Instinto (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Answer the phone.
Come on, answer the phone.
Answer it! Answer it!
Answer it! Answer it!
Shall we meet for lunch?
If you refuse to speak to me,
you'll have to come to my office.
You're a fucking great educator,
but it doesn't give you the right
to do what you want.
I don't care about
your fights with my mother
or your disagreement about
her medical model.
- This time you've gone overboard.
- Why?
Taking out a patient
without permission
No, I had medical authorization.
- Are you pulling my leg?
- No.
Who do you think you are?
Come on, Carol
José would be more independent
if we gave him the chance
To play football, go to the beach,
ride a bike
- Yes, a normal life.
- But he has severe ASD.
If you saw him with his brother
you'd see it's not all in the books.
- You were with his brother.
- Yes.
Why are you doing this?
I register all the meetings.
It's incredible how he progresses
in safe, supportive surroundings.
Stop it. You can't treat
your patient as an experiment.
- But I'm not
- He's not your guinea pig.
I know what you think of my mother,
but like it or not, she runs this center.
Respect her.
Good morning, Mr. Mur.
You have a visitor.
I just spoke to Luz
and she said nothing.
Sorry, she has no appointment,
but she insisted.
There's the lady.
- What are you doing here?
- What happened to you?
It's not very professional of you
to come to my workplace.
If a patient calls me 20 times
in the middle of the night,
it's professional to find out
if something bad happened to him.
I don't know what you mean.
- I cancelled four sessions to come.
- Well, you can go now.
If this has become a game to you,
I think it's time you found
another psychologist.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
Sara, wait.
I've no time for more nonsense.
There are people who do need me.
I can't recall anything
of last night.
How do you expect me
to believe you?
I'd like to tell you something.
I'd rather do it inside.
Everyone has a price.
Even a mother.
You gave her money?
You paid her to go away?
Did you do it for her
or for yourself?
We came to a deal.
And how do you feel?
Are you satisfied? Are you happy?
Who's happy in this world?
You've closed a chapter,
I'm sure you'll improve.
Since she's been back
I've had dreams.
What kind of dreams?
I have nightmares.
I wake up sweating, shaking
Sometimes it's worse than
the anxiety. I can't sleep, I can't
I need you to describe one to me.
Or is it always the same?
I don't know.
- I don't know.
- Are they about your childhood?
Are they memories?
Real scenes distorted?
I need a clue, Marco.
They're fuzzy, intermingled images.
I don't remember, I don't know.
Do you want to go in there?
To explore what's behind?
- I know who can help us.
- Today?
That's not in my hands.
It's your phone.
Yes, but my hands are busy.
Good morning, Mr. Bernal.
You look raw today.
My office is beautiful,
but very uncomfortable to sleep in.
You slept here?
And I will be for a while.
I've separated from Bárbara.
- Diego.
- What?
This is great,
- but it's what it is.
- Right.
I know what it is.
And I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it because my relationship
is dead and that's that.
Are you sure you want
to go through this?
Very sure.
I'm going to be much better,
you'll see.
- Then I'm happy.
- So am I.
Will I see you later?
Alright, the plans
Good morning, BOX.
Good morning, Miss Vergara.
Can I help you with something?
If you only knew.
Sorry, I didn't understand.
Could you say that again?
I've been running this company's
marketing department for years!
Bárbara, calm down.
I'm much more qualified to launch
BOX, BAX or any old shit.
- Stop causing a scene, please
- Because when I go
Bárbara. Diego.
What's going on here?
All she can do is yell.
I don't have access
to the new project.
Because you're not running it,
get that through your head.
Yes, I've got it alright.
Did you know I wasn't running the campaign?
It's the first I've heard of it.
I think I was clear the other day.
Yes, but I also make decisions
in this company.
You know what it is?
Lately Diego makes decisions
while his dick's getting sucked.
- At least somebody sucks it.
- Go fuck yourself!
- Can we talk, Bárbara?
- Fuck off.
Remember our first meeting here,
when he went for champagne
and came back with
four liters of beer?
And now what?
Now what? Look at him.
Really, Marco, I don't understand
why he's doing this to me.
I don't understand, I don't.
I still love him and he doesn't see
that he's fucking it all up.
He's sleeping with Eva.
You knew about it?
You knew.
And you let put her in here.
Things aren't that easy, Bárbara.
No, they're not.
But I didn't think
I was so alone.
Let's go outside.
We were kids when we started this.
You want to ruin it now?
Fuck, I'm not ruining anything.
She's deranged. Why else
do you think I took her off BOX?
I said it'd turn out badly
and you did want you wanted.
Have you thought about
the consequences?
She goes.
No, she goes.
Millions of marketing directors
would sell their asses to work here.
- You've gone mad.
