Instinct (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Stay Gold

1 Previously on "Instinct" My name is Professor Dylan Reinhart.
Welcome to Intro to Psychopaths.
Detective Elizabeth Needham, NYPD.
We're hoping your expertise can help us find out who the killer is.
You're not just some boring old professor.
You're CIA? Retired.
Welcome to the team, Mr.
DYLAN: What, you can't access sealed documents? That's why they're sealed.
- That's why I have friends.
- Don't tell me you need intel, and the NYPD is slowing you down.
LIZZIE: You're gonna be a great father.
And child would be lucky to have you and Andy as their dads.
- Just in case.
- If I were to call, what would I call you? Julian.
Was the evidence in that live-streaming case properly obtained? You should not punish Lizzie for my mistake.
You should fire me.
FUCCI: Jogger found her.
LIZZIE: Whoever did this took the time to make her look comfortable.
FUCCI: Right after he bashed her head in.
Maybe he staged it this way to throw us off.
Or maybe they murdered her and felt guilty after.
Killer's remorse.
Killer's remorse? Don't get all intellecty on me.
"Intellecty"? What are you, Dr.
Dylan Reinhart? While there are five major psychiatric disorders, I think there should be a sixth: happiness.
Happiness is statistically abnormal.
Think about it, do you know more happy people or unhappy? And what the hell is happiness anyway? What makes me happy may not make you happy.
(BEEPS) (TIMER BEEPING) JUSTINE: Hello? Hello? Who's there? Who's out there? I-I can't open this.
Help me! Please, someone.
It won't open.
Help me! Please! (BEEPING RAPIDLY) Dear old Epicurus may have defined happiness as the supreme good, but he also cautioned his followers that being happy ain't easy.
Spoiler alert, life often sucks.
Like you getting suspended from the police department? Happens to the best of us.
(CAMERA CLICKS) You know, we have people to take crime scene photos.
(SIGHS) FUCCI: What are you thinking? Hey! Stop! (WOMAN SCREAMS) LIZZIE: Look out! Watch it! (TIRES SCREECH) This would've been so much easier if you'd just stayed put.
Happiness means different things to different people.
Take narcissists.
Go ahead, take them.
Ha ha.
(LAUGHTER) Narcissists' self-esteem is based on being better than you.
So if you fail, they're happy.
Do we have any narcissists in this room? Oh, come on.
I know you're out there.
More than six percent of the population have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
Stand up.
If you promise to speak honestly with me, I will let you choose your grade for this semester.
Sound good? Deal.
DYLAN: Okay.
So you can either have a B-plus and everybody else gets an A, or you can have a B-minus, and everybody else gets a C.
If I take the B-plus, I'll have the lowest grade in the class? Uh-huh.
But it's still a B-plus.
Or you could have a B-minus, and all these slackers get a C.
MAN: Take the B-plus! B-minus, all the way.
Congratulations, Jenny, you are now top of the class, and subjectively happy.
See you Thursday.
Thank you all very much.
Way to go, Needham.
I'll take it from here.
- Couldn't have done it without you.
- Sergeant Harris.
Sarge, what's going on? Another body.
Up there.
FUCCI: And across the street from our first victim.
Looks like we've caught a not-so-remorseful spree killer.
Come on.
You're going to jail.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Oh, I'm here to see Detective Needham.
Thank you.
No way, Reinhart.
You know the rules.
Lieutenant Gooden forbade you from all crime scenes.
I know.
Nice to see you, too.
LIZZIE: Professor Psychopath.
You can't be here, Lou's orders.
HARRIS: That's what I told him.
He doesn't listen very well.
- I'll get rid of him.
- Here you go, Sarge.
You coming? You're gonna get me into trouble.
Vic is Justine Crowley, 32, a Steve Jobs-level genius who believed human immortality is achievable.
Perhaps motivated by death anxiety, a fear of death, sometimes called thanatophobia, not to be confused with necrophobia, which is a fear of others who are dead or dying.
What do you call a fear of dying from boredom? Um, thaasophobia.
