Intergalactic (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

In a matter of hours,
we'll know the location of Arcadia.
- I've got a proposition for you.
- Croupier's looking
for passage to Arcadia,
she's offered us a seat in the game.
- I'll get clean.
- Get clean?
Have you hit your head?
Looks like you lose.
- She bet me on a poker game.
- You can't just take her!
I won't let you.
- You haven't got it in you.
- Mother!
- If you take Dr.
Greaves, you're a traitor.
- My daughter is dead.
Just like her father.
- She will answer for her crimes.
- Ash Harper was a hero, like her father.
Ash dedicated her life
to the service of our Commonworld,
to enforcing its laws
and ensuring it remains
a beacon of justice
in the universe.
She leaves behind her mother, Rebecca.
Mummy, look.
Play with me, Mummy, play with me.
Disposal chute, activated.
- You all right?
- My whole life, I was on this path.
Everything was clear.
Now I have no idea
what the fuck I'm doing.
- Welcome to the club.
- So is there some sort of official badge,
or membership card or something?
- Well
Autopilot engaged.
- Fun times.
What is that?
- It's a detox cleans.
- One hour to Arcadia, guys.
As long as Emma's coordinates are right.
So what is the plan, when we land?
- Tula.
What is the plan?
In terms of getting Genny back?
- Fuck her.
- She's your daughter, Tula.
Come on.
- Don't worry about it, mate.
We don't need her to get Genny back.
- She'll try and stop us.
Ah, shit.
Warning, impact.
Warning, impact.
Warning, impact.
What's going on?
Hold it steady,
we're almost through.
What's going on?
- Life support systems are okay.
- Pirate should've watched
where the was fucking going
- Proximity sensor
should've warned us anyway.
- Shit.
- Engine diagnostics are okay.
- Not for long,
half the fuel cells are fucked.
- Forget that.
- Forget the massive puddle of goo
that could blow us into
another dimension any second,
yeah, excellent idea.
Glad you're not in charge.
- Look at this.
- What the fuck is that?
- I was checking the
proximity sensors for errors.
I clocked a glitch.
Had a look in the subroutines.
- It's broadcasting our
location to the Commonworld.
- Bloody well stop it then.
- I've tried, watch.
There must be a tracker attached
to the sensor mast itself.
- The Commonworld could
be here any second.
- Fuck.
- Stop the leak.
Get us the fuck out of here.
- No way, think about it.
They could've caught us
any time they wanted.
- They want us to lead them to Arcadia.
- The tracker was activated
after we left Kelp
by input into this console.
One of us did this.
Someone here is working
for the Commonworld.
- Subdirector Franklin.
- Rebecca, thanks for coming.
- Did I have a choice?
- This must be a very
difficult time for you
but your daughter died a hero.
- I'm surprised to see you here.
You were posted to China, no?
- In from Shanghai this morning.
- And you're already in Dr. Lee's lab,
the heir apparent.
- Yes, well, whoever's going
to be selected tonight,
they're gonna need to know exactly
what happened on Empyreum.
- I've already given my full account.
- There are just a few details
that don't quite stack up.
- I'll tell you what happened on Empyreum.
The ARC killed my daughter
and took Emma Greaves
so we need to respond immediately.
- Not until the Electorate convenes.
- This is no time to play politics.
- You see that's the thing
about us scientists, Rebecca.
We like to gather all of the data
before coming to conclusions,
so before we can decide how to proceed
with this Greaves situation,
a leader is going to be chosen
and they're gonna discover
exactly what happened to Dr. Lee.
- So who is it then?
Who's the rat?
- Maybe there's another stowaway.
- I did a scan, we're the
only lifeforms on the ship.
- Drew the screw.
- No, there's no way he'd endanger Genny.
- You then.
- What, you
you guys are basically
the only friends I've got.
- What about the witch?
She's fucked us over before.
- They tortured her for 17 years
and she never even told
them where Arcadia was
and now she's just attaching
trackers to the ship?
- You fucked us before too.
- No, it's not me, I found the thing.
- Right.
- For fuck's sake Tula.
- The rest got five seconds to confess
or I'll kill all of ya.
Starting with you, snitch bitch.
- It's Tula, she did it.
She double crossed us.
- The fuck you talking about, screw?
- It's true, I swear.
Genevieve told me.
That's why we was gonna run away together.
She told me that Tula had made
a deal with the Commonworld.
- Why didn't you say any of this before?
- Because I was scared.
- You will be fucking scared.
- Hang on, hang on.
This doesn't make any sense.
