Intergalactic (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

- I've written you up for a commendation.
- Ah!
First dad, now me.
- Ash Harper, I learned
about your old man at school.
It's nice to meet you.
- I request the immediate
release of my daughter.
- The procedures are quite clear.
- Priority arrest warrant
for Sergeant Wendell.
All force necessary.
- Get this connected!
I'm calling home!
A different prisoner
was due to be transferred.
Emma Greaves managed to take her place.
- Get her back.
- Please don't make me do this!
- I'm here.
Atmospheric entry complete.
What the hell was that?
We're coming in too fast!
Alert, attitude warning.
Slow her down, pig!
- I can't hold her!
- Well you have to!
- When we're crashing
you'd better tell me we're crashing.
We're caught in
Pau-Rosa's grav field
because your coordinates were off.
This is where you wanted to go.
- Warning, impact.
- 5,000 metres.
Warning, impact!
- 3,000,
1,000, Harper!
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
Oh God.
- That was close.
- Whew!
- ShroudTech's down,
port thrust completely screwed.
- Oh fuck!
- What are you doing?
Are you trying to bring
your Fed mates to my door?
We got business on this planet bitch
and you're not gonna stop us!
- Just let me help you!
I can help you!
- Don't shoot her!
Look, she's right.
We need the cop to fly us out of here.
You want to kill her, wait.
Take out her con-chip.
No, no!
Stay still.
- Get up!
- Comfy?
Why are the thermal controls down?
And don't give me any of
your "I don't know" bullshit,
because I'm tired of saving your life.
- Sand in the filters.
- There you go.
Who said they don't teach you
anything in fascist school?
- You'd better fix this.
Fix it quick
because when I get back we need to shift.
- Back from where?
- It's none of your business pig!
- Aren't you late?
Oi, laughing boy, where do you
keep the tools on this crate?
- Well I don't know.
well that's a maintenance
job really, isn't it?
I just lock people up.
How's that going?
Get this fucking ShroudTech
up and.
Fuck are you doing?
- Please don't hit me, please, don't.
- You want to live?
- Yeah.
- Clear that dead meat off this ship.
It's starting to honk.
- Yeah.
- I know.
She's all heart.
- Mama wants you.
We're going into town.
- Solander town, oh, the thrills!
Light lunch, quick,
quick spin around the shops.
- We've got business.
Indeed we do.
Now you need to get changed out of those
or you're going to stand
out like a dog's balls.
So come on.
Sad rags to glad rags!
err, no.
Oh hello.
You want me to make you pretty Genny?
There you go.
It's not like Marcia needs it now.
- I mean it's not like
we were mates, was it?
Still, you've got to give
people a send-off, haven't you?
A bit of respect at the end.
- Who are you?
Get away from me!
Get away from me!
- Quiet!
We need to get off this ship.
Listen, there's a comms
raided the suspect's house.
No sign of Wendell,
but we have found evidence
of revolutionary material.
Wendell's ARC, a rebel.
- We need to raise the threat level.
Increase security measures,
root out any more infiltration.
It seems they want your
daughter to hold her to ransom.
- We need to find Wendell.
- Oi, I was here first!
If anyone's nicking this ride, it's me!
I'm the pirate, Nantu, born and bred,
seventh gen so I've got
first dibs on this, yeah?
- First dibs?
- Yeah, exactly.
So be a good girl, go and
nick your own wheels, yeah?
- Get off me!
- Look, you're lucky,
because I don't make a
habit of hitting girls.
- That's unfortunate.
- Oh!
Where did you learn to fight like that?
- Police Academy Combat Skills.
Top of my class!
- Ooh!
- I'm guessing you weren't top
of the class in navigation.
Look, I just need to make a call.
- You want to know where town is, ooh.
Give us a lift.
- Are you hungry sweets?
- What is it?
- The deep fried, dirty taste of freedom!
- I'm good thanks.
- Right you,
enough of the creepy crawlies.
And you, wipe that shit off your face.
We're here to do business.
Let us in.
She's expecting us.
- Not on the list.
- You know what,
why don't you take your
list and shove it right up-
- Oh, we're in sweets.
- You're late.
Where's my package?
So I'm assuming it's in her.
- Nah, nah, nah.
She ain't no mule,
she's my daughter.
- Candy Skov-King, enchante.
Time for a little pass the parcel.
- Have a drink.
Don't get too comfortable.
- Told you, just want the
coordinates to Arcadia.
You help me, I'll be out
of your hair by sundown.
- It's two suns sweetie,
it's a complicated world.
- Right Harper, the filters are clear.
Is the light back on?
Where the fuck is Harper,
did you see her go?
- No.
Well, I mean-
- Shit!
- I've been doing this.
I'm not very good at multitasking.
- Do you know what, you are
genuinely the shittest excuse
for a human being that I have ever-
Sorry, I wasn't,
well I mean.