The vic started this business to help people live longer.
Uh, media called her Robo Boss.
Apparently she remained emotionally disconnected from her employees and pretty much everyone.
Oh, so you two have something in common.
Her husband saw the machine was on when he arrived this morning, with a meditation stick locking her in.
He opened it and found the vic inside.
A cryotherapy chamber.
Some believe it's the fountain of youth.
Ugh, a fountain that spits out nitrogen vapor at 200 degrees below Fahrenheit, engulfing whoever's inside.
- On the plus side, you'll look super.
- (CHUCKLES) Maximum time is three minutes.
We don't know yet how long she was in there.
Possibly hours.
Hey, hey.
You don't have gloves on.
We're processing the entire staff, including her husband.
Good, because whoever did this clearly knew her.
I'd say an inside job.
LIZZIE: Right.
You follow your theories, and I'll stick to the facts.
This was not a quick, painless death.
Her heart rate increased, violent shivering, disorientation, frostbite.
Whoever did this was angry at her.
Very angry.
While she looks like that, the other victim in the photograph you sent me was carefully laid out.
The same mind could not have executed both killings.
Their proximity is a coincidence, which means there is no spree killer, and the Upper East Side is safe.
So, lunch? This gentleman set up Vim's security system.
What is Reinhart still doing here? Oh.
He won't leave.
Sergeant Harris, aren't you just a little happy - to see me? - LIZZIE: Detective Needham.
Ian Bridgecroft, Bridgecroft Security.
Uh, you set up the system here? Yeah.
I don't know how this could happen.
My system is airtight, with triple redundancies.
Uh, aside from the Crowleys, your staff and the employees here at Vim, is there anyone else who would know how to bypass your system? I created the system so that couldn't happen.
Everyone who has access is given their own personal code.
- Okay.
- But I have my staff double-checking everything.
We'll be in touch.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
Looks like an inside job.
This is where you say you were right, because you're always right, because you're Dr.
Dylan Reinhart.
Hello? Only a sadistic killer would trap a woman in her own cryo chamber so she freezes to death.
But sadistic killers like to watch their terrified victim's reactions.
It arouses them, makes them feel godlike.
This murderer couldn't see her die.
So what does that tell you? I'm not sure.
But one killing is never enough for a sadistic murderer.
Whoever did this will kill again.
Two women, both early 30s, found across the street from each other, on the same morning.
And you're telling me they're not connected? I don't believe so, no.
Road Runner's alibi checked out.
He took off because he broke parole, was afraid that you might arrest him.
See, that's why I didn't sprint.
'Cause I felt he was clean, in here.
I'm surprised you can feel anything in there with all that fried food you eat.
- Eh - Fucci, you take the sleeping victim - in the park case.
- All right.
On it.
Gonna call the vic Rip Van Winkle.
No, you're not.
- Lizzie, you stick to the frozen vic.
- Mm-hmm.
We're talking to everyone who had access to - Who's "we"? - Oh.
It's a figure of speech.
Um, I'm talking to everyone who had access to Justine's office, and I'm speaking with her husband soon.
There's no kids, but take a look at this.
Throughout human existence, religions have focused on what happens after we die.
The afterlife.
We have the ability to extend human life for hundreds of years.
But why stop there? There is no off button on our phones, so why should we accept one on our bodies? LIZZIE: Ugh, is there an off button on our Internet? It's worse than dialup.
ZACK: Yeah, a Trojan horse virus infected the network, keeps causing the system to slow down and crash.
Well, just get that tech wiz with the ponytail and the halitosis to fix it.
Uh, Travis is on vacation.
The most romantic man in the world strikes again.
Delivery from David.
FUCCI: He's making the rest of us look pathetic.
David in the doghouse again? The wedding planning is driving me nuts.
I want to get married before I kill him.
The vic's husband left the morgue.
He's headed back to their office.
And so am I.
(TYPING NEARBY) (GUNSHOTS) row, row your boat gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream.
Please tell me you did not steal that baby.
