Instinto (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

You're nervous today.
Is it because of
tonight's presentation?
You've spent a lot of time on it.
Naturally you're nervous.
I'm not worried about work.
Tell me,
why are you here today?
It's Tuesday. We have a session.
It's purely routine, then?
You don't need to be here.
Remember your first visit?
Anxiety attacks, emotional block.
I can't help you
if you don't engage.
- I have another patient
- I have an important meeting!
No more important than this one.
Marco, I'd like to help you.
The first step to solving your problems
is admitting that you have one.
Tuesday, same time.
You don't have to wait until Tuesday.
My phone is always on.
Good luck on your presentation!
- It's a huge success.
- Where's Bárbara?
She's with the Qataris.
This is gonna be a hit.
And the candidate for the R+D job?
I've got the perfect one.
I'll introduce you at dinner tomorrow.
You'll be delighted.
Could you smile a bit?
Just a little more, little more.
Thank you, thank you all.
Flashes suit you two.
- Well, some better than others
- Is everything ready?
All set.
Screen, lights, presentation
Al Thani?
He's upstairs and in good hands.
Don't worry.
- Will he stay for the party?
- No,
but I told him you'd stop by after
the presentation. I'll be with him.
- Fine.
- Ready?
- Shall we?
- Sure.
Good evening
and thank you for coming.
I'm honoured to share
ALVA's latest
and highly-anticipated creation.
This sports car
harnesses the power of wind energy
and can reach speeds
of up to 400 km/h.
This vehicle uses
cutting-edge technology.
All four wheels have a turbine
connected to a fifth turbine
located in the rear of the car.
This allows the vehicle to accelerate
at a rate never been seen before.
Yes, my partner, Marco Mur,
has designed the future yet again.
However, we all know
that Marco
is nothing without me by his side.
Without further ado, I present
the electric bullet
that will compete, I mean
that will win
Le Mans in 5 years' time.
That's what they called you
in Vanity Fair.
- Goodbye.
- Thank you, see you soon.
Thank you.
Thank you.
My future husband.
What's going on over there?
Good morning, Dr. Villegas.
Good morning, Celeste,
for the second time.
I already said it
an hour and a half ago.
Well, it never hurts to be polite.
That's what my mother always said.
What did she say about tardiness?
Well, she didn't say much.
This file is for you.
Save the gossip for later.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Mr. Mur.
- I just saw you in the
- Good morning, Mr. Mur.
I'm Dr. Villegas,
the director of the clinic.
I'm sorry, Doctor.
I didn't recognize you.
I'm not surprised.
We haven't seen you in months.
- I'm here to see José.
- Yes, José. I can take you
I'll take him, Celeste.
- He's in the garden.
- Yes, he's celebrating in the garden.
How is he?
- Hello, Doctor! How are you?
- How are you, Juan Carlos?
- I'm great.
- Good. Having fun?
This is a big day for him.
He's been counting down
the days for a month now.
There he is.
Very kind.
Come on.
- One.
- Good.
- Three!
- Three!
I bet you can't find me, Carol!
Game over, José! Come on out.
Come on out, José.
Someone's here to see you.
I bet you can't find me, Carol.
Alright, José. Come on out.
Look who it is.
- Carol!
- José!
Marco's here!
Carol, Marco's here!
Marco's here!
Happy birthday
Marco came, Carol!
Marco came!
Nice to meet you.
I'm Carol, José's counsellor.
- I've been with him for six months.
- Marco Mur.
Marco's here!
- Let's play hide 'n seek.
- I can't right now.
Come on!
I have something for you in the car.
- With blue hair?
- I can't tell you. It's a surprise.
- With blue hair, Marco?
- It's in the trunk.
Give me those!
- José!
- Let him go!
- Something could happen to him.
- He knows the way to the carpark.
He needs to develop autonomy.
I've never heard you people
speak like that before.
You hadn't met me.
His hair is blue, Marco!
It's blue.
How did you open the trunk?
His hair is blue, Marco.
Did Carol teach you?
Blue hair! Blue!
Open it.
You don't like it.
It's the one from the movie.
Marco, he has blue hair.
This one doesn't, Marco.
José, I came here
to spend the day with you.
No blue hair. No blue hair.
- José
- No blue hair!
No blue hair!
- Stop.
- No blue hair!
- José.
- No blue hair!
José, stop.
No blue hair! No blue hair!
No blue!
No blue hair!
Blue hair!
Blue hair!
Blue hair!
Blue hair!
No! Blue hair!
No! Blue hair!
Blue hair!
It's alright.
Calm down. Calm down.
It's alright.
Come with me, Mr. Mur.
I came to celebrate
his birthday with him.
Now is not the time.
Come with me.
It's over. That's it.
It's alright, José.
I'm sorry,
but I won't stand it any longer.
It was just a gift.
You've been here five times
and three of those
have been problematic.
These aren't problems.
That's precisely it, Mr. Mur.
You won't accept that
your brother needs special care.
If that were true,
he wouldn't be here.
He's all I have.
I wouldn't call him
a priority for you.
Are we done here?
No, I'm not done yet.
Until further notice,
it's best that you stay away.
Excuse me?
José needs an environment
that is emotionally stable.
You cannot provide that for him.
- You can't keep him from me.
- Yes, I can.
I'm his guardian. Now I am done.
This isn't over.
Mr. Mur
You're the one that left your brother.
- Diego.
- He was meant to be here at noon.
If you keep pushing like this,
you'll ruin the negotiation.
Don't worry.
Just follow my lead,
and we'll be fine. You'll see.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Marco, where are you?
You're about to blow this negotiation,
so get here as soon as possible.
I just spoke with Marco
and, sadly, we can't accept
the last-minute changes.
