Insecure (2016) s05e08 Episode Script

Choices, Okay?!

1 ("PILLOWS" BY EMANUEL PLAYING) If you told me my life would be like this I wouldn't have believed ya What you thinkin' bout? Mostly about how squirrels always act like they forgot to do a bunch of shit.
Right? - Like they runnin' late for work.
- (LAUGHS) And also, Tiffany.
I can't believe she's actually moving.
Like, away.
It's really happenin'.
Well I guess that means we'll have somebody to visit.
So, does that mean you're comin' to Denver with me? - Hell, no.
- (BOTH LAUGHING) - That my shirt? - Yeah.
You left it here like three weeks ago, and I've been hidin' it ever since.
It's my shirt now.
(WATER RUNNING) I guess I do be leavin' a lot of shit here.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) You know, my drawers, my shirt, pants, shoes.
I guess I could've just said "clothes.
" Looks like mi casa is startin' to look like "we" casa.
(LAUGHS) What? I just I like wakin' up next to you, and makin' you coffee.
- Your sheets is nicer than mine.
- Bamboo, baby! Should we Should should we move in together? Wow.
I mean, do you Do you think we're ready for that? I don't know, maybe.
I mean, you know, it would save us some money, and I don't know, just somethin' to think about.
Then let's think about it.
- What? - That's mi toothbrush.
(ISSA GAGS) ("SKATE" BY BIA PLAYING) Left his ass on read for what he said Bitch I ain't call him back If I wanted then Chirp my bitches and we andale Bitch I'm always active Hi, welcome.
Walk tall, be Black.
Love Blackly, walk safely, okay? Ooh, and welcome to you, too.
Yes, totally rad that you're here.
ISSA: Aight, so we have the food straight ahead, art everywhere, and did you happen to see that nail polish mural of Da Brat? So much detail on the beads.
Issa, this is great.
The execution, the turnout.
So glad you got Anthology Collective to come around.
And look at them, they're so cool, so collected.
You know, it was really nice to have someone we can trust to pull this off.
- Thank you, Seth.
- You and Quoia have really helped us make progress in this market.
You should expect the offer from me and Nadia really soon.
That's amazing.
I'm so excited.
Well, I'm gonna leave ya to it, go check it out.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Ms.
BLOCC? - Oh, it's Issa.
Issa, I just wanna thank you for throwin' this event, - and let you know you did it.
- Thank you.
I'm so glad I stopped here on my way to that bridge.
Okay We need to double down on the wellness events.
She meant she was gonna kill herself, right? I think so.
("THIN LINES" BY PAWPAW ROD PLAYING) Walkin' on thin lines Thickskull soakin' up Wise words hustlin' Hey, look who's shoppin'.
It's a fine-ass man and his gentle-cousin.
- Hey, Thomas.
- Hey, thanks for the invite today.
You know, it means a lot, for real.
- Aw.
- This is fun, and I got this pot.
Oh, let me get a picture of y'all shoppin'.
- Make it look natural.
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, ready? That's the po that's the okay.
And one, one more.
- (SNAPS PICTURE) - You know what? That's good.
Are y'all hungry? 'Cause you should check out Harun's booth.
They have this Rasta Pasta that is so bomb.
NATHAN: Oh, for real? Aight, we'll go on the way out.
I gotta get to the shop, start the men's group.
Look at my man out here changin' the world.
I'm just gonna say what everybody's thinkin': We a power couple.
(LAUGHS) All right.
- I'mma see you later, aight? - Okay.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
(KELLI AND MOLLY LAUGH AND SQUEAL) Look at the happy couple.
- Okay, Yellow-nin.
- Stop.
Hey, Nathan! Issa loves you so much! - Really? - (IMITATES NATHAN): Uh, ayo, Issa.
I'm from Tampa.
I love you, girl.
Girl, what? He's from Houston.
You just started loving him.
You don't know.
Speaking of love, look what I got my girl, Simone.
Is that supposed to be an exaggerated version of you? Seems pretty spot on.
- Good job, sis.
- Thank you.
I'm gonna write a show about him, just so I can kill him off.
Have y'all gotten a chance to see the rest of the exhibits? No.
Well, allow me to be your personal tour guide.
Uh, look at Molly over here cheesin' like she on some macaroni.
Y'all set a second date yet? That's what he's textin' me about now.
