Instant Star (2004) s01e04 Episode Script

Hey Sister

I'm Jude Harrison.
I'm Jude Harrison.
Georgia says even stars have to do this-- demo their songs for radio programmers.
Do you want me to wait? Okay.
This is my song.
Kinda like an amateur night competition with insanely high stakes.
Sounds funny coming from the winner of a talent search, but I hate competing.
It's too rock.
Have you thought about doing it as rap? - That was great! - Really? - I loved it! - Great.
My listeners would hate it, though, but it was really good.
Your song's not gonna work for me.
And that's what I hate most about competing.
Here's one that does.
The part where you lose.
Eden? I beat her in Instant Star.
Her single's gonna kill.
Don't come back till you got something that doesn't blow.
I just listened to Eden's new single.
- Yeah? - It's a monster.
We can't let Eden beat us to market with this.
We need a new song.
A hit.
Well, Tommy and I will get started.
Jude? Have a seat.
- You're leaving? - I'm strictly freelance here.
I can go anytime.
But why now? I need a vacation.
I thought I'd kick around Montreal for a while.
So you're just gonna bail on me? Tommy, we have a single to write.
We have to do it fast.
And you will.
Just not with me.
You got a new producer starting next week.
So ready for tomorrow's big public speaking championship? It's debating, dad.
Sadie, I just I need a minute.
Ever since we went to the travel agency and you met Yvette, you've been acting pretty weird and I think I know why.
This look familiar? Yeah.
I found it in your bag.
What you found is a joke.
- A joke dad? You can't-- - You remember Pat from the office? - Yeah.
- Yeah, this is his idea of funny.
He didn't think anyone but me was gonna see it, but it's a joke.
Really? I really thought Sadie things with your mom and I, they're not perfect.
Far from it, but I love her.
Yeah? Okay? - All right? - Yeah.
You gonna do real well in the debating tomorrow, all right? Yeah.
Somebody's alphabetizing the LP's.
That can't be good.
It's nothing, dad.
I'm fine.
I'm totally not fine.
The programmers hated my single.
Georgia's freaking, Tommy's quitting, and I'm starting over with a new producer.
- It does sounds like a disaster.
- Yeah, it is a disaster.
No, no.
Maybe not.
Maybe not.
Dylan, '67.
His career is on the skids.
What does he do? Holes up in upstate New York with the band, reinvents himself with the basement tapes.
Total classic.
Sometimes you just gotta start over, Jude.
That's it.
Dad, we'll go to the farm this weekend.
We'll hole up.
Write a new single.
It's gonna be so good Tommy will stay.
Tommy? Who said anything about Tommy, Jude? Who is it? Hello? It'll be like a working vacation.
We'll hang out, have a barbecue, totally chill, and write a kickass new single.
Kinda got my hands full this weekend.
Tommy, come on.
What did I do? Nothing.
I mean look, if anyone's to blame for your single tanking, it's me.
That 's what this is about? Tommy, don't worry about I'm in love with my guitar.
Let's start over; reinvent ourselves.
Okay, let's make a deal.
We write a new hit this weekend and you agree to stay.
All right.
You're telling me that your parents are okay with this? You and me? All alone? Oh yeah.
About that It's not that I don't support this.
It's just, a weekend away with Tommy Q? Do you realize the pain this is gonna cause me? I think I do.
Who are you again? Oh, yeah.
You're that little kid that Jude feels sorry for.
Four butts, two seats.
I think I see a flaw in your plan here, chief.
Dude? Don't start.
The H2's in the shop.
Besides, you have a car.
Sort of.
Why don't you and Kat drive together? Guys, come on.
We have to talk about the song.
Of course.
Kat and I are old buddies.
Aren't we, Kat? That's cute.
I don't know.
Jude locked away in the farm all weekend with little Tommy Q? Honey, they'll be fine, okay? We sent them with chaperones.
Excuse me, I'm sorry.
Can you can you get me some water? Yep.
What are you, what are you doing here? I'm here for the debating.
