Intergalactic (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I've worked out
the coordinates.
- Where's the rest?
- You'll receive it in stages.
Otherwise you have no
reason not to kill Ash.
They've just popped to NAR-59,
pick up a couple of fuel rods.
You sent
her back to the Commonwealth.
You trust her?
- Do you want this today ma'am?
- Absolutely proof that
this image has been faked.
Who gave you your orders
to frame my daughter?
- Hello Rebecca.
- I will kill you,
all of you, before I let
you take my daughter.
- Our daughter, and when
I get my arms around her,
you will never see her again.
- Morning, snitch.
Door wide open.
Guess we must trust you now.
- What the hell else do I
have to do to convince you?
- One job and you think you're one of us?
I don't buy it.
Witch says I can't kill you,
but not my fault if you
have a little accident.
- Mama?
Found one.
- Watch your back, snitch.
Commonworld police officer
Ash Harper were responsible for
the theft of New Aurum from NAR- 59.
Harper and the escaped convicts
along with an unknown male accomplice
are believed to still be at
large on the GCC Hemlock.
- Two days, constant loop.
Every arsehole with a
radio is looking for us.
- Is this it?
Can this ship get us out of here?
- Yeah, should do, yeah.
I don't like the look of
it but we need to move fast
and they've got no defence
shields, no weapons systems.
They're are wide open.
- So we're actually doing this then?
- We're leaving this cage.
- Abandon ship.
- It's not right.
Hijacking, endangering innocent people.
- We don't have a choice.
We can't stay here.
- She's right.
The Hemlock's too hot.
- Lets ditch this crap.
We're taking that fucking ship.
Initialising power standby.
- Oi witch!
Suit yourself.
- What the hell is this place?
Why no defence, no security?
- Don't care.
New set of wings is what it is.
Don't be shy now Harper.
- Do you here that?
- What the hell is it?
- It's Thelonius Monk.
- What the shitting hell?
- Put down your weapon!
It's a ladle.
Please don't hurt me.
Please don't hurt me.
Who are you, what do you want?
You know who we are mate,
it's all over the airwaves.
- We're the Commonworld's
most wanted.
- I don't have
a working radio.
This is a research vessel.
Look, please!
Please don't take my specimens.
- Don't want your creatures,
you shitting hippie.
Want your ship!
- Arch-Marshall, no signs
of the Hemlock yet, ma'am.
but we've mobilised two more scout squads,
accelerated search and retrieve protocols.
- What's that?
- We've issued a galactic
wide communication regarding
the robbery at NAR-59
Harper and the escaped convicts
along with an unknown-
- Including information
that your daughter was involved.
- Well, why wasn't I consulted?
- We believe this will
help your daughter, ma'am,
maintain her cover.
- Have double the reward
for their capture.
- Now I know you're
concerned but your daughter
is serving the Commonworld
in the most important way.
Maybe it would help if
you consider your daughter
as fulfilling her father's legacy.
Let this play out.
Be patient.
But most of all, be proud.
- Check the rest of the ship.
Make sure he's the only one on board.
How do you fly this thing?
Where are the controls?
- You can't touch it.
She mustn't be disturbed.
I'm unable to fly the
ship until the fledglings
have flown the nest.
The fuck are you talking about?
- Larus Draco, gull lizard.
I thought they were extinct.
- They were.
No, don't touch!
Stop, no!
- Tula, he's just a scientist.
There is no need to kill him.
- Stay out of this, witch!
- Wait, the Larus
Draco's bite's poisonous.
If you kill me and you're dead.
Steroidal alkaloids bite can
lead to severe neurotoxicity.
- What's that, what's he talking about?
- You have to stay calm, completely still.
It reduces the spread of the venom.
Maybe you could lay down in here.
The Larus Draco bite
needs to be kept sterile.
- Mama?
- I'm just gonna have
a little rest.
keep your eye on the others, yeah.
Make sure no one gets any ideas.
- Sorry, I'm really low on supplies.
Without a syringe driver
and the adrenaline shot
it's simply not safe to
administer the antidote.
- What will happen to mama if-
- Throat will close up,
and muscle spasms and respiratory arrest.
- The Hemlock.
I'll just pop back there.
I've got a shit tonne of First Aid.
There's a printer, I
could 3D print the rest.
- You see, that might work.
I'm not sure if I can
remember the codes or-
- Then find them.
- Got it.
- Sort out this shit show,
this crate hasn't moved for months.
Then you can go back to the Hemlock.
I'll go with him.
- Yeah, do it.
I don't trust him as
far as I can throw him.
Quick as you can, yeah
'cause we need to get going.
And be careful over there.
Male accomplice are
believed to still be at large
on the GCC Hemlock.
All vessels in the district
to remain vigilant.
The Commonworld have doubled
the reward for their capture.
- There's enough pills to kill a horse.
- Hey, Candy.
Stop taking fucking horse
pills and listen, okay.
Something has happened.
That fucker is planning to turn us in.
He wants the reward money.
So I need you to get Genevieve.