We're goin' out tomorrow night.
Listen, I think the second date's gonna be a lot better than the first.
- ISSA: Oh.
- Oh, I think you're talking about sex.
- I think she's talking about sex.
- ISSA: I concur.
I mean, that is the plan.
I'mma need a stress reliever after dealin' with my parents' estate stuff.
- It's still not done yet? - Girl, tryin' to get them to talk about it is like pulling teeth.
It took my mom havin' a stroke for my dad to even take it seriously.
Girl, it's not just your family.
My great aunt used to always say her will is with God.
It wasn't.
It was with the county.
They got her house now.
Will you let me help? All we do is deal with death.
They call me "The Undertaker" at work.
Mostly because I take naps under the desk, but whatever.
(LAUGHS) What? KELLI: Ooh, let's go look at that booth.
I like that art over there.
ISSA: Did that one artist draw you? 'Cause he made me look like a frog.
No, I didn't have him draw me.
I moved your picture to the back, though, so we was good.
The fuck is he doin' here? Now, I don't usually fight my brothers, but I will if necessary.
I'm not here for all that.
I just came to give props and make peace.
Yeah, well I keep a piece on me.
Nah, for real.
I tried to throw a Wearable Art Gala That shit was overwhelmin'.
I ain't know I need licenses and permits and all that.
Yeah, it can definitely be a lot.
Look, I know I popped off when you tried to help me.
And that's my bad, but I see you really got love for the community.
Ever since our show, some dope opportunities have been comin' my way.
I'm about to open a store soon.
I just know if we teamed up probably really make some moves.
Wait Now you want to work with me? I mean, if you're about it.
Look, just think about it, aight? I'll be around.
(SCOFFS) They always come crawlin' back.
His hothead ass.
I can't believe him with that sexy-ass apology.
("ARE YOU WITH THAT?" BY VINCE STAPLES PLAYING) Finna see who really one of us Really spillin' blood, everybody tough 'Til they gotta go and see the judge Nigga better hush, 'member growin' up - All I wanted was to be a thug - (PHONE DINGS) Yes! Okay! NBW would like to formally partner with the BLOCC Blah, blah, blah.
Get to the money.
- How many stacks am I Nigga! - What? - Stacks on stacks on stacks! - (BOTH REJOICING) - I'm a rich bitch! I'm a rich bitch! - Aye! Aye! I got hella coins on my wristlet.
Yo' bars weak, but the bank account bussin'.
- That's right.
- MIRROR ISSA: Let's go! Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout! (LAUGHS) I like you.
(R&B MUSIC PLAYING) Hey, there's our superstar! - I am so glad we're doing this.
- Me too.
I'm so excited to show you guys Miracle Theater.
I think it could be perfect for Anthology Collective's new concert series.
And it's available on the 20th? Because they won't do the show while Mercury's in retrograde.
We processed those permits weeks ago, just to be safe.
And it seats about 400, which is just the right size.
Spacious enough to dance, intimate enough to grind.
I like how you think.
Let me show you what our brand partnership looks like.
Brand perception and awareness are both up significantly coming off of the last handful of events we've thrown.
So, if all goes well with this, and it will, you might wanna reconsider naming NBW "New Black Water" because you'll officially be tapped into the culture, - pun intended.
- SETH: Ha, ha, I get it, but how many people can we get in here? - QUOIA: Colby, speak.
- 6,300 people.
They've grown a lot in the past year.
So, do we have access to the outdoor space for overflow? LeRachel, go.
Yes, the permits that we have on hold account for the use of the outdoor space.
So, are we good? - That's so good.
- ISSA: Thank you.
I mean, I always had the vision, but this partnership over the last two years has allowed The BLOCC to expand in ways beyond what I imagined.
I mean, what's up, Motor City? We know that you got your start in L.
, so is there anything that you'd like to plug? Oh, um, I haven't had much time to do anything in L.
lately, but it'll always be home.
Well, I'm sure L.
misses you.
Well, anyways, I have to go catch a flight.
I'd love to stay longer, but I will leave you all with this: (SINGS) Ooh, child AUDIENCE (SINGS): Things are gonna get easier - That's right! - Ladies and gentlemen, Issa Dee.
(AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) ("CHATTIN' SHIT" BY KARI FAUX PLAYING) Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy Chillin' with your boo, she say you my biggest fan Would you like me to take your coat? Oh yeah, thank you.