- So you're a bent cop?
- What?
I didn't say that.
- Yeah you did.
Police academy.
So what was it?
On the take?
Hand in the till?
Sleep with a witness?
- Miscarriage of justice actually.
I'm a Commonworld Sky Cop trained pilot.
- Not a very good one.
- What?
- I saw you crash your
ship into the forest,
assuming that was you of course.
- That wasn't a crash, it was
a textbook controlled landing.
- Oh!
It looked like a crash to me.
You might want to park round the back.
Main street gets a little bit lairy.
- Avoiding someone?
- A bit of a ruck last
night as it happens.
It started with a card game,
ended in death threats.
So yeah, I ain't sticking around.
Don't fancy getting choked.
- Neither do I, I'm going home.
Take your clothes off.
- Really?
I mean I'm flattered, obviously.
- I need your clothes,
I can't go out in this.
- Nah, no chance.
You're not having my threads love.
- You want my wheels, give me your pants.
- You don't get 13 bags
out without the squeak.
Let's talk.
- I need to make a call,
an emergency call to Earth.
- Sorry, I don't understand.
Emergency, yeah?
I don't have any money.
- No money, no call.
- Where is my daughter
and what the fuck have you done with her?
- The ARC will resist the
might of the Commonworld.
- You're her boss, her commanding officer.
She trusted you, respected
you, and you framed her, why?
Why did you do it?
We will disrupt military, technological,
and political infrastructures
that aim to suppress
the free will of the people,
both on Earth-
- You're a terrorist.
- And the wider galactic communities.
- Ma'am, a word.
- Mum?
Oh, thank god.
- Ash?
Were are you, are you alright?
- I'm okay.
We're on Pau Rosa, we crash landed.
I didn't get the coordinates
but we're somewhere in
the Southern Desert.
We're locating you now.
- Mum, please come and get me, please!
- We will.
Darling, of course.
Are you safe, have they hurt you?
- No, I'm okay, I've got away,
but I think Tula, the gang leader,
is trying to get them to Arcadia.
- Officer Harper, this is
Dr Lee, can you hear me?
- Sir?
- Where is Emma Greaves?
She's our primary concern.
Prisoner 99450, she's a
psychiatric inmate, white hair.
- Yeah.
Yeah I know her, she
was trying to kill me.
- Harper, listen to me,
Emma Greaves is an enemy of the state.
We need to know where she is.
- I know where she is.
I left her near the ship.
Well then you need to go back,
find her.
- Sir, I can't.
I can't go back to the Hemlock.
Dr Greaves must be recaptured.
She's dangerous, a threat
to Commonworld security.
- Ash, I know you can do this.
- I'll try, but I'll need
backup, she's dangerous.
- We cannot wait.
If Dr Greaves falls into enemy hands,
the consequences will be more
terrible than we can imagine.
- She's ARC, Ash.
- And these are the terrorists responsible
for your father's death.
- I'll do it.
I'll apprehend her.
- Don't let her leave Pau Rosa.
Our Jupiter cruisers will be
with you as soon as possible
and then we'll bring you home.
- That's it?
This has got the way to Arcadia?
- Coordinates, secret routes.
Every gangster in the
galaxy is after this Tula.
Ah ah ah!
Let's just wait until your
golden goose is empty.
What's your pan for Arcadia?
- Gonna rebuild.
- Well maybe I'll join you
after I've squeezed the last
few dollars out of this hole.
Pau Rosa is dying on its arse
taking most of us with it.
You ripped one, you ripped one!
Stop it!
- Shut up bitch!
Shut up!
Opiate overdose.
- Get off her!
Candy, wake up!
- Hypoxia.
- What?
- It's an antidote.
- Candy.
What do I do?
Candy, where do I put it?
What the hell
have you done to my men?
- What the hell have
you done to my property?
I knew I should never have trusted you.
- No you shouldn't.
- There's nothing on it you twat.
Do you really think by some
miracle I had the coordinates
to Arcadia, I'd give them to you?
Now fuck off out of my
bar, my town, my planet.
- Shit.
- It's getting wild out there.
It's been a shitter of a day, eh?
I said it's been a shitter of
a day, hasn't it this place?
It's terrifying.
- Sorry, I think you
might be a bit confused.
Just because I didn't
let you get shot by Tula
does not mean you get to do this.
- Do what?
- This talking, friends.
I'm a con, you're a screw.
Opposite sides.
You still here?
- Do you know what?
Just so you know,
right, I never wanted to be a screw.
I just, I wasn't very good at school.
My stepdad said it would
be a good opportunity
and a chance to travel.
- Yeah, well your stepdad
sounds like a dick.
- He is.
A massive, massive dick.
But do you know what?
I'm starting to think that
maybe he's right about me.
I am useless, I've got no guts.
I mean why haven't I even ran away yet?
- All good questions.
- What even is this place?
