Intimacy (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Lethal Media

[haunting music playing.]

[haunting music fades out.]

[muffled tense music playing.]

[tense music playing.]

[wind whistling.]

Don't look at me like that.

I didn't expect this
to be the end of me either.

I was sitting there, like you,
thinking my life was okay.

But I was betrayed.

Haven't you ever trusted anyone too much?
I have.

[muffled water whooshing.]

You think you're safe,
but you're not.

We're all, deep down, hiding something.

And we shudder
to think about what would happen
if one day someone found out.

And so do you.

[tense music continues.]


[woman laughs quietly.]

Don't worry.
I've bought patches.

Are they here yet?
- Can't you smell the toxic masculinity?
- [laughs.]

I put them in the big room.

The egos of six builders
takes up a lot of space.

Do you hear what Larrea wants me to do?
He sent me a proposal for collaboration.

Practically did
the urban planning himself,
so I suspect
he's gonna tell me I owe him one.

Lucky for him, women don't know
anything about houses, right?
They called from Radio Bilbao
to ask you to come in.

An "in-depth interview," they say.

People already think you're mayor.

That's perfect, but tomorrow.

Today's Wednesday.

Should I buy you
another pack just to calm you down?
No, I quit smoking.

- Your coat.

- No.

[takes deep breath in and out.]

- [silence.]

- [phone ringing in distance.]

And so?
I'll think about it.

Your plans are fanciful.

One can't simply force
the regulation of the housing market.

Like in Germany, Switzerland, and Denmark?

It's important
that Bilbao gets through all this.

We shouldn't leave things
to chance, right? [laughs.]

You think you know what I'm doing.

Sometimes I only see you.

Then I remember the party you represent.

We'll get along well.

Why do you seem so nervous?
[all chuckling.]

they don't see you.

They only see your triumph.

You know what it has cost you to get here.

Overcoming others.

Overcoming yourself.

Sure, you may have thought about quitting,
but you care about your city.

Even if they don't.

And just once,
you want the ones who don't care to lose.

Enjoy it, Malen.

Enjoy this last hour
before the rest of your life changes.

[tense music playing.]


[phone dinging.]

And we have
a breaking story here.

A video has been posted on social media
of a woman who appears to be
the deputy mayor, Miss Malen Zubiri,
and a man having sex on a beach.

This particular video
was posted just a few minutes ago.

We're unable to officially confirm
the source as of now,
but it has nevertheless
become a trending topic statewide.

As many people are aware,
Malen Zubiri is generally considered
to be the single most popular
member of her party.

[phone continues dinging.]

[dramatic choral music playing.]

[dramatic choral music continues.]

You stupid son of a bitch! How could you?
Alfredo, I need you to get Leire for me.

Tell her I'll explain.
 I'll explain
everything to you too, all right?
[phone vibrating.]

[dramatic choral music continues.]

[dramatic choral music continues.]

Hey, sweetie.

Your dad's gonna pick you up.

Wait for him.

I want you to
turn your phone off and keep it off.

[indistinct chatter
and laughter in background.]

[dramatic choral music continues.]

[man 1.]
Zubiri, one question, please!
- [man 2.]
Anything you'd like to say?
- [man 3.]
Do you know who leaked the video?
[man 4.]
Would you care
to comment on the video?
Please get out of my way.

Please let me through.

[man 4.]
Any comment, Mrs.
[man 2.]
Zubiri, please!
[music stops.]

Tell me.

Did you like it?
C'mon, you can tell me.

Which did you like best,
the first one or the second one?
- I'm gonna guess the first one.

- [boy.]
Battery just died on me.

Lucas, you're missing out on stuff
people fly from around the world to see.

Bego! I've been trying to call you.

What is it, Amaia?
What's going on?
Your sister, Bego.

They found her on the beach.


[Bego crying.]
We live together.

She's the youngest and I'm the oldest.

The apartment was left to us
by my mother when she died.

Which beach did they find her on?
In Laga.

They always took us there
when we were young.

That could be
why she chose that particular beach.

It's freezing in here.

Good morning.
Right this way.

I'm thirsty.
Hey, could I could I have some water?
Oh, God.
Thanks so much.
[clears throat.]

If you'd like,
we can do this at a later time.

