Instant Star (2004) s01e03 Episode Script

Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind

Whenever we're together, no one's a star I can pour it all out right from Creating a new song isn't that different from going to school.
You have to put in hours of hard work and put yourself at the mercy of your teachers.
I love it.
It's got "summer hit" written all over it.
Totally agree.
Now it's time to kick our peer up a notch.
We want to get some public reaction before we release this single.
How public are we talking? Well, we arranged a sneak peek at her school auditorium this friday.
We want her playing to her classmates and a half dozen cameras.
Think she's ready to take this live? And all you really want to know is if you pass the test.
She's good to go.
I'm in love with my guitar You're gonna rock that school tomorrow.
Get your beauty sleep.
Yeah, are you kidding me? I'm way too wired! Jamie! You know someone's gotta tell you about this new technology-- the telephone.
Okay, just shut up and catch, Rapunzel.
Look at you all sassy.
Yeah, it's cool, huh? It's just a demo, but listen to the first track because that's what I'm performing at school tomorrow.
I'm in love with my guitar? Yeah, make sure you're there, okay? 'Cause Kat's out of town and I need you.
You're my only wingman, all right? Jude-a-palooza? Wouldn't miss it.
See you later! So, how long is she grounded for? Who, honey? Jude.
She missed curfew last night.
Come on, guys.
I can't stay out past 11:00 on a school night.
But what, my little sister can? Well, that was different.
Honey, Jude was working.
Look if you guys are gonna have different rules for Jude and me because she's all "famous" now, you might as well write them down so I can keep track.
- Sadie! - Honey.
Do you remember when they were too young to talk back? - I miss those days.
- So do I.
- See you.
- See you.
Okay, it's so surreal having you here.
Yeah, it's even weirder for me.
You know I never did the whole high school thing.
Pretty much got drafted to "Boyz Attack" right after junior high.
Yeah, okay.
But, you know, you didn't miss much.
Pardon our students.
We're not used to having a celebrity of your caliber with us.
No offense to Jude.
Actually would you sign this? Oh me? - Please.
- Sure.
- This is a math test.
- Yes.
My daughter said that I had to get you to sign something of your's today.
Well, I hope your daughter enjoys my work with equations.
Here's your agenda.
Read it, know it, love it.
I wanted to get an autograph if that would be cool? Good.
- Oh I can't believe this! - Boyz Attack! This is so embarrassing.
Making a whole day about me? Oh shut up.
You love it.
Okay, I kinda do.
What? Is that bad? Not as bad as today's lunch special-- Jude jambalaya.
Are you kidding me? I never kid about jambalaya.
I'm not that kind of guy.
Okay, so enough making me wait, Mysterio.
What do you think? - What? - About the song? What do you think? - Do like it? - Oh yeah about that, my CD player kinda conked out last night, kinda ate it.
- Really? - Sorry, I-- No that's okay.
I got another one.
But do me a favour, okay? Take a good listen to it in the library 'cause I really need your opinion before I go onstage.
To unveil it to the fickle masses like a gladiator facing the lions? Yeah, sure.
See you later.
Sadie Harrison, report to the attendance office.
Hi, you paged me? What's wrong? Is grandma okay? Grandma's fine.
No, I came here to see you.
I thought that maybe we could play hooky together.
Y'know, hang.
Okay, now you're weirding me out.
Sadie, I know that they're making today a big event for your sister and I figured maybe you'd just want to skip it.
So, what did you have in mind? I kind of have to show you.
Come on.
Come on.
Wow, popular girl, Jude.
Must feel great coming from all of your friends.
Yeah, it's, it's cool.
It's kind of bizarre but cool.
Okay, so how have things changed for you since you won the contest? Nothing's really changed.
I mean, so much has but so much hasn't, you know.
I'm still the same Jude that sucks at math.
Come on.
I thought every day was Jude day around here.
I'm so sick of hearing about her.
I don't get it.
Most of these kids don't even like Jude.
But everybody loves the camera.
Come on, get in there.
She's waiting for you.
perform in front of the entire school? It really makes me laugh.
All right, so artists have a lot to handle with just the recording process.
How do you handle music and school at the same time? It's wicked.
It kind of keeps me balanced.
But so does this guy.
This is Jamie.
He's like my musical Gandalf.
I trust his taste more than anyone's.
Interesting, Gandalf.
So you must have heard the new single.
What's the word on the street? It's uh, it's very enjoyable in a uniquely familiar way.
Sounds interesting.
I'm excited.
Your fans are excited I'm sure.
Thanks, Tanya.
I'm sorry but we're late for a soundcheck.
What was that? What's happening with your sister now is just unbelievably exciting for her and I know it's been kind of hard for ya.
- Not really.
- Oh really.
So you've been moody and acting out because why? The moon is full? Your mom and have been talking and we think it's time for you to have something really exciting in your life.
Something to look forward to.
What? What? Didn't you say something about wanting to spend the summer in Europe? - No.
- Yeah.
You're serious? Dad, thank you! - Oh I can't believe this! - Come on, let's go in.
I can't believe you did this! Check, check-- What's with the feedback, rudy? Sorry, Tommy! Tommy, what do the words "uniquely familiar" mean to you? They mean "I'm a deliberately obscure 16 year-old music nerd.
" Keep tuning.
Your G is flat.
Okay, seriously though, what does it mean? Jude, cut the chord already.
You're about to serenade your school, you're stressing over one kid.
Why? Because it's Jamie.
Geez! That better not be my amp, morons! - I was hoping you'd come.
- We need to talk.
Don't go onstage.
- They're gonna crucify you.
- What? What are you talking about? Look.
A bunch of people are in on it.
