm evolving.
- Thank you.
- You know what? I am not gonna be sad today.
I'm just gonna look forward to seeing you - once you're settled.
- Well You'll see me before then 'cause I'm coming back for Molly's birthday.
I talked to Derek, and he's down with it.
And I was thinking, even though I'm gonna be gone, it doesn't mean we can't plan to see each other more.
Oh, 100%.
I mean, we may be some busy bitches, but we gon' make that happen.
You know what? You're comin' down for Molly's birthday, and your birthday's right after that.
Y'all, we should be here for each other's birthdays.
That's the least we can do.
- That part.
- I love that.
I mean can you just imagine how much will change, like in two years Who will have another baby? Who'll get a new job? Who'll be taller? Or smaller? Or both? Huh? Molly? I'm sorry.
Why this bitch laughin' so hard? Are you okay? Ahh! Bitch, you slapped me.
What in the open fuck is wrong with you? Okay, okay, fine.
Taurean and I had edibles earlier, and that shit is kickin' in like a soccer game, girl.
I am hiiigh.
- There it is.
- Listen - if we gon' work together - Mm-hm.
I'm gonna need you to tell me when you do drugs, so we can do them together.
Why're you guys so loud? - Hi.
- All (SOFTLY): Hey.
I just am comin' to get a bottle out of the fridge.
Yeah, babies do be needin' bottles.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- Oh, no, no, you're good.
Yeah, no, girl, you should be here.
You got a invitation.
I'mma invite you over here.
'Scuse us.
- Did I say somethin'? - No, you good, girl.
Ooh! It's so good to see you and the baby.
I mean it.
He's so cute.
Y'all are doin' a good job.
I mean, not that you need my opinion at all.
Just Congrats.
And I, uh, I heard about your Art Walk with NBW.
Um, I used to work with Raphael back when he was at Verizon.
- Oh, Raphael? Raphael at the office? - Mm-hm.
He's so nice.
Really deep eyebrows.
Uh, well Come on.
Come on.
Whew, bitch, that was weird.
Can I get these two? Yeah.
Here you go.
Hey, Molly.
You know, I tried callin' you to check in.
I heard about the divorce.
My mama don't stop runnin' her mouth.
Yeah, look, I, I wanted to be the one to tell you, um Not for, you know any reason, just, um, you know we we used to be closer.
And, and, uh, just thought you should know.
Did you wanna talk about it? No No, shit happens.
You know, and we both had our issues.
Look, I-I'm movin' on so.
Then I'm happy for you.
Yeah, your friend seems really nice.
Yeah, yeah, she is.
So does the dude that you came with.
Who? Him? Hi y'all good? Yeah.
Oh, this is Dro.
Him and his wife had a open relationship, so we kinda dated.
What? Molly.
We hooked up, like a lot.
- Mm.
- Things got messy, but we good now.
Okay, then.
Yeah, um right, anyways, I'mma check on Morgan.
Um Hmm.
So, you understand? You explained it very clearly.
- I did.
- I mean, we all got a past.
Heh, I used to sell Adderall to half my senior class, - so - Oh, I'm gonna need that story.
There you are.
Mwah! Oh, they got a chocolate fountain? I'm 'bout to go in.
Oh, and they got the colorful cookies, too? Macarons! You want some? Nah, not really, uh I'm not hungry.
You sure? - You only had like two - Oh, Aric just pulled up.
I'll be right back.
How's Jah? Huh? You need a little break? No, no.
I'm good.
You know how cute he gets right before he drifts off.
Right? It's all cuddles.
All of 'em.
I, um I talked to Issa.
Oh okay.
How'd that go? It was brief, but I'm glad we did.
I just I hate having awkward energy with people.
Yeah and I know what you mean.
I think that Eli is done with the party.
- I'mma take him home.
- Okay, you, um you want some help? - No, no, no, no.
You should stay.