[Bego whispers.]



Are you ready?
[breathing heavily.]

[somber string music playing.]

You want me to call your family?
Her car was parked a short distance away.

And her shoes were on the beach.

And we found no evidence of foul play.

It was suicide.


Are you aware of any reason
why she wanted to kill herself?
Did she say anything kind of unusual?
- Did she do anything kind of
- [crying.]


Bego, forgive me.

You're the main reason this hurts me.

[Bego crying.]

[somber string music fades out.]

[distant chattering.]

- Where's Leire?
- I live here too, Malen.

Alfredo, I left a message
telling you to pick her up.

- I turned my fucking phone off.

- Get her first.
We'll talk later.

You do it!
Haven't you seen the press?
You want them to follow me?
They're pretty hard to miss.

They took photos of me, Malen.

They got photos of me!
If she's found out already,
I don't know how she'll react.

- What about your husband's reaction?
- Alfredo.

Save it, Malen.
Goddamn it.

How was I supposed to know
someone was taking a video?
In France! On an empty beach!
I didn't even look at it.

- Who was he?
- It's not important.

- Not important?
- No!
- How is it not?
- We'll talk, but not now.

- You've gotta call her first.

- I won't talk to my daughter.

Not now that she knows I'm a cuckold.

How do you think I feel right now?
I will explain everything.

Just go and pick her up.

Tell only her.

Everyone else, tell them nothing.

The press will say that I had an affair.

That's all I ask of you.

Alfredo, thanks.

[suspenseful music playing.]



I trusted you.

Now I see it was a lie all along.

You knew who I was.

You were after me.

What did I do to you? Tell me.

Why don't you come clean
and stop fucking hiding for once?
[suspenseful music builds.]

Yeah, yeah, I swear.
Two crazy nights.

And to think we spent those nights
together in Morocco.



- In Madagascar?
- Mm-hmm.

[laughs quietly.]


[jazz music playing.]

I haven't dreamed about you.

I don't think you remember, but you have.

- No, no, no.

- Yes, yes, yes.

- [scoffs.]

- No?
You mean that you haven't woken up horny
in the night thinking about me?
- You're in love with yourself.

- Tell me.

You're a god.


Look me in the eyes
and tell me you haven't.

[both laughing.]

[door buzzer ringing.]



I'm sorry for what they've done to you.

Thank you, Txema.

I've issued two statements of support.

One at the town hall and one here.

Thank you, I'm grateful.

Perhaps we should have some wine.


If it helps, we can provide assistance
with the legal complaint.

You have the party's
legal department at your disposal.

There's no need.

I'm a lawyer.
I can handle that.

No, no, no.
I'm, uh not sure
you're thinking clearly right now.

You should take the help.

Alfredo's not here?
Poor guy.

So do you know
if it was a boyfriend of yours or?
No, I don't.

All they've done to me so far is
scratch my car.
And I'm the mayor.

But you're not a woman.

In any case, whoever did it
will pay for it.
That much is clear.

The damage is done, Txema.

No kidding.

So what are you gonna do?
Any ideas?
- What do you mean, "ideas"?
- I'm asking out of formality.

I know you wanna
finish the term out of pride.

Well, I certainly intend
to defend my candidacy.

I've got Miren's support on this.

you need to assess this with a calm mind.

The polls give you no margin for error,
and this doesn't help.

What's the problem?
People know politicians fuck as well.

But they don't wanna see it on video!
You know what's coming, don't you?
It'll only be a big deal
if you make it one.

So if you'll excuse me, Txema,
I'll see you tomorrow at the town hall.

[Txema sighs.]

Aren't you ashamed?
Even a little bit?
Are you?
[footsteps retreating.]

[door slams shut.]

[brooding music playing.]

[thunder rumbling.]

[beeping on radio.]

It is two o'clock in the morning,
one o'clock in the Canary Islands.

We've just received news of what appears
to be a new case of domestic violence.

In the municipality of Torrefuentes,
a man shot and fatally injured
Girl, come on.

In five hours, you clock in.

What are you doing?

- And you?
- [sighs.]
Same as always.

[Bego sighs.]
Will you put me to sleep?
Of course.


In truth, I was thinking about Fernando.