This is a police station.
A woman said she had to get fingerprinted for a job.
I offered, she accepted.
I guess I must look trustworthy.
Ah, here she is.
- Thank you so much.
- Of course.
- Bye.
We'll have one we can keep soon.
We got knocked off the adoption horse, but we're gonna get right back on it.
Probably not the best metaphor, but yeah.
I'm ready.
Speaking of ready, did you practice what we went over? Of course I did.
Well, it's only your job on the line, right? - And don't forget to apologize.
- I did apologize.
Your apologies aren't really apologies.
When you say "sorry," you try and make the other person feel as if they should be apologizing to you.
Well, after all the crimes I helped solve, Lieutenant Gooden should be apologiz (SHUSHES) Mm.
You're right, I probably shouldn't even go in there.
You should handle this on your own.
Hard pass.
Nice to finally meet you, Andy.
When I saw you walk in I thought Dylan had brought his lawyer, not his husband.
Yeah, well, I'm, uh I'm both.
I thought it might be helpful to clarify some of the finer points of Dylan's consultancy contract, which you may not even be aware of.
But, uh, first Um I, um I'm-I'm-I'm I'm very I'm-I'm sorry.
Give me a minute, I'm all choked up.
Dylan acknowledges that he broke protocol on the Steampunk case, and he completely understands that you cannot ignore such a breach.
I'm not about to let a case fall apart because someone, who's not even a cop, made some let's call them missteps.
Or we could call them The good news is that Dylan's missteps fall clearly under the legal safeguard of inevitable discovery.
His actions merely sped up an investigative process while a gruesome murder was unfolding.
Dylan's expediency would hold up in any court, and in no way endangers a guilty verdict.
Still, it's my team.
My responsibility.
True, but Dylan's contract isn't with you, or even with the NYPD.
It's with the City of New York.
Dylan was the mayor's hire, not yours, so the onus falls on her, - not you.
- (SIGHS) What's to say he won't do this again? (PHONE VIBRATING) (ANDY CLEARS THROAT) Sorry.
(CLEARS THROAT) I will operate within the NYPD rules.
Dylan I like you.
And I respect how stupid-smart you are.
And I know how hard your job is, and I respect how well you do it.
But, if I were to let you return, you would fall under my command, and you will follow my rules.
Justine was the most incredible woman.
She wanted to make a difference in people's lives.
- She was my best friend.
- I'm so sorry.
If I could ask you some questions, it may help.
Was it unusual for Justine to get here so early in the morning? Justine's passion drove her.
She felt like the idea of her helping people live longer was why she was put on Earth.
You two worked together? I run our charitable foundation.
People say never work with your spouse, - but it made us closer.
Crowley, this is Dr.
Dylan Reinhart.
He's, uh Her partner.
Your wife had a reputation of being emotionally disconnected from her staff.
Could that have led someone to want to hurt her? Maybe in the past.
- What changed? - Justine did.
Around a year ago, she wasn't happy.
She-she wanted people to know her, not fear her.
She wanted to have friends.
And she did it.
That kind of change doesn't come easily.
Justine worked her butt off to open up.
Of all her accomplishments, that's what she was most proud of.
Thank God I told her every day how much I loved her.
Did he seem a little too perfect? Why, because he understood his wife? I think you're identifying with Justine, someone who puts work before everything else.
He turned her from Robo Boss to Mother Teresa.
That's quite a gift.
And don't analyze me.
You make it so easy.
I'm not that transparent.
Only because you don't want anyone to see - what's going on inside.
- Please stop making me miss Fucci.
If anyone seems too perfect, it's Justine Crowley.
You can't be that driven, that successful and change that quickly without leaving a few bumps and bruises.
Let's see if she has any.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Someone who believes in immortality dying so young? Now, that's ironic.
Here we go.
Frozen dead lady.
Did you determine if there was a struggle before she froze? Nope.
The quick freezing would have prevented bruising.
What about time of death? (SCOFFS) She's glacial.
I can't tell time of death.
