Instinct (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Broken Record

1 Previously on Instinct Welcome to Abnormal Behavioral Analysis.
My name is Professor Dylan Reinhart.
Detective Elizabeth Needham, NYPD.
You're gonna be a great father.
Any child would be lucky to have you and Andy as their dads.
You're not just some boring old professor.
You're CIA? Retired? You can't access sealed documents? - That's why they're sealed.
- That's why I have friends.
Don't tell me you need intel, and the NYPD's slowing you down.
- Just in case.
- If I were to call, - what would I call you? - Julian.
- Any idea who broke in? - No, it was a professional.
Well, I needed a safe place to work until I find a secure space.
Uh, Lizzie, Dylan, meet Jules, our new computer associate.
Nice to meet you both.
Detective Ryan Stock, Garfield County PD.
I think your case may be related to a murder I'm investigating in Garfield.
The "Sleeping Beauties" case.
Trust me.
You got to trust me.
This is the most romantic thing a dude's ever done for me.
And you're sure this is cool? Oh, the coolest.
I mean, this is the most important ride here, and I operate it, so I pretty much run this place.
Nothing sexier than a powerful man.
Check this out.
Looks like you had a little practice pulling that lever.
Maybe you could give me a hand.
To the right are private adoption options, to the left are surrogacy agencies, and in the middle, foster care opportunities.
You really think this is enough? Mm! I'm glad you said that.
It was a joke.
Come on, we talked about this.
No whiteboards in the dining room.
I've broken down our options into categories, subcategories, and sub-subcategories.
Like they're suspects in a murder investigation.
Think about it as a birth investigation.
Take it all in.
I got to go to work.
We really diving back in? Only if you're ready.
Let's go investigate a birth.
I miss waking up with you.
Mm! That would have sounded so sweet if you weren't yelling it in my face.
What exactly happened last night? After you snuck out, Jasmine and I had a few.
And by a few, I mean bottles.
Drinking on a school night? How very un-Lizzie of you.
Jasmine broke off her engagement to David, which, by the way, is confidential.
Sounds like she needed a friend.
Pretty sure I brushed my teeth with sunscreen this morning.
Can I see if I can guess the SPF? Mm-mm! Just stay on your side of the car, and no one gets hurt.
As soon as I finish wiping the spyware from the server, you'll be rid of me.
In the precinct, anyway.
It's actually nice to see you.
Oh, and also, we're gonna need to figure out new arrangements now that Jasmine's living with me.
Wait, what? Excuse me, you can't be there.
Do you mind? Hey.
Oh, no, it's, uh, it's okay.
Uh, no, it's not.
You must be Detective Needham.
Who are you? Detective Ryan Stock.
I'm part of the joint task force working the Sleeping Beauty case.
What Sleeping Beauty case? Uh, yeah, I know that you were the first on scene.
I was hoping I could get your opinion.
You want my opinion? You need a shave and a haircut.
Wow, you sound like my mom.
Morning, Lizzie.
Wrapping the dead in a blanket was a Native American ritual when there wasn't enough time for a proper burial.
It was done as an act of love.
So our, our killer cared about his victims? Or wants us to thinks so.
Or he or she was a Native American.
I'm sorry, did I just, uh, step into a parallel universe? Who is this guy, and why is he leaning on your desk? No, this is, uh, Ryan.
I'm helping him with the Sleeping Beauty case.
- What Sleeping Beauty case? - Oh, you know.
I can't right now.
Oh, my God.
Don't even start I have a nuclear-powered hangover, and I need an aspirin big enough to eat with a knife and fork.
Lizzie, it's Tuesday morning.
This is entirely Jasmine's fault.
My only solace is knowing that she's suffering far worse than I am.
Good morning, everyone.
Can I have your attention? The body of the young woman found in the park, wrapped in the blanket, was recently flagged through the Fusion Center by the Garfield County PD out in Nebraska.
It is their belief our victim shares similarities to one of their cold cases.
As a result, they've sent Detective Stock to aid Fucci in the effort to connect and solve both murders.
He's a guest in our home, so please make him feel welcome.
Um, Lieutenant Gooden, I'd like that case.
