Instant Star (2004) s01e08 Episode Script

Unsweet Sixteen

If I was dreaming of your kiss Would you look right through me On the street I'm waiting In my heart it's raining Your eyes are holding up the sky Your eyes make me weak I don't know why 12:05 a.
It's officially your birthday.
Don't quite know what to get the girl who almost has it all, so, tell me what you want.
There is one thing.
Shay's coming back tomorrow.
Just for the day, for the party.
Yeah, counting the moments.
See? That.
I want you guys to get along.
You're both mean so much to me, and I don't want to fight about it anymore.
- That's your wish? - Yes.
It's a deal.
Make a wish.
They say the way you spend your birthday sets the tone for your entire year.
Thank you.
Happy sixteenth, girl.
I'd say I'm off to a great start.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Happy birthday! - How is it goin'? You're kidding.
How did you find this? Indiana Jones here's been digging up his lawn like we've been searching for the holy grail.
I'm sorry if I'm the only one who respects the "pinky swear" that we did when we were 10-years-old.
When the last one turned sixteen, we'd dig this up.
It's a matter of principal.
It's a matter of honour.
It's a matter of you didn't get me another gift did you, Jamie? - Not a thing.
- Right.
Okay guys, birthday crepes, comin' through! Vic, honey, it's getting cold! Come on! - We're so cute.
I made that.
- Aw, look at us.
That's yours.
Okay, my "to do list" by age sixteen.
Perfect kiss.
Check, thanks to Shay.
Be famous rock star, best sweet sixteenth party, and a backyard rollercoaster.
Nice! Okay, here's mine.
Number one: awesome car.
Number two: still best friends with Jude.
Three: international kung fu star.
I think that's too soon to call.
Yeah but close.
Mine says "pony".
That's all you wanted? Hello? Oh, Jude? It's Shay.
You don't want to take this, right? - No, you don't want to take it.
- Dad, give me it.
Can you stop? - Hello? - Jude, hey! Yeah.
I'm just on my way to the CD-signing then there's the concert then my butt's back on a plane.
Because I've officially started the countdown and it's 10 hours and 27 minutes, till we're face to face again.
More or less.
I really, really miss you.
Like, insane.
Jude? I can barely hear you.
And I really, really want to talk.
- Me too! Hello? - Jude? No, Shay, you're breaking up! Hello? Hello? Shoot.
- Everything okay? - Phones?! Plasma screens looping your video there, we're going to have listening stations for your duet with Shay here.
It's like part video launch party, part sixteenth birthday, part debutante ball.
I can't believe you guys are doing this for me.
Thank you so much.
You and Shay need to intro the video, say something cute and spontaneous.
- Okay.
- Here.
I wrote it down.
- Memorize it.
- EJ?! I think I can come up with something on my own.
It's gut wrenching sometimes It's life threatening sometimes It seems like nothing can wash it all away - This's a private concert? - No.
Don't stop, I love it.
What's the chorus? Time to be your only one Always being too young Time to crush into the sun Time to be your only one The ending is not done or anything.
I just-- I want to sing it tonight for Shay.
For Shay? It's your birthday, he should just be happy that You know what? Never mind, doesn't matter.
Thank you.
Just come with me a second.
I should keep on working on this.
I mean, fine.
I mean, if you don't want your real gift from me then Okay, im coming.
I'm coming.
Okay Tommy, how much farther? Whoa.
Just wait wait and open 'em.
You're giving me your Viper?! Whoa, relax.
It's your birthday not your coronation.
I'm gonna give you driving lesson.
- Really? - If you think you can handle it.
Try me.
- Okay.
- Seat belt, seat belt.
I know.
Parking break.
- I was going to do it.
- Okay.
- Clutch.
- I'm sorry.
Is there a reason why shit sounds like gas to you.
Are you ready? Ready.
Okay, five more minutes of silent treatment, and you officially qualify as a mime.
So what's in your pocket, tiny? I saw you hide something at breakfast, don't force me to frisk you.
I'm totally kidding, force me to frisk you.
Here, okay? "Perfect boyfriend".
- Is this about "us"? - Which us? The one that you won't admit exists? I thought you said you were cool with us not really dating.
I was lying! Hello! Do you not speak girl at all? Okay.
Stop yelling at me! You ashamed to tell Jude that we're together? What? How can you even think that! Look, I'm just freaked about how it might change things.
- For all of us.
- Yeah.
Do you think I'm not? But the longer we wait, the more ticked she's gonna be.
Loser tells Jude tonight.
You got a better idea? You suck.
You kiss your boyfriend with that mouth? Oh, wait.
I guess that's kinda me.
Okay, I guess I'm not ready for nascar, then? Girl, you're not ready for rollerblades! What?! Just because I almost hit one dog? No, because the dog was on the sidewalk.
So bad.
I'm so bad.
What? I just-- I miss us hanging out.
Me too.
You can be a serious pain in the butt, Quincy.
There is not one thing I'd change about you.
Hi, Shay! Oh Hi, EJ.
What emergency? A fashion emergency.
This is for me? Plus I've lined up all the esthetics.
Hair, make-up.
I'd love to reinvent your look.
You can choose whichever style you want.
What do you think, kiddo? Wow! I think this is going to be the best 16th birthday ever.
I have to show Tommy! Just a second.
Look, when you spin tonight, I want you start with 24, okay? It's Jude's favorite.
Yo, yo, yo! Hold up, hold up.
You let Jude pilot your ride, and I can barely scam shotgun.
What are you now, her party planner? You got something to say, just say it.
Well, you wouldn't be the first producer to cross that line.
I'm not even hearing this.
Yo, listen, listen, man.
