Intergalactic (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

- The queen's only as
strong as her colony.
She may be weakened.
- No more drugs.
- What, you think a habit like yours
you can kick it on your own?
- I have to and you have to let me.
- What have I done?
I'm a monster!
- The operation was an
outstanding success.
Our priority was to retrieve Emma Greaves,
which we have done.
- Do you really think if I
had the coordinates to Arcadia
I'd give them to you?
Snitch, this
is a waste of time.
- No, this is it.
We just need to work
out how to get on there.
- I dunno.
Are we sure that's where Emma is?
- Jets have been going in and out all day,
that's more than just a rig.
- Infiltrating a Commonworld base
in the middle of the sea, piece of piss.
- It's nuts.
- Getting Emma back is the only way
you're gonna get to Arcadia.
- So, I may have found us
another way to Arcadia.
- What you on about?
- There's a game, tonight.
Very hush-hush.
One big prize.
One-hundred per cent legit.
- Well there we are.
Problem solved.
Witch can look after herself.
- 17 years I've spent
perfecting this machine.
Many of my colleagues
said it was hopeless,
that we'd never even begin
to understand her ability,
let alone replicate it.
But I believed.
- Will it work?
In a matter of hours we'll
know the location of Arcadia.
- I think that's him.
Name's Ludo Merrick.
Apparently he's ex-ARC.
Wanted by both sides.
- You're all hypocrites.
- Is that right?
- Yes.
I know I screwed up.
But we could rescue Emma,
it's the right thing.
- The right thing?
Who the fuck do you think
you're talking to here?
- Fine.
I'll do it on my own.
- Yeah, I guess we could take a boat.
I mean, it's not like
they'll see us coming
from 20 miles away.
- We?
- Maintenance train straight to the base.
Reckon we can hitch a ride.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, alright.
Come the fuck on.
- I, I really am doing so much better.
- You told us not to.
- I know, I know, Genevieve,
sweet, lovely Genevieve.
Open the door.
Come here.
- Is everything alright?
- Look, I just, I erm, I,
I just, I need something,
just, just to take the edge off.
- Candy, you can do this.
You can do this for your mum.
- Argh!
- Come on, we're not helping.
- No!
- You know, this place, Kelp,
it used to be a holiday planet.
You know, fairgrounds, arcades and that.
And I was thinking maybe
we could go and explore?
Just me and you.
- Like a date?
- Yeah.
Like a date.
Alls you've gotta do is just follow it.
Wow, Genevieve!
You sure you've never done this before?
Shit, you're actually amazing!
- Come on then.
Oh, when you come home ♪
Do you care to see me ♪
Things ain't the way
they used to be, baby ♪
But I can't believe
that's your only reason ♪
Where the hell are you?
- Mama?
- Genevieve.
- I'm sorry, I'm just
- I need you at the Hotel.
Meet me at the bar, now!
- I have to go.
- Yeah.
I don't wanna lose your love ♪
I don't wanna lose your love ♪
I think you need my love ♪
You can't defeat my love ♪
- Come on.
- Well, it's not enough!
- The rest of the fleet
is mobilising for the
Arcadia offensive, ma'am.
Perhaps you'd like to
clarify with the Director.
- Yes, very well.
What now?
What did they do to you?
- It's okay, Mum.
I'm fine.
- What are you doing here?
How did you get away?
- I saw Dad.
You knew.
He was right.
You lied to me
- Ash
- 17 years, Mum.
Jesus, I thought he was dead!
I thought ARC killed him!
- I was trying to protect you.
- You let me believe he was
this big fucking war hero!
I had no choice!
You know what happens to
the families of traitors.
- No!
No, you, you took away my choice.
My choice to know my own father!
- He left us, Ash!
He left us.
He hasn't contacted you once, Ash.
Not once.
I never wanted you to know.
I never wanted you to
feel that kind of pain.
I wanted you to remember
a father that loved you.
- Why did he leave us?
- He chose ARC.
He chose her.
- Emma?
- She filled his head with lies.
- Is she here?
- You didn't know I was here, did you?
You came here for her.
- I've brought you a present.
You're going to need your strength.
- My power.
It frightens you.
It should.
- Mum, Emma's not what you think.
She isn't a terrorist.
I've seen what the Commonworld
do to people in their way.
- You sound just like him.
She poisoned him.
Emma Greaves.
Made him doubt everything he
Everything we believed.
No more lies.
You deserve to know the truth.
All of it.
- So, we need to think about the buy-in
if we're gonna get a seat at the table.