I think I could be of help.
I'm sure you could.
No, the methods of killing suggest unique psychopathy and intense rage.
Which I'm starting to feel right now.
You and Lizzie will go to Land of Wonder.
Gunshot victim, found on the roller coaster.
Roller coaster? That sounds intriguing.
Oh, and just like that, he's happy again.
Come on.
Driver's license IDs the vic as a 22-year-old male named Elliot Emerson.
We're holding the name until we find next of kin.
But he had his wallet on him.
Yeah, with a 20 inside, which rules out robbery as a motive.
Blood spatter suggests he was shot while seated in the car.
What was he doing sitting in a roller coaster - in the middle of the night? - Getting shot.
Uh, gunshot wound to the chest.
We should be able to recover a slug.
I got a team searching garbage cans for the murder weapon.
So far, all we've come up with is a couple stuffed animals, a whole lot of vomit.
It takes a unique kind of sadist to stuff someone full of fried food, then put them on a ride that shakes up their insides.
Or shoves a corn dog in their face while they're hungover.
A lapel mic.
He was wearing a wire? Maybe the kid was an informant? If he was, he didn't do a very good job of concealing it.
Explains the gunshot to the chest.
Maybe he recorded his own death.
Could you? You do know I'm your boss.
You do know I'm your boss.
Looks like he was recording a song.
Let me through! Hey! - You can't be here.
- Come on, Annie.
It's not him.
No, it is.
It's Elliot.
I can feel it.
I thought you said the name hasn't been released.
It hasn't.
- Let's get out of here.
- Wh-Whoa, no, whoa, whoa! No, not without saying goodbye! Hey, there's no way that you can know who that is unless you had something to do with it.
No, I didn't! Then how could you possibly know who our victim is? Because he's my twin.
Did Elliot tell you he was gonna be out here last night? I just had a feeling.
Yeah, we were, we were watching the news.
It mentioned a body.
Do you know why he was here? No.
Hey, I don't think we should do this right now.
She just saw her brother's dead body.
Jason, it's okay.
It seems Elliot was here writing music.
Would he usually do that in such a remote location? He found inspiration in solitude.
"At night," um, "when the world finally shut the hell up," he'd say.
Annie, I noticed you have calluses on your fingers.
Are you a musician, too? Yeah, Elliot and I had a band.
I played guitar and sang, and he did everything else.
He wrote, composed, played the keyboard.
Um my brother was a genius.
Any disputes with any neighbors? Nah, kid kept to himself.
Why, you think it was personal? Like, someone he knew iced him? Thank you for letting us in.
We'll be in touch if we need anything else.
Which is code for "screw off.
" It certainly is.
Thank you, have a nice day, Randy.
Twins seem close.
Well, she might have gotten under the boyfriend's skin.
He couldn't come between 'em, leaving him jealous.
He did seem overprotective.
Look at this place.
No TV, no books, no alcohol.
He doesn't even have a computer.
He certainly has a lot of records.
Maybe he didn't need anything else.
If music was his primary relationship with the world, his passion, his life, I think there's a pretty good chance it may have played a part in his death.
Music did not put a hole in Elliot's chest.
A gun did that in a dangerous location, in the middle of the night.
You don't go there to find solitude.
There's something more to this kid.
Nick Drake.
I love this record.
Look at this kid's collection.
He's got everything.
Every genre, every period.
He's a total music nerd.
Well, you're the authority.
They're all broken.
Someone didn't like his record collection as much as you do.
Or they didn't like Elliot.
My money is on this Ross guy.
There's pages and pages of IOUs in this book.
Almost $9,000.
I know how to find him.
You want to see? Are you Ross Dirkson? I'm Detective Needham, this is my partner Dr.
Dylan Reinhart.
We have a few questions.
About Elliot.
Yeah, of course.
So you know.
I was sick to my stomach when I heard.
He was my guy.
- And yet you're here.
- I'd tried to call in sick, but I'm the assistant manager and my boss is on vacation.
You were Annie & Elliot's band manager, is that correct? Yeah, the three of us moved here from Jersey a few years back to give it a go.