- Aw.
- I need you to tell Genevieve.
You hear me?
Tell Genny and I'll get Tula.
Hear me?
- Hmm mm.
- Tell Tula what, exactly?
Okay, lets do this.
- I just need to grab something first.
- Genny!
Oh, you know I have something to tell you.
I can't remember what it is.
Oh, oh, they're so sweet.
Oh hello.
- That bird that you
killed, she had babies.
Probably die without the mum now.
- My mum is sick.
- Yeah, well theirs
is dead so
- All the DNA, all the endangered species
of the Hestia Reef, my life's work.
- A treasure trove.
- It's not without it's toll.
- Intellectually?
- Materially.
As you can see, I'm not a wealthy man.
Ah, the Ictus Weaver.
One small bite can put
you in a coma for a week.
It finds the closest human.
So poisonous, so adorable.
The latest success of my
de-extinction programme.
- And the other animals you've cloned,
you've release them back
into their natural habitat?
- With limited success.
Their environment is already compromised.
Ah, well not without hope.
- Happy family.
Shame about the street.
It's not a very safe part of old London.
Have you applied for a
unit inside the city walls?
- Every time.
- Oh, maybe this will be your lucky year.
- What you need?
- A location.
Can you extract it from the bio-comms
used to contact the ARC?
- Is this about your
daughter again, ma'am?
- I need the location on that chip.
Can you do it?
When you've cracked I'll
meet you in Parson's Green.
- Didn't think you knew
your way around old London.
- It's my job to know.
- Wait.
Where's the chip?
You left ARCtech at my desk?
- I was hoping you would say yes.
- Shit!
You okay?
- Oh, fuck me.
Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
Right, let's print this shit.
Hotfoot it back to the zoo.
- What's the hurry?
- In case you haven't
noticed Hemlock is still hot.
- Verona disabled the ship.
There's no comms, no trace.
As long as we don't move, we're safe.
- What about Tula?
Do you
really care about Tula?
- I don't give a fuck
mate, she's a maniac.
- So they can wait.
- What are you doing now?
- Let's go.
Front row seats.
Greatest show in the universe.
- I had this picture
book when I was a kid.
Hestia Reef, the Wonder of Aurea.
Obsessed with it I was, and now I'm here,
watching it for real, with you.
Sorry, sorry.
Sorry, I just, sorry.
- It's okay.
- It's not okay.
I just got the impression you
weren't in a rush to get back.
I misread the situation, I'm sorry.
Let's forget about that shall we?
Don't wanna spoil this.
Top class view, high class snacks.
- No one's trying to kill us.
- Exactly.
That's trouble with cons, isn't it?
You can't trust them.
You can't turn your back for one minute.
They're always trynna fuck you over.
Not you, of course.
- You don't know me.
- I know enough.
I see it.
Whatever shit is flying around you,
you're always trying
to do the right thing.
- What if I don't even
know what that is anymore?
- What do you mean?
- This is just hard.
I don't wanna be here.
I wanna turn the clock back and go home.
There's only one way I can do that.
- I get it.
You see something sad, it
makes you feel homesick.
You see something nice, it
makes you feel even worse.
Do you know that feeling you got,
that ache, lump in your
throat, I just push it down.
- What, you can't go home?
- Nah.
- I'm sorry.
- It's all right.
I mean fuck it's, sometimes
it's more than all right.
Sometimes it's beautiful.
- I just thought that if
it looked like a flower
then they might wanna eat it.
But, they don't want anything from me.
It's the Commonworld.
They're heading straight for us.
- Please, please.
We need to hide in the incubator.
See because it masks your heat signature.
I've been hiding from them for years,
staying under the radar.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We don't hide.
We fight.
- Look, I implore you.
This is your only chance
of survival.
- but he's right.
You should hide.
- What about you?
- Ill hide with you.
Look, if they see me then
they'll know that you're here.
And then, look we have to do it.
Where's Verona?
- She's perfectly safe.
- Do you wanna stay for a drink?
Do you wanna get back?
What do you wanna do?
- I'm okay, actually.
I just need to grab something.
- All right, well, pass me this code.
I got to print that syringe thingy.
Asteroids, admin.
One to tell the kids, isn't it?
That's a not syringe.
He gave us the wrong code.
Hang on.
- No, no, no..
Not doing this.
Not waiting.
We're sitting fucking ducks!
We've got to do something!
There's something not
fucking right about this!
Let me out of here, witch!
Let me out of here, witch!
- Shut up.
You heard what he said.
Stay quiet!
Their sensors won't penetrate if we-
- Fuck are you talking about?
They're coming for us.
Calm down
ladies, nothing to fear.
Oh and the Commonworld aren't coming.
Just my little ruse.
- Blake?
- Dr. Hague Blake, yes.
It's sad you don't
remember me Dr. Greaves,
despite you being very
complimentary about my dissertation.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I got a PhD, graduated 2119.
Commenced on research work
at the Commonworld Institute
the following spring.
Right, if you look to your left,
just behind the dodo there.