Could stake the Hemlock.
- Oh shut the fuck up, pirate.
- Listen, I know my poker.
- Even if I had the cash, I
don't need to play no cards.
Just need this guy to spend
some quality time with my Genevieve.
- Come on, Tula.
Maybe committing mass murder
could be a plan B for once, yeah?
- There it is.
Piss and powder break,
like fuckin' clockwork.
Right, get ready.
- Maybe Echo's right?
- You getting in my
daughter's head, pirate?
- You know what?
I don't need any of you lot.
I make my own way.
- Go!
- Yes Mum.
Who the fuck are you?
What the fuck?
- Give me the coordinates.
I'll make you and it will hurt.
- You'll kill me anyway.
You fucking monster!
- Drew, I'm not feeling very well.
- Candy?
Candy, can you hear me?
- Just pull me up.
Yeah, yeah, go on.
- Okay.
- Fuck!
- Alright?
- I know you.
- Well, sometimes it's like
you know a person, isn't it?
Like there's just this
undeniable connection.
- I saw your mug shot.
You're on the run with
those escaped prisoners.
- I dunno what you're talking about, love.
Guess I just got one of those faces.
- Relax.
I've got a proposition for you.
- What are they doing?
- She's left us no choice, Ash.
This machine allows us to
follow Emma trans dimensionally
as she locates planets with New Aurum.
Planets like Arcadia.
- Arcadia?
No, this isn't right.
- Listen to me!
New Aurum is running out.
Emma was given this incredible gift,
the power to save the world,
and she threw it away.
She forced us to drain every
resource in this galaxy.
That blood is on her hands.
Earth must come first,
no matter what sacrifices need to be made.
It's our home, it's our responsibility.
And I know you believe that too.
- You're right.
It's our home.
We don't have a choice.
- Oh, Ash.
- I miss it.
I miss the way things used to be.
- Earth first.
- Earth first.
- Genevieve?
Are you okay?
Listen, I fucked up with Candy.
I don't
want to be a monster.
- You're not a monster, Genevieve.
- I don't want to spend another night
washing blood off myself.
I just, I just wanna be normal.
- We can be.
- Genevieve, where are you?
Where the hell have you been?
I'm sorry, Mama.
He, he got away.
- You're sorry?
What the fuck do I do with "sorry"?
How are we getting those coordinates now?
I might be
able to help with that.
- Thought you'd pissed off?
- So here's how it is.
You've got a ship that
could take us to Arcadia.
I don't.
However, I do have something
that you don't, Tula.
An in.
The croupier's looking
for passage to Arcadia,
she's offered us a seat at
the game, no buy-in required.
Just a bit of good old-fashioned cheating.
- Talk to me.
- The croupier's name's Mya.
You ever play poker?
- What do you think?
- She'll never let us be together.
When mama's at the poker game.
That's when we go.
We run.
- Yeah.
- That's my girl.
- Get your fucking hands off me!
I'm not telling you
anything you fucking pigs!
Get your hands off!
Hello, my love ♪
It's getting cold on this island ♪
I'm sad alone ♪
I'm so sad on my own ♪
The truth is ♪
We were much too young ♪
- Can I help you?
- Er no, I was just, I was just leaving.
Or anyone like you ♪
We said goodbye ♪
With a smile on our faces ♪
Now you're alone ♪
- I don't see why I can't
be the one at the table.
Even with Mya feeding us aces,
you've still gotta make
it look convincing.
- My ship, my rules.
- I'm just saying, cards are my thing.
- Well, now shutting up
and doing everything I say is your thing.
- Ah, Miss Valentine!
Such an honour to finally meet you.
Right this way please.
Now you're looking for me ♪
Or anyone like me ♪
- Finally, this the last one?
- Yes, Mr. Merrick.
May I introduce Avery Valentine.
- Thought you were a bloke?
- Ah, sorry to disappoint.
- Your credentials check
out, it's all the same to me.
Who's this, your date?
- Manservant.
He's a mute, actually.
Since birth.
Very sad.
- Avery Valentine,
it is so lovely to meet you.
Two minutes.
- I'm sorry.
- What the fuck are you wearing?
Is this for them?
Please tell me that all
of this is for them.
- I really am sorry, Verona.
- Nah.
Nah, nah, nah, this is not you.
- It's winter on Valdivian right now.
You'll need something else to wear.
Prison transport will
come and pick you up soon.
Just wear the coat,
keep your head down.
There's nowhere to go.
- And this little piggy
ran all the way home.
- Are you looking to score, sweetheart?