- No, no, no.
You just said it.
You and I started this, right?
- The others are expendable.
- Eva too.
Look, this company is yours and mine,
and if we can't agree,
then we both run it how we like.
Is that what you want?
I took you for a smarter guy.
Company, a confidant, understanding,
- love.
- It's a goddam speaker.
People are alone in their lives.
Technology is ending affection.
Here we go with
the apocalyptic vision.
No, the opportunistic vision.
Loads of people have
no one waiting at home.
Then adopt a dog, you should see
Oscar welcome me home.
- He's called Oscar?
- In memory of my granddad.
Right, guys, let's focus.
We're going to fill their lives.
You know old people get sick
because they don't talk to anyone?
BOX could say good morning to them,
wish them a happy birthday,
comment on the news.
I don't know if
we could go that far
Then let's not start there,
but I realized that
for BOX to stand out from other
computers, we have to give it life.
We have to think of it
as a companion person.
Then I'd rather it had
a girl's voice.
Then give it a girl's voice.
Or better, everyone chooses
if they want a guy's
or a girl's voice.
Let's prep some simulations
and I'll prep the presentation
for the next creative committee.
That's five days.
Then we're already behind.
Come on.
- She's glaring at us.
- Who?
Let her look. Check this out.
What? No way I'm spending
so much on this shit.
I'm paying.
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, I want
this, this and this.
And a skirt for me,
I'll go look for it now
And one of those things
you're wearing.
I'll get it right away.
Look, look, look.
6, 8 and 10.
Look, look, look.
400 Two plus two make four.
That's for the dress.
We want lunch.
Good afternoon.
How can I help you?
We wanted a double room.
Very well. One night?
A week.
A week.
For a week I can offer you
a deluxe, a premium,
a deluxe with views,
a club with terrace,
a junior suite, a grand junior suite,
a grand deluxe
Whatever you think.
No, the room's for sleeping,
taking a shower
Of course, but I have to
inform you of all your options.
Whatever room he fucking likes,
but with a shit-hot bathroom.
A room with a good bathroom.
Very well.
- That'll be 270 euros a night.
- Okay.
Fuck What's it got,
gold bathroom tiles?
That's it, right?
What a bed.
Must be great fucking on this.
It's so nice having money.
- Hello.
- Hello. Can I help you?
Yes, we found this jacket
in Mr. Mur's office,
and we think it's the woman's
who saw him this morning.
If you give me the contact,
I could return it to her.
Sorry, I can't give you
that information.
If you want to leave it here,
she can pick it up later.
Look, I'll tell you the truth.
I've only been here a few days,
and Mr. Mur gave me the contact
of the person we're meeting
and I lost it.
I know it sounds silly,
but I can't blow something so stupid.
If you could give me
just the name
Do you know what time she came?
She's the only visitor
he had this morning.
Sara Ortuño?
Sara Ortuño? Sara!
That's it. Thank you so much.
Your name?
- Nico. Nicolás Gómez.
- I owe you one, Nico.
I'll make a note of it.
- BOX?
- How can I help you?
Locate the psychotherapist
Sara Ortuño in Madrid.
Sara Ortuño, psychologist.
- Send it to my list of contacts.
- Sent.
Dr. Sara Ortuño's office.
Good afternoon.
I'd like to make an appointment.
- Is it the first time?
- Yes.
The doctor's agenda is closed.
She's not seeing any new patients.
Could you put me on
the waiting list?
I really want her to see me.
The doctor has no waiting list.
Then could you pass on my request?
I'm temporarily living in Madrid
and I don't want to interrupt
an advanced therapy I had in Paris
with another specialist.
I'm sorry, but
Please, just a request,
it's very important.
I can't promise you anything.
Your number, please?
Yes, of course.
It's 670
- 553421-
- And your name?
Sara, Sara Esteban.
- Very well. Thank you.
- Have a good afternoon.
Are you enjoying what's going on?
- What's going on?
- You're playing with Diego
to get a place in the company
at Bárbara's expense, that's what.
You underrate Diego
and overestimate me.
I don't think so.
My only weapon to get a job here
are my projects and I thought you liked them.
I don't like you
or Diego since he's been with you.
I may have been with Diego
longer than you imagine.
Because you're one of those
who do imagine, right?
Are you going to fire me?
I checked, and Diego's
secured your contract.
That's why you act that way.
- That way?
- Yes.
Like what?
Your attitude.
Marco, don't fret over Diego,
it's just an affair.
I thought you were
more open-minded.
What the hell
do you know about me?
I don't know. Otherwise you
couldn't create what you create.
I'll be watching you.
And I you.
I just got an appointment at 5.
No, I can't at that time.
Dr. Garrido is no ordinary therapist,
and you asked me.
Okay, fine.