And in that time, you loaned Elliot quite a bit of money, didn't you? I lent him a few bucks here and there for guitar picks, groceries, stuff like that.
I was happy to help.
Said he'd hit me back once we'd made it.
Besides, Elliot didn't need much.
He lived like a monk.
The band's website says that Annie & Elliot perform most weekends, but they haven't played a show in over a month.
Why is that? Because that's when they broke up.
Uh, there was no bad blood between them.
Except for Jason, Annie's boyfriend, got kind of pissed.
But Elliot and Annie, they were super close.
Inseparable, actually.
And yet they split up.
Elliot thought it was time to take things in a new direction.
He'd been experimenting with different sounds, wanted to try something more unconventional.
We slipped a few of his solo tracks to a guy at Marble Note Records, and there'd been talk of a deal.
And before you ask, Annie knew about the deal.
She was happy for Elliot.
I'd like to hear his solo work.
Elliot kept it under lock and key on his computer.
He was super protective of his music.
We weren't able to retrieve a computer from the apartment.
It's probably at the storage unit.
Elliot started recording there a few weeks ago.
We'll need an address.
If I had it, I'd give it.
That was Elliot's private space.
No suits allowed.
All right, let's go, Burning Man, break time is over.
Corn on the Cop and I need the room.
Look at you, like father and son.
How's the Sleeping Beauty case going? Sleeping Beauty.
Oh, should I, should I go burn somewhere else? Yeah, and take that music with you.
I like it.
Yeah, it's fun, it's, uh, it's funky.
No, no.
It's, um, Annie & Elliot.
The victim in my case and his sister.
That's nice.
I've got a list of the family, friends, and neighbors of the Sleeping Beauty vic.
Let's start narrowing it down to her inner circle.
Or we could open it up.
You know, see the victim's hairdresser, dog walker.
You never know who's got a story.
Yeah, why stop there? We could also talk to the hairdresser's dog walker.
Inner circle, Detective Man Meat, inner circle.
Was someone murdered with a sword? Oh, come on, you remember.
Excalibur? It was the coolest club in the city when we were in the academy.
And AOL was the coolest Internet provider.
No way it's still around.
It is.
It's now called The 40/40 Club.
And I got us into the VIP lounge.
On a Tuesday night.
You must be connected.
You really want to go out tonight? Yeah, I want to dance scratch that.
I need to dance.
You don't want to talk? You just broke up with your fiancé.
I just want to have some fun again.
So come on.
Can we go have some fun? Let's go have some fun.
You're going out again? After last night's rager at the House of Needham? Don't judge me.
I can handle it.
Says the woman who gagged when she saw a crime scene photo.
- What do you want? - Well, I was listening to one of Annie & Elliot's songs.
And? Did you learn anything? Yes.
I really like their music.
It's hopeful, up, it dazzles.
I'm so happy for you.
Uh, maybe you can join a fan club.
Did you learn anything about the murder case we're working? You're a musical anhedoniac.
I don't know what that is, but I don't like it.
You don't get pleasure from music.
You're a musical snob.
The music most people like stimulates the brain's pleasure circuit, releasing serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, making us feel good, but in the brains of people with musical anhedonia, all the auditory and reward regions feel is bubkes.
The band manager's alibi about being at the club till 3:00 a.
holds up, but I can't confirm he went home afterwards.
Oh, also, I traced the crown insignia on the victim's key to King and Son Self Storage in Red Hook.
Let's hope Elliot's computer is there, and we don't end up with bubkes.
It doesn't make any sense for a manager to kill his only client right before they were about to make it big.
Not without a very good reason.
I'm sorry I insulted you before.
What, about my not getting any pleasure from music? What could possibly be insulting about that? It's just that, for some of us, life would be unimaginable without music.
I think Elliot was that way, too.
Yeah, but maybe it wasn't enough.
It certainly does not explain why he was on the roller coaster.
Elliot would not be the first musician to have experimented with drugs.
Elliot's music doesn't sound like it came from his wounds.
It came from his heart.
The kid was a monk.
A musical monk.
And this was his temple.
There's another key.
His laptop.