- I don't have any money.
- Don't worry, it's cool.
- What line of work are you
in again, Avery darling?
Oh, no, don't tell me
Arms dealer, wasn't it?
How's business?
- Booming.
- I bet.
You know, you really remind
me of someone I know.
Of course, my friend doesn't have anything
like your level of business acumen.
What was the name of
that weapons manufacturer
you took over again?
- We're not here to talk business, are we?
Maybe you and I can sit down later, yeah?
I've got a deal going I can cut you in on.
- Well that sounds like fun, sweetheart,
but I really don't like sharing.
Mr. Merrick, I'm afraid we
have an imposter amongst us.
Fucking dead!
- Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah.
Let's all just calm down, yeah?
- Who the fuck are youse two?
- Tula Quik.
- Mya, you vetted the players.
- No, no way, they must have
faked their credentials.
- I don't give a shit.
Get the fuck out of my game!
- Tough luck, sweetheart.
Can't win 'em all.
- Get her out.
- What, no!
- Get the fuck on with it!
You want your shit or not?
Come on.
- Look, are you sure?
Are we really doing this?
- We're really doing this.
- The fuck is this?
- Tula, look, it, it's
not what it looks like.
- Tula, we've all had a long
day, let's just chill, yeah?
- Drew and I,
we're going away together.
- You touched my daughter?
You touched my daughter, screw?
- Mama, please
- Argh!
- Tula!
- Tu
- Tula, let go!
- Oh for fucks sake!
- Tula, please!
- Argh!
- I don't want to hurt you.
- He's got in your head.
That's what men do, Genevieve.
- I'm not you, Mama.
- All I ever did was protect you.
- You make me do things
I don't want to do.
- Wait!
I'm getting those fucking
coordinates tonight.
I'll stake this whole
damn ship if I have to.
But you should be there too.
You're my daughter.
- Both of us.
- If that's what you want.
- What about ARC's
operations on the ground?
You say were taken to a hospital on Skov?
- Like I said, sir, I,
I was pretty out of it.
- Well, she must have told you something?
You must have seen something?
Who was she there to meet?
- Sir, I-I don't know.
I'm sorry.
But I can't, I can't just--
- Sir, my daughter has been
through a traumatic ordeal.
Perhaps we can take a short break?
- Of course.
Five minutes
'til prison transport.
- Get your boss.
- Hey!
You sneaky little bitch!
- You're all gonna let me back in
and I'm gonna add a little
bonus for the winner.
- What could you possibly offer us?
- Mama.
- Hold still.
This chip gives you
control of my daughter.
I ain't no arms dealer,
but you and I both know what
a weapon like this is worth.
I think we should play some poker.
- Sir, I've had a report
that the prisoner in custody has escaped.
- Call your daughter.
- Ash, where are you?
- Follow me.
- Emma, can you hear me?
- Shit, they nearly have the coordinates!
- We need to switch it off now!
Okay, I think I've found the power source.
Okay, not the power source.
- Raise 10,000.
- Shit.
I'm out.
- Raise.
- 50,000.
- Call.
- Disconnecting.
You've done it!
- No.
No, no.
- Fold.
- And then there were two.
- Okay, okay.
- Don't shoot!
I can't risk any damage in here!
- All in.
- Call.
- So close.
So, so close.
- Dr. Greaves.
Sorry darling,
looks like you lose.
- Enjoy Arcadia.
- You're going to make me
proud, aren't you, Genevieve?
- Mama!
- Take her to the ship.
- No, no.
Let me go!
No, let me go!
- Genevieve!
- Drew, she bet me!
She bet me on a poker game!
- You can't just take her.
You can't.
I won't let you.
I won't let you.
- Bless you, darling.
It's love's young dream, is it?
Go on then, shoot me in the face.
You haven't got it in you, do you?
- Mama!
- What the fuck, Tula?
- Over there.
Please evacuate now.
Please evacuate now.
Please evacuate now.
- It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Please evacuate now!
- Ash!
- Don't!
Ash, listen to me.
I will fix everything, I promise.
- Dad was right.
The Commonworld is broken.
Look, I know you mean it
when you say you want to save the world.
But there are so many worlds worth saving.
Not just ours.
- Please, Ash, you're all I have.
- I'm sorry.
I love you, Mum.
Let's go.
- You're finished, Harper!
- Sir, I will bring Emma Greaves back.
- Your daughter is a traitor.
- My daughter is dead.
Just like her father.
- She will answer for her crimes.
As will you.
Please, I can give you
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