My son's girlfriend's competing.
So's my daughter.
And my wife is here.
You should've told me that you we're coming.
Stuart, nobody is going to find out anything.
Now, for God sakes, just act natural.
I love this place.
That must seem kinda dorky to you though, huh? - No, it's cool.
- I know.
Reminds me of my grandfather's place.
I used to love it there.
Is this you and Sadie? Smiling? Yeah.
Actually that's us doing a show for our parents.
I'd sing and she'd dance.
You guys gotta get a bigger mantle, or Sadie's got to stop winning stuff.
That's never gonna happen.
She has like an addiction to winning.
What's with this sudden interest in Sadie? Who said I was? No one.
Let's get to work.
You can't change human nature.
That is why we must put an end to human genetic modification.
Thank you.
Harrison, your turn to rebut.
Genetic modification is a provocative issue.
But it can and it will work.
You know what? Who am I kidding? My opponent's right.
You can't change human nature.
I mean, take every man in this world.
Genetically modify them, they'd still be dogs.
Sadie, I told you it was a joke.
Yeah? Well, has anyone told Yvette? Cause she doesn't seem to know, dad.
I saw you two in the hall.
I don't know what you saw, okay? But it's not what you think.
It is nothing.
What's nothing? Why are we stopping? I just need to double check the map.
- You don't know where we are? - I know where we are, I just need to double check the map.
What is this? A sandwich in its previous life.
Now it's just part of the fragile ecosystem I call James-ica.
Hey easy.
You're gonna break it.
Wouldn't it need to be working first? Thanks.
And speaking of things that don't work, your little crush on Jude.
When are you gonna give up on that? It's kinda pathetic.
I don't have a crush.
It was a mild delusion at best, okay? I'm over it.
So then it's a medical condition, the way you drool when Jude's around? Okay just because we're in a car, doesn't mean that we have to talk.
Don't freak? But I think we took the wrong exit.
Are you serious? - Jamie, I told you! - Don't panic.
We're not that far.
I know where we are.
We're fine.
Now you can panic.
Don't talk to me again today.
A song is a story.
So what's our story about? Okay.
It's about this girl and she really likes this guy.
But it's not just any guy.
He's like the guy of her dreams.
Setting? A train.
Girl meets guy.
The attraction? Obvious.
I know what I feel And you feel it, too I dream of the first kiss And who'll make the first move Who's gonna put their heart on the line It could be me It could be you Tonight One sec.
- Let go! - What are you doing here? I had to get out of the house.
- What? - I thought maybe we could talk.
Forget it.
This is so lame.
You did not come here to talk to me.
You came here for him, right? Right? Great.
Are you diseased? I didn't come here to hit on your producer, okay? Good.
Because you don't have a chance, okay? He's not gonna go for some mall rat.
Tommy has taste.
Guess you have nothing to worry about then, huh? Guess not.
What do you guys think about the patented Q-burger? I think it's good you went into music.
So I couldn't help, but notice but, you got a lot of equestrian trophies in there.
I don't do anything unless I can be the best at it.
So you ride? He's more into cars not horses.
I had a horse when I was a kid.
A Chestnut Saddlebred.
I loved her.
- You ride english or western? - English.
Gives you a much better sense of control.
Sorry to interrupt, but we kinda have a song to finish.
No, no! I have the best cell you can get.
I can make calls anywhere.
We're not anywhere, we're nowhere.
Cell phones don't work nowhere, nothing works nowhere, including my car.
Well, maybe if you had listened to me and taken the right exit.
I told you, this trail leads right to Jude's farm.
We're gonna be all right.
And I'm supposed to trust you now, Mr.
I can't read a map? Well, suit yourself.
I'm sure someone will be along on this road in a few days.
You suck, Andrews.
I can't get through on Kat's cell.
They're serously late.
Have you seen Jamie's car? It pushes forty, it explodes.
They're gonna be awhile.
Let's get to work.
So let's talk about our girl.
What's going on in her head? Our girl, she's frustrated.
She's frustrated.
