Inspector Gadget (2015) s03e10 Episode Script

Get Smarts - Escape Room with a View

1 Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget Go, go, Gadget, go Go, go get 'em, Gadget Inspector Gadget Talon, what's a five-letter word for handsome? Looking at it right now.
Mirror is at least eight letters, pea brain.
Oh, this crossword is worse than Gadget.
So, what you're saying is you're more evil ignoramus than evil genius? No, I'm saying I'm going to use my Brain Drainer to drain some brains.
Now I'm .
0003 of an IQ point smarter? I think you're gonna need a lot more cats.
No, what I need is for you to drain some serious brains for me.
Once I steal their intellect, no one will be able to outthink MAD.
And then you'll have your revenge on crossword puzzles everywhere.
Now, what's a six-letter word for scream? That's at least 20 letters, fool.
I'm surrounded by simpletons.
My acceptance letter from the NUMBSA Genius Society of Elite Geniuses.
You think I got in, Brain? Ooh, it feels thin.
Is that good? Bad? I don't know.
A NUMBSA genius would never not know.
I can't look.
Bad dog.
You know it's a crime to open other people's mail.
Go, go, Gadget Letter Re-sealer! Thanks, Uncle Gadget.
You should really be more careful with your mail, Penny.
Brain's not the brightest bulb in that place they sell light bulbs.
Huh? Speaking of which, is it getting dark in here? Ow! My moustache! Sorry, Chief, I thought you were a dim bulb.
We may all be dim bulbs soon enough if MAD has their way.
MAD plans to use a Brain Drainer at the NUMBSA Genius Society.
If they succeed, Dr.
Claw will become an unstoppable super genius, and the greatest minds on Earth will be reduced to bumbling bumbleheads.
Your mission is to keep Claw from obtaining NUMBSA's intelligence.
This message will self-destruct.
No problem, Chief.
We'll outsmart MAD before MAD outs with the smarts.
Go, go, Gadget G-portal! Oops, forgot to turn off the lights.
Ouch! Everybody panic! We have to Professor Von Slickstein, are you here to help us outwit MAD? Well, duh! - But we have to - "Duh?" That's brain drain talk.
MAD's already gotten to the Professor.
They must be nearby.
Go, go, Gadget MAD Detector.
Wowzers! At least HQ's got their best brains on the job.
Speaking of which, do you know if I got into NUMBSA? I had a letter incident.
Well, I could tell you, Penny, but there's no time! Talon? What happened? I'll give you a hint, since you obviously need one.
Penny, I've Brain Drained everyone at NUMBSA.
Their genius is now mine.
All mine! And yet you're still not smart enough to know I'm taking you down.
Big talk from a small brain.
- Have you considered joining NUMBSA? - Hey! What? He's smart and pretentious.
He's the perfect candidate.
I don't need to join NUMBSA.
I am NUMBSA! Yes, the power.
The brain power.
Come on, he's getting away.
I'm a pretty, pretty unicorn.
Wowzers! Hmm, the only thing I'm detecting here is a brilliant puppy dog.
He's obviously a NUMBSA genius.
Do you know where MAD is, Mr.
Dog? Or is it Professor Doctor Mr.
Dog, PhD? Look, he's leading us right to MAD.
We are truly in the presence of greatness.
Take notes, Brain.
Oh, Sparky.
You're rats in a maze.
But where to turn? Will you escape brain freeze or will you burn? A simple pattern holds the key.
It's in the numbers most like me.
So the code is zero-zero-zero? Prime numbers, Penny, because I am prime! Prime numbers? I totally got this.
Oh, did I forget to mention this is a timed test? Remember, brain freeze or burn.
Face it, the door's im-Penny-trable.
Sparky wants a kiss.
Ow! Professor, don't Actually, does Sparky wanna kiss the keypad? Eww! Sparky only kisses people.
Well, I always hoped my first kiss would be electrifying.
Ow! Excellent work, Professor Doctor Mr.
MAD is definitely inside.
I can practically smell the evil.