I know you, all right? You're falling for this girl! I don't blame you if you wanna hit that in another few years.
Look, that's not even what this is about.
Kwest, man.
You think I'm okay with this, huh? That the coolest chick I know, the girl who gets me the most, is sixteen? Give me a break, man.
She's out of bounds, and I'm not that guy.
But if she was 21? In a split second.
I knew it, Kat! I'm not a total loser! He wants me! This is awesome! This is awesome! Okay.
Well, what does it mean, exactly? I don't know.
I have no idea.
But obviously, I've spending way too time with Tommy while Shay's been gone.
Oh my God, oh my God! Kat, I'm an emotional adulteress! Okay okay.
Dial it down a bit.
So do you still like Shay? Of course I do! Oh, because of Tommy? No, I've totally moved on, but Kat, I have closure now.
He totally wishes he could have me! But he can't know that I know, or just-- it's gonna get weird, you know? Okay.
There is something else I gotta talk to you about.
Shay is gonna be here in less than two hours.
I have to make it up to him.
But you didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, I know.
But he's my boyfriend.
And you know how I hate secrets.
Thank you so much.
You give the best advice.
See you later.
I'm so excited.
Where is the birthday girl? Oh, she's coming.
She'll be right out.
Not to worry.
Have fun.
- Darius - Georgia - So where's your boy? - Plane just landed.
Don't worry, he'll be here.
Kid loves the spotlight.
Kinda like his uncle that way.
Now that's just cold.
Well, I will admit, I was wrong about the two of them together.
Shay's never been happier.
'Kay, it's the girl of the hour, y'all.
Everybody give it up for Jude Harrison! Pick up your jaw, man.
You look great! Thanks.
Have you seen Shay? No.
My God, she's beautiful tonight.
She's all grown up.
When did this happen? I think dad's are always the last to notice.
Are still waiting for your prince charming? Yeah.
Yeah, he just paged me.
He's gonna be here soon.
I can't wait.
Guess you can strike another one off your list.
This is certainly one - killer birthday party.
- Yeah it is, isn't it? So I guess you heard, huh? Heard what? - You know? About Kat and I.
- Taking you out for latte when all this is over.
Oh, goody! Cake! Oh, my God! It's a Gibson.
Oh, oh, hey! Your phone's ringing.
Oh, it's Shay.
Hello, Shay? Hey, where are you? Jude, look left.
Can we talk alone for a second? Sure.
Hi! Oh, I missed you.
I'm okay, but I-- I've been trying to tell you something all day-- What are you talking about? The paparazzi, they snagged a pic and it's gonna be out in the morning.
Okay, talk to me.
What'd you do? What? I kinda met someone.
How kinda? One sec! Eden? I thought you were gonna wait in the limo.
While you chat with your ex-girlfriend? Right.
Ex-girlfriend? That was so not cool.
Okay, here comes our birthday girl and Shay, they're gonna give us a live hit of their duet! Jude.
Let go of me! Later-- first more Jude.
Move! Nice party.
Jude, I'm so sorry, okay? I didn't mean for it to happen like that! - For what to happen? - Am I talking to you, Screech? Eden's the opening act on my tour.
And when people spend that much time together, things happen.
So break up with her! All this talk about how I make you a better guy.
You do! But-- Eden makes me feel cool just the way I am.
Here we go.
Saint Tommy.
I'm impressed.
The way you managed to humiliate her in front of the press, her friends, and her family.
It wasn't like that.
All right? And you never wanted us together from the beginning, right? You you don't wanna be in my face right now.
So move me.
Not worth the sweat.
Worth mine - Start running, Gumby.
- Good to know.
Let's go.
Go ahead.
Tell me "I told you so".
For what it's worth, Shay's a kid and an idiot.
And he made the wrong choice.
It's not worth much, coming from you.
What's that supposed to mean? I'm tired of falling for guys that don't fall back.
It hurts.
- Jude, I-- - You all say the nicest things.
"You're so great, you're so nice", but none of you want to date me.
So you wanna help me, Tommy? Tell me what I do wrong.
Tell me why I'm so easy to give up, and then maybe I can fix it.
You are asking the wrong guy.
You should go, Jude.
Tommy, don't.
I'll see you inside.
Okay? - Just go.
- Okay.
You never lied to me, not once It's not your fault that I can't trust It's in my past, it's in my path And I can't go there Making a mess out of this game To see it all go up in flames So tired of being ruthless and reckless Time to be your only one To almost be your way too young Time to crash into the sun Time to be your twenty-one Time to dream that our love will last Time to drive my car too fast Time to walk before I run Time to be Time to be your twenty-one I don't believe in love and I I put it to the wall I taste its sweetness there and laughed so hard How's the hand, Rocky? Bruised, but surprisingly manly.
It's a good thing Darius dragged Shay out before he did any real damage.
Yeah, just so you know, this is where you're supposed to lie to save my ego.
Not used to this whole girlfriend thing yet.
Yeah, you mean secret girlfriend, don't you? We'll tell her.
When it's time.
You know, I've been thinking about your wish-list, and, I can't ever promise to be a "perfect boyfriend", but least I can do is make sure you get that pony.
Hand, hand, hand! - Sorry.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Party's pretty much over.
People are clearing out.
Look, about before in the alley.
I don't really know what to say C'mon, Tommy.
I think we both know what you wanna say.
It was a mistake, right? Just a pity kiss? That you don't feel the way I do because I'm just a kid.
Just say it.
Lie to me.
Either I have to quit working with you, or I can stay, but we have to agree that that kiss had never happened.
- No.
- Jude, say it.
Jude? - Okay.
- Jude, say it.
Okay, it never happened.
Okay? Time to be Time to be your twenty-one.