Inspector Gadget (2015) s03e08 Episode Script

Gadget & Oatsfunkle - Metro City's Sinking

1 Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget If you're ready for my most evil plan yet, make some noise! Talon! Stop nodding and make some noise indicating you're ready for evil! - Meow! - Hey! Yeesh.
Can't a guy listen to some beats in peace? No! Now behold, the MAD Volcano Maker! It's been installed in City Hall.
When it goes off, it'll make Pompeii look like a namby-pamby tea party! HQ and Gadget will never let you get away with it! I've got that covered.
Album covered! Gadget and Oatsfunkle.
Oh, the sounds of my youth.
Does it sound as terrible as it looks? No, you, uh I mean, yes! Now disguise yourself as Oatsfunkle and get Gadget to record a new hit single! Is this really about volcano-ing Metro City? 'Cause it seems like it's about you being a Gadget groupie.
I only collected his albums so I could hate listen to them.
The soaring melodies, the bittersweet lyrics.
What? It's a brilliant way to keep Gadget out of our hair while the Volcano Maker's activated.
The only thing lamer than this mission is the soundtrack.
Ha! A new HQ record.
Respect! You think the Chief will finally let me go on a solo mission? Now, now, Penny.
Going solo isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Look at my solo musical career.
It never hit the same high notes once my duo split up.
But now that my old singing partner's reached out, that'll change.
Because Gadget & Oatsfunkle are reuniting! - Huh? - You were in a band, Uncle Gadget? We were huge.
Go Go Gadget, Sounds of the Folk Era! Oh, you make my heart pound Like a Go Go Gadget, Hammer No, man! Ow! My nose! Ow! My broken nose! And your partner wants to reunite? I'm committing all my time to writing our new hit.
Here's what I've got so far.
My love burns higher Just like Go Go Gadget, Fire Gadget, we have your newest mission.
Gadget? Uh, he went to meet an old friend.
But you know, Chief, I think I could handle whatever you've got.
Please? I don't usually let junior agents go solo when the city’s at stake, but as long as you promise never to do whatever that was again, you can go.
We believe MAD plans to install a Volcano Maker under City Hall.
If activated, it will create a volcano and destroy all of Metro City! Your mission should be obvious.
This message will self-destruct.
Hmm? - Huh? - You know I love your help, Brain but I really need to prove I can do this by myself.
Maybe you can help Uncle Gadget with his folk music? - You can count on me, Chief.
- Glad to hear, Penny.
But remember, if you need help, don't hesitate to ask.
Well, I'll be Maybe Penny is ready.
Why? I can't wait to reunite with Oatsfunkle! But if we want a real hit, we'll need a fresh new sound.
Bad dog! That's not a chew toy! A music producer? Here? All of a sudden? You're just what I need! Mm-hm.
Oatsfunkle, you old so-and-so! How've you been? - Just livin' life to groovy tunes.
- Glad to hear you're keeping it folksy.
No wonder this music producer showed up out of nowhere to help us.
We should play him one of our old hits.
"Hurricane of Fun"? Two, three, five, eight! Fun is a hurricane Flyin' in an aeroplane Go Go Gadget, Weather Vane - Ouch! My face, man! - Ouch my face! A great lyric for our new hit song.
Don't you agree, Mr.
Music Producer? You're right, we do need a little more inspiration.
My niece Penny usually inspires me.
Let's call her! Wait, uh dude-man-brother-friend! Let's jam on our musical groove, the way we did in the golden olden days.
Which was Which was seeking out incredible adrenaline rushes to get our creative juices flowing.
Great idea, Oatsfunkle! Go Go Gadget, G-Portal! Time to kick some MAD butt.
Too bad Brain's not here, distractions and disguises are more his thing.
But I don't need help, I need inspiration.
Eh, did boxes start growing tiny legs or is that the worst disguise ever? Surprise? Two MAD agents versus me? It’s almost unfair! Five MAD agents? Still sorta unfair.
A wall? That's totally unfair.
This peak always piqued our creativity.
Getting any ideas? I'm vibing that if we were closer to Mother Ground, we'd create some really hip crunchy granola tunes.
Pure genius! I believe the note is "Ahhh" in B-flat.
If we hit the ground, we'll all B-flat! That's it, Oatsfunkle.
You've done it again! Ouch my face, it hurts from smilin' We'll hit the ground With our Go Go Gadget, Stylin' Wowzers.
Music Producer is dancing for joy! But I still wanna see what Penny thinks.
I'll give her a ring.