[thunder rumbling.]

Fernando who?
The guy who teaches guitar.

And why were you thinking about him?
Because I didn't really like him, Bego.

I dated him because
'cause he wanted to.

You gonna remind me of when
I cut my doll's hair while you're at it?
[Bego laughs quietly.]

You know,
in that moment, I thought, "Poor Bego.
Because I had beaten you.

But now I think, "Poor Ane.
Because you've never needed
to please anyone in your life.

How do you feel about Kepa?
I love Kepa.

So that's it.

Who's "poor Ane" now?
I would trade my life for yours.



- [whispers.]

- [whispers.]
Come on.

Put me to sleep.

[brooding music builds.]

[sighs deeply.]

It'll all be okay.

[brooding music continues.]

- [boy 1.]
- [man.]

[kids laughing.]

- [boy 1.]
Oh, I got it.

- [boy 2 laughs.]

[boy 1.]
Now you get it.

Begoña! Good to see you.

Come inside.

What's up?
Could I see you outside for a moment?
[boy 1 laughing.]

[brooding music continues.]

[kids laughing.]

[inaudible conversation.]

[man cries in distance.]

[boy 1 laughing.]

[techno music playing in distance.]

[loud techno music playing
and background chatter.]

Hey, have you seen Xabi?
Is he here?
Whoa! Hey, there.

- You want me to buy you a drink?
- Where is he, Ander?
He didn't show up today.

I got no fucking idea where he's at.

Hey! Hey!
What do you mean she wasn't at the pool?
So you just came back? Without her?
She must be with Xabi.

Xabi won't pick up his phone.

Neither will his parents.

Oh, you're right.
It must be a conspiracy.

Just leave her alone.

She's digesting it.
Even I get it.

What about this?
What, were you celebrating?
It was Lezcano.

He said
that I'm going to lose the election.

He's right, you know.

You saying that to fuck with me?
Or do you really think that?
At this point, both.

Why do I even bother
talking to you?
Lezcano came by
to offer help with my defense.

Or so he said.

I think he just wanted to poke around.

Well, at least our farce of a marriage
isn't going to court.

While we're on the subject,
you're not in love with him, are you?
You really don't get it.

I just wanna go on with my life.


Spoken like a politician.

Hey, what about your dad?
He'll defend you.

Then again, if I were you,
I wouldn't count on the professor.

He has always come through.

When you've come through for him.

[techno music playing.]

[sexual moaning.]

[heavy breathing.]


[sexual moaning.]

[music stops.]

[background chatter.]

[woman 1.]
That's her daughter, isn't it?
[man 1.]
Wait, yeah.
It is!
That's her daughter, yeah! Excuse me!
- Excuse me.

- [man 2.]
Hold on.

- [man 1.]
Just one photo.

- [man 3.]
Move, move.
Let's go.

- Get the fuck off of me, motherfucker!
- Hold on.

- Hey, only one photo!
- [Leire.]
What the hell? What the fuck?
- Give me that fucking camera!
- [man 3.]

- [Leire.]
Give me that fucking camera now!
- [man 3.]
Relax! Calm the hell down!
- Give me that stupid fucking camera!
- Calm down.
It's just a photo, goddamn it!
- [man 4.]
- [man 3.]
What the hell?
- For fuck's sake! Holy shit!
- Give me that fucking camera!
- [man 4.]
What's going on here?
- [Malen.]
Leire! Calm down.
It's okay.

- [man 3.]
What's wrong with your daughter?
- [man 4.]
There she is.

- [woman 2.]
Is that acceptable?
- [woman 1.]
We deserve answers!
[man 4.]
Any comment
regarding your daughter's behavior?
- [Malen.]
What happened?
- [Leire.]

- [Malen.]
Are you hurt?
- I was just defending myself.

Why are they there?
They haven't told you?
I've been training all afternoon.

I'm on a video
that's all over the Internet.

My private encounter
on a beach, me and another man.

As in having sex.

Your father and I have basically been
living separate lives for a while now.

And why the fuck
have you waited till now to tell me that?
I'm sorry, hon.

At last.

I was wondering
when I'd hear you say that.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go
sleep on the sofa in my office.

For once, could you be here
when we need you?
Oh, fucking spare me, Malen.

