Instinto (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- Sir?
- Yes?
Mr. Fanjul is waiting for you.
Forgive me for making you
come so early.
- I wanted to solve this a.s.a.p.
- Relax.
The kids are with their mother today,
I don't have to get them till 6.
I checked the requisites for
the request for guardianship of José.
How long could it take us?
It's a long process, Marco.
It won't be days or even weeks.
First you have to show
that it'd be positive for him
and, almost more important,
that you can take care of him.
- That's not a problem.
- I don't mean economically,
I mean
that you're personally involved.
Guardianship takes years,
you have to justify requesting it now.
It may seem incredible to you,
but having a successful firm
and being financially capable
puts us on the opposite side
of what you're thinking.
Business success doesn't mean
a lack of concern for my brother.
They're gathering information
on the best schools in Europe
and one in particular uses
interesting sports techniques.
Can José swim?
Come on, José.
Slowly, slowly.
- It's really cold, Carol!
- Yes, it's cold.
Come on, come here.
Let's go.
Here, hold the board.
Hold on.
C'mon, c'mon.
No, hold the board.
No, no, hold the board.
The board, there.
One, two
Move your feet. One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
Now we'll let one arm go.
Go, the right.
Let your right arm go. One, two.
Come on.
That's it.
Very good.
Very good.
Now let's swim to the edge.
- Good. Very good, José.
- Carol!
Carol, no!
Look, Carol!
- José.
- Look, Carol, I can do it!
- No, Carol, no.
- Let him, doctor.
José, come here.
José! Carol!
Come here! Come, José!
- Do you know what could've happened?
- You made him nervous!
Get him out of the pool!
I want you in my office now!
It's over, José! Let's go!
Okay, it's over.
Never address me in that tone again,
much less in front of the team.
I meant no disrespect,
I wanted you to see the progress
You work at one of the top
centres for the disabled in Spain!
- Yes, in 2006.
- Excuse me?
This centre hasn't been a benchmark
in a long time!
- We're not aiming for rehabilitation!
- No? Then what are we doing?
José, as well as Paloma and Carmen,
need to be given the tools
- to live outside the centre.
- That's outrageous!
Why have a pool if it's not
to teach them how to swim?
- To impress visitors?
- A poor argument coming from you!
It's the first time he's smiled
since he found out Marco's not coming.
- He's been crying all morning.
- You didn't have to tell him.
I banned Mr. Mur from visiting
for José's sake.
Sure, what book says that?
Do you know what your problem is?
You don't accept the children
as they are.
José has to see his brother
as part of his therapy
- or I'll be throwing away all the progress!
- Your theory's very nice,
but it has one flaw:
it doesn't bear out in practice.
Here we work with reality.
That's it, you can go.
Good morning, Mr. Mur.
A woman's been waiting for you
for some time. She's not scheduled,
- but she says it's urgent.
- What's it about?
She wouldn't identify herself,
she just said
it's a personal matter.
- Where is she?
- In your office.
- My name's Carol.
- Yes, I know who you are.
What's happened?
José had another attack this morning.
He won't accept that
you're no longer visiting him.
I thought I was the one
who was disturbing him.
What disturbs him
about your relationship
is that he can't cope with his crises.
Clearly, neither can you.
Are you here to tell me something
important or to lecture me?
We all have things that irritate us,
but we have mechanisms to face them.
José doesn't know how.
You have to understand how
his mind works to help him.
I can help him if you want.
Sorry, I don't understand.
You're the ones who banned me
from seeing my brother.
- Now you turn up here. What for?
- I didn't ban anything.
Do you want me
to force my way into the centre?
I'll get José out
without anyone knowing
if you pledge to come
to the appointments we make.
Your brother needs you.
I thought you needed him too.
Forget it.
I'm interested.
In your proposal.
I want to see José.
- We start this week then.
- Of course.
- Have you spoken to Bárbara?
- Who's that?
It's a personal matter.
- Coming to the meeting?
- I'll be right there.
Do you have the feasibility dossier?
Let's look at it now.
Jacobo, we have to be ready
for the Düsseldorf Fair.
Come along.
Precisely what I wanted to discuss.
I got the cover of The Economist
for the three days of the Fair.
What do we give them in return?
I have to give them an exclusive
to publish this week,
so in the Thursday insert
we'll introduce
the new R+D director.
- When can I talk to her?
- To whom?
The new director of Development.
We have one now, don't we?
It's not decided.
- Did I miss something?
- No, you didn't miss anything.
When you want to tell me,
you know where I am.
But we're dining with them
tonight in Lucio
and I don't need to tell you
how vital these covers are for us.
Yesterday we closed the deal
with Al Thani for the budget we set.
Yes, but the project
has to be ready in 5 years.
- What?
- That's life,
- you can't please everyone.
- Let's get to work.
The current design won't let us
get to that speed in so little time.
We need an alternative.