- You sure? Yeah, this is the last time you're gonna see everybody for a while.
You should make the most of it.
Yeah all right.
I'll, um - I'll, uh I'll come say bye.
- Okay.
- Yeah, goodbye.
- Come on.
I picked up all the goodies.
My boy.
I appreciate you, bro.
All good.
I'mma get it from you on Monday.
Shit, I got you.
How is it? Is Molly's fine ass in there? - Yeah, she in there.
She with somebody.
- You know, it's all good.
I mean, I know the game.
I respect it.
Yeah, it's whatever.
I don't know, man.
Issa ex up in there.
He on some slick-type shit.
Talkin' about barbecue and shit.
I don't even know what that means, but I don't like it.
I mean, you gotta let these niggas know you can't let motherfuckers talk crazy at you.
You wanna run up in there? We can set this shit off.
Nah, I'm just I ain't even tryna be on all that.
You sure? 'Cause we can run 'em a different kind of fade, my nigga.
(EXHALES) Boy You love a good barber pun.
Nah, I'm good, man.
I'mma just keep it cordial.
I appreciate you.
Aight, shit.
Call me if you need me.
Okay, who got the mac 'n' cheese balls? Mm, no, that's not it.
- Mm.
- That ain't it either.
- Hi, would you care - Get to movin', Tartare.
I think we need to go straight to the source.
- Oh my god.
- Wow.
(MUMBLES) Oh my god.
It's like It's the cheese but it's also the macaroni.
It's the cheese, macaroni, ball shape combo.
- Mmm! - I'll bring it right out.
Fuck! Someone's coming! Oh! - What are we doin'? - I don't know.
This is crazy.
In a closet.
I am havin' a good time, though.
(EXHALES) Me, too.
What? Nothin' Nah, it's - It's dumb.
- (CHUCKLES) Uh I currently have smushed cheese in my jacket pocket, so can't be that dumb.
I guess a part of me is just kinda worried about how good of a time I'm havin' with you.
This is easy, and feels real natural, and that scares me.
Why? Because, at some point, when people get close I mess things up.
Dudes get tired of me, or at least they have in the past, and I am just worried that if you get tired of me, it's gonna really hurt.
(CHUCKLES) Actually, with me, it's the opposite.
I hated you at first but now I'm startin' to like you.
I'm not gonna get tired of you, Molly.
- Ah! Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry, I didn't, I didn't mean to scare you.
No, I was just, uh, at the trash can.
- La basura in Spanish.
- Can we talk for a minute? - Uh uh.
- Why'd you call me last month? Oh, that was a mistake.
Like you didn't mean to, or No, I meant to.
I just - I just shouldn't have.
- Okay.
Because, you know, when you ended things, like, I understood, all right? I, I had a son on the way, I was movin' but things are different now, and I, I I'm different now, and, you know, I just I would hate to leave here tonight knowin' that I didn't say somethin' that I should have, like I didn't fight hard enough for you.
Lawrence, I don't know if fighting would've even mattered Maybe, maybe, I don't know, all right? But, tonight, I just I want you to know how I feel, - and I don't wanna - Here? 'Cause I, I can't do this - with you right now.
- Okay, are you happy right now? - What?! - Are you happy: yes or no? Because I realized that I am not happy when I'm not with you.
Because I love you, Issa.
What's all this? Oh, um, I was just takin' out trash - Nah, we were havin' a conversation.
- No, we weren't.
- Yes, we were.
- The fuck you doin', bro? - Calm down, man.
We was just talking.
- I'm calm, I'm calm, but I could go up.
Bro, you keep trying to go up in my space Stop, you guys! Nathan! Lawrence, Nathan! - Nathan! Chill! - I'm chill! Don't I Just give me a second.
Woman (SOFTLY): What? Girl, you okay? I don't know where you go from here.
Oh, my god.
I keep thinking about all it took to get here.
I doubted myself.
And then I realized no one was doubting me except for me.

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