Inside No. 9 (2014) s05e06 Episode Script

The Stakeout

1 One of the more persistent cliches of the police procedural is that the new partner always winds up dead.
And here I am.
The living embodiment of that trope.
Well, I'm not living any more.
And I'm not a cliche, I hope.
But my story well it's as old as time itself.
- Can I come in? - Yes, what are you waiting for? Hands are full.
Hurry up, it's freezing! Here you are.
- Have you sugared it? - I put a sweetener in.
- A sweetener? - Yes! - Do you want Type 2 diabetes? - No, I want two bloody sugars! Trust me to get saddled with Varney the vegan.
I'm only thinking about your blood pressure.
When I did stakeouts with Dobbo, we'd have Red Bulls, tin of Quality Street full stack of Pringles.
- Each? - Yeah! You get two good pisses in one of them tubes.
Handy for when you were doing undercover work.
That sounds very unsanitary.
Never did me any harm.
I dread to think what you put in the Quality Street tin.
By the way, I'm not a fully paid-up vegan.
I'm more of a flexitarian.
I do eat meat about once a month.
Bloody hell, Ronald McDonald.
Hey, did you know, in Uruguay, there's 3.
7 cows for every human? - No, I didn't.
- Well, you do now, so think on.
Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man's father is my father's son.
- Who am I talking about? - You did this one last night.
- Did I? - Yeah.
It's your son.
Oh Correct.
You must miss him.
Who? Dobson.
We had our fair share of arguments.
He could be a right grumpy bugger.
What, grumpier than most coppers? He was very different to you, put it that way.
- Did you see anyone? - Nah.
I saw a fox.
Heard an owl.
Some bats.
Felt like Bill Oddie.
Well, no-one's going to be dealing drugs with us sat here in a patrol car, are they? I thought they used unmarked cars for stakeouts.
We're a deterrent.
That's what Control said.
There's been some vandalism, apparently.
Probably just Goths.
They come over from Leeds.
You got a copy of the report? I'd quite like to read it.
The one that makes it sells it.
The one that buys it never uses it.
The one that uses it never knows that he's using it.
What is it? Say it again.
The one that makes it sells it.
The one that buys it never uses it.
The one that uses it never knows that he's using it.
What is it? I don't know.
Is it a towel? It's usually a towel.
Give up? Yeah.
A coffin.
Think about it.
The one that buys it never uses it Yep.
It's very clever.
I know hundreds of these, me.
I know you do.
It's 20 years doing this.
You've got to keep your mind occupied.
Keep the dark thoughts at bay.
Excuse me.
Oh, Jesus! What is that? It stinks! Chicken tikka masala.
Do you want some? No.
Could you put the lid on it or eat it outside the vehicle? Always better after a few days.
The flavours really come out.
Please, Thomo, I'm really sensitive to smells.
All right, fine.
It's just summat to do, innit? Did they offer you any counselling after what happened? They did, yeah, but I never went.
Why not? I don't know, I What? I Go on.
I spy with my little eye something beginning with S-W.
- Steering wheel.
- Yeah, correct.
Your go.
All right, I've got a game for you.
Have you ever played FortunatelyUnfortunately? No.
Go on, how do you play? Well, we tell a story and one of us begins every sentence with "fortunately", and the other one counters it with "unfortunately".
So you might say "Fortunately, I won the lottery today.
" And I'll say, "Unfortunately, I lost the ticket.
" Oh, right, go on.
Sounds good.
You go first.
Fortunately, I found the ticket in my jeans pocket.
Unfortunately, I'd just washed my jeans, so the ticket was ruined.
Fortunately, the newsagent I bought the ticket from had a copy.
Unfortunately, it was the national lottery of Zimbabwe, so the ticket was worth £3.
Fortunately, they flew me to Africa to collect my winnings.
Unfortunately, the plane crashed.
Fortunately, we were washed up on a desert island with a beautiful native girl.
Unfortunately, she was a cannibal.
Fortunately, she was a vegan cannibal.
Unfortunately, she was a flexitarian vegan cannibal.
She ate meat once a month.
Fortunately, my partner came to rescue me.
Unfortunately, my partner was killed.
He had his throat slit right there where you're sitting now.
He had a wife and two kids.
Another one on the way.
And I was in a takeaway waiting for poppadums.