Of course I've changed a
lot over the years and all
but a bit whiter in the beard,
a bit broader round the hem,
whereas as you of course,
haven't aged a day.
- I am Dr. Emma Greaves
and I'm standing in front of a tank
of a recently discovered element
extracted from an intergalactic meteorite
which we have named New Aurum.
It is our expectation that New Aurum
will not only offer us
a way out of our current
ecological crisis.
It will also render fossil fuels obsolete
within our lifetime.
New Aurum is considered
to be exotic matter
because it has negative mass
when it is passed through magnetic fields
so it also promises us the prospect
of travelling ever deeper into space.
Maybe even one day across stars
to new galaxies, new worlds.
Just think of what wonders
we'll find out there.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- And this is the Holy Grail
of usable fusion energy.
Another five tesla, please
It's a trap.
He knows what I am.
Let me out.
- He's coming for me.
The amount of energy created increases
and remember this is all happening
at room temperature.
What's happened?
Wait, no.
Turn off the field.
What the fuck?
What the fuck are you?
- She is someone very special.
The subject of a thousand
conspiracy theories.
She is the greatest scientist of our age.
The woman of my dreams.
Show me your hands.
Hands in the air.
What the
fuck are they doing here?
Hands in the air.
- Please wait, wait, wait.
- You've got bio-comms.
We know you're in communication with ARC.
Now show me your hands.
- Okay, wait.
Please, there's been a mistake.
Suspect is down.
Secure the area.
Make sure he was the only one.
What are you doing to her?
- A simple harvest.
Starting at the top of your head
then working our way down.
Open wide Dr. Greaves.
You know they say that
it's a times of conflict
that science makes it's greatest progress.
Wouldn't you agree Dr. Greaves?
- Please, please don't do this to me.
- The Commonworld has declared
war on the environment.
Destroying the Hestia and
it's beautiful creatures.
Now I believe it's the
duty of all scientists
to give all that they can.
- It's extraordinary.
An extraordinary result,
over a hundred years old.
And yet look, healthy follicles.
There must be nearly 200,000 eggs.
- Professor we
We are on the same side.
Your enemy is my enemy.
The Commonworld-
- Shh.
You're more than I could ever hope for.
All those years, watching
and waiting for you,
scanning the airwaves.
Who'd have thought terrorists
could be so tedious.
But it was all worth it.
Follicles are mature, ready for harvest.
- Leave her alone you fucking sick fuck!
Oh sit back down love,
you only gonna make it worse.
How's your arm by the way?
- Never was any fucking poison was there?
Nothing wrong with me!
The power of persuasion ha?
- Fuck!
- Do you know, I think a bit of Mozart
would lighten the mood.
Don't you?
Now as for the next bit.
I think you should just relax.
So, your eggs my treasure trove.
- No!
- See, not only are my
creatures going to survive,
they're gonna live forever, just like you.
- No!
Doors locked.
Doors locked.
Doors unlocked.
- No.
- You're saying no?
Is that what you're saying?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Did she say yes?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Men like you always sorry
Until the next time.
- Whoa!
- Well well, its been a while.
Want your usual?
- Yeah, well next time something
seems too good to be true.
- Forget it.
Just lob him out of the air lock,
then foot to the floor.
- Nah, no way.
Gonna take me at least a couple of days
to get these engines up.
- Yeah.
I've vote Hemlock 'cause seriously,
this place is a shithole.
- It's not a vote
and no we're not.
Hemlock's still hot.
Staying here.
- I will not remain on this ship.
- All right.
Back to Hemlock.
- Mama, can we?
- No.
No animals on my ship!
Next time I offer you a gun you take it.
Then you're a fool.
This universe is full of men who think
they can take what they want.
- I don't wanna live without hope.
- Hope?
Hope will get
you drugged by your father
and passed around his mates.
Hope will get you battered by
your husband again and again
and again until you buy a
bigger gun and you say
You judge me, witch.
I make my choice and I
choose not to be a victim.
Should have shot him in the first place.
When I get my arms around her
you will never see her again.
- Nothing quite like your own gaff is it,
even with a few bits missing?
Not my fault.
Fucking hippie nearly
took my eyebrows off.
what's up with you two?
- Its a difficult day.
- I don't know.
Had it's highlights.
- I want to thank you, properly.
You saved me.
- Same situation, I would
have done the same for anyone.
- But you are changing.
These women, criminals
are becoming your friends.
- No, but not you.
You're a terrorist.
- I'm a pacifist and I've paid
the price in the past, today.
I've only ever tried to help.
- I don't want you anywhere near me.
- You are changing.
I can see you're not ready.
- What the hell happened in here?
- Wouldn't you like to know.
Lets just say, Ash hoisted my main sail.
- The fuck!
- Its a euphemism.
- What happened to your scalp, sweet?
- Oh what, this.
Well, while you were
getting off your head Candy
I was getting mine bashed in.
Thank you for your concern.
It's a bit fucking late.
Signal connected.
- This is Ash Harper.
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