The Jewel of Aurea.
It's worse than Bolton.
Horrible dust everywhere, it's bollocks.
- Yes, it is bollocks.
Everything they told you,
everything they taught you is a lie.
You know the only difference
between you and me
is that you bought the
uniform, believed the bullshit.
- So what do I do now?
You want to know what to do?
Calm down, go back
outside, finish your hole
and let me learn how to fly this crate.
Alert, proximity warning.
Alert, proximity warning.
- Oh no, is it another ship?
- It's a drone.
It's a Commonwealth scout drone.
- Well how did they know where we were?
- Before we recommence, I have some news.
Four Commonworld Jupiter
Cruisers have been dispatched
to Pau Rosa to pick up Dr.
Emma Greaves and my daughter.
So your plan,
the ARC's plan, has failed.
- You don't get it, do you Arch-Marshall?
This isn't about me, you, the leader,
it's about the survival of Aurea.
You torture, rape, enslave
all under the guise of
ecological salvation-
- We are saving Mother Earth!
- By destroying the universe!
You're on the wrong side
of history Arch-Marshall.
The people will see what you are.
Maybe one day, even Ash.
- My daughter will never turn.
She is loyal to the Commonworld
and she is loyal to me.
- What the hell happened to her?
- A trying day.
Uh, Genny,
darling be a dear,
pass me that last bag.
- Tula, have you got the coordinates
because we've got to shift.
- I've got nothing.
- What do you mean you've got nothing?
You haven't got the route to Arcadia?
- No one knows the fucking way!
- Okay.
Well, we can figure that out later
but we have got to get off Pau Rosa
because either we are
about to get swallowed up
by this storm or blown out of
the sky by the Commonworld.
- Where's the pig?
- Gone.
- What?
- To give the Commonworld
our exact location,
hence the drones.
- You lost the pilot!
You let her escape!
- Probably not in any position
to start playing the blame game here Tula!
- Fuck!
Ignition failure.
What now, why aren't we taking off?
- What's wrong?
- I don't know Tula.
- Why not?
- I don't know Tula!
- Is that you and Mum are even now?
- The size of my habit sweets,
that's a debt I'll never pay off.
- You did this!
You called the Commonworld!
- Don't.
Don't shoot me.
- I would never shoot you.
I would never hurt you.
We need to get off the planet.
- No, just stay here, wait it out!
- If we don't move, we'll die.
- Where the fuck did you come from?
And where the fuck have you been?
Second thoughts, don't answer that,
just get in the pilot seat
and get us out of here.
- I'm commandeering this ship.
- What?
- I want the rest of you to leave.
I don't need you.
- The fuck you're taking our ship.
Who the hell do you think you are?
- Look, let's just go.
We can find shelter in the woods.
- We wouldn't survive,
the ground is subsiding.
We need to stay on this ship.
- No chance.
Harper, get on the bridge!
You take one more step.
- Look, let's just go, it's not safe.
She's going to kill us.
- She won't kill me.
She will let me on.
- I'm serious.
Back away.
Back away or I will shoot you!
You really are mad.
- Shit, shit!
- What the fuck!
- I said, I said, I told her,
she just kept coming!
- Look.
- What is she?
- She's a witch!
initialising gangplank.
- Who's doing this?
The screw!
- Drew, no, look!
- Right, lock her up,
and the snitch.
I'm going to find out who's
messing with our ship.
- Get in!
- Oh hey.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Ooh!
- Hitchhiker sweets.
Terrible hair and his own agenda.
- Yeah, the agenda's
about to save your arse.
- Oh!
You've got about one minute
before four Jupiter
cruisers are in your face.
Alert, proximity warning.
Alert, proximity warning.
- Give me one good reason
why I should not kill you
right now.
- Lightning's busted
one of your thrusters,
that's why you can't take off.
I'm the only one that's
going to get you out of this.
- Yeah?
How are you going to do that?
- I'll just do it on one
thruster, ride the turbulence.
You got company and then some.
We're about to surf the waves.
- Have we got them?
- Your daughter's been identified
by one of the drone's cameras.
She was with Emma Greaves.
- Where is she now?
- There was some sort of
altercation on the ground.
- No.
- The Hemlock has left
with them still on board
before we could intercept.
- No.
You said you would bring her home.
- And we will, once she's
completed her mission.
Your daughter is a true
servant of the Commonworld.
Be proud.
- I know you've been told to capture me.
It will not happen.
There is a plan for us.
- I'll kill anyone who stands
in the way of my escape.
- You ruined my plans for freedom.
- What are you talking about!
Ah, fuck it, I don't care.
Shoot her.
- Don't do this!
- You cannot kill me.
- We can chuck you out the airlock though.
- You will not touch her or me
because I am Dr. Emma Greaves,
former lead scientist for the Commonworld
and founder member of the A-R-C,
and I know the way to Arcadia.
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