Inside The Expanse s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

It feels more like a theater crew than a TV show.
We spend our weekends hanging out with each other and rehearsing.
Our dynamic is very similar to the Roci crew.
I really put my foot in that batch.
I've been working well over 20 years, 25 years in this business, and I haven't worked on a television show where we all just say, "Hey, so we're rehearsing this weekend.
" On our own time, we You know, make some guacamole and some chips, and we get out there and we eat.
And we're working the script, and working the script.
We spend hours to really get our relationships together.
Our part is that we make sure we rehearsed, so that if there are certain things in the script that don't really carry with our characters, our writers are open to changing them, and we all sit together and do that.
There were a lot of conversations about the scene that sent Amos on this journey Leave my mother alone! You leave her alone! They had him being lost by something that didn't really make sense, and we all got together and he said, "You know I don't think this is enough, "I don't think this would send Amos on this kind of a journey, "I don't think this would spiral him out.
" And we worked together and he bounced ideas off us and we were like, "Yeah, that sound good" And so he suggested that to the writers.
And in the end, it ended up being him being confronted with this little kid that's beating on him because he roughed up the mother.
And unintentionally, Amos became a bad guy, and none of that was in the script at the beginning.
It had awoken this emotion in me that I haven't felt in years, and I am unable to process it.
Hey, where've you been? Different places.
Yeah? Well, you missed all the action.
I go on this bender and Alex comes and confronts me, because he thinks I've checked out and I'm not helping the team anymore.
But I'm really trying to deal with this thing.
You gonna give me a hand? No.
No? Alex is clueless as to what The depth of what Amos is actually going through.
And because he's clueless, he provokes Amos to the point where Amos snaps.
We help each other.
That's what people do.
We help.
That's why we have a civilization.
So then why don't you help your family? God damn you.
You're gonna throw that in my face? Oh, Jesus! Amos! Amos! And then he's suddenly exposed to this dark and dangerous creature.
And for the first time he realizes, oh my god, there is something very damaged about this man.
Wes is amazing.
I mean, it's always a joy watching him work, because it's such a tricky character and tone to play.
You talk about damaged Amos has his horrific history, and it's broken him to an extent.
It gets to a point when it becomes so real to you, that you do have those impulses in the moment.
Your problem is the only person you give a shit about is yourself.
Isn't that most people's problems? To watch Wes work with all of these subtleties, and he does them so well.
You know, just as someone within a scene with him, it gives such a tremendous amount of power to the other actor as well.
In his eyes, I get to see a flash of Amos' real soul.
Cas is a really good actor, and he can absorb that information and use and that energy, and use it in the scene, and use it for his reaction.
But we were just, we wanted to work really hard, as something honest, something truthful happening in that moment.
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