Okay, yes, Tula is heartless,
but all she's ever wanted
to do is get to Arcadia,
why the hell would she
lead the Commonworld there?
- Listen to Candy.
It's not me.
- Drew is no liar.
- She's right, I'm not
- She bet her own daughter.
- I'm gonna fix your lying lips.
- Cuffs.
Let's get her locked up.
- Shit.
- Well, we've got
schematics for the engines,
atmospherics and weapons,
but the pages for the sensor
mast have been ripped out.
Tula must have used them
to attach the tracker.
- Yeah well, whoever's responsible
probably incinerated those pages
to ensure we couldn't
mess with their hardware.
Right before they fucked
with our only spacesuit
- Does any of this
really sound like Tula, at all?
- Look, whoever it is,
tracker needs stopping,
the new aurum needs cleaning,
so let's get moving.
And honestly, I still think
- What's going on with you?
I though we were good.
We were.
- What, you think I did this?
Verona, you watched me
turn my back on everything.
- Yeah, I did.
But you're a good liar, Ash.
The only thing I know for sure
is that the ship's been hacked
and the only person I can trust, is me.
- It's nice here.
Do you know how much energy
it takes to keep it that way?
How much power we need
to keep our climate even remotely stable?
The ARC have Emma Greaves
so now they can find new deposits
of new aurum and we can't.
The thought of that scares me to death.
We need to act quickly.
- I'm sure whoever's elected
- Whoever's elected
will be a man of science
and sometimes I wonder
whether we need a man,
or a woman, of action.
- Arch-Marshall,
that's treason.
- Alessia.
There's something people need to see.
There's something people need to know
- Why isn't anyone listening to me?
- Well
- I'm bloody clean!
For Christ's sake Echo.
Look, it is not Tula, alright, I know it.
He is a Commonworld screw,
what if it's actually him?
- What?
What are you doing?
- Oh. Your fear, I can smell it.
Haven't been able to do that for years.
Why are you afraid, sweets?
Is it because you're a spy?
Is that why you came up with that bullshit
that Genny told you it was Tula?
- Come on, Candy.
Drew's a good boy.
He's never lied a day in his life.
- Oh, he is lying now.
And I'm gonna prove it.
Verona, are you all good?
- Yeah, let's just get this
over with quickly, alright?
- Verona?
Verona, are you there?
Listen, I need to
Whatever you think, I'm not spying.
I would never do that to us.
To you.
- Ash, not now.
Look, you can trust me.
Talk to me.
You've turned off the comms, fuck.
She fucking did it.
- Ash
- Verona!
Verona, come in!
What's happening?
Verona, respond!
Filtration error.
Oxygen level 17%.
- Water, fuck.
Verona, listen to me, there's
a leak in the air scrubber.
Verona, cut your glove.
I've calculated it,
you'll have enough time
to make it back inside.
Oxygen level 12%
Verona, cut your glove now.
Cover the rip, just grip
it with your other hand.
Okay, now get inside.
Oxygen level, 5%.
Verona, now.
- I'm not gonna make it.
Oxygen level, 3%.
- Yes you are.
This isn't gonna kill you.
All you have to do now
is just breath slowly.
- I can't.
You need to trust me.
You can do this.
You have to do this.
I need you.
That's it.
Just keep going.
You're nearly there.
You're going to make it.
Thank you.
- Do you think Candy can
actually smell the spy?
- Yeah mate, and I'm 6 foot 4.
What is it?
- I lied.
I lied about Tula.
- Mate, that's fantastic.
- What?
- Make a pirate out of you yet, boy.
- No.
I've got to tell everyone.
- Yeah but mate, it
probably is her anyway.
She'd do anything for
money, just leave it.
- No, I can't do that, mate.
Echo, you nearly finished?
- Yeah, just about.
- You're still on pilot duty.
We're ready to go.
- Tracker gone?
Yep, I'll engage ShroudTech.
You make sure there's no
Commonworld on our six
but fingers crossed.
- Let's not get too excited.
Ain't over till we're singing karaoke
with the fat lady in Arcadia.
- Verona, you okay?
- Stop!
I'm gonna let you out!
As long as everyone thinks it's you,
we're still in danger.
You won't hit me, will ya?
- I've got bigger spies to fry, screw.
- I'm sorry.
- What for?
- Being such a fucking bitch.
- I'm sure you can't help it.
- I know you're not the spy, Ash.
- Why do you do it?
Push people away?
- I don't know.
Maybe I
I get scared.
- News just in.
- Turn on a newsfeed.
You did this.