Hopefully, there'll be music in here that can explain Elliot's mindset before he died.
Yeah, I'm not as concerned about his music as I am about this.
That's a Maserati GranTurismo.
So much for musical monk.
The Maserati in Elliot's storage unit was stolen from a dealership in Hell's Kitchen last week.
The number of criminals willing and able to unload a hot car like that is gonna be limited.
Maybe he was holding onto it for someone.
Or maybe, just maybe, I was right.
Elliot is living a secret life.
I'm listening to the music we pulled from his computer.
Sonically, it's in total disharmony to the stuff he was doing with Annie.
It's darker, boundary-pushing, haunting.
Let's focus on the stolen car.
His solo music is innovative.
It's as if Elliot's searching for something, but he's still not happy with it.
Oh, he tell you this from the grave? In a way.
He threw out all his solo stuff.
This was taken from his computer trash bin.
For some reason, Elliot couldn't hear how incredible this music is.
If you're looking for a theory to explain his wild, self-destructive change in behavior, might I suggest, once again, drugs? It is the only thing that makes sense.
Maybe Annie can tell us if he had a history of substance abuse.
I need to ask my own questions.
Zack, how many murders were there in the city last year? NYPD investigated around 290 cases.
Okay, you hear that, Sundance? Now, I get it that things aren't exactly fast-paced in Garfield, but here in New York, we don't have time to question every Tom, Dick and Maynard the victim ever knew.
Storage facility attendant remembers seeing Elliot pull up in the Maserati last week.
CCTV footage confirms it.
So Elliot did steal the car.
Almost as if he was living some secret life.
That's not all.
The attendant also recalls seeing Elliot return to the unit later that night.
Only, this time he wasn't alone.
He was with some older guy with a nasty pornstache.
Randy, the super.
Sounds like those two were closer than he led on.
Randy's been arrested twice for grand theft auto.
Oh, and he seemed like such a nice guy.
Detective Stock? You okay? Just breathing in some fresh air.
Why? Well, um, s-sitting on the sidewalks of New York isn't really a thing hygienically speaking.
It relaxes me.
You don't look relaxed.
Ken Rego owned the one factory in Garfield.
He employed practically everyone in town, and we all loved him.
Until he decided to move his company overseas to save money.
His body was found in his office, skull crushed in, the blanket over him.
Rego has a wife and kids.
I promised them that I would catch the person who killed him, and I can't relax until, till I do.
And Fucci's getting in your way? He's not getting out of my way.
Detective Fucci is a good cop.
Who has his own way of policing, and clearly you do, too.
Sometimes the best way to deal with an alpha dog is simply to walk around him.
- Are you serious right now? - Hmm.
Uh, Detective Needham.
Just I didn't mean to offend you earlier.
I love my mom, even when she tells me that I need a haircut.
Good to know.
All right, the fuzz is back.
You need back into Elliot's place? Actually we're here to talk to you.
Then let me throw some pants on.
Randy, don't be an idiot.
We have a warrant.
Stand back, we're coming in.
On three.
One, two Were you really gonna count? No, get off.
Ow! Two counts of grand theft auto.
Another bust, and you'll be doing some serious time.
Is that why you roped Elliot into stealing the Maserati for you? - I didn't - But he couldn't handle a life of crime.
And you couldn't risk him going to the police.
I didn't kill anyone! All I did was have a drink with the kid.
That's not what the CCTV footage says.
I was sitting on my stoop, having a few cold ones, when the dude came up and asked if he could join me.
You told us you barely knew him.
I didn't know him, which is why it was weird.
But we get to talking.
Conversation turns to my past.
Suddenly, he's all interested.
Asked me about stealing cars.
Really? What, specifically? What it feels like.
What kind of rush it'd give you.
Must have made you feel important.
Cool car thief next door.
I thought he was just bored, looking for a good story.
So I told him how easy it is to break into a car's Bluetooth system.
Sounds like aiding and abetting.
I didn't think he would actually do it! And the next thing I know, he's showing me this friggin' Maserati he stole, asking me if I want it, which pissed me off, 'cause now he's pulling me into his crimes.