I'll pick you up now.
It's better you come with me.
- Come on.
- No.
- Let's go.
- Carol, this isn't the lake.
We have to walk a little, José.
- You go to the lake by car, Carol.
- Come on, it's this way.
No. You go to the lake by car, Carol.
Let's go.
No. You go to the lake by car, Carol.
Ay, ay, ay,
I'm so sad he's dead,
- my canary.
- Good.
Ay, I'm so sad
he's dead, my canary.
Ay, I'm so sad
- he's dead, my canary.
- Wait, Carol.
Carol, Marco's coming.
Marco's coming! Marco!
- Where's Marco, Carol?
- I don't know.
Miss, this is for you.
"This gift is for José.
I can't be there today". Marco.
Look, José,
Marco got you a gift.
It's got blue hair,
like in the movie.
Marco. Carol.
José, look at me. Look at me.
Marco can't come.
So we're going to the car
and back to the center, okay?
You can take this back.
Do we wait here?
No. He'll be waiting for us.
We have an appointment, don't we?
It doesn't quite work like that.
Trust me.
If you'll allow me
Sometimes you have to trust
that you don't have enemies.
Come in, please.
Marco's been my patient for
Let him speak.
I have dreams.
I have nightmares that won't let me sleep
and I need to know what they mean.
- Marco suffered
- Can we start now?
Marco Mur, right?
What made you think, Mr. Mur,
that you control the times here?
I want you to respond fast with
the first thing that comes to mind.
Here we use word association.
So say the first thing
that comes to your head
when I say each of these terms.
Let's go. Green.
- Boy.
- Childhood.
- Work.
- Create.
- Life.
- Death.
- Violence.
- Sex.
- Love.
- Pain.
- Money.
- Power.
- How long ago did you leave?
- 17 years.
And why are you back?
You said an interview.
This is like an interrogation.
If you want me to help you
with custody of your son, José,
I need to know everything.
What was the reason
for the desertion?
I've lived outside Spain
for many years.
- You didn't answer the question.
- I had to leave the country.
And now?
And now
I want them to know they have
a mother who loves them
and that I'm back and
Are you sorry?
I'm sorry, but with this story
we'd need a miracle
to get your son back.
I'm a lawyer, not a saint.
I need your remorse at least.
I'm telling you the truth, eh?
And I need details.
I don't take cases I can't win.
Fuck, you're lucky, aren't you?
To be able to say that in life, I mean.
Everyone makes their own way.
Tell me, what do you
want to do?
Hit the road, you know?
We don't see eye to eye.
I think we do.
Marco Mur's mother.
Nothing fascinates me more
than a media case.
I don't want that.
It'd help in your case,
I assure you.
Laura, give me something
to defend you
and I'll get your son back to you.
Why did you desert your children?
I do house calls, honey.
Just kidding.
Wait for my call.
- What happened?
- Let's talk outside.
What did she tell you?
- She's taken the case.
- Why are you running off?
I don't know.
This is fucking great!
What's wrong?
We're going do it, eh?
Get out of all this shit.
Any news of him?
He doesn't know
where we are for now.
- Shall we celebrate?
- Sure. New hair, new life
How did it go?
- I won't treat your patient.
- I can't help him alone.
Like so many other patients
and you don't bring them here.
With him it's different.
Because his mother just came back
after deserting him 17 years ago.
- Why do you care about that?
- I'm his psychologist.
I don't know what
you're trying to say.
- You're projecting.
- Fuck off.
I don't transfer my problems
onto my patients.
That young man frees himself
from anxiety the same way you do,
through sex.
I haven't heard from you
in three years.
- I'm cured.
- No, addictions aren't cured.
- Sorry, I'm rehabilitated.
- Really?
- I don't recall releasing you.
- I recall why I left therapy.
Because you didn't want to listen
to what you had to hear.
Thanks, Pol. It's been a pleasure.
- I'll treat your patient.
- If?
If you commit to finishing
therapy with me.
- I'll come once a week.
- You'll come when I tell you.
- We will not do regressions.
- But we'll discuss the origin.
I will not bring Nacho.
We start tomorrow.
Free association will give me clues,
but the main thing now
is to reach the subconscious.
We'll work with hypnosis,
regressive hypnosis
and maybe later with EMDR.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
It's a stimulation treatment
based on eye movement.
It helps to decipher
traumatic experiences.
No, I didn't mention any trauma.
What about my dreams?
I see you like to be in control,
right, Mr. Mur?
Look, if you want us to make progress
you'll have to trust me.
There are no enemies here.
His brother didn't turn up
and José had another attack.
He ran away with no direction
or control for over three hours.
This means a setback
in his evolution.
Right, right
Look, it's here.
One foot.
I can explain, Doctor.
Collect your things.
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