Fortunately, you're a strong person and you can move on and keep helping others.
Unfortunately, I'm not.
I realise now I should have let you do the fortunatelys.
- I heard he was - I don't want to talk about it.
Excuse me! Did you not sleep? No, course not.
I'm above a butcher's.
Had the bell going all day.
- Did you? - Yeah, was dead to the world.
You've just got to get into a routine.
Well, you haven't got teenagers stomping up and down listening to Stormsby.
All right, top five character tropes in police dramas.
The quirky pathologist.
The rookie cop who faints at his first autopsy.
The grizzled boss who's really got a heart of gold.
The maverick loner who wants to solve one last case before he retires.
And the new partner who ruffles his feathers, but ultimately earns his respect.
Very good! Right I'm going for a pee and a look.
Oscar Nine, Oscar Nine from Control.
Control, this is Oscar Nine.
Oscar Nine, are you still in position? Over.
Control, this is Special Constable Varney.
My partner is currently on a comfort break.
Say again? Over.
Constable Thompson is going tinkles.
You mean he's having a piss? Over.
That is correct.
Oscar Nine, any movement in the suspect's flat? Over.
Not that I can see.
And no unusual activity on the dockside? Over.
It's all quiet.
Well, hold your position in the car park.
We have intel he might be on the move in the next few minutes.
Will do.
Jesus! It's colder than a polar bear's arsehole out there.
Surprised it didn't come out as ice cubes.
Thomo, what are we actually doing here, exactly? Well, what do you mean? We're on a stakeout.
Is there any particular suspect we're meant to be looking for? - Why do you ask? - Because I'm a police constable and I want to know what I'm doing here.
You're a special constable, which basically means you're the Bez to my Shaun Ryder.
- So we're not meant to be at the docks, then? - Course we're not meant to be at the docks.
Why do you mention docks? You're twisting my melon, man.
Oscar Nine, Oscar Nine from Control.
Suspect on the move.
Can you confirm a sighting? Over.
Yes, yes, Control.
This is Oscar Nine, we are in pursuit.
Right, get the docks up on your Google maps.
- What's going on? - Just do it! Control, Control from Oscar Nine.
Request airborne surveillance.
The suspect is in camouflage gear and is really hard to spot.
Oscar Nine from Control, request received.
Call you back.
- Why are you lying to them? - I'm not lying to 'em.
We're on our way, aren't we? Turn left.
Thomo, I respect your seniority, but you've got to tell me what's going on.
There's meant to be a big drop happening tonight behind the Old Vic warehouses.
16 boxes of angel dust smuggled in some indoor barbecues, apparently.
So why have we been staking out a graveyard?! Oscar Nine, Oscar Nine from Control.
What is your position? Over.
Control from Oscar Nine, suspect is currently head heading south on Over.
Oscar Nine, you are Romeo One.
Say again? - What are you doing? - Is it left or right? Left Right! Dobbo was buried in that graveyard.
It was his grave that was vandalised.
I wanted to be there in case the fucker came back.
- Why?! - Because I believe whoever did it was the same one that killed him.
They're mocking me.
I'm going to go over Welling Bridge.
No, no, no, it says to go through the estate.
What do you mean, it says? It's miles quicker! No, well, it it says the bridge is up.
- It's not! I can see it with me own eyes! - Go left.
And what if they find out, Thomo? What happens to us? They're not going to find out, are they? Cos you're not going to tell 'em.
Are you? - Are you?! - No.
But why didn't you say anything? Don't you trust me? Fuckin' hell, I think that's him.
Where's me curry? - I got rid of it! - You what?! It was three days old! Do you want salmonella? We're going to get suspended, aren't we? Dereliction of duty.
Yeah, it's him.
- Right, I'll now approach on foot.
- No! Radio through our position to Control.
Don't worry, I won't do anything stupid.
Thomo, no.
Control, Control, this is Oscar Nine.
Oscar Nine, go ahead.
Control, we are on Hedden Road, we have the subject in our sights.
Maintaining distance.
Oscar Nine, received.
Backup on the way.
Control, nothing more.
I'll tell you what, I'm starting my diet on Monday.
I'm knackered.
Where are you? I'm just behind the containers up the side of dog-shit alley.
Can you see him? He's having a fag.
Backup's on the way.
You mustn't blame yourself for what happened to DC Dobson.
You could never have stopped it.
