Intergalactic (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- What?
- The aggression node's
triggered by your chastity circ.
- Chastity circ?
- Skov, urgent message
from Commonworld Security.
- Candy?
- I've got Dr. Emma Greaves.
You can come and get her.
- Ash, where is Emma?
She's supposed to be looking after you.
- It's okay.
- No!
Can you do
it? Can you get us out?
ACCM. Aboard. Securing ship.
Scanning for any remaining convicts.
- I'm sorry.
- You deserve to suffer
for what you've done!
Die, slowly!
- Please!
Please don't kill me.
- Thrown out into space until you freeze,
shatter into a million fucking pieces
and it still wouldn't be-
20 seconds to door release.
Keypad malfunction.
- Candy!
Decompressing airlock.
10 seconds to door release.
Keypad malfunction.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Door release. Cancelled.
- No!
All crew to the bridge.
Emergency. All crew to the bridge.
- I didn't see what happened.
He must have passed out,
blood loss from the bullet.
It must have his his head or somet.
- Let me go.
I want to go!
- No. You stay with me.
Get that pirate out of here.
It's the last thing she needs.
- Are you okay?
- I want to sleep with you.
- That would be-
What about your hair thing?
- It's nothing.
Just a bit of biotech,
I can snip it out.
Unless you don't want to be with me?
- No, I do.
I really do, but just
maybe we should speak to Echo first.
- We nearly died in
Skov and this could end
at any moment and I don't
want to die without, you know.
- What about your mum?
- Don't worry about mama.
I've got a plan.
Verona, I know it's-
I know it's hard for you to believe,
but I never meant-
- Stop saying that. Of
course you meant it.
You called the Commonworld and
you told them where we were.
And then what,
you thought you could
control the consequences?
- Just tell me what to do.
Do you want me to plot a new
course, pilot us out of here?
- Pilot us? To where?
We'll work out Emma's
coordinates and find a way
to Arcadia.
Before the Commonworld finds us.
- Candy, come, in your arm.
Let me help-
- Let me go.
- Shh, shh.
No, there you go.
Shh, shh.
Keep still, Candy.
Keep still.
I'm trying to help you.
All right.
Keep still, child!
Just let me numb the pain.
You gonna watch, or
you gonna fucking help?
Come on.
Come on.
- The operation on Skov
was an outstanding success.
Our priority was to retrieve Emma Greaves
which we have done.
- At the expense of my daughter.
- That is an emotional misrepresentation-
- She was left on Skov, abandoned.
- She will be fine.
Her cover wasn't blown,
and we have black ops aboard the ship.
- Sir, ma'am. Transit
ships ready to board.
Arrival Kelp, 0600 hours.
- Rebecca, you seem unable to
understand the significance
of what we were about to do.
Talk to Greaves, extract
everything we need.
- You're right.
I'm sorry. I'm ready to come with you.
- Ah, there we go.
Just hold tight, mate.
I've nearly got it.
- What the hell?
- It's all right, mate.
It's all right.
You just, you had a bit
of a turn on the bridge.
You passed out and hit your head.
It's all right. Just
try staying down, yeah?
- 20 minutes?
Just need to get a few things ready.
You're all right, mate.
She wants to have sex with me.
- What?
And you?
I just don't know if I'm ready.
I don't know if it's what I want.
Maybe I should tell her.
- You reckon you might be
over thinking this one, mate.
- I like her.
I really like her.
- Yeah, and she likes you.
That's why she wants to have sex with you.
- Yeah, but it's not just
about the sex, is it?
We're stuck here.
This place is weird enough
without rushing into anything.
- True. It really is up to you, mate.
But I think you'd be a
fool to turn it down.
- Are you putting on aftershave?
- How did it feel?
Tell me.
How does it feel knowing
every time she looks at you,
all she sees is the
woman who killed her mum?
- All I want to do is make things better.
- Can beg all you want, snitch.