You can't hurry this along? Like, put her in a microwave? A "corpsicle" must be thawed under strictly controlled conditions.
- A corpsicle? - Otherwise, the surface areas will decompose while the core is still ice.
So you're just not gonna do anything? What do you want me to do? Oh, fun fact: the human body takes five to seven days to thaw.
Wow, that's really fun.
How about hair or fiber on her clothes, DNA, trace You guys are really struggling with the notion of frozen.
Let it go.
Let it go.
Once the runoff starts, I'll let you know.
Find anything on Rip Van Winkle? - Who? - The woman laid out in the park, you know? The contorted position she was found in may be due to burrowing, uh, a protective posture - she assumed before she died.
- She wasn't burrowing.
Justine was a fighter.
A female CEO.
If someone attacked her, she'd go at 'em tooth and Here.
Here, here.
Look at that.
Just fell off.
Fun fact: fingernails break in frigid temperatures, so while you're waiting for runoff, why don't you I.
what's underneath there.
Thank you.
Any plans tonight? Eh, just a boring night at home.
You? Mm.
How cute was that baby? - (MUFFLED): The baby.
- (CHUCKLES) Huh? Mm.
Hold on.
That baby, how cute was she? Oh.
The cutest.
Honey I want a baby.
I want to start a family with you.
I know you do, and I love how well you know me.
A little Oh.
(LAUGHS) Thank you.
I just like saying it.
I like hearing you say it.
Not bad.
Is that even your real name? If I tell you, I'll have to kill you.
(CHUCKLES): Oh, you're so mysterious.
Living in the shadows is so dangerous.
It's coming out of the shadows that's the occupational hazard.
Unless it's worth the risk.
I mean, after all, we all know that you're a Don't say it.
Don't say it.
- Don't - You're a-a spy? He's a spy! There's a spy (LAUGHING) Hey, I made, uh, I made reservations to go out with Lizzie and Julian to celebrate.
My being unsuspended? Actually to celebrate my brilliant legal acumen saving your ass, but sure, the job thing works, too.
You were pretty sexy in Lieutenant Gooden's office.
Don't you objectify me.
But yeah, it was fun.
Made me realize how much I miss it.
Yeah, well, it makes sense.
It's less than a year since you quit the firm.
I guess change comes slow.
Lizzie, I was just about to call you.
LIZZIE: Hey, so, TARU sent the data for Justine's phone.
Uh, for a woman who was supposedly opening up her life, she doesn't seem to have many friends.
All of her contacts, aside from her husband, are listed under work.
Well, that kind of change her husband was talking about doesn't come that fast - without professional help.
- Let me check her calendar.
See if she has any standing appointments.
See, everything seems to be business related.
Wait, wait, uh, here's something.
Wednesdays, 3:00 p.
Coded "AB.
" - Could be a shrink.
- LIZZIE: Or an affair.
She's had that appointment for the past six months, and last week, it lasted all day.
Oh, definitely not an affair.
Uh, let me pull up her contacts.
Oh, this NYPD network keeps slowing to a crawl.
Must be that Trojan glitch.
Hang on.
Uh, okay.
Lots of B's.
No AB's yet.
Is there a Dr.
B? Uh, yes.
Alexandra Becker.
Park Avenue.
LIZZIE: She sees patients at 11:00 p.
? New York City, baby.
24-hour restaurants, drug stores.
Why not shrinks? MAN: You don't know what the hell you're talking about, idiot.
I don't even know why I come here.
You call yourself a doctor? You're a moron! (DOOR SLAMS) Hi, come on in.
It's late to be seeing patients.
I work around my patients' schedules.
I was so sorry to hear about Justine.
She was an incredible woman.
She was really changing the world.
She had a big chunk of her calendar blocked off to see you earlier this week, almost an entire day.
With the type of clients I see, all-day sessions do happen.
What type of clients do you see? Psychiatric disorders.
Anxiety, depression, narcissism, trauma.
I'm still not understanding why they would require all-day sessions.
I see a lot of CEOs, CFOs, leaders in their respective fields.