My client has been very clear:
Exclusive rights to the prototype
in the Middle East or no deal.
ALVA has been working with
two Asian companies for ten years.
One Japanese, the other Korean.
They believed in us when we were nothing.
I regret to inform you that
we cannot accept a deal at that price.
Mr. Al Thani is willing to offer
an additional 10% for Ciclón.
That would be 220 million dollars.
No, sorry.
We'd need a far more solid offer.
We will not accept anything
below 400 million.
And that's final.
Where the hell were you?
- What happened?
- "What happened?"
The Qataris are fucking off.
You just passed them.
I've spent two hours
with this dog and pony show.
What are you doing now?
- What's going on?
- I regret to inform you
that all exits
have been temporarily blocked.
My client has a flight
in an hour and a half.
I'm sorry,
but I can't let you through.
- Do you know who I am?
- Sir, it's just for a few minutes.
A security measure.
This is the heart of ALVA.
The projects born and developed here
will change the future.
We currently have teams researching
worker drones, smart environments,
augmented reality
We have five warehouses,
and each one houses six projects.
We have infinite growth potential.
As great as you could imagine.
Here it is.
The spear of the company right now.
This vehicle will test much of
the technology used in
other projects
that are currently under development,
such as the high-speed train
we call Fénix.
My client is well aware
of your joint potential,
which is why he requested exclusivity
for Ciclón in the Middle East.
That can't be done.
Prior contracts prevent us
from reaching such an agreement.
I want this meeting to ensure that
this never happens again.
What are you saying?
If Mr. Al Thani invests 500 million
dollars without exclusivity,
I can offer him priority distribution
of all our products for eight years.
My client finds that figure is absurd.
Well, we have other clients
It would be absurd for you to decline.
Tell your client that
with the profits in eight years' time
the investment
would seem like peanuts.
We have a deal. Mr. Al Thani
is willing to invest that amount
as long as he receives
30% commission on all final sales.
What the hell is wrong with you?
You're never late.
What happened?
Just worry about closing the deal.
Don't forget about tonight!
- Whenever you're ready, Mr. Bernal.
- Of course, after you.
Mr. Bernal!
It's nice to see you again.
You'd forgotten about us.
How are you, Jesús?
Forget about you? Impossible.
I've just been very busy at work.
- Is Mr. Mur here?
- Not yet.
But take a seat
or get a drink at the bar meanwhile.
- We'll grab a drink.
- Good.
Mr. Bernal Is that how
they treat you in all the restaurants?
Well I'd say so, yes.
Two glasses of white wine, please.
Besides, I'm doing you a favour
by coming here.
This is Marco's favourite restaurant.
I'm going to the bathroom.
Stay put.
Marco just got here.
Let's head over there.
Request custody and find
the best Special Education School
in Europe.
I have to go, Joaquín. Thank you.
- Marco!
- Diego.
This is Ms. Vergara,
the candidate for the R+D position.
- Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
Please. I ordered wine and appetizers.
You'll get to know him, Eva.
He always knows what others want,
even before we do, right?
What have you done
to get here, Ms. Vergara?
What led you to apply
for work in our company?
I think there's been a mistake.
I didn't contact you
about this position.
Diego suggested that I apply.
Didn't you want the best candidate?
Well, here she is.
Then let me put it this way
What can we offer the best candidate
to drop everything and work for us?
24 hours a day by your side.
I believe in synergy.
I believe in your company, but
I also believe
you're lacking something.
Go on.
I brought a dossier
of your main competition's proposals.
You're kidding.
No, they'll reduce engine weight,
improve functionality and boost power.
I've seen the Ciclón project, and
you won't reach
that speed in five years.
Not with the current project.
You have a problem,
but I have a solution.
I'm confident we can do
great things together.
I know that I'm what you need.
I think so too.
A degree in industrial engineering,
an MBA from Stanford,
a master's in industrial
and environmental biotechnology.
And only 28 years old.
You certainly
haven't wasted your time.
We'll let you know soon.
Thank you very much for dinner.
Mr. Mur, it's been a pleasure.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You're sleeping with her.
- Excuse me?
- I've known you for over ten years.
You're sleeping with her.
How do you know her?
- What does that have to do with it?
- You're sleeping with her.
- When were you going to tell me?
- I was going to tell you
when you told me who you sleep with.
How about that?
Eva is the best.
Look for the second best.
But I don't want the second best,
and neither do you.
Marco, Eva is the best thing
to happen to me in a long time.
For the past three months
- I've been living in an erotic dream
- Bárbara works for the company.
How do you think that'll work out?
Bárbara won't find out.
- I won't play this game, Diego.
- Me neither.
If you want her in,
break up with her. Period.
We'll talk tomorrow.
Need any help, Ms. Vergara?
Mr. Mur! For some reason,
it's impossible to get a cab today.
Don't worry, I'll give you a ride.
Get in.
Thank you.
Where to?
Monte Esquinza Street, number 6.
Any hotel in particular?
If you'd prefer,
drop me at a taxi stand.
No, when it rains,
it's impossible to get a cab.
You're getting wet.
Is this yours?
Is it your birthday?
When I was a little girl,
I loved blowing out the candles.
We're almost there.
It was a pleasure meeting you.
You're much more
striking face-to-face.
I was at the presentation yesterday.
Yes, I know.
You dropped this
when you walked past me.
Or maybe it wasn't you.
Of course it was me.
Follow that car.
Voice mail.
Marco, I want to talk about Eva.
Call me.
Hello, Marco?
Marco, it's me.
I guess you didn't expect me to call
after all this time, but
I'd like to see you.
I'd really like to see you.
Is that you?
Marco, can you hear me?
Thank you.
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