You leaked it.
- Subdirector Franklin,
while we stand around
waiting for the results of
our so-called election
- You're causing panic
- I am opening people's eyes
and the people demand action.
- You want to be the Director?
You can't.
You're not a scientist,
it's unconstitutional.
- Perhaps that's just one more thing
that we'll have to change.
- Find the spy.
- What
What are you?
- What the fuck?
Hey, what the fuck, that's my stuff.
- I've tried to stop her
but she's very determined.
- Find the spy.
- What's she taken?
- I haven't taken anything.
They did this to me, they did it.
- Get up.
- They did
- Get up.
- Drugged me.
- Come on, let's splash
some water on your face.
- I'm gonna
get back to
Emma, what do you think
ARC will do to Tula?
Just like lock her up or
something a bit spicier?
- First, I'll kill you.
Then I'll kill your family.
And then, anyone your family's ever met.
- Just shut up!
So you're not the traitor,
but you're still a complete fucking bitch
and you're a bad mother!
- And what are you?
You couldn't even do that.
It's all you had to do.
Just that.
Genny would still be with us now.
Yeah, I've made my mistakes,
but I gave her life.
Made her strong.
A survivor.
What have you ever done?
- Traitor.
- Emma, what are you doing?
- No traitors in Arcadia.
- Emma, I lied.
- You're just saying that
to save Genevieve's mother.
- Tula doesn't want me
anywhere near Genevieve!
It's better for me if she's dead!
Look, Emma, it's not her, I swear.
So if you want to shoot her
- Move out the way.
I will kill you both.
- Emma.
I know people have fucked you up,
done proper, horrible things,
but if you shoot innocent people,
then aren't you like them?
This isn't you.
So if you kill us,
I reckon they've won.
- I left her in the loo
to puke her guts out.
- So that's how you knew
to remove the tracker?
- What?
- It's you.
You need to start talking, now.
- No.
No I don't.
- Why did you do it?
Just tell me.
I can't lose you too.
- Don't you get it, Ash?
You never had me.
- Uh, guys?
There's something you need to see.
These are Emma's coordinates!
We're getting pulled into a fucking star!
- Switch.
- What's going on?
Critical temperature level.
Critical temperature level.
- What's happening?
- That's not one star, it's two.
I fly out of the grav,
I don't wanna get pulled into the other.
- We need to activate
the Alc drive, do a jump.
- No, we're way too
close to those two stars.
We'll destroy everything around us.
If Arcadia's out there
- Emma's clearly lost the plot.
- We're here.
This is Arcadia's gate.
Arcadia's hidden between binary stars.
It's why the Commonworld
can never find it.
We need to head straight for it.
Then we'll find Arcadia open.
- Fly into a fucking star?
- Fly through the gravity
valley, you'll feel it.
- I can't.
Handling's no good.
I keep getting pulled between them.
- Your father did this on
a ship twice this size.
It can be done.
- I don't wanna die.
Ash, do the jump.
- Ash, we're here and you're ready.
- Make sure you're strapped in.
Manual override.
- Why?
- Engaged.
- Just strap in.
- What the fuck are you doing, pig?
- You lot, have a look at this.
I've got us here.
Told you I would.
Hurry up snitch, take us in!
We've got to find Genny.
- We need to secure Verona first.
- It was her.
- She's the spy?
- Where the fuck is she?
escape pod jettisoned.
- We can't let her escape.
- It's too late.
She's gone.
- We have been betrayed.
Betrayed not just by rebels,
those that wish to destroy us
but also by our leadership
who ignored problems and let us grow weak.
But we, the people,
have taken back control of our Commonworld
and together we will
steer it back on course
for the benefit of all.
We pledge to recover the means
to find new sources of new aurum
and we will destroy anyone
who threatens our freedom.
- Good job, ma'am.
We need to get moving.
- Shit.
Incoming vessel.
Identify yourself.
- Oh god, what now?
- We're trying to land a Commonworld ship
on an ARC base mate, what do you think?
- My name is Ash Harper,
daughter of Yann Harper.
We're Commonworld refugees
seeking ARC's protection.
We have Dr. Emma Greaves on board.
Welcome home Ash.
Sit tight, we'll come and get you.
- We've got resistance in
Shanghai, Accra, La Paz
- Director Harper!
I've information on Emma Greaves.
The Hemlock's exact coordinates
up until 30 minutes ago.
- How do you know this?
- I recruited an agent on board.
A spy.
Echo Nantu-Rose.
- I told you there was a plan for us.
At last.
I'm home.
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