If they need me to clear my schedule, I do it.
Justine was making real progress.
Is that why she didn't have any more appointments with you in her book after that long day? I don't think that's why Justine terminated treatment.
DYLAN: Why do you think she stopped? I believe her husband objected.
- Oh.
Why? - He's not my patient to diagnose.
But I know that he was angry at her for seeking help.
I know he hated her coming here.
And they fought about it, a lot.
Seems like he won that fight.
Justine's history is clean.
Nothing to suggest that whoever killed her was nursing an old wound.
Which lines up with Dr.
Becker suggesting it could be Justine's husband.
Oh, sorry if my, uh, trying to solve this case is interrupting your texting.
That's okay.
You know, I was thinking, maybe you should see Dr.
Becker, being a narcissist yourself.
- I'm a narcissist? - Oh, let's see, you think you're smarter than everyone, you like telling people what to do, you always have to dress better than everybody Wait, did you stay up memorizing the top ten traits of a narcissist? And you always have to have the last word.
No, I don't.
Yeah, we fought about it.
Do you know how much we paid Becker in the last six months? Quarter million dollars.
Therapy's a racket.
That racket has helped a lot of people.
Maybe your wife was one of them.
It was just the two of us.
Then all of a sudden, Justine's becoming dependent on Dr.
Becker? That's what shrinks do.
Make you feel like the only way to get happy is to keep lying on their couch.
I thought you wanted her to change.
With my help.
Becker controls her, I'm on the outside, all for the low, low price of 1,500 bucks an hour.
Last question.
Does Justine's estate go to the foundation? No.
It goes to me.
LIZZIE: Nothing was tampered with, and all of your staff checked out.
Glad to hear.
I run deep background before I hire anyone.
I'm just curious, was it Mr.
or Mrs.
Crowley who hired you? He didn't let her make any decisions about the business.
He said she needed every ounce of her energy for being a genius.
Guess they just did their own thing, as far as I could tell.
Thank you, Mr.
HARRIS: Hey, Needham.
Every employee at Vim Biotechnology Labs checks out.
We're running out of suspects.
Other than Mr.
- Oh, and the computers are back up.
- Oh.
ZACK: Fantasy baseball draft is back on.
Dude I thought Travis was on vacation.
Who's the hero who fixed it? That guy.
Lizzie, Dylan, meet Jules, our new computer associate.
Jules, this is Detective Elizabeth Needham and Dr.
Dylan Reinhart.
(AUSTRALIAN ACCENT): Nice to meet you both.
Oh, is this your desk? It is.
If you don't mind, Jules.
Not at all.
Good as new.
Then I guess you'll be on your way.
Unfortunately, no.
While the computer system is up and running, the breach is much worse than I initially thought.
Not only did the spyware infect the network, it's infiltrated the entire server.
How long will it take to fix it? Hard to say.
A couple of weeks.
Maybe longer.
I need to completely clean the system's registry files and scan the network archive so I can - I'm lost.
Just fix it, please.
- Yes, miss.
What's all this, Lieutenant? The DD-5s you'll need to fill out.
Part of our "follow my rules" deal.
What, I have to fill out one of these every day? LIZZIE: No.
You got to fill out one of those each thing you do, every day.
Hard pass.
Grandiose sense of self-importance, entitlement (QUIETLY): What the hell are you doing here? (REGULAR VOICE): Coming out of the shadows, and getting your computers working.
You do realize you are putting me, a person who hates to lie, in the position of having to lie every day.
FUCCI: Man, I am really spinning my wheels on this - Ms.
Van Winkle case.
- JASMINE: Still no.
Who's this guy? Get out of my chair.
ZACK: He's fixing the computers.
Make yourself comfortable.
Come on, Doc.
Some sicko crushes a woman's skull, then makes her look all tucked-in cozy.
I mean, that kind of crazy is right in your psychopath sweet spot.
What do you think? - I'd start with killer's remorse.
- Huh.
This just came in from the lab.
DNA from Justine's husband was found under her fingernails.