You're on borrowed time.
Nowhere to hide on this ship.
Where ever you go.
I'll hunt you down.
There's a thing with death.
Can look over your shoulder all you want.
Don't always see it coming.
- Okay.
- Sorry. Didn't realise
you were trying to work.
Screw you.
- Oh!
- Phew.
- I'm not having it.
No monsters on my ship.
- I feel that.
- If you're hunting something,
would you just let me help.
I'm a good shot.
One job.
Stay here, and look after Candy.
Don't talk to her.
Don't let her kill herself.
Genevieve, it's mumma. Do you hear me?
Where are you?
I need you.
Some fucking creature on board,
so keep your eyes peeled,
fingers on triggers.
What the hell?
- Yeah. I told you.
- What the fuck was he doing here?
What did this?
An animal?
No idea.
But I'm gonna find out.
Otherwise, the end's gonna be
fucking nigh for all of us.
- Genevieve.
- Where is everyone?
- There's an intruder.
An animal or something like that.
We need to stay here.
Stay safe.
- I don't want to stay safe.
I want this all to end.
Just don't.
- I just want you to know that
I'm so sorry for what
happened to your mum.
I really thought I was
doing the right thing.
And then I saw my dad-
- I! I! I!
You stole something from me
that I can never get back!
My mum, she was gonna fix me.
And you stole it.
- What did I steal from you?
- Hope.
- Drew?
- Help!
It's Genevieve!
I'm in the pod! Help!
- Drew, stop!
Get off her!
- Ah!
Stop! Drew!
- Don't hurt him!
Don't hurt him!
What's wrong with him?
It was him!
The screw attacked you!
I'll kill him!
- Tula, you can't.
You can't shoot him.
- One reason?
- Because it's Drew!
He doesn't randomly attack people.
He's pathetic, all right?
He's scared of his own shadow.
- She's right.
It's not his fault,
mumma. He must be sick.
- There, look.
- What the hell is that?
- I don't know, but he's got it too.
- What?
- What are you lot looking at?
Nothing wrong with me, I'm fine.
- Oh!
- Ugh.
- No, this is not random.
This is some viral shit.
- What you doing?
- What do you think I'm doing?
I'm calling the doctor.
Come on. Get up.
- What?
- Come one. We need you.
- I don't know what I'm looking for.
I can't help.
It's years since I went to med school.
I never practised.
I just want to-
- No!
No, you can't go.
Listen, there is something on this ship
making us sick and dangerous.
You're the only one who can help.
- Dirty bullet?
- Oh, those fucking bastards.
- No, I don't think so.
The Commonworld has a
moratorium on bio weapons.
- Yeah, I know they do.
Still, what better way to
convince the Earth's population
that homogalactus are
a bunch of ungrateful,
homicidal maniacs?
Dirty bullet?
Film 'em going mad.
It gives you every excuse to rape
and pillage their planets.
You know, there does come a time, Harper.
When naivety is no longer an excuse.
- Yeah, alright mate.
Give her a break, yeah?
- I don't think it's a virus.
I think it's a parasite.
Parasite that works
its way into the brain.
- What, causes psychosis?
- He didn't go mad.
How do we know?
There was no one on the bridge to see it.
- What about the screw?
- He got splashed by Echo's
blood, taking out the bullet.
- Parasites move.
- What?
- Once a parasite has
passed on to a new host,
it appears like the
patient is recovering but,
it's too late, the damage is done.
It's organ failure. I'm sorry.
- But, wait.
If Drew's no longer raging-
- It means someone else is the host.
- If we shoot her, what
happens to the parasite?
What if it just jumps to another person?
- Fuck you asking me! Can't
see it, can't shoot it!
- What have I done?
I'm a monster!
- We're all monsters.
I can't even remember how
many people I've killed.
- Let's do something, snitch!
Otherwise, she's gonna
switch off life support,
hit comms and bring the
Commonworld straight to us,
if they're not on their way already!
