Instant Star (2004) s01e07 Episode Script

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

If I was drowning in the sea Would you dive right in and save me? If I was falling like a star Lately, my life is like a really cool puzzle.
School, home, the album, Tommy, and now Shay.
If I was dreaming of your kiss Sorry.
All these different pieces that I have to keep together.
Problem is, some of the pieces just refuse to fit.
It's like she can't record without him anymore.
I mean, what does she see in him? Money, fame, talent You're right, complete mystery.
That's a rhetorical question, man.
I know what she sees in Shay.
I was Shay.
Kwest cut it.
You just blew a good take.
That was her fifth good take.
It's okay.
I'll sing it again.
It's fine.
My girl's been rockin' the mic all night.
Song's done, Quincy.
We got places to hit.
It's done when I say it's done.
Hey! Yo, yo, yo! Be easy.
Can you guys just give me a second? Talk to your boy.
What is up with you two, lately? I'm just worried about you, Jude.
You're losing focus.
I sang the song every way you asked.
If you're not happy with it, maybe the problem's you.
- You ready? - Yeah.
You went to a club.
A dance club? Yeah, I know.
It's weird, huh? But like, I mean, he's teaching me some moves.
We're actually pretty good.
You should check us out.
That would be kind of hard considering I've barely met quel superstar.
Yeah, I know.
We should hang out more.
What about Spring Fling? You want me to bring Shay to a high school dance? What's next, Kat, Home Ec? Yeah, I know, I know, he's used to flossing at tsunami, not slumming at Carson Hill.
But this is your world, Jude.
You can't keep Shay out of it forever.
Excuse me, can I get your autograph? Hey.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
What're you doing here? I always come here.
A man needs his rituals.
Mine's billboard, my MP3's, and a doppio espresso.
They put dope in espresso? It means double.
I know.
It was a joke.
I'm taking advanced italian.
I better go.
Look, my friend cancelled on me for friday.
Maybe you wanna hang out? Sorry.
I'm kind of busy.
Well, I'm also free on saturday.
Kind of busy then too.
Later, Sadie.
Why do you go to school? Never heard of tutors like the rest of us? I guess it's my parents way of keeping me real.
- How you doin'? - Good.
- I wanted to talk to you, actually.
- Oh wait! Hold up, hold up.
First, check out my new joint.
The beat's straight killin'! What, you don't like it? Be straight.
I like the beat but the 808 drum sound is kind of 90's.
And the bass line? It should be less sly stone and more sly and robbie.
And can you come to my school dance tonight? School dance?! You' re kidding, right? My parents are also expecting us for dinner.
Oh that's what's up.
Yo, what are they cookin'? Not you, T-Bone.
Backseat! And before you say anything, I know you'd rather be at a club tonight.
And me too.
But this is my family and my friends.
It's my life.
It's who I am.
I know.
I like who you are.
So you'll come? Could be a trip.
See how the other half lives.
Check out Shay, livin' la vida normal.
All right! All right.
- Set.
Hut! - I'm good.
I'm good.
I'm good! That's what's up! Big Shay! Shay.
Just heard the news about your new tour, man.
Thanks, man.
Still gotta sign the contract, but France, Italy, UK? Man, it's all good.
You do remember rule number one of the road though? Yeah, I remember the rule.
- No attachments.
- Mind your own, all right? All right, big Shay.
What? Do I have a boog or something? Uh, no.
You're doing it again.
Look I was just wondering is there any way I could interest you in going to the Spring Fling Blingity Bling? You do remember the last dance we went to ended in tragedy? Jamie, it was the sixth grade.
I'm sorry the nachos gave you diarrhea.
It was dysentery.
Will you just come? Please? Xnay on the ingspray ingflay.
You do know Jude'll be there.
Yeah, with Shay.
Which she said you talked her into.
Why? What's your angle? To convince you to come with me.
There's no angle, Petey paranoia.
Jude needs our support.
Isn't that enough? - Coming.
Coming! - Mom! Stop! - How's my hair? - Relax, it's fine.
It's just a guy, who happens to be really hot and famous and have more money than the pope and now I'm totally nervous.
Come in.
You must be Jude's older sister.
And you must be Shay.
Jude said you were a charmer.
Shay, this is my mom and this is my sister Sadie.
I hope you ladies like Hermes.
Oh Shay! I can't accept this.
I can.
Don't slam the door.
We need to talk.
Tommy now really isn't a good time.
It's the song we were recording.
Yeah? Shay was right, you nailed it.
- Now, can we get back to work? - Yes! I'd love to.
Look, I know you have problems with Shay, but you just-- you don't know him like I do.
Tommy! Hey, what are you doing here? Mom, it's Tommy! Set another place! Come on.
- I - Come on! - It's good stuff.
- Sure.
Tom, will you pass me the pasta? I just love linguini with mussels.
What did Sadie just say to you, Tom? She said she likes mussels.
A lot.
How's Shay's next album sounding, Tommy? Jude says it's almost done.
I'd say it was complex, you know? Not what it seems on the surface.
Dad! How's the wine that Shay brought you!? Chateau Dupuis, 82? This is hype.
