Instinto (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I'm very sure.
No, you clearly are.
All I'm saying,
and it's not crazy,
is that your virtual assistant
would be sexier with a woman's voice.
Look, we women don't want
a sexy virtual assistant,
because we're already sexy.
You mean you're not aroused
by being watched?
Son of a bitch.
Mr. Mur is here,
he says it's urgent.
Alright, Lourdes. Thanks.
Aren't you going to say anything?
You found yourself with her.
Sometimes the unexpected
is the most interesting.
I expected it.
Feelings can't be managed.
You needn't punish yourself
if you forgive.
I haven't forgiven anyone.
- A mother isn't
- I don't want to talk about her.
And women?
How do you relate to women?
Are there women in your life?
Why do you ask me that?
Now we've discovered
that your mother's not welcome,
maybe other women are.
There are no other women.
I'm just asking about
the type of person
with whom you have
an emotional relationship.
I have no relationships
of that kind.
And sexual relationships?
I have them in a place
where no one knows each other.
I understand that
anyone could recognize you.
You're a media figure.
Does that worry you?
Does it cause you stress?
Everyone who gets into that club
has their face hidden.
So you've never had sex
with a woman you know.
And what if you did?
That won't happen.
What if it were part of the therapy?
I think that's enough for today.
I should see you more often.
We're making so much progress.
I'll leave some sessions open
in anticipation of this.
I want to see you.
It must be here.
It's here.
Don't go in. Drop me there.
Are you sure?
Yes, yes.
I don't want the cameras
to register the car.
Wait here.
You don't want me
to go with you?
Even if I'm late,
don't go without me.
- I've come to see José.
- Who?
José M. Seco.
- Your name, please?
- Laura.
I'm sorry, I don't see
any visit for José today.
Sure, he's not expecting me.
Then you'll have to
make an appointment.
I'm sure you've sometimes
turned a blind eye.
- Unfortunately
- You've never broken the rules?
Go on.
In this center, that's very tricky.
The only visits accepted here,
in some cases,
are from direct family.
And Dr. Villegas always supervises.
Why don't you call her?
I'm José's mother.
- Who is it?
- That woman.
Thank you.
Mrs. Mur.
Call me Laura, or 'M',
whatever you like.
I'm Dr. Villegas,
head of the center.
Will you come to my office?
This way.
It must seem strange to you,
seeing me here.
Well, I understood that you'd
Abandoned my children?
Yes, something like that.
Then you'll understand that
we weren't expecting you.
- Is that your son in the photo?
- Yes.
Then maybe you understand me.
Why have you come?
I want José to know I'm back.
You say it as if your son
could cope with that news.
Are you aware of his conditions?
- I'm his mother.
- Of course.
Then you'll have to show me
something that proves it,
that you're his mother, I mean.
This is his birth certificate.
You wish to resume contact
with your son, do you not?
You'll have to present a request
to the Community of Madrid.
You're not going to help me?
I'm doing so,
but today's visit
doesn't depend on me.
I want to see the center.
We've been apart for 17 years.
We won't recognize each other.
Come with me.
Do you know why
Villegas wants to see me?
I don't know, you tell me.
She's asking about your
little outing yesterday.
- What's the problem?
- No idea. You know what she's like.
Come here.
Who's that?
The mother of José and Marco Mur.
The one that abandoned them.
What's she doing here?
Come on.
Girl, don't get mad,
I went for a spin.
I'm not mad about that, fuck.
- What happened?
- What a bitch!
I got a real bitch.
The model on that side.
This is the presentation,
make it brighter.
And leave just three chairs.
I need to talk to you.
I wanted to rehearse
the presentation.
It's important.
I'll be right back
and we'll do the rehearsal.
What's wrong?
- She knows we're together.
- Who?
She followed us yesterday.
She saw us going into
the hotel, and kissing
You think it's funny?
I thought you spoke about Marco.
What are you going to do?
I don't know. Really
I'm going to stop hiding.
And work?
What about work?
Yes, how are we going to work
side by side here after this?
Working, like we all work.
Though, Diego,
I've spent years on this project.
I took a gamble leaving my job
and I won't see it all collapse
over an attack of jealousy.
Sure, but nobody's talking
about anything collapsing.
I know how important
this project is for you
because it is for me too,
and I've risked a lot
because you're here.
I'm sure of this, Eva.
Very sure.
Has something happened?
No, nothing.
Shall we begin the presentation?
The prototype I'm presenting
is called BOX
and it's a new virtual assistant.