I had to get it out the mud This for all my niggas from that 501 Never clocked out, bitch, we always workin' Oh shit! Ty Dolla $ign?! - Whaddup? (LAUGHS) - I love First Class.
For real, though, I love seein' us up here.
Right? And look at us.
Both flyin' back home for the weekend.
Yeah, I gotta get back and collaborate with this new artist, Crenshawn.
- Did you say Crenshawn? - Yeah, Crenshawn.
He like a big deal in L.
Somethin' like a, a, a hood hero or somethin'.
Wow, you workin' with Crenshawn.
That's so dope for him, I love that.
PILOT: Passengers and cabin crew, prepare for takeoff.
- Hey.
- Let me get this for you.
- Thank you.
How's the new shop comin'? NATHAN: Just cut the whole cast of "Brothers," - so I feel good about me.
- Wow.
- NATHAN: How was Miami? - They loved me.
Not as much as I love you.
Love never felt so good, so good But I always knew it good, it good Now I don't wanna let it go No, no, no But I know this is life, this is life But most time don't feels right, right And then nobody's really yours - When did we move here? - Last year.
You wanted to be closer to the NBW offices, so we moved to West Hollywood.
I'mma go chill some champagne.
Get out them clothes.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) Do your best, uh-huh, uh-huh To make me happy And keep it goin' on (GIGGLES) - I can get into that! - Right? You wasn't just drippin', you was a rainstorm, ya bitch! I'm sayin'! (PHONE BUZZING) What does he want? (KELLI LAUGHS) - CAROL: I just love you.
- KELLI: I love you.
Okay, so let's just get back into it.
So, we've covered beneficiaries Oh, Aunt Kiki sent you an email.
She wants all of my linens and my anklets.
Yeah, I got that email.
I also ignored it, so why don't we just go back to balance sheet? Balance sheet? What's there to balance? - Y'all know you get the house.
- CAROL: We made sure of that.
CURTIS: We still gotta discuss the specifics.
Like, how are we splittin' the house? And what's in your SEP? Or, or do you have a Roth? And if Mom has another stroke, where does her money go? - Ooh, we have not talked about that.
- Y'all want some tea? I'mma make some tea.
This sound like a Lotta questions which lead to the same thing.
Just, just split whatever there's left evenly.
I don't care, I'll be dead.
- David.
- Dad.
You know, Mr.
Carter, I know what you mean, but the bank's gonna need an actual dollar amount, so they can paint an accurate picture of your financial assets.
So, how big is the 401k? I had to borrow against it to cover your mom's medical expenses - There's not much left.
- Wait, what? What happens if Mom has another stroke? I don't like this conversation.
We're outta tea.
I don't know if we ever had any tea, but I'mma go to the store.
KELLI: I promise you, Mr.
Carter, nobody likes talkin' about money, and when you see your whole life on a piece of paper, I mean it's sobering.
I can't tell you how many of my clients I've seen open-mouth sob because all they have to pass on is an old Nissan Sentra.
Manual transmission.
But we're professionals, and I've seen every scenario under the sun.
I just don't like seeing how little I have to leave my family.
I mean, I've worked 50 years, and it feels like I've got nothin' to show for it.
- That is not true.
- Dad, you gave us love, and that's what's most important.
All of this is just things.
And, you know, it's never too late to start savin' for your grandkids.
I mean, we could hook you up with a special savings account today.
All we have to do is call the bank, and, you know, banks love gettin' calls.
Answerin' phones.
Always like, "Hello.
" They do be like that.
KELLI: "How may I help you?" Look, we can just take it one step at a time.
KELLI: "You tryna make a withdrawal?" - Yes, bitch, that's why I'm callin'.
- (CAROL LAUGHS) (HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING) I know I surprised you yesterday when I popped up on you.
ISSA: Yeah.
I really feel like we could make some moves.
Listen, I'm super flattered, but, um I just wanted to tell you face-to-face that I don't really think workin' together is the move.
Respectfully, I think it is.
- (BOTH CHUCKLING) - Look, I saw this dope storefront that got a crazy event space in the back, and, I mean, with your help, we can keep throwin' events for us, that give back to us.
I'm tryna build out this little after-school program, too.
I used to work at an after-school program.
I mean, it needed some reform.