Too bad only three of us can drink it.
Cheers! That's right.
I forget how old you are, Tom.
It's funny in this business, how quickly we pass our prime.
So Shay, what's next for you? New album? More videos? How about a three month world tour? There's no world tour.
Is there a world tour? Well, we're still finalizing the details but Can I talk to you in the kitchen for a second, Tom? What was that? What's your problem? He's lying to you and I'm still the bad guy? Maybe he was just waiting for a good time to tell me, Nancy Drew.
He wasn't going to tell you! Look, Jude, when I was on the road, I had a different girl in every city.
- that's just the life of a superstar.
- No, it isn't, Tommy.
It's the life of a super jerk.
Look at you.
I think you're jealous because Shay has the solo career you wanted after Boyz Attack, right? Okay, I didn't mean for it to come out like that.
I was just watching your back.
I don't need it.
Jude! Kat and Jamie are here.
I have to go to a dance now with my boyfriend.
He may be your boyfriend, Jude, but you're not his girlfriend.
Just ask him.
Ask him what the number one rule of the road is.
Hi, I'm Todd.
I saw your solid cover and whoa! Thanks, Todd.
Mom, it's baked Alaska, not nuked Alaska.
Oh dear! He's getting out the Dylans.
Save yourself, okay? I found it, Tom! Montreal, '75.
When Dylan opens with his version of "When I paint my masterpiece" I had gooseflesh.
Ever see it? Actually, I wasn't born yet.
But Dylan's next concert, now that was legend.
I think I have it in the basement.
This is so much fun for me, you have no idea.
I'll get you out of here, if you take me out tonight.
Sadie, I'll take you to Paris.
Dad Tom's taking me to the movies, okay? Wait a minute! I found the record! All right, we came, we drank punch, we felt pangs of alienation.
I think our job here is done.
Let's blow.
No! But we haven't even danced yet.
C'mon Jamie, you can't come to a dance and not dance.
It's against the rules.
Do I need to call a paramedic? Deal with it.
I'm not stopping.
Are you smiling? The way you dance, it's kinda cute.
Next up, we have Sadie Harrison! You're kidding me.
All right.
This one goes back to '98.
A hit by little Tommy Q.
and Boyz Attack! I was a drift on An ocean all alone But you came And rescued me When I was far from home A rush of love around my heart Just as I found a part Nobody ever cared as much for me Nobody touched my heart and healed my pain You picked up the pieces And put me back together again Yeah, yeah, Carson Hill! Up next, we got a special treat.
It's a bootleg of a scorching new Jude track! If I was drowning in the sea Would you dive right in and save me? If I was falling like a star Would you be right there to catch me? I love this song.
It's beautiful.
I wrote it about you.
Would you look right through me On the street I'm waiting I can't believe I'm actually having fun at a school dance.
Totally against my religion, you know.
We always have fun together, Jamie.
Your eyes are holding up the sky - Your eyes - What is going on here? - Are you complaining? - No.
No, I like it.
I'm just confused.
This isn't serious.
It's just me and you.
We're having fun.
- Fine.
Fun is good.
I like fun.
- Yeah.
We're just two friends having fun.
Everybody knows I'm into you So when do you go on tour? Jude, we're supposed to be having fun.
But it's kinda hard to have fun when I'm worried and you keep on avoiding the topic.
All right, I'll be straight with you.
- I leave in a week.
- A week? I was gonna tell you.
When, from the plane, Shay? I just wanted our last few days to be fun.
You see, you're letting Tommy mess with your head.
At least Tommy told me the truth! Hello, Carson Hill! Who wants to hear Shay kick it live tonight? Superstar Shay! Go on.
You don't want to keep your fans waiting.
City life gets insane everybody always wants to pick your brain Talking 'bout how much money you've got Talkin' 'bout look at that girl is so hot Hey Jude, I was wrong about this high school stuff.
It's hoppin', man! Go get 'em Shay! Hey, T-Bone, what's the number one rule on tour? - You really wanna know? - Yeah.
Break up with your girlfriend before you go on tour.
That's what I thought.
You picked up the pieces And put me back together again I'm eighteen, just so you know.
I know.
That's not the problem.
Then what's the problem? Please tell me because I've pulled out my best material here.
Look, things with me and Jude it's complicated.
If you and I hook up? I mean that could mess it all up.
Jude's a big girl, okay? She can look after herself.
Just for the record, I intend to wear you down.
Got a visitor.
So, I got my tour dates firmed up.
I'm leaving monday.
Look, Jude, I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you about the whole tour thing.
I totally screwed up there.
I'm new at this, okay? But I'm really, really trying.
So am I, Shay.
I'm not asking you to marry me.
I'm just asking for a normal boyfriend.
Well, maybe that's the problem.
I hate to tell you, but you left normal a long time ago.
You're a star now, girl.
Besides, why be normal, when we can be exceptional together? Okay.
But what about rule number one? You're gonna break up with me.
Rules are meant to be broken.
Did you warn Jude about Shay? She's a big girl.
She can look after herself.
Get out of here.
- Can I do another one? - We're rewinding.
Your eyes are holding up the sky Your eyes make me weak I don't know why