Um, maybe we should do some yoga or like, transcendental meditation somewhere peaceful to get inspired, dude-man-dude.
Perhaps you're right, partner.
Music should come from somewhere peaceful.
Far out! Uh How about there? That axe factory? Brilliant! It'll give us the cutting edge sound we've been looking for.
Aw, hi, Brain.
Thanks for checking in on me, but I don't need any help here.
The mission's going great for them.
I don't know what's hotter, the flames or my escape.
The flames! Definitely the flames! Talon, how is Gadget and Oatsfunkle’s sweet new track? Uh, I mean, the annoying distraction I planned coming along? - This music is way too dangerous! - Folk music is supposed to be dangerous.
It speaks truth to power! Now, keep him distracted! The volcano's about to blow.
Uh, brother-man? Can we hang loose in a place a bit less Decaptitate-y? Sure! Or we could split open our minds, slice the ideas out, and hack them into lyrics.
Go Go Gadget, Creativity Enhancer! I'm freaking out! Don't need help.
I totes got this! I can’t fight them and disarm the Volcano Maker at the same time.
A good agent knows when to ask for - Help! Brain! I need you guys.
- Huh? We'll make you hop - It's folksy pop Do the Go Go Gadget Hmm, what rhymes with 'hop' and has to do with axes? Hmm You're right, Mr.
Music Producer, this song needs to be explosive.
And hot.
And lava-like.
A lava lamp would be the perfect inspiration or a volcano! Go Go Gadget, Inspiration Taker To-er! No! No! It can't end like this.
Any chance Uncle Gadget's gonna burst in, in the nick of A stage? With high-tech pyrotechnics? This is the perfect place to premiere our new song! - What do you say, Oatsfunkle? - I say tear him up! Now! Fantastic! Brain? A little help here? Let go of me! That's it! The lyrics I've been searching for! My love burns higher Just like Go Go Gadget, Fire When you left, it hurt for a while Shoulda said no With my Go Go Gadget, Style I let you go once But this time you'll stop Now let's all do The Go Go Gadget, Chop Hi-yaaaa Thanks for the help.
Time to shut this thing down! They loveus, Oatsfunkle! I couldn't have done this without your help! You should take a solo bow! No! No! No! Go Team! Penny, you came to my show! What did you think? I thought your performance was amazing, Penny.
Wait, I thought this was a solo mission? It was, but you can't split up a great group.
Exactly! Oatsfunkle may have left on a fireball just like he did in the 70's, but our new song's ready to record.
To the studio, Mr.
Music Producer! My love burns higher Just like Go Go Gadget, Fire Oh, this bootleg is so good! Where's Talon? I wanna play it for him.
No! My sound system! Next tune, Gadget, next tune! Uncle Claw! I'm under attack! Where are you? I'm trapped in traffic! Seriously? Just destroy them and get back here! MAD Cat's gone from hungry to hangry! I'll do better than destroy them.
I'll leave them to rot in gridlock, while MAD moves unhindered in tunnels below the city.
So MAD agents will be able to pop up anytime, anywhere? Solid! And it'll help me pick up cat food without suffering these infernal Sunday drivers! No one cuts off Claw! Now get tunneling! I've got a critical mission of my own, an appointment with my stylist, Alberto.
These tips don't frost themselves, you know.
Forget your tips! I want my tunnels.
Use your turn signal or I'll signal your doom! You do know the MAD Mobile can fly, right? There’s nowhere to land it at the pet food store.
MAD Cat, not the hair! Is there anything more gut-wrenchingly beautiful than a transit system? It's like a city's intestinal tract, except people go in one end and come out the other! And somewhere in its bowels is the lost station of Atlantis Avenue.
They say it has gold benches, ruby signals and debonair rats! I'm ready to hit the beach.
Woot! Woot! Finally! We are totes doing this.
No distractions, missions or cray-cray excuses.
P, don't let me down! Are you going to the beach too, Chief? Great idea! You could use some sun on that pasty white skin.
Unfortunately, there's no sun where you're headed on your new mission.
Fantastic! Some of my favorite places are where the sun doesn't shine.
Isn't that right, Brain? HQ believes MAD's digging secret tunnels under the city.
If they hit the San Metro fault line, they will destabilize the terrain and destroy everything! Your mission, stop MAD's dastardly digging before they bury us all.
This message will self-destruct.
This could only mean one thing.
MAD plans to plunder the lost station of Atlantis Avenue.
- We've got to beat them to it.
- Kayla's gonna be so mad.