Not only is that dog a genius, he's brave too.
Whoa! Wowzers, this place is filthy.
And the perfect place for MAD to hide.
Go, go, Gadget Refuse Remover.
Good dog, Brain.
It's about time you rewarded Professor Doctor Mr.
That is one amazing canine.
You're right, Professor Doctor Mr.
We have been going in circles.
Let's take a time out.
Go, go, Gadget Thinking Chair.
Wowzers! All right, Talon.
Time to go head to, um really big head! Oh, Penny, so quick to resort to violence.
This is a battle of wits, which seem to be in short supply.
Mm Mm-hmm.
Oh, yeah If you want to save your friend, you'll need to get into this.
But it's protected by an intellect scanner that will only open for the smartest person in the room.
- Oh, me! Me! - Professor, no! Talon, where's my Brain Drainer? I need to bring the world to its knees.
And figure out an eight-letter word for "taking excessive relish in one's victory"? - I just - You mean "gloating"? No, it's Oh, wait, yes.
Carry on.
Still waiting, Penny.
Who's the smartest one here? You know, I liked you more when you were less smart and better looking.
Ha! I'm as handsome as ever.
Uh, have you looked in the mirror? My perfectly shaped head! I'm hideous.
Don't look at me.
Who's the smart one now? Boo What? I am, 'cause I had this all along.
Professor, get help.
I'm trying, but they put me on hold.
Say bye-bye to your brain, blondie.
Penny's trapped in a mirror.
Don't worry, I'll save you.
Yes! So much intellect.
Nothing can stop me now.
Wowzers! No! No! My beautiful brains! Nice work, Gadget.
You really put your head to good use stopping MAD.
Thanks, Chief, but I couldn't have done it without Brain.
Really? Which is what I'm calling this brilliant dog.
Old Brain's new name is Silly Willy.
Is this supposed to do something? There's a face on my mustache! So, Penny, still wanna know if you got into NUMBSA? No, thanks.
I never want to come back here again.
Give me my brain power.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
What's a four-letter word for "Next time, Gadget"? Welcome back to Talk Evil To Me on The Nasty Network.
Our next guest recently took home the Nasty Award for Evilest Genius of the Year.
Let's have a big, sinister welcome for Baron Von Steeltoe! I should be the one sitting in that comfy lounge chair.
But, no! I'm stuck here with you and this ergonomic posture-correcting chair.
Guten tag, Corsetta.
I'd like to say the win was as surprising as a frosty wind up my quilt.
But the competition was Dr.
How many times can one man lose to Inspector Gadget? Ha! Big talk from a Whoa, are you crying? No, my eyes are leaking revenge.
It's time to put an end to Gadget once and for all.
And rub Steeltoe's haggis-covered face in my victory.
I'll prep the missiles to vaporize HQ.
No! We'll broadcast Gadget's demise to the world on live TV by luring him into my escape room of destructive doom.
Yeah, sounds like a great trap, 'cause "escape" is right there in the name.
That's the destructive doom part.
Each room leads to another room.
There is no escape.
You sure we shouldn't just level HQ? It'll take, like, two seconds.
Of course not, you fool.
That won't make for satisfying TV.
Freeze playback.
Just playing my greatest hits.
Bam! Whoo! I am a lean, mean, MAD-stopping machine.
Wowzers! HQ's Hologram technology just keeps getting better.
But Chief Quimby's avatar could still use some work.
Go, go, Gadget Hologram Fixer.
Ow! Sweet mercy, Gadget, please.
I'm as real as your next mission.
HQ has learned that MAD is planning a massive art heist in Florence, Italy.
Who knows what heinous plans the sale of the stolen masterworks could fund.
Your mission stop MAD's art swiping before it starts.
This message will self-destruct.
And I'm the da Vinci of MAD butt-kicking.
Keep your eyes open, gang.
Don't even blink.
We need to keep an eye out for MAD and protect this amazing art.
The only art MAD's gonna see is my martial arts when I take them down.
Come on, that wordplay was masterful.
Masterful? More like disasterful.