Motive and evidence of a fight.
Let's go.
Don't get too comfortable.
FUCCI: Computer guy.
Can you help me install Fortnite? What is Julian up to? Was this your idea? Oh, sure, I was hoping to spend more of my life watching you two flirt.
- It's not a big deal.
- Not a big deal? A former spy, who works off the grid in some warlord, Masters of the Universe dark web, just created a false backstory to get himself hired, under an alias, by the NYPD, as our homicide techie.
Oh, and we're dating.
Yes, okay, it is a big deal.
But it's his big deal and your big deal.
That's why I'm staying out of it.
- I don't like pretending.
- Oh, sure you do.
It lets you two continue without having to be vulnerable.
Just keep keeping on in your bubble.
This should be bothering you, too.
You promised Jasmine that you'd operate within the NYPD.
Yes, but now that Julian is working for the NYPD, he can be an asset and I can still be a good boy.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Hurt Justine? - What the hell is wrong with you? - DYLAN: Oh, well, it's a very long list, but she has a thing about men who kill their wives.
LIZZIE: How do you explain your blood under your wife's nails? - I don't know.
- Really? You can't think of why your blood would be there? Okay, look, this is gonna sound crazy.
Justine tested a new face cream she was developing on me.
It-it regenerates a person's own blood to promote healthy activity of skin cells.
You rub your own blood on your face? Where do you do this, Transylvania? I know.
I told you, it sounds crazy, but it works, it-it fights aging by replenishing the skin without the need of-of surgery, or needles.
(SIGHS) I will get you a sample.
You will see I'm telling the truth.
If he is telling the truth, there should only be blood under her fingernails, no tissue.
I'll call the M.
We'll be right there.
- We got to go.
- What's up? There's another body, and you won't believe who found it.
Okay, take him.
I got him.
- Oh, God, oh - LIZZIE: What happened? I arrived for a session, I couldn't find him, and then, I-I tried to pull him out, but it was too late.
DYLAN: This is the same man who was berating you in your office last night, isn't it? BECKER: I know this doesn't look good.
Two people dead.
Both were your patients.
You're right.
This does not look good.
- His name is Jonathan James.
- The Olympic swimmer? Now a coach.
Jonathan needed an emergency appointment.
He was facedown in the pool when I got here.
An Olympic swimmer drowns in his own pool.
This has nothing to do with me.
Oh, so the fact that he was yelling at you yesterday is a mere coincidence? Jonathan was a perfectionist.
It's why he was such a successful swimmer and sought-after coach.
He was also short-tempered.
We were working on that.
Why were you meeting him here? I make house calls to VIP clients.
You're a concierge psychiatrist? For clients who pay a retainer.
I go to them if they need me.
I'd like to see your session notes.
I want to help you, I do.
But even in death, that would be a breach of the physician-patient privilege.
Only a subpoena would compel me to share my medical records.
Then I'll go get one.
I can't believe I didn't recognize Jonathan James.
I had a huge crush on him - in the 2004 Olympics.
- Me, too.
The only connection between him and Justine is Dr.
But I can't find a motive.
And if it's not her, why would Justine's husband kill the swim coach, to frame Becker? Heard there was a second body.
Are you engaging in homicide gossip? Just water cooler chat.
This is a water cooler.
Why are you here? To refill my water at the water cooler.
And to get some sunshine.
Sun's bad for you.
I've got some real work to do.
(SNIFFS) Sesame or poppy.
This is not Sophie's choice.
You did not tell Lizzie about the bang and burn, Jules? I don't want to put her at risk.
The way she's looking at you, just being here could put you at risk.
Any idea who broke in? No.
It was a professional.
Want me to do some counterintelligence? At least they won't find you here.
Well, I needed a safe place to work, until I find a secure space.
And I'm hoping the NYPD system can help me get a lead, see who burned me.
Dylan, I'll be careful.
And while I'm here, I can upgrade your computer system.
In fact, I must, since I'm reduced to using it myself.
It's a win-win.