Go to the beach, please! I mean, it's your day off.
And I'm definitely not just saying that because Kayla terrifies me.
Brain, you stick with Uncle Gadget.
I'll go relax? You picked the right agent for the job, Chief! I'll wipe MAD clean off Metro City's underside in no time! Where are those tunnels? I'm losing it here.
And I had too many prune Danishes at breakfast! I know.
I had to pay the maid extra to sterilize the bathroom.
Silence! Just be sure you dig to the bank, and the post office - and the sandwich shop.
- You know, this sounds less like places for MAD agents to pop up and more like your errand list.
They can be one and the same! The E in evil stands for efficiency, Talon! Um, was that your stomach or should we limit the number of tunnels? The ground's getting pretty weak.
I'm sick of your foreshadowing! Now, dig! Ooh.
And hurry! - What's your 20, Penny? - On my way, K! Nothing on Earth will stop me from Um, BRB.
Ha! You're no match for me, crevasse! According to my mapulations, the access point to the lost subway should be right here! Now all we need to do is find it.
Nice legwork, Brain.
This is clearly part of the lost subway.
It's not even on my map! Onwards and downwards! OMZ, Pen! There's a cluster of cuties playing v-ball! Ow! They're totes bad, but supes cute! Almost there, just had to take a little detour.
See ya, ASAP! Weren't you almost here an hour ago? We said no bailsies, Pen.
And I’m totally gonna be there.
For reals.
I promise.
Or at least, I hope.
Talon? Oh, it all makes sense, now! You live in the sewer.
Says the one dressed for getting buried in the sand or just plain buried! The underground must feel like a home for a worm like you.
Worms wish they had hair like this.
Well, I'd love to stay but you know the drill Uh-oh.
- Oh, no! We're trapped! - Together! Look at this craftsmanship! You'll have your turn to look, Brain.
But first, I need to see if MAD's already come this way.
Go Go Gadget, Magnifying Glass.
I know, I can hardly catch my breath either.
That was obviously a long lost subway car.
It'll lead us right to the lost station! You know, you could help.
And get my scalp any grungier? No, thanks.
- Where are you? - I'm just a little totally stuck in a hole underground.
And I could really use some help here! If you had other plans, you shoulda told me! Epic.
All I wanted was to hang with my BFF today.
All I wanted was to get my hair done.
This is all Claw's fault! Huh? Do we actually agree on something? No.
It's probably just the dust messing with our brains.
Or maybeit's 'cause we're running out of air! Come on, Brain, we've got a train to catch! Go Go Gadget, Train Stopper! Wowzers! The lost station of Atlantis Avenue! We found it before MAD! Huh? Golden seats? Ruby signals? Debonair rats? Wowzers! People really exaggerated! I bet the part of them stopping because they came too close to the San Metro Fault Line was an exaggeration too! You're right, Brain.
Disappointing as this is, we should lay in wait for MAD.
Go Go Gadget, Camouflage! Uh-oh! This is no time to be affectionate, Brain.
We're supposed to be hiding! I'm too beautiful to go out like this! And I'd live twice as long without you sucking up all the air! - Someone's on the other side! - My bangs? I broke my bangs! No, Brain.
That's the opposite of hiding.
I'm not going anywhere until I face MAD! A-ha! I knew MAD would turn up.
Too bad the only thing you've found in the lost station is justice! Go Go Gadget, Handcuffs! Stop, MAD agent.
Come back here! I'm free! And I can still make my appointment! Eat my dust, Pen! There's no escape, MAD Agent! I'll flush you out of the city's bowels! What he said, minus the bowels and the flushing.
The lost station of Atlantis Avenue! They say it has gold benches, ruby signals, and debonair rats! Hmm.
No, no.
Yes, I'm sure whatever you found is very important, Brain, but MAD is on the move! Onwards! Brain? Come on, we gotta get outta here! Finally! Out of my way Hey, K.
I'm back on solid ground.
I can still make it to the beach - if you’d - Forget the beach, Pen! 'Cause it totes got swallowed by the quake! But, FYI, the cuties are on their way to the trauma center.
Wanna go? I am so in! Well done, Gadget! You destroyed the MAD tunnels with Let's say, minimal damage to the city.
All in a day's work, Chief.
Talon, get me out of this hole! Will do, Uncle Claw.
Right after a shampoo.
And a scalp massage.
And an asymmetrical trim.
- Don’t you - Oh, Alberto! Here I It's gone.
The salon is gone.
No! Next trim, Alberto! Next trim!