Inside The Expanse s02e09 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 9

Sergeant, you're going to Earth.
There's a lot riding on you, Gunny.
Obviously, after the battle and everything, Bobbie kind of, is at a loose end.
Her commander's just let her know that she's going down to Earth.
Which I think she's not looking forward to, but she understands that she needs to be there to relay the events that she can recall.
We mistook a training exercise as an active engagement and opened fire without orders.
According to our investigation, it was Private Richard Travis that fired the first shot.
He might've been trying to prove that he was more Martian than Earther.
Bobbie has been given a version of this story by her superiors, that has been made very clear is the official version.
She recognizes that Earth is pushing to hear the story that's closer to what she actually experienced, but in that moment, she sees that if she tells them what they wanna hear, she's actually damaging the Martian side.
She makes the choice to back the official version from Mars.
It was Travis.
He panicked.
Bobbie is Oh, she's so hard to explain.
The entire arc of the season, you see so many layers of her.
Halfway through, when she loses her team, there's a huge shift in which she becomes extremely vulnerable and not as stoic as she was.
They didn't have to say all that crap about Travis.
Why didn't you tell me they were gonna say that? Because I knew you'd react like this.
Travis was a good soldier.
He died for Mars, and you all just threw him into the goddamn crusher.
Frankie Adams has been such a find for us, she's a really gifted physical actress.
You can see in her face that it's not an easy choice to make, that she really struggles with telling that lie.
You'll be going home soon.
Try to focus on that.
We're going to have to impound your ship.
I know you.
You're James Holden.
Well, this is off to a good start.
Holden, at this point, is doing what he needs to do to get the job done.
Miller's gone, he's now the only one who's experienced what happened on Eros.
He's so consumed with making sure it doesn't happen anywhere else.
And now that it breaks out on Ganymede, he freaks out.
I know your type.
You're on a crusade.
So go save the world, if you think you can.
I'll settle for helping a few of the poor souls who have to live in it.
I think you see the real change in him, because even when someone does die on that ship, it doesn't really matter that much to him.
We've got company! They were going to kill you.
We had to do something.
It takes a toll on him.
And you see it kind of come out in that jaded, cold way of behaving to get what he needs to get done, done, by the end.
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