It was just one of those things.
I don't need counselling.
At least he was a good cop, though, yeah? Wasn't on the take, or anything.
Oh, hang on, hang on.
Something's happening.
- What? - He's making contact.
I need to get a bit closer.
- Code 10-3 from now on.
- Thomo! Control, Control.
This is Oscar Nine.
Urgent call.
Oscar Nine, go ahead.
Shots fired.
I say again, shots fired.
Where's the backup? Over.
Oscar Nine, backup is two minutes away.
Two minutes away.
Oscar Nine, do not approach suspect.
Please acknowledge.
Oscar Nine, acknowledge.
Oscar Nine from Control.
Instruction: Do not approach suspect.
Backup is on its way.
Please acknowledge.
- I got you a chai latte.
- Why? It's important to try new things.
- Is it good for my blood pressure? - Not particularly.
It's like drinking a mince pie.
I thought I'd find you here.
All the others are in the pub celebrating a record haul.
- You had about six pints lined up.
- Why me? It was you who took 'em down.
Never seen owt like it.
It's a good job you were so quick.
It's because I don't eat Pringles.
Well, I owe you a beer anyway.
Unfortunately, I don't drink alcohol either.
Fortunately, they serve tomato juice.
Unfortunately, special constables are not invited.
Fortunately, you'll soon be offered a promotion.
Unfortunately, I'll turn it down.
- I'm a bit too long in the tooth for all that.
- Well you saved my life.
So thank you.
It means I'm going to be sat in here listening to you do riddles again, - unfortunately.
- Correct.
Actually, I'm giving up on all that.
It was just a distraction technique.
I'm starting counselling tomorrow.
And I've been googling yoga classes.
So you've obviously got under my skin.
Trope number five Tick! Anything to report? I thought I saw someone hanging round by the car when I came round the corner.
I didn't see anyone.
Must have been a trick of the light.
I hope you don't mind, but I was reading your case notes.
You were the last person to see Dobson alive.
I was only gone a few minutes.
And you said his grave was vandalised.
They dug it up, smashed the lid in.
It was horrible.
Do you think whoever did it was looking for something? God knows.
None of it makes any sense.
I believe the murder weapon went missing from forensics.
Did it? You know it did.
You've got it down there.
- What are you playing at, Thomo? - I don't trust 'em.
Let's just say I wanted a second opinion.
I gave it to a mate of mine who ran some tests on it.
He said it was an antique.
A rare Victorian stiletto blade.
And how did that get there, eh? You can't take the law into your own hands.
It's only been a month.
Let them do their job.
Why are you so fucking interested all of a sudden? I want to help you.
Are you wearing a wire? What?! Who are you? I don't even know who you are.
- If you're wearing a wire, I swear to God - What are you doing? - Well, go on, show me, then! - There, look! Look! There! Calm down! I'm on your side! Sorry, I just I'm not thinking straight.
I've not been sleeping.
I keep seeing his face.
- Whose? - Dobbo's.
I can't lay it to rest.
I At least, coming here, I feel like I'm doing something.
I understand.
And for the record, no, I don't think you killed your partner.
I think it was one of those random acts of violence that we see every day.
Unless you were trying to feed him that three-day-old curry.
You cheeky bastard! Oh, God, it's cold tonight.
Do you want ateabag? Nah, I've got me chai latte.
No, hand-warmers.
They heat up when you shake them.
Oh, right.
You're oxidising the iron by producing an exothermic reaction.
I bet this looks bloody suspicious from outside! I used to have to look out for things like this on Hampstead Heath when I was with the Met.
I remember one time we saw this Mini Cooper with its lights on - What was that? - Don't know.
Branch, maybe? Wait there.
Can I come in? You scared the shit out of me! Yes! Did you see anything? Nothing.
I'm going mad.
I just saw Dobbo again.
He's probably just hungry.
What? What are these the top five tropes of? They sleep in the daytime.
They won't cross running water.
They have to be invited in.
They can't bear the smell of garlic.
And yes we cast no reflection.
I know you didn't kill your partner.
That was me.
Stop! Come in, my child.
Enjoy your first feed.
An eternity of them await you.
One of the more persistent cliches of the police procedural is that the new partner always winds up dead.
And here I am.
The living embodiment of that trope.
Well I'm not living any more.
But my story well, it's as old as time itself.

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