Trust me, I know.
For real, Iss I'm not on no bullshit.
It's official, official.
I even sent you a proposal.
Look, I'm tryna get you by the space, so I can share the whole vision.
Okay I'll think about it.
You said you wanna win with me, right? Right? Think about it.
So, we doin' this? Look, I wasn't on board before, but now I see you was the one playin' chess, movin' bishops and shit.
- I'm all like - Yup.
- I don't know what bishops do.
- It's a difficult game.
- Glad y'all decided to rock with me.
- Yeah.
So, I got the homies from Anthology Collective here, plus, Blue, another artist we've been workin' with.
We got some big things cookin' up.
- Okay.
Thank you.
- Mm-hm.
("BUBBLE COAT" BY 27DELLY PLAYING) I got ice up on my teeth Hey yo Yo, y'all listen up.
I got somebody real special in here.
Y'all give it up for Issa motherfuckin' Dee.
(EXCLAIMS) - For me? What is this? - Consider it an olive brownie.
- Oh my god.
- Yeah, I know.
Fluffy and warm.
I just took 'em out my air fryer.
Oh, and "The L.
Times" just hit me up about doin' a little feature on the White/Space Jewelry collab.
Man, that's what's up.
So, where we walkin' anyway, Iss? Well, I'm glad you asked because I wanted to show you this! Now that our flagship store on Degnan has blown up, I thought it would be cool to open a second location.
That shit sound incredible, but can we afford it? I mean, we just got our new spot like a year ago.
We ran the numbers, and we can do this.
This place is ours if we want it.
("FUCK IT UP" BY KAMAIYAH AND YG PLAYING) Ayy, fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Go on, fuck it up, girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up Hey, is that Iss-lewood? From The BLOCC? She's been rockin' with us for two years now.
See ya for Spades on Sunday? Yeah, and I'mma take your money.
Well, yours is no good here.
- Extra icy, just the way you like it.
- Thank you.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- See y'all.
Go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Go on, fuck it up, girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Fuck it up girl, go on, fuck it up, girl Go on, fuck it up, girl, go on, fuck it up, girl (APPLAUSE) Today, the city of Inglewood officially commends Issa Dee.
Issa, for your tireless work uplifting Black businesses, spearheading funding for our new community center, and generally being a bad bitch all around.
I present you the key to the city.
And declare August 12th to be Iss-lewood Day! - (CHEERS) - Thank you, thank you.
This means a lot, and I'm so glad I I mean, this turned out amazing.
(LAUGHS) Yes! (CHEERING) NATHAN: Stop right there.
Vodka and prosecco with my homemade syrup, and a lil lavender garnish.
Thank you.
Why didn't we move into a bigger place? We on our entrepreneur grind.
- We had to make some sacrifices.
- Oh.
Speaking of, Trina came by and said that some hair's comin' up outta her toilet and haunting her.
That is disappointing.
Oh, I meant to tell you the men's group said congratulations on Iss-lewood Day.
They all watched the ceremony on KCAL9.
- Just wanna say I'm proud of you.
- Huh? I'm proud of you.
- Oh, shit! - My bad.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just I was just sayin' I was proud of you.
You know, 'cause you had a lotta options, and you, uh made a choice that made you happy.
And now you're bein' rewarded for it.
Issa "Key to the Motherfuckin' City" Dee.
(SHRIEKS) (R&B MUSIC PLAYING) - Girl, thank you so much.
- Any time.
You know what, I really enjoyed helping them.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
I don't know if it's because they're your parents or what, but I really wanna do more of this.
- Okay - Oh, and, Carol, please do not forget to send me the e-vite to your Denzel movie night 'cause ain't no "Fences" comin' between me and him, okay? (KELLI AND CAROL LAUGHING) It's, it's time for you to go.
- All right.
Bye, girl.
- CAROL: Thank you! Bye, love.
- So crazy.
- She's a hoot.
Well, we did it.
Dad, I know that was not easy, - but I'm proud of you.
- No, it wasn't but thanks for pushin' us.
Any time.
- Love you.
- Love you, too.
All right, you guys go get some rest, okay? - Okay, sweetie.
- Okay, good night, daughter.
Um Taurean, hey! What up? Hey.
I am just finishin' up here, and was about to come get you.
Uh, Escuela is BYOB.