They gonna walk out on you in the middle of your song, embarrass you in front of the media.
They even made t-shirts.
They're not just evil, they're accessorized! That's so mean.
Why would they do that? Jude, you remember the time that I butted in line at the cafeteria and that jock went all smackdown on me? You practically lost fillings.
But what has that have to do with this? You're supposed to be in the background, not the spotlight.
Jude, you jumped the line big time.
Okay, so big deal.
If they don't like me, they'll like the song.
- They just have to hear it.
- Jude-- No, Jamie, seriously.
It'll win them over.
Jude, the song is bad.
I lied.
I've played it a million times last night hoping it would get better.
You sound amazing in it but the song Jude it's gimmicky, corporate crap.
Jude! I'm just trying to protect you! Almost finished your first album, ready to "sneak peek" your new song, things are happening fast for Jude Harrison.
How do you feel? Nauseous.
How would you describe your new single? That's a really good question right now.
It's fun, very hooky.
You're gonna love it.
Look, I'm not going to lie to you, okay? The song is bad.
It's gimmicky corporate crap.
I'm sorry.
I can't do this right now.
Forget she said that.
A quote like that? Not likely.
Hey, Gollum.
That's Gandalf.
Yeah, like either one is cool.
Jude just blew an interview and ran off.
Why? Okay this is bad but Plus I kinda told her I hated her song.
I hated her song, not her.
To Jude that's the same thing, man.
You know, you might think you know about music, but you know jack when it comes to musicians.
I know Jude! Then you know she'd be able to handle this if she thought you had her back! - What do you want me to do? - Whatever you said, un-say it.
And stop messing with my artist's head.
We are not having this conversation again.
Right? - Right?! - Right.
You are gonna love this tour.
See, it covers England, Spain, Italy.
Have you had a chance to look at those Caribbean brochures I've sent you? I'm definitely keeping it in mind, yeah, for the next vacation.
You know, your uncle Mort and I danced through Trevi fountain together.
Dad, I know.
Must've had four bottles of wine that night.
Excuse me? You never told me about four bottles of wine before, dad.
Well, that was the kiddie version.
I don't have to edit that stuff anymore.
You're 18-years-old.
It's time for you to go out in the world and have your own adventure.
Must've cost you loads though.
Guess I should be a pain in the butt more often! Don't push it! Yvette's our corporate travel rep.
She got me a really good deal on this.
Hey, no peeking! You're a very lucky girl to have such a sweet father.
I know.
- Hey, dad? - Yeah? Thank you.
- You're welcome, honey.
- No, really.
Thank you.
Sweetie, come here.
Jude, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean what I said.
People are idiots if they're gonna walk out on you or your song.
Do you actually mean that? Of course! Jude, it's not your fault that the song is lame! The studio made you go for a commercial, cheesy sound.
I get it.
What? I wrote the song, Jamie.
And if the song's lame then so am I.
Oh I didn't mean it like that.
I'm just trying to make you feel better.
Way to go, genius, you just made me feel worse! I suck.
And tonight I'm going to make your favourite spaghetti con pesto.
- Okay, I'll be right back.
- 'Kay.
Wow, that is a good deal.
I'll go ge t the last bag, you start the-- What's wrong? Nothing.
I'll just be a minute.
Tommy Q.
invades schoolgirl's bathroom.
Gonna read about that one tomorrow.
You're on in ten.
You know, at Christina Aguilera's prom, the whole dance floor emptied when they played her song.
Great, I have to worry about my prom now? I'm just saying, I've played empty rooms before.
Every artist has! This is not just another empty room, Tommy! This is my school auditorium.
I'm in front of my friends and cameras! I hate to break it to you, Jude, but you are gonna face worse.
Bad reviews, empty stadiums, cancelled tours.
I need to know that you can handle that.
Okay, then tell me how do I not care what people think? I care more about what you think! Don't you ever ask anyone's permission to like your own music, you understand? Do you love that song? Yeah, I did.
Then Jamie made me doubt.
Forget Jamie! You know I love it.
Don't you ever let your friends or the crowd tell you if it rocks.
You go out there and you tell them.
I believe in you.
Here she is! Carson Hill's own Jude Harrison! Yes! This is my new song.
And I think you're gonna love it.
You suck! I've been trying too hard I've been spinning around Got people chasing me down Got to find a way back to my world somehow Somehow Right now I want to feel lost inside of a song Where there's no right or wrong In my room all alone's where I belong Boo! - Boo! - Boo again.
Whenever we're together no one's a star I can pour it all out right from the heart If it's up to me we'll never be apart I'm in love with my guitar! Oh yeah Keeper of my secrets Part of all my dreams Somehow we're connected From a whisper to a scream Whenever we're together no one's a star I can pour it all out right from the heart If you said to me we'll never be apart I'm in love with my guitar! I'm in love I'm in love I'm in love with my guitar I'm in love with my guitar This is so exciting.
I wish I'd toured Europe at your age.
Or my age, hint hint.
Yeah, well, dad seems to have an in at the travel agency.
Maybe he could swing you a deal.
Well in any event, it sounds like everyone had a perfect day.
Well, I gotta tell you, hearing your song live Wow.
It was awesome.
- What are you doing, freak? - You're lying, Jamie.
I can totally tell.
I don't get it.
I've always had opinions about your songs.
I consider it my creative contribution, thank you.
I know.
But you've always loved them.
- The stakes are higher now.
- Exactly.
I want to be the guy that you can come to for the truth.
And the truth is, I'm not going to always like your songs.
I need to know that that's okay.
No, it's not okay.
It sucks.
But I'll live.
Easy! I overdid the jambalaya.
Sorry, sorry about that.
If it's up to me we'll never be apart