The same as Alexa
is a hit in the U.S.,
BOX will be in all
Spanish-speaking countries.
It's small, easy to use
and at present can do 105 tasks
that we could make limitless.
BOX provides general information,
shopping in virtual stores,
manages reminders, diaries,
appointments, consultations
BOX, what's the temperature
today in Madrid?
The current temperature
in Madrid is 21 degrees.
BOX, could you tell me
when the first Spanish
wind power plant opened?
On March 10, 1984.
BOX, I need skim milk,
tomato sauce and sliced bread.
Ingredients added to
your shopping cart:
a liter of Puleva skim milk,
Bimbo bread, no crust,
a Tetra Brik of Orlando tomato.
Why does it say the brands?
Once you order the first time,
you can save the items
in "Favorites".
So, with new shopping lists,
the prototype will have guidelines.
But if I like changing milk
every week
and I don't want favorites,
what do I do?
You ask it for "product alternatives"
or eliminate the favorite
and set another.
We can ask BOX to book a restaurant,
do bank transactions,
organize our weekend plans
in line with the cultural agenda
and our interests,
follow the social networks
or find us a partner.
It'll be like
belonging to a private club
where no one knows anyone.
How can one feel secure with a robot?
Some people won't want
to share their privacy.
Mr. Mur, BOX will be
part of the family.
It'll only obey its master's voice,
and, if you prefer,
a password can be set,
as we do with cellphones.
So what's with you?
If I don't want you to know
anything about me and BOX fails?
The technical service
will have maximum privacy.
But there could be a risk.
We'll find a way not to be.
I agree that we all have secrets
that no one should know.
I think it's awesome.
Well done, Eva, great pitch.
We have to get to work fast.
We have to talk to Bárbara first.
I thought she'd be at this meeting.
We have to prepare its launch.
There are similar items worldwide
and I want us to be the first in Spain.
Does that mean a yes?
It means there's a lot
of work yet to do.
Marco, if we focus on
what this product is,
we should outsource communication.
We'd be risking the project.
But we can't keep
doing things the same way.
- If we contact the agency
- Talk to Bárbara.
- Marco.
- I'm in a hurry.
I want to talk, it's important.
Bárbara saw us yesterday.
She followed us to the hotel
and saw us kissing.
I think it's for the best because
this couldn't last much longer.
And your thing with Eva will?
Yes, my thing with Eva will.
That woman's toying with you.
Who says so?
You have no fucking idea,
you're locked up in
Don't touch me.
I'm trying to talk to you
as a friend.
This is personal and important.
Forget about it.
Don't you worry, in a week
In a week she'll have done
with you what she wants.
Mr. Mur, how can I help you?
The envelope on my table,
who is it from?
A woman left it the other day.
She waited for you,
but eventually asked us
to give you that envelope.
Her name?
I'm sorry, sir,
she refused to say.
Okay, thank you.
I'm not your employee.
And yes, 5 p.m., same place.
Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3!
Hold it!
- Red light, green light, 1, 2!
- Carol!
Mr. Mur?
You weren't at the presentation.
He's on an international call.
I want her out
before the end of the week!
I want that bitch
out of the company now!
Why are you yelling?
I don't give a shit if they hear!
Whatever we have to talk about,
we can't do it here,
much less in your state!
I just saw her in the bathroom!
And she calmly asked me
why I wasn't at the presentation!
What would you have said to her?
I would've said nothing
because I'd handle this
like an adult.
Because this person
works in the company
and you have to separate
the personal and the professional.
What'd happen if I banged
one of the engineers
you work with?
- Please
- Would you like to meet him
- knowing he was just in my pants?
- Bárbara, that's enough!
I want her out of ALVA today!
Well, I want a divorce.
I want a divorce, this
this isn't working.
It's starting to affect the work
and I promised Marco it wouldn't.
I don't give a shit
what you promised Marco!
I understand that
after so long, you look
for other things, I get it.
I know that's not the problem.
Diego, look at me, please.
Every couple goes through a crisis.
This isn't a crisis, Bárbara.
I love you.
I love you.
Please, you're making
a hasty decision. Please
Why don't we
talk about this at home?
Look at me, please.
I'm sorry, this is what I want.
José, look at me.
Look, this is important.
José, look, it's important.
José and Carol.
Today, you and I.
We've played.
We've sung.
We got our feet wet.
And we're happy, right?
- Happy.
- Yes. Look.
So, José, happy,
has to go to the car.
José, shall we go to the car?
Look at me.
Come on, let's go.
- Marco's coming, Carol.
- Yes.