I've had enough of your bullshit.

I'm gonna go insane
even if I hear another word.

You're unreal.

You okay?
Oh, wonderful.

[door opens.]

- Hold on, let me see.

- No, I'm good.

- We have to talk.

- I said I'm all right Okay?
- [voice mail beeps.]

- [Malen.]

If you don't answer,
I'm gonna think you're behind all of this,
and I'm going to report you.

I don't care who you are.

But, well, for all I know,
maybe you're being used.

Maybe they only used you
just so they could get to me.

But I need to know, César.

Tomorrow, eight o'clock, Sope Beach.


[tense music playing.]

[phone ringing.]

Is it you?
Good morning,
this is Inspector Alicia Vázquez.

I'm calling from the Central
Information Technology Crimes Division.

We deal with concerns
related to privacy violations.

How are you doing?
What do you want?
I imagine this has been
a very difficult time for you.

If you wish, I'll be happy
to put you in touch with a support group.

But first, we should find
a time to meet.
Today, preferably.

Today? No.

It'll have to be tomorrow.

You can trust me.

The process will be respectful of you.

We will be very discreet.

I understand perfectly
what you have to lose in a case like this.

Look, thanks, but I'd prefer to be the one
who calls you when the time comes, okay?
If you are afraid to report it,
I'll open my own investigation.

And don't worry.

Whatever happens,
we will solve this case in the end.

[door slams.]

How was the sofa, Dad?
Is she here?

You already knew last night.

Forcing her to say it out loud
was cruel of you.

Did you attack him? The photographer?
Just wondering.

Weren't you and Mom in love?
Just wondering.

We're in love.

But when you get into your forties,
the world isn't black and white.

Then why did you sleep in your office?

Hey, Leire.

Look, what they've done
to her is horrible.

And even though
you and I are angry at her right now,
we can't forget what the press
is trying to do to her, okay?
How's Xabi?
Did he rise to the challenge?
- Yeah.

- We men have always been assholes.

[phone dings.]

Give us some leeway.

Just not much.

[sniffs then sighs.]

Come on, get dressed.

I'll take you to class.

I'm not gonna leave before they do.

No way.

In 15 minutes, we're out of here.

- You realize what's ahead for me, Dad?
- Always hold your head up high, Leire.

Fifteen minutes.

[background chatter.]

[door closes.]

My apologies, but I don't have time.

I have a reading
of a thesis to attend soon.

It'll only take five minutes, Dad.

I'm guessing you'd rather
not talk about it, right?
Neither would you.

You're seriously gonna act like this?
Perhaps we didn't know each other
as well as we thought we did.

[sighs sharply.]

I'll speak as though
I've got your support
because I know you love me.


Come on.

I need your advice.

Should I report it?
Probably, yeah.

But if I do, it could destroy my life,
and I don't wanna go through all of that.

A bit late for that, Malen.

- You know I didn't tape that video, Dad.

- But it is still you in that video.

It would make no difference, really.

Of course it would, Dad.

[inhales shakily.]

If I were to report it,
would you be in my corner?
You're the best lawyer there is, Dad.

I wouldn't feel like I'm alone.

It's amazing to me
just how irrational you are.

You should accept you did something wrong
and will lose much because of it.

Including whatever high opinion
you had of me.

Now, do you mind?
[emotive music playing.]

[man over speaker.]
This is
a notice to all workers.

The management has decreed
that at the end of this message,
all activity will stop
and a minute's silence will be observed
for our colleague Ane Uribe,
who recently passed away.


[emotive music continues.]

[inaudible conversation.]

Take it easy.

Take all the time you need.

I know it's hard
to talk about this kind of thing.

But I want you to remember
that none of this is your fault.
It didn't happen to me.

It happened to a friend of mine.

She was a colleague.

And why isn't she here?
[tense music playing.]

She took her own life.

I'm sorry to hear that.

But I'm here to help you, okay?
[bell rings.]

How are you?
Where have you been?
I had to turn off my phone
because of the midterms, which is
quite the suckfest.

Yeah, I know.

You've probably heard about it by now.

I did, yeah.
What a mess.

I just didn't wanna burden you, you know?
You always tell me
I'm a helicopter boyfriend anyway, so
[mimics a helicopter.]