Big time.
Yeah, okay, let's go with that.
I know what I feel and you feel it, too I dream of the first kiss - And who'll make the first-- - Stop it.
I got it.
- What? - Our opening.
This dream guy, he's no stranger, she knows him.
She knows they're gonna hook up and it's gonna get messy.
You and me all alone It's too late to say we didn't know We shouldn't be all alone - One of us might lose control - Nice.
I know what I feel and you feel it, too I dream of the first kiss And who'll make the first move - That's great.
- Yeah.
Why are we stopping now? You every tried hiking in flip-flops? Besides, what's the hurry anyway? I don't know, it's still early.
Thought I could maybe help write the song.
Just admit it.
You're scared of leaving her alone with Tommy.
Why would I care about that? Because of your crush.
You're big fat stupid crush that you won't admit to.
I told you, I don't have one.
Why can't you just tell me the truth? Fine.
Jude isn't my crush.
Jude is my sky.
She's my moon.
She's my stars, she's my sun, she's my everything, okay? Because I, because I love her.
Okay? I love Jude Harrison! Guys, I still can't get through.
What's happened to them? They probably just took a wrong turn somewhere.
Don't worry, they're gonna show up.
Oh, I love this song! Come on.
Dance please.
Come on.
- Dancing days are over.
- He doesn't want to dance, Sadie.
C'mon, show me some of those famous moves of yours.
God, Sadie, get a hint! He doesn't want to dance.
You really don't wanna be doing that.
Really? You know, unless pillows are involved, I suggest we all just calm-- This is such a classic Jude moment.
Daddy's little favourite.
Can't stand not being the centre of attention, huh? What? Me? Oh, please.
Sadie, you wanna be the center of attention.
You wanna be the edges, the whole deal.
At least I don't walk around trying to control people.
- Like when? - Oh, pick a day! How about last Christmas when you went vegan for a week and we all had to eat tofurkey.
I mean, how stupid was that? - Stupid? - Yeah.
You wanna talk stupid? What kind of a moron gets six percent in math.
Shut up.
- As a final grade! - Shut up, Sadie! - You shut up! - Why don't you both shut up? Good job.
I'm sorry about earlier, okay? It was a total freak show.
Look, I'm not stupid and I know what's going on.
Not that I mind being fought over, but you two got some serious issues, no doubt.
You might wanna look at them before you tear your whole family apart.
It's too late.
Mom and dad are already in therapy and they're still fighting all the time.
Yeah, I know.
Jude told me.
But what Jude doesn't know is that I think my dad's having an affair.
That's why I came-- to tell her-- but I lost my nerve.
You know, she's still my little sister.
I used to fight bullies in the playground for her.
She worships dad.
I can't tell her.
It'll kill her.
Come here.
It'll be okay.
Show me who you are Stop me before I go too far Cause it hurtsso bad So hold me or I might crack That's it.
You finished it.
I think you did.
Jude, just wait! You know this isn't even about you, Tommy.
You're just another stupid trophy for her.
I'm nobody's trophy.
There's never been one thing that she's ever wanted that she didn't get.
- I can think of one thing.
- What? A sister.
The charts, the money, the fame it all fades.
You gotta take care of what lasts.
What's going on? We're leaving.
We just got here.
Don't worry! We're perfectly fine! It could be me It could be you Tonight We're gonna knock Eden on her butt.
I want musicians in here, now.
Provided we still have a producer.
I hate Montreal this time of year.
Despite the drama I really like making music with you.
Me, too.
So, do you really like Sadie? Let's just get to work, all right? All right.
Dad, you are a genius! Georgia loves the song.
She said it's gonna be my new single and I said it's all thanks to my dad.
- Honey, I'm so proud of you.
- I know! Oh my God, we gotta listen to this right now, okay? You said you wanted to talk.
Let's talk.
Jude! This rocks! You know what? It was nothing.
Go listen to your song.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
I dream of the first kiss And who'll make the first move Who's gonna put their heart on the line It could be me It could be you Tonight