We're going live and worldwide now.
Oh, these highfaluting cats of Uptown Tabby are so scandalous.
Who will Princess Nicklefritz marry next? I hope it's The Earl of Puddleboots.
We interrupt your super lame show to bring you a way better MAD special.
Claw Defeats Inspector Gadget Once and For All in the Escape Room of Destructive Doom.
You're welcome.
Oh, what? What? No! Puddleboots! Strange, this art gallery isn't supposed to have a tomb room.
Wait! I bet it's a MAD - trap.
I love immersive art experiences.
Look at those dancers.
What grace.
I'm supposed to be guarding you, but a quick dance couldn't hurt.
Uncle Gadget, that's not art.
Of course it is, Penny.
You have to open yourself up.
Brain, keep Uncle Gadget safe.
I'll use my mad skills to find a way out.
Oh, hey, mind pointing me toward the exit? Huh? Hieroglyphics? Talk to me, wall.
"To leave this place alive, walk like an Egyptian.
" Really? Okay.
Come on, MAD, you're making this way too easy This experience is so immersive, I can't see a thing.
We can't let art this deep fall into the hands of those art-stealing MAD barbarians.
Go, go, Gadget Light of Knowledge in the Darkness of Ignorance.
Oh, Dr.
Claw fails again.
They may have survived the first room, but Penny is about to get iced.
What are you doing? The show's about Gadget, not some nerd girl.
I think this storyline is way more interesting.
The viewers want Gadget destroyed, now! Fine, right after this.
No trace of residual teleportation energy, but You've been in worse MAD jams than this, Penny.
You just gotta Ow! This isn't the Arctic.
It's just a big room with super air conditioning.
Ha! I'm totally finding a way out.
And I'm doing it fast! Using plants as an artistic medium? - Clever.
- Clever.
Huh? You're right, Brain.
Our job is to guard this art, avant-guard it.
Go, go, Gadget Artsy-art Preserver! Oh, Brain, art is so fleeting, isn't it? Good thing we preserved it in here, here and here.
Smells like genius and charcoal.
Okay, this exhibit's secure.
Let's check the next one.
Onwards, Brain.
He survived the hedge maze room? But how? Claw, I'm glued to the new telly show.
You know, I like my Uptown tabbies, but I love my Dr.
Claw Failure Showcase more.
The finale's a killer, Steeltoe.
Talon, you're out! - What? - I want a new director.
- MAD Cat, you're in! Whoa, whoa, whoa, let's not Smile, Pen, you're on the Nasty Network.
I'd love to chill, but it's time to make my escape.
Ha! Ow! The exit should be here.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Hey, guys, love the cute tuxedos.
Ha! Looks like you're gonna be left out in the cold.
Ha! Hey! Wowzers! This art is really postmodern.
No wonder MAD wants to steal it so badly.
Even the sculptures are cutting edge.
I know, Brain, art can be hard to face.
But face it we must, especially such a striking example of the Neo-Robotto period.
Oh, no.
That's it, Brain.
Really connect with the art.
Oh, yeah.
This installation's so inspiring it makes me want to create my own art.
Go, go, Gadget Amazing Art Piece.
Ooh, I'll call it "Dog Amongst the Robo Parts.
" Smooth moves, Pen.
Save it, Talon.
You know I can take you and whatever this room has to Break for it! Ha! You can't catch me, lizard Lasers? In the jungle? Hiya, Penny.
I hope you've enjoyed the art as much as we have.
Uncle Gadget, you survived.
Ha! Looks like there isn't enough room here for both of us.
Penny, I have something to show you.
Go, go, Gadget Amazing Art Piece, again.
Chief! I don't know how you did it, Gadget.
Not many people understand my art, but I'd be happy to show you my process.
Go, go, Gadget Amazing Art Piece.
No! Even if you escape the rooms, Talon, there's no escaping my wrath.
Well done, Claw.
Your show's the best thing I've seen in years.
I cannot wait to see what happens next time.
There won't be a next time, Steeltoe.
No next time!