Hey, why aren't you at home?
I'd rather be here.

[sighs deeply.]

- What's happening?
- Did you hear about her mom?
- Poor Leire.

- Mm.

- [sighs.]
I need some coffee.

- [phone ringing.]

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Now according to what we've learned
from a colleague of your sister,
it appears that over the last few weeks
in the factory,
pictures of a sexual nature
were being shared among the workers.

Were you aware of this?
In the factory?
Who were the pictures of?

You didn't know?
[tense music playing.]

No, you, uh You don't understand.

She would've told me about that.

Most of the workers in the factory
have looked at these pictures.

- And who told you all this?
- That's confidential.

It's illegal for us to disclose that,
but we've verified it.

And for whatever reason,
your sister didn't report it.

For now, that's all I know.

But, if I'm not wrong,
her suicide has something to do with this.

I'm going to investigate her death.

I need your help here
to understand what happened
and to seek out justice.


[tense music continues.]

What are you staring at?
[coins falling on floor.]

[coins clinking.]

Do you need help?
No, thank you.

Just wait right here.

- [Alicia.]
Okay, scan it and send it.

- [woman.]
Right away.


Pleased to make your acquaintance,
though I'm sorry it's over this.

Please, come in.

[tense music fades out.]

Please sit down.

I'm very glad that you've come.

The worst day is over.

I want you to know that.

I wanna be clear here.

I don't want you to look into
what has occurred for right now.

I'd prefer it was my call.

And only mine.

You're not gonna report it at all?
Well, I believe that's my right.

It's what I wanna do.

You haven't received
any threats, have you?
I'm okay, thank you.

You're not asking me
to ignore a crime, are you?
I am.

You're being incredibly irresponsible.

For yourself and for others.

I'm aware of that, thank you.

And you don't mind?

My top priority at the moment is to, uh
to reduce any further damage.

Well, all right, then.

If that's the approach you want.

But I want you to bear something in mind,
in case you've forgotten.

Just remember you're the victim.

[emotive music playing.]

[footsteps retreating.]


I guess you've already made
a list of suspects, haven't you, Hugo?
About a thousand as of now.

Do you think it's personal?
I don't know.

- What would you like to do?
- My job.
What's on the schedule?
Oh, look who's here to pick us up.

Your fairy godmother.

I assume you've heard
about our message by now?
So why an emergency meeting, Miren?
To discuss recent events.

Would you calm down, please?
Oh, really?
See, this is why I chose her.

- Losing's not for her.

- That's not the only reason, to be fair.

[clicks tongue.]
That's true.

Without you,
we wouldn't have made it through the term.

To tell you the truth,
when I signed you up
to accompany Lezcano, I had my doubts.

Those independents
are never a good fit.

It's always either
they're rebellious or complacent.

You, on the other hand,
always found the middle ground.

Look, this all sounds
like a goodbye tribute to me, Miren.

I've always been rooting for you.

And now?
[background chatter.]

Good morning.

First of all,
we deeply regret what has happened.

That was appalling.

And disrespectful.

Not to mention
the only dirt on you that they could find.

- That alone says a lot about you, I think.

- [man.]
Without a doubt, it was a crime.

But I'm afraid we're obligated
to discuss consequences.

You could ignore this entirely
if you want.

Not when
the media fallout is this brutal.

We're gonna pay
a political price for all of this.

That's according to what?

You know the media will focus on this
and not your achievements.

Look, have you thought about your family?

Let's get on with it.

What will you do?
At present, our press office
is drafting your letter of resignation,
from office and your mayoral candidacy.

Well, I'll never sign it.

You shouldn't expect support.

Not from the party, I mean.

Would you mind telling me
why I don't have it?
Is there a code of ethics
mentioning who I'm allowed to fuck?
- And who I'm not allowed
- [man 2.]
It mentions honor.

In our code of ethics,
there are plenty of mentions of honor.

And the mayor of Bilbao
is supposed to be exemplary.

For the first time,
we risk losing that office.

All right, and what about Lezcano?
Are you gonna resign as well?
[laughs quietly.]

Malen, give it up, please.

We're not ruling out
the possibility that in the future

Whatever you need.