He offered you the car? Did he say what he wanted in return? Nothing.
Said he did it for the thrill.
The thrill.
Which is weird because dude didn't look too thrilled.
Actually looked kind of bored.
Then he asked me if I'd ever robbed a bank.
I'm-I'm telling you, this maniac was high or something.
I did it.
I combed through all the adoption information you gathered.
That was fast.
Check this out.
Ah! Yeah, I know, I know.
I touched your whiteboard.
I couldn't help it.
My inner Dylan just poured right out.
Now, I have narrowed it down to my top six, but I have no idea which is best.
Okay, let's pick one.
What, like throw a dart at the board? Make the most important decision of our lives randomly? Wha? Oh, I get it.
I should have known.
The minute you get a new case or decide to write a new book, everything else just falls away.
You think I'm not giving our family the attention it deserves? You're out there making the world a safer place, and I totally, totally respect that.
I just wish you were as invested in our investigation.
Then let's do it.
Let's go through your top six and narrow it down.
It's late.
I'm tired.
You got a murder to solve.
Let's tackle the adoption stuff in the morning.
Come on.
I'm serious.
Nothing is more important to me.
Dylan, we're fine.
Mm, mm, mm.
Oh, it's Jasmine.
I should go before she comes out looking for me.
You're a good friend, which overrides your own comfort.
One of the many things I love about you.
Oh, it's Dylan.
It's Dylan, it's Dylan, it's Dylan.
Stop, stop, stop.
Elliot had been doing Web searches on skydiving and where to bungee jump in the city.
Where are you? You look flushed.
Doesn't matter.
Are, uh, you in a car? Is that leather red? Hello, Julian.
Hello, Dylan.
Sorry to interrupt your necking.
I had Zack check Major Cases to see if there were any bank robberies committed recently by someone fitting Elliot's description.
Here's what he found.
I could have gotten you this footage.
And with much greater clarity.
You only have to ask.
I'm always open.
So, aside from being a luxury car thief who hung out in dangerous locations in the middle of the night, Elliot robbed banks? Sounds like he had a death wish.
If he did, the death drive seeks destruction, either externally or, if the person suffers deep depression, it can be turned inward.
You think it may have been a form of suicide? If Elliot was severely depressed, sometimes the hopeless are driven to destroy themselves.
Your brother was going through something, Annie.
Did Elliot ever suffer from depression? No.
I mean, he, he-he had his moods, but who doesn't? Why? During the last month, Elliot was seeking out risky behavior.
Dangerous, even.
What-what kinds of dangerous behavior? Well, it started with skydiving and it escalated to robbing a bank.
No way.
That-that makes no sense.
H-He didn't hurt anyone.
He didn't even keep the money.
He left it in the parking lot.
Elliot was the most cautious person that I knew.
On the surveillance footage, he was calm, like he'd done it a hundred times before.
No, he wouldn't.
I would know.
All of this strange behavior occurred after your band split up.
Why do you think Elliot wanted to take his music in such a different direction? He said that our music was stale and that he'd we'd done it all before.
Elliot was working on this.
No way.
It's called "You Only Live Once.
" The title means something to you.
Our mom took took us to this amusement park back home once when we were kids.
Um, Elliot ha-hated it.
He was terrified of the roller coasters.
She tried so hard to just get him to let go of his fears and try it.
You only live once.
Yeah, she kept repeating it.
"You only live once.
You only live once.
" Two days later, our-our mom had a seizure while driving, and she hit a pole and died.
We're not allowed to listen to music in my precinct.
Neither are we.
How's the Sleeping Beauty case? Any leads? Nothing.
How about the case of the dead musician? It-it doesn't make sense.
- The motive? - The music.
Remember that song I played in the conference room? Yeah, the funky one.
- Sorry.
- Yeah.
Well, the guy who wrote that wrote this.
But they couldn't be more different.
In style, feeling, temporization.
Elliot's earlier work was highly structured.
Even spacing between the notes.
Very much on the grid, musically speaking.
But this he wrote this a month or so ago.
It's dark.
It's like he's searching for something new and not finding it.
Speaking of looking for something new and not finding it, I'm taking your advice.