- Open the door.
It's fine!
I've got her.
- Oh dear.
Still, saves me a job.
- How is Ash? At least she's
safer now she's away from you.
- Harper's blood result.
Tested positive.
I'll tie her up.
- Yeah, tie her up.
Fucking parasite.
- Fuck away.
- You're right.
The parasite's not gonna stop.
It's just gonna keep on
moving until it kills us all.
I'm gonna take it out
of the airlock with me.
At least that way, some
of us will survive.
- So what are you waiting for?
One of us to try and stop you?
- No.
- Harper's the host.
She's going to take the parasite
out of the airlock with her.
- No.
No, you can't let her do that.
Look, I know how you must
feel about Ash, but this-
This is so fucked up.
I'm scared, mate.
- What happened wasn't your fault.
You didn't mean to do it.
- Doesn't matter if I meant it.
I'm still responsible for
taking someone's life,
even if he was Commonworld.
Maybe this is some kind of justice.
Airlock activated.
20 seconds to door release.
- Ash!
Ash, stop!
Door release. Cancelled.
- You're not dying.
You're the cure.
It seems that Commonworld
elite must be immune
to dirty bullets.
You must have been vaccinated as a child.
I can use the antibodies in your blood
to cure everybody else.
You need to keep still.
- You're good at this.
- That's all I ever wanted to be.
Top of the class.
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- I don't want your sympathy.
Your apologies.
You have to live with the fact
that I will never forgive you.
For what you've done.
What does Ash know?
What have you told her?
About what?
- About Yann, the ARC, about me.
- She doesn't know everything, yet.
She will.
She's learning.
The further she gets from you,
the closer she gets to the truth.
For herself,
the Commonworld.
Just like Yann.
He was about to save me.
He travelled the galaxies to rescue me.
- Took him long enough.
17 years.
He's hardly in a hurry.
What do you think he's
been doing all this time?
- Building a resistance,
which will destroy you,
and everything you stand for.
- And who do you think's
been keeping his bed warm
as he's saving the universe?
That's the thing with Yann.
Always the hero of his own story.
And women, something he uses
and tosses aside when he
gets what he wants from us.
- That's your truth. Not mine.
- Maybe.
Maybe it's lucky that this
is where it ends for you.
And then you can pretend to yourself
that you're different- the special one.
- Thanks.
How did you know that Harper was the cure?
- It was all there in the evidence.
- Right, snitch. Now you've
done all your vampire shit,
let's finish what we started!
No, no, no, no, let her go.
Let her go.
- Did you forget?
- I'm not forgetting anything.
There's no more death.
And no more drugs.
I mean it, all of this.
Everything from the Phoenix,
anything you can find.
I don't want any of it anywhere in me.
- Oh yeah? You really
think a habit like yours
you can just kick it on your own?
- I have to.
And you have to let me.
- You wanna get clean?
Get clean!
Carpe fucking diem, bitch
- Well, I'm gonna have a shower
because blood's never sexy.
And then, I think I might
follow Tula's advice.
Maybe you should too.
- I don't wanna have sex with you.
- Oh.
- Not today.
Well, not for a while, actually.
I know you're not experienced.
I've been with girls, but never like this.
I've never felt the way
that I feel about you.
And I don't want to
ruin this by rushing it.
- It's okay.
If you want to wait, if
that's what's good for you.
- I think it's what's good for us.
- We'll get there, yeah?
We've got time. There's no hurry.
- Why are you still so angry with me?
- Why do you think?
- I don't know, but you're
even angrier than Candy
and she has every right.
- There. That's why.
Don't worry, that's over.
- Alright?
if the ship escapes us?
- Look, we've got comms.
in transit to Kelp.
- Ah! That's where they've taken Emma.
Where's Candy?
- Don't worry about her. Candy's fine.
Get on with it, snitch!
Find a witch, find a way.
Planet Kelp.
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