[helicopter whirring in distance.]

The press conference is
at nine o'clock tomorrow.
See you then.

[helicopter continues
whirring in distance.]

Where you go, I'll follow.

[Malen sighs.]

[solemn music playing.]

[footsteps approaching.]

How was it?
Tell me all about it.

- Malen Zubiri?
- Yeah.

She's quite attractive.

She seems overbearing at first glance,
but frankly, I think
she's hiding something.

- I know she is.

- Yeah? A politician?
She came by
to tell me she doesn't wanna report it.

Though she knows
it's incredibly irresponsible.


She has no clue
so many others go through the same shit.

They feel guilty, dirty
They feel defiled,
like they have no right
to go on with their lives.

- And they have no one to help them.

- No one? They have you for that.


But only a few make it to my desk.

Did you tell her that?
More or less.

Okay, then.

- Enough about my life for the night.

- [laughs.]

How's your life?
Oh, somewhat uncomfortable, but fine.

My eggs are very strong, like me.

And you? Are you well, love?

I'm okay.

[tense music playing.]

No, you're not okay.

You understand better than anyone
why I killed myself.

You feel you're a fraud.

You ask others to speak out.

But you've been silent for years.

When are you going to stop hiding, Alicia?
[sirens blaring in distance.]

[sirens blaring in distance.]

[tense music building.]

[waves lapping.]

I didn't know that you smoked.

I do sometimes.

You should've told me before, man.

You know how long I've been resisting
the urge to get my hands on these?
- Hmm?
- Oh, no.
No, I'm fine.

- You look content.

- [laughs.]

Yeah, you gotta do things right, you know?
And what do you feel like doing?
Whatever you're asking me.

Oh, yeah?
- "Whatever," you said?
- Uh-huh.

[tense music continues.]

- [César grunts.]

- [pants.]

[phone vibrating.]

This is an exceptional case.

Statistically, this type of crime
is usually experienced
by ordinary citizens.

But Malen Zubiri is anything but that.

Malen Zubiri is suffering
the violation of her privacy.

And in an extreme way.

We should not forget Malen Zubiri
as she is
yet another victim on a long list.

And the rage and humiliation she may feel
as a human are worthy of understanding.

If you are a victim
of privacy violation, ask for help.

[tense music fades out.]

[breathing shakily.]

- Excuse me.

- I'm sorry, I can't.

You remember me?
Yes, yes.

How are you?
Do you have a moment?
One second, okay?
Look, I I really can't help you today.

I'm sorry about that.

Well, I
My sister went through a similar ordeal.

You see, her coworkers passed videos
and photos around where she worked.

And what did she do?
Report it?
[somber music playing.]

She killed herself.

I'm sorry, so sorry.

She never told me about it.

I couldn't do a thing.

Ane was the only thing
that mattered in my life,
and now all I wanna do
is something for her.

I know now's not the best time.

I get that, but I
I have to do something.

Will you help me?
[somber music fades out.]

[background chatter.]

[door closes.]

[cameras clicking.]

As you are aware,
today has been quite difficult for me.


The majority of you gentlemen,
and ladies, know me well.

And we've shared many press conferences.

You've followed my career
all the way from my father's law firm
to serving you all
in the local government.

As a public servant,
it's been my pleasure
to serve with dedication, truly.

But today is a very sad day for me
because I am forced to talk about
something that is nobody's business.

But apparently,
it's the only thing
that matters about me right now.

I had consensual sex
with another adult.
End of story.

That's all it was.

That should be the end, but
I know better.

I know the release of that video has done
serious damage to my public image.

But most of all, to my family,
which I find even more disturbing.

Despite my words to you all,
I know what's ahead for me.

[tense music playing.]

I am no longer the same
in the eyes of many.

And I never will be again.

Taking all this into account
I am in full agreement
with the decision regarding my future
taken by the party which I represent
to ensure my continuity in office
and my candidacy for mayor,
a decision which will be
officially confirmed very shortly.

[audience chattering.]

This is the only morally valid response
for a crime of which I am a victim.

[audience whispering.]

I feel afraid.

But I don't feel any shame.

Any shame there is will be reserved
for those who tried
to weaponize my private life.

Thank you very much.

[tense music continues.]

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