I'm gonna go meet up with a person of interest.
Stepping around the alpha dog.
And, you know, if your victim was searching for something new, all I can tell you after a few days in New York, new isn't easy.
Have you ever loved someone You just give them all that they want I just want to hold you tight Even if it's just for one night If it's just for one night I knew I smelled tweed.
If it's just for one night I was almost swept away in a current of barely dressed, sequined children.
No, I-I I have to borrow Lizzie's brain.
What? Now? I'm guessing this isn't something that can wait till morning? Or at least till the song ends? I wish it were.
Oh, go ahead.
It just means more room on the dance floor for me.
- You gonna be okay? - I'll be fantastic.
See you later.
It's very loud in here.
What? - I said it's very loud in here.
- What?! I feel like I have been tased in the head.
Next time I need a confession, I'm gonna take the suspect to that place.
Why do I keep doing this? Well, for starters, you're a good friend.
And so that Jasmine gets to avoid dealing with getting out of a relationship and you get to avoid dealing with getting into one.
Okay, put your pipe away, Freud.
I am not avoiding Julian, and Jasmine needs this.
She needs me.
Oh, yeah, she needs you cranky, resentful, hungover.
Jasmine has been stuck for a long time.
You have no idea how important it is for her to feel excited again, to break free.
We'd done it all before.
Said he did it for the thrill.
The thrill.
New isn't easy.
I think Elliot was looking to break free.
From what? From the feeling he'd experienced everything before.
That his present life had already happened.
Please don't tell me you're suggesting he was a time traveler.
There is a mental condition known as persistent déjà vu.
It's an extremely rare symptom of temporal lobe epilepsy, TLE.
Epilepsy? Annie and Elliot's mom died after suffering a seizure.
If she was epileptic, there's a good chance Elliot was, too.
And if so, that would make persistent déjà vu a real possibility and help explain his radical change of behavior.
I'm not going home yet, am I? TLE can cause nonconvulsive seizure activity, which is what would have led to the intense feelings of déjà vu.
As an artist, it would have made him feel that everything he tried to create was unoriginal.
Which is why he seemed so bored by everything.
He would've been emotionally and artistically numb, which could explain why he was on the roller coaster.
He was trying to get back to a place where he could feel something, even if it was fear.
If he was artistically numb, how could he create great music? Oh, he had no problem creating great music.
He just wasn't aware the music was great because the déjà vu made him think he'd created it all before.
Which would have driven him crazy.
And caused him to have negative feelings about the things that used to bring him joy.
Explains the breakup with Annie.
And the broken records in his apartment.
It's the medical examiner.
They found sclerosis on Elliot's hippocampus.
He was suffering from temporal lobe epilepsy.
Now we just need to figure out who'd have the most to gain with Elliot dead.
Well, Annie may have had something to gain, but I think the damage from the loss of her twin makes her involvement highly unlikely.
If Jason was jealous, then getting Elliot out of the way would be a potential motive.
I know someone who could help.
We're not calling Julian.
No, of course not.
We're calling Jules.
Who is an official employee of the NYPD, and you're making the call.
I'm not calling him for this.
Oh, yes, you are.
There is no way he's taking - my call this time of night.
- Come on, Dylan.
Would you like your bath to be drawn with bubbles or without? Without.
But this is not that kind of call.
Jules, we need your help.
Name it.
Can you access the computer system at Marble Note Records and see if there's any contracts drawn up with Elliot Emerson and/or the band Annie & Elliot.
I'll see what I can find.
I'm enjoying this shiny thing you've got going on tonight.
Why don't you just focus on your own wardrobe, Dapper Dan? I'm just saying, compared to the rumpled mess of today.
There's a contract between the record company and Elliot.
It's a 360-degree deal.
All income is to be split between the label, Elliot, and Ross, his manager.
It's been electronically signed by Ross.
They were just waiting on Elliot's signature.
Hope that helps.
Yeah, it does.
Yes, thanks, Jules.
Mwah, mwah.
Given his condition, there is no way Elliot would ever have signed that contract.
Ross was an assistant manager at a bar who lent what little money he had to Elliot.