Marco's coming.
José, put your foot in.
Marco's coming.
Marco's coming.
- Let's go.
- We have to wait for Marco.
Come on, let's go.
- No, we have to wait for Marco.
- José, it's very late.
- Let's go.
- We have to wait for Marco.
Let's go, come on.
No, we have to wait for Marco!
We have to wait for Marco!
To the car, come on, inside.
Come on, inside
Go on, inside.
Come on, José.
Marco's come, Carol!
- Marco's come!
- I couldn't get sooner, I'm sorry.
Marco's come!
Marco's come!
- I wet my feet, Marco!
- You don't say.
- Marco's come!
- José, what if you and I go?
Would you like a spin in my car?
I'm going in Marco's car!
Ten minutes.
- Come on.
- Car with Marco!
Go on, get in.
Get in.
Want me to go faster?
Faster, Marco! Faster, Marco!
You have to tell me
if you feel sick.
You wanted to go fast, right?
No, fast no, Marco.
Fast no, Marco. Fast no, Marco.
Very bad, Marco, no!
Go on, get in the car.
Fast no, Marco.
No, we can't walk.
Walk. I'm walking, Marco.
I'm walking.
Carol, where's the mystery woman
who vanished for two days
- and is going to buy me dinner?
- Raúl
- Has Carol arrived?
- No.
- Call your father, he's waiting.
- Alright
Hey, where are you?
You've got my mother in a fit.
But I left her a note
saying I had to go out.
- Is everything alright?
- Yes.
My sister
she argued with Tomás and
called me crying.
- Jeez.
- Oh, well
It's alright, it's over.
You are coming, aren't you?
You're buying me dinner?
Can we make it tomorrow?
I don't
want to leave her alone.
Tomorrow, sure.
- Are you with her?
- Yeah, yeah.
Put her on, I forgot to wish her
a happy birthday.
Now? She's just been arguing
and she's crying.
Exactly. She can tell me
about Tomás.
- Carol
- No, and she's in the bathroom.
Shall I tell her to call you
when she's calmer?
Well, alright.
I love you.
Me too. See you at my place.
Walking, walking.
Coming to the car?
Let's go.
Walking no, by car.
Wait a second, okay, José?
I'll be right back.
I didn't mean to be late.
It was his fault.
He got in such a state,
impossible to control.
- No, he's not!
- Now my car is
You couldn't control him
because you've no idea
how to relate to your brother!
I don't care what you do
in your spare time, whatever,
but if you're meeting José,
that's paramount!
I'm not risking my job
for anything!
- I'll pay you, I'll pay.
- What?
Yes, the money yesterday
was so you wouldn't lose your job.
You think you can fix my life
with money if I'm fired?
It's over!
This is important for me.
I want to ask for custody
of my brother.
Is this about your mother's visit?
Excuse me?
What do you know of my mother?
Tell me,
I'm asking you what you know
of my mother.
She came to the center today,
but they didn't let her in.
What's the deal with you people?
What's the deal?
You're getting too upset, Mrs. Mur.
Don't call me that, I told you.
The State took over custody
when you left,
now you have to prove
you're in a position to recover it.
How can I not be
if I'm his mother?
Look, Laura,
without money to keep the family,
it'll be difficult to go ahead.
I have money,
but not to spend on lawyers.
The boy's father
abandoned him, not me.
So it's the father's fault
that I can't see the boy, not mine.
Don't you people
"restructure" families?
Is that what it's called?
Yes, but we have a higher duty,
to protect minors.
But my son's not a minor,
he turned 18 yesterday.
And they didn't even
let me see him.
Your son will never
be considered an adult.
His decisions need
his guardian's approval.
And who's his guardian now?
I'm sorry, for now I can't
give you any more information.
I wish you luck, Mrs
- How did it go?
- Bad.
What happened?
They say I need a lawyer.
Where do I get
a fucking lawyer from now?
I'm an asshole.
How could they give me
custody of José?
I'll never get out of this shit.
- That boy's yours.
- Open up the car.
I've got nothing.
I didn't expect this.
Sometimes I get anxiety attacks.
I can't breathe, my hands shake,
I can't sleep
And it's all your fault,
you fucked up our lives.
Sit down.
I don't want you
seeing José again, got it?
You're spying on me?
Stop judging me
and look at your own ass.
You've got it all, you could
have your brother at home,
and you stuck him in the center.
Know what's wrong with you?
You're just like me.
He doesn't know you,
he's lucky that way.
Don't ruin his happiness,
like you ruined mine.
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