Intimacy (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Position / Exposure

That's our reality ♪
Never worked that much for me ♪
Take advice ♪
And I'll pay the price ♪
I'll never trust authority ♪
Obstacles they put in our path ♪
I wanna take off of the map ♪
The primitive and supernatural ♪
To me don't seem erratical ♪
Disaster is what we're after ♪
Whoa-oh-oh-oh ♪
No, I think
something's cooking upstairs.

- No, like, a change, I mean.

- A change?
Well, hey, if they send me to Honolulu,
I'll take it, you know?
Girls, come on.

It's not fucking funny to me.

- Whoa.
Hey, hey, come on.

- I'm just saying.

We're just kidding, sheesh!
I'm gonna
start cleaning or something.

One step ahead of you.
I already checked.

There are so many applicants.

They'll probably pay shit.

Shit, but still better than nothing.

Please stop whining.
Okay, ladies?
How about we save the drama
for the actual news?
That's right.

They just cut a few hours off our shifts.

- Yeah, but you're the lucky one, Anutxi.

- Me?
Even in the worst-case scenario,
you can at least take care of Kepa's kids.

Yeah, right.

- To be paid with cheese.

- Yeah!
I mean, I might as well
ask him for a salary while I'm at it.

- There's an idea!
- Ane Uribe.
Ane Uribe.

Please report to the main office.

- Phew!
- Don't listen to these two.

It's probably something else.

- Don't worry about it.

- Right.
Yeah, sure.

Promotion, for real.

This sounds like a promotion to me.

- I'm sure of it.

- Absolutely.
Go get it, honey!
Just you watch.

I'm not gonna need it.

- I'll catch you later.

- Okay!

Fine, well
Mmm, I I don't know.

I thought about taking them in July,
but I still haven't decided.

I'd like to discuss it with my boyfriend.

Can we talk in a few days?

Anything else?
Nope, that's all.

I mean, you know,
everyone's talking about layoffs
Is that happening?
No, no.
That's That's all.

Just let us know by next week.

- Thanks.

- Thank you.


But the weird thing is the same thing
happened in the cafeteria earlier.

You know?
With two other guys.

- I think they're getting ready to fire me.

- No, they're not.
Don't worry about it.

What's up? What's going on?
They say there's a photo.

What do you mean, a photo?
Um A photo of what?
I guess it's one of you nude,
spreading your legs or something.

I haven't looked at it.

But it's gotta be
some bullshit they made up, right?
You know those brutes.
They're assholes.

Where would they get something like that?
Perfect families do exist.

I realized that
when I met Kepa and his sons.

I even believed I deserved them
and that everything could make sense.

At last.

- Yeah!
- Yeah! That's my boy!
- Ane, your turn.

- Honey.

- You're up.

- Come on.
It's your turn.

Well, then.

No! Damn, honey.

- You always screw it up, every time.

- Aw!
- This always happens to you.

- Pay attention.

- One more time.

- Come on.
Don't you guys laugh.

- One more time!
- No, no, no.
No, no.

We can play again.
I don't mind.

- Come on.
Ane's exhausted.

- Just one more.

- I'm not tired.
I'm fine.

- Yeah, you are.

- Give me a kiss.
Now get to bed.

- Good night.

- Come on, bud.

- It's late.
You know that.

Night, little buddy.

We gotta change days, okay?
No more of this on Friday nights.

- All right.

- All right?
All right.

Hey, honey.


What are you doing up? Hmm?
It's Saturday.
It's early.

- Hmm?
- You're just used to this.
That's all.

I'll make coffee, okay?

I'm begging you.
Leave me alone.

The number
you have dialed is no longer in service.

A name,
Malen Zubiri.
And a feeling, shock.

That, more than anything else,
was what was felt yesterday
through the corridors
of the Bilbao City Hall
as Zubiri refused
to resign from her office,
hours after an intimate video
featuring her went viral.

She also confirmed she'll continue