That contract had to be very lucrative for him.
And Elliot refusing to sign, refusing to cash in on their dreams, would certainly have enraged him.
Possibly enough to drive him to kill.
We need to place Ross at the scene of the crime.
He must have left something behind.
Ross isn't a professional killer.
He's a kid, who probably murdered his friend in a fit of rage.
You okay? If Ross killed Elliot out of anger and had even a split second to process what he'd just done, he may have thrown up.
He said so himself.
Ross was sick to his stomach when he found out about Elliot's death.
You want me to dig through evidence bags looking for puke? Yes.
You do realize these bags were all taken from an amusement park.
We need the DNA.
Well, as much as I'd love to help, which isn't much, my shift ends in two minutes and 17 seconds, and I haven't been cleared for overtime, so you're gonna have to wait till morning.
We'll do it ourselves.
As much as I'd like to help, which isn't much, I think you got this.
You go get the evidence, I'll get the confession.
All right Baby, all the time Not the day you were expecting, huh? Planning for the memorial.
Trying to distract myself, I guess.
From Elliot's death? Or from the fact that you're the one who killed him? You think I killed Elliot? I do.
And I think the DNA on this coffee cup will match your vomit at the scene of the crime.
Why would I want to kill him? Oh, I don't think you wanted to.
We were getting ready to sign a deal.
But Elliot wasn't gonna sign.
You were one signature away from quitting this place, getting the payout for all the dues you'd paid.
We both paid dues.
We both made that record deal happen.
All he had to do was sign.
Even if he hated the music, even if he wanted to keep perfecting it, just sign the contract.
If not for the money, if not for the industry validation, then for you and all you sacrificed.
What did Elliot say when you told him your dreams were coming true? Did he thank you? Did he show his gratitude for all you'd done for him? He fired me.
I begged him to think about what he was throwing away.
I gave him my life.
But he just threw you to the curb like a piece of trash.
He wouldn't listen to me.
If logic and emotion and pleading didn't work, I decided to try something else.
What? Fear.
So I went to my car Didn't matter.
Nothing mattered.
It just went off.
I didn't even realize I'd pulled the trigger.
Goodbye, Ross.
All right, everybody.
Attention, please.
Quiet, please.
Attention, please.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Detective Stock made a breakthrough in our Sleeping Beauty case last night.
I'm gonna let him fill you in.
Man Meat? Uh, okay, um, I stopped by the 24-hour dry cleaner where our victim had been a regular.
It turns out some of her clothes were still in the shop.
So, in with the vic's clothing at the cleaners was this blouse that is made and sold exclusively at a Garfield County boutique, which, lo and behold, confirms a link between the two cases.
A link that we always felt was there.
Now that's how you tell a story.
Welcome to the family.
I think congratulations are in order for you as well.
I hear operation barf bag was a success.
Well, I, um, definitely had some help, and I'll be washing the vomit smell out of my hair for the next month.
Well, you can start tomorrow 'cause I have big plans for us.
Jas, I love you and I am happy to be your rock, your wing woman, whatever you need, but I don't think that going out every night is good for you, or me.
It's not gonna last forever.
Come on, I just, you know, need to let go for a while before I hit the reset button.
Come on, you know me.
This is what I do.
This is what you did a long time ago, before you were engaged and making giant life decisions.
A lot more than a relationship went away when you broke up with David.
You were planning on having kids with him, and you know you made the right choice, so maybe we can just talk about it without loud music and underage kids and any merlot.
I don't think I can delve into it just yet, but I can stay in, order a pizza, watch a movie, with just a little merlot.
See, I love that idea.
There's just one thing we have to do first.
So, uh this is the part where I apologize.
I was wrong to suggest you don't care about your family as much as you care about your work.
You know, when I was a kid, music was my safe place.
Then it was the CIA, and now it's you.
And the family we're gonna have.
Nothing is more important.
Then let's just do it.
Let's just pick an option and get the process rolling.
Actually, I have another idea.
Let's not waste time worrying about the next step.
What are you saying? I'm saying let's pursue them all.
All at the same time? Do you have any idea how much work that's gonna be? You only live once.