We'll test a carbon fibre chassis.
We'll lighten the weight
and improve the dynamics.
And we'll need to reduce
the size of the engine.
Now, let's look at
I dreamt of you last night.
Was that what you were doing?
I was exhausted after dinner.
I didn't expect it to be so tense.
You didn't tell me your partner was so
So what?
He's not.
Are you angry?
Did I do something wrong?
No, you didn't.
But not coming with me was a mistake.
"It's never too late
to set things straight".
It's too far, I
I can't smell you.
But you can hear me.
I know that's what you like most,
whispers in your ear.
I'm in the office, Eva.
I love mixing business
with pleasure.
I'm still in the office, Eva.
Any news?
Anything about my being hired?
I haven't seen Marco
this morning, he's not in.
But don't you worry about that,
it's a done deal.
Then it has to be celebrated, right?
Any ideas?
A thousand.
- See you, Rosa.
- See you.
Why did you leave the meeting?
- I had nothing to say.
- You don't care about the Ciclón?
You're a son of a bitch!
That's what's wrong with me!
What you asked for at the meeting
was what Eva said last night!
And instead of listening to me
and hiring her, you discourage her.
Are we stealing ideas now?
- It's been two years, Marco,
- Open the door.
looking for someone to whom
you can delegate creative aspects.
- And when we get her, you ignore me.
- Hit the button.
Why? Because you only can do
what the fuck you like!
When did you last ask me about Bárbara?
Or take an interest in my life?
And now it's a problem!
Now it's a problem!
It has been a while, huh?
Photos don't do you justice.
You're much cuter in real life.
- Marco, I'm
- Don't touch me!
If you don't go now,
I'll call Security. Get out.
Don't talk to me like that,
I'm your mother.
- Is she still there?
- Excuse me, Mr. Mur, but
I want to know if a woman,
- is still at the gate.
- Of course, Mr. Mur.
Lourdes, call my husband
and tell him I'm on my way.
- I told you to be punctual.
- I was leaving.
It's lucky I know you.
Lunch is in half an hour.
- You tricked me?
- It's important to be on time.
We agreed to respect
our time together.
I am respecting it.
The other day you saw a patient
at 1 in the morning.
- I don't want to go through that again.
- It's Marco.
I couldn't talk to him yesterday.
Don't answer it, please.
I'm sure he needs me.
Forgive me.
What's happened?
There's a woman at the gate
who says she's my mother.
What is it to be a mother?
What is it to have a mother?
Why don't you come to my office?
I's hard to help you like this.
Never mind, forget it.
No, Marco.
Don't hang up, wait.
You may have reasons
to feel like this, but
the main thing is to be able
to take a step forward.
I think that's why
you called me yesterday.
It's why you're calling me now.
it can be very liberating.
We're going up to Mr. Mur's office.
Follow me.
This way, please.
Mr. Mur said for you to wait here.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Why are you here?
Shit, you gave me a fright.
I've never been in
such a nice place.
And my time is worth a lot of money.
Yes. So it seems.
Marco. Marco.
I'm so proud of you.
So proud.
We'd forgotten about you.
- It's been hard for me
- You chose.
I did wrong, okay? I chose badly.
What do you want?
Are you kicking me out already?
What did you expect?
Do you want me to tell you
my life story, how I got here?
- Marco, it was hell with that man.
- No, you don't know what hell is!
- You don't know!
- Yes, I do know.
You're trembling.
Get out of here!
- Wait, let me
- Out!
Shit, let me talk for a moment.
- Let me see your brother.
- Excuse me?
Does he still live with you?
Is he in the centre?
Look at that
- You made a choice too.
- Get out of here!
Don't yell at me. Fuck!
Don't yell at me!
You think you never make a mistake?
We're all in the wrong here,
you too.
I bet not all your decisions
are squeaky clean,
where did all this come from?
I've fucked it up.
What a disaster.
I've fucked it up,
and I imagined that
I imagined something else.
I was waiting for you.
I want to tak to you.
What is it?
Diego, what is it?
Marco listened to me, he wants
to know about your virtual assistant.
You start tomorrow.
Then let's celebrate it.
Have you ever had sex
with a stranger?
- Still here, Rosa?
- Hi.
- He's not in.
- What?
Diego, he's not in the office.
But we have a dinner with
The Economist people.
- I reminded him when he went out.
- Do you know where he went?
He told me to cancel
all his meetings this afternoon,
- that's all I know.
- Don't worry, Rosa, I'll see him there.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Has Brian arrived?
- Not yet.
- We have a table. Good evening!
- Hello.
I called about fifteen times.
I had it in silent mode.
- Since when do you use silent mode?
- Since I've had meetings.
- What do we talk to them about?
- I'll try to get leeway for us
until we confirm the new hiring.
It's incredible, the company's
track record in such a short time.
Yes, it's been a surprise
to us too, actually.
It was these two high-flyers.