Almost like we're partners again.
Speaking of which, I've done some digging, and that psychiatrist is an upstanding citizen, - with an impeccable record.
- I did not ask you to dig.
You didn't have to.
One of the perks of consulting in the 11th Precinct.
That, and free bagels.
I've got to go and hack into a Turkish strongman's Swiss bank account, for my other job.
called, confirmed no epithelials were found under Justine's nails.
So if it's not the husband, - and it's not the doctor - DYLAN: Then we are, as Detective Fucci would say, (IMITATES FUCCI): chasing our tails around.
Chase them to Laduree.
We have our double date in less than an hour.
LIZZIE: Oh, I'm gonna be late.
I have to wait for Dr.
Becker's records to be delivered.
I've got some work to finish.
I'll bring the records to dinner.
(SIGHS) It's the least I can do.
Since you're lying to her about every reason you're here.
You know the drill: need to know.
LIZZIE: Dylan tells me you put on quite a show - to get him back at work.
- Yes.
I'm sorry that means you might have to partner with him again.
(LAUGHS) DYLAN: Made him remember how much he loves lawyering.
It wasn't being a lawyer that turned me off.
It was doing it for a giant, bloodsucking firm.
Maybe you should do it again without the bloodsucking.
I was kind of thinking the same thing.
JULIAN: Sorry I'm late, Dylan.
Great to see you.
- Lizzie.
- Thank you.
The information you wanted from Dr.
To Dylan back at the NYPD.
To Julian leaving the NYPD.
To Andy practicing his kind of law.
Show up ten minutes late and you miss everything.
DYLAN: Let me help.
MAN: A reservation for 7:00 p.
means 7:00 p.
Not 7:05 or 7:15.
You think I have time to just wait around here? It's now my table.
ANDY: His table? God, I hate narcissists.
Clearly, his time is more important than the rest of us.
Why kill two patients of the same doctor? What if Becker did help get both our victims killed? - She just didn't know it.
- Wine, anyone? Becker said one of her specialties was narcissism.
What if the person we're looking for was enraged because he had to wait, only he didn't just make a scene in a restaurant, he killed? So you're thinking the killer is a patient who's also a narcissist? Well, but on a different level.
A malignant narcissist.
Someone with no empathy, the desire to commit crimes and the grandiosity to think he's entitled to do so with impunity.
So, if our killer had his times canceled because of another patient's appointment? Oh, for a malignant narcissist, that would be a deep injury to his self-esteem and could very well justify murder.
But why kill the patients? Shouldn't he be angry at the doctor? She canceled the sessions.
Maybe he's trying to frame her? If they feel wronged, a malignant narcissist will scorch the earth to get revenge.
The victims infringed on the killer's appointment times.
They die first.
Which means Becker would be next.
If both victims recently had all-day sessions That means other patients had their appointments canceled.
We need to see who they were.
DYLAN: Oh, this is the diagnosis code you're looking for.
LIZZIE: Here's one.
And another.
I have four.
That is seven narcissistic patients.
But only one name I recognize.
And he's got an appointment now at Dr.
Becker's office.
- Sorry.
See you later.
- See you later.
We'll have to record his confession.
How is the sea bass? Let me talk to him.
I think I can get him to confess.
You have two minutes, then I'm coming in.
What do you want? I have an appointment.
This is my time.
Tell Dr.
Becker Dylan Reinhart is here.
She'll see me.
She knows who I am.
You install her security system, too? IAN: Come on in, Dylan.
Give me your gun.
I'm here for therapy.
So am I.
Cop thinks he's important.
Why? 'Cause you got these fancy clothes? (WHISPERING): I'm gonna help you.
I killed two of her patients.
And that's just this week.
She doesn't know about the rest.
I see Dr.
Becker because I suffer from a condition called malignant narcissism.
It's something I know what it is.
Those patients were taking my sessions.
How selfish.
Now, if you could just leave so Dr.
Becker and I can You didn't kill those patients.
Sure I did.
Those murders were expertly staged.