You feelin' red or white tonight? I would say whiskey, but that feels aggressive for tapas.
Um Carter, you about to flake on me? No.
No, no, no no, no.
I, I (SIGHS) Honestly I just had a really rough day with my parents, and as much as I was lookin' forward to tonight I just don't think I'd be that much fun.
Oh, I'm sorry you had a tough day.
But it's all good.
- Really? - Yeah, it's cool.
Let me know if you wanna talk about it.
I'm here.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Why are you stressed? Didn't you see how good life with Crenshawn was? ISSA: Yeah.
It was great but why was Lawrence there? 'Cause I am not thinkin' about him.
- I don't know about that.
- Like at all.
I mean you did call him a few weeks ago.
And then he called you back, and Oh, remember when we threw Condola's baby in the trash? - Shh.
- (LAUGHS) Good times.
Maybe there's a little voice in the back of your head that's saying that - things aren't done yet.
- That's you.
You're the little voice in the back of my head.
- Teetle-lee-hee-hee.
- Hee-hee.
- (MOCKING MIRROR ISSA) - Are y You're leavin'?! Oh, come on.
Wanted for armed robbery, armed battery, and stealin' medieval armor from The Excalibur.
Nigga, I will (BLEEP) up your whole life.
- Hey.
- Hey, girl.
You good? It's been a long day, girl, but my parents finally have a will.
Congrats! That's great.
Now we just gotta work on my mom's.
I got a feelin' Delilah ain't gon' be easy, either.
- You already know.
- But how you doin'? I got your message.
Did you make a decision, Ms.
Mogul? Honestly, I'm kinda spiralin'.
Like Am I a sellout if I go with NBW? Or is it too big of a risk if I, I go with Crenshawn? Honestly, I feel like I have to choose something, or else I'll never fly First, and meet Ty Dolla $ign.
- Girl, what? - You had to be there or were you? Iss, what if there's no wrong answer? Things are never all or nothing.
Either way you go, you end up great or not.
Or somewhere in the middle.
I know it's never easy to make these kind of choices, but you'll be so glad once you do.
You just gotta go with your gut.
Every decision you make, just own it, and if you're being honest with yourself, you kinda already know what you wanna do.
So just do that shit.
Thank you.
I love you, girl.
- I love you, too.
- (KNOCK AT DOOR) Yeah, I gotta go.
Delivery for Ms.
Molly Carter.
Uh, that's me, but I didn't order anything.
Oh, you did not get me Pho?! From Pho-Show? Slurp City tonight.
Well, I guess you did buy me dinner first.
- I ain't mean - (BOTH LAUGHING) - I'mma go wash my hands.
- Alright.
Mmm, this makes me so happy.
- NATHAN: That's what I want.
- What is? LAWRENCE: For you to be happy.
I just, uh Let's eat! ("323 GO CRAZY" BY DOM KENNEDY PLAYING) - Hey baby, heyyy - 323-lemme holla at cha - I been goin' crazy - Hey baby, heyyy 323-Lemme holla at cha I been goin', I been goin' You got the right to Do what you want to Uh, uh, uh I hope you understand that Oh no, not another player track She ain't never gave me trouble I imagine I broke off, for real, I ain't stutter Tryin' to be a Hot Boy, like Lil' Wayne brothers Iron my large White-T, ha I just wanna work, get my overtime up Every time you over, gotta shut the blinds up If I use my imagination I know she has to hate me But I like doin' crowds Kissin' clouds, mixin' loud I wish you nothin' but the best - Hey baby, heyyy - 323-lemme holla at cha I been goin', I been goin', I been goin' Okay, okay, okay Cardo got the beats that hit hard, okay Hit hard, okay, hit hard (UPBEAT MUSIC) You can shave in here, or do whatever you want with the toilet seat, 'cause I know how y'all do.
Man, we ain't all the same.
I don't know what kind of men you've been living with.
Wile out, wile out it's a good vibe I don't think I'm going to go to the party.
Issa 'gon be there, they're her friends technically.
Okay, so what's the problem? She let you go, you ain't fight for it, sounds like y'all at peace with me.
Drinks going, toes out showing - We'll miss y'all.
- ALL: Cheers! Skin glowing, bank account growing ALL: Yes! Here you go.
- How is it? - I don't know, man.
- Issa's ex up in there.
- I don't like it.
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