You should invest in cloning,
- it'd make it all a lot easier.
- No doubt.
We hadn't thought about that,
have we, Diego?
Brian, do want us to resume
the visit to the company this week?
I think that'd be best.
I'd be more interested in learning
the details of Ciclón.
Do you really think
it'll reach that speed?
Of course.
You must excuse me.
- Is everything alright, Marco?
- Yes.
I forgot to call the Tokyo team,
I need a quieter place.
It was the joy of my street,
the soundtrack of my home.
All morning on the balcony,
making such a racket.
I'm so sorry
- that the canary is dead.
- Canary.
I'm so sorry
- that the canary is dead.
- Canary.
I'm so sorry that the canary
Open the glove box, José,
and look for a long cable.
- She shaved her moustache.
- No.
These razors are for
Carol's a boy!
- José, the cable.
- Carol's a boy!
- José, find the
- Carol's a boy!
- Take it easy.
- Carol's a boy!
- José
- Carol's a boy!
Carol's a boy!
- Carol's a boy!
- José
Carol's a boy!
My God!
Oh, Jesus!
Seat belt.
We're going swimming, Marco!
Marco! Let's go swimming!
We're going swimming, Marco!
We're going swimming!
- We're going swimming, Marco!
- How are you?
- I didn't bring you a swimsuit.
- So I see.
You didn't mention swimming.
Was there nowhere else to meet?
That was safe, no.
We're going swimming, Marco!
We're going swimming!
We're going swimming!
We're going swimming, Marco!
We're going swimming!
Marco doesn't want to swim.
I didn't say
I didn't want to swim.
He can't swim.
Maybe he doesn't like swimming.
- I know how to swim.
- Then what's the problem?
José likes swimming too,
isn't that right?
I'll mind your clothes.
José, come here.
José, I don't think your brother's
been swimming here before.
Why don't you explain to him
how it's done?
You have to go in slow, Marco.
- If Carol says to come out
- If Carol calls,
you have to come out.
Carol shaves her moustache, Marco.
Carol's a boy!
Carol's a boy!
Carol's a boy!
Carol's a boy!
Carol's a boy!
I got out, Marco!
- Morning, Ángela.
- Morning, Bárbara.
Good morning. I'm the new
R+D director, Eva Vergara.
They're expecting me.
Silvia, I'll take care of this.
Welcome, Eva. Come with me.
I'm Bárbara,
Marketing Director at ALVA.
Nice to meet you, Bárbara. I wanted
to meet you, I've read a lot about you.
- Good things, I hope.
- Of course.
Sorry, I wasn't told that
you were joining us today.
Yes, I got a call last night
to confirm it.
- Is Diego here?
- Yes.
With the Ciclón presentation,
Marco and Diego are overwhelmed.
I imagine so. I don't know how
the two of them handled so much.
We make a good team.
I hope to contribute something.
- Perfect, Rosa. Thanks a lot.
- Okay.
Eva! Welcome!
Hi. Did you introduce yourselves?
- Yes.
- Yes, we just met downstairs.
Sorry, I didn't tell you about
her hiring. With all this mess
- We need to sign the contract.
- Good.
- Nice to meet you, Bárbara.
- Same here.
Anything you need,
we're the warehouses.
One moment, please!
I want to introduce Eva Vergara.
She is our new R+D director.
Eva, here's your team.
- Nice to meet you, Eva.
- Welcome. Jacobo.
I wait for you for dinner.
I leave in ten minutes.
I can do it at 5 p.m.
Tomorrow, same place. Marco.
No, really Enough.
What do you think of this?
I was looking for you
so we could go.
Yes, sorry, it got a bit late.
Sorry, it's my fault, I love working
when everyone's gone.
It is a good way to work.
Diego always likes
to work with someone.
Depends on the project,
you know that.
- So, shall we go?
- What do you think?
Shall we leave it here?
No, go. I mean, don't worry,
I'll finish up what's left.
- You sure?
- I'm sure.
I think I'll stay. It's her first day,
I'd feel bad if I left.
- Right.
- See you at home?
- Okay, we're going.
- Give me a kiss.
See you, Bárbara!
Shall we go over it again?
You know I like to be thorough.
Very well.
Listen, now we're working on
the matter of
- Laura.
- Listen
I've got no way out.
I'm going to look for José.
Will you drive me tomorrow?
- You can't catch me!
- Marco.
I can't catch you?
Come down.
You're flying!
- I'm doing it on my own.
- Marco.
Marco, can you hear me?
- Marco?
- Sorry, Joaquín.
Still no news about your brother.
These things are slow.
No, don't worry.
I was calling about something else.
I need you to do me a favour,
it's important.
Whatever you say.
I want you to investigate someone.
Who are you talking about?
A woman, I've known her for years.
She just arrived in the city
and I want everything on her:
what she does, where she lives,
Do you have her name?
Laura Mur.
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