No witnesses, no evidence.
Who else could have done that? You do know who I am? An idiot cop who thinks he's some mastermind criminal.
Actually, I am not a cop.
I'm a consultant for the NYPD.
They hired me because I wrote a book about abnormal behavior and criminals which stayed at the top of The New York Times Best Sellers List for over a year.
Becker said that in all her years of practice she had never met anyone as remotely fascinating as me.
What do you do again? I'm responsible for maintaining the safety of thousands of people.
A glorified security guard.
I'm sure Dr.
Becker will be able to find you another - Stay where you are.
- Then let her go.
Those appointments of yours that were canceled, I took them and I am gonna take credit for everything you have done.
You trapped Justine in her own cryo chamber, killing her with what made her famous.
Same with Jonathan James, drowning in a pool.
Not bad, right? DYLAN: Well, it's a little on the nose, but I guess not bad.
What are you gonna do with Dr.
Becker? Bury her in her couch? Or have you stuffed her full of sedatives? You are smarter than I gave you credit for.
You'll die protecting your victim.
Too bad.
Would've been a really nice ending to your next book.
- Say good-bye.
- Good-bye.
Becker, Dr.
EMTs are on their way.
She okay? She's losing consciousness, but still breathing.
JUSTINE: Practice tape, day one.
Becker suggested I practice vulnerable moments out loud to get more comfortable expressing my feelings.
It feels weird.
I hope it works.
Honey, I'm so sorry that I argued with you about going away for our anniversary.
I want to spend time with you.
I know I need to balance things more.
That's what this work is all about.
But I'm thinking about what you said.
Extending our lives won't be worth much of anything if we don't take the time to enjoy the things and the people that we love.
JOEL: I thought she left me behind, but she was doing it for me, for us.
I'm sorry.
Do you mind if I watch this some more? - Oh, of course not.
- Thank you.
Hacking into China's network? Shopping for socks.
You okay? Lizzie, I went to the precinct because I wanted to be near you, but I realize now that was foolish.
I'll leave as soon as I restore the system.
When I said I wanted more of you, I didn't mean in the form of pretending to be someone else.
For this to work, we both have to take some risks.
I need to know you.
Simple things.
Stories from your childhood, why we never go to your place.
Keeping secrets is what keeps me alive and I don't know, interesting.
No, it's not interesting.
It's it keeps you from being known.
(SIGHS) Reuben.
What? My real name.
My second name is Julian.
But who in their right mind wants to be known as a deli sandwich? (CHUCKLES) And I'm not at the precinct just to be with you.
I can't tell you why now, but I will soon.
I promise.
Thank you.
(DOORBELL RINGS) Expecting someone? No.
I ended it with David.
What happened? I'm so sorry.
I'm not.
As it turns out, it wasn't the wedding planning that was the issue.
He cheated on me.
You think I could stay here for a while? Of course.
Any-Anything you need.
You can just put that down here.
Uh let's have some wine.
Uh, uh, I need to I'll be right back.
I'm just (WHISPERING): Julian.
Reuben? "And then I suggested to Detective Needham "I cleverly suggested "I brilliantly suggested to Detective Needham who the suspect might be.
" Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh, I'm looking for Lieutenant Jasmine Gooden.
Oh, she's gone for the night.
Are you here to report a crime? Uh, actually no.
Uh, I'm here to investigate one.
Detective Ryan Stock, Garfield County PD.
Nice to meet you.
Dylan Reinhart.
Yeah, how'd you know? Midwestern speech pattern.
Of the six Garfield Counties in the U.
, only one is in Nebraska.
There's also a faint smell of almonds emanating, I think, from the chokecherry stain - on your T-shirt.
- (CHUCKLES) And it says Nebraska on your file.
Yeah, I haven't had much time to shower or change.
When I heard about the woman you guys found in the park, I jumped in my car and I drove straight here.
I think your case may be related to a murder I'm investigating in Garfield.
Why is that? Because of this.
The "Sleeping Beauties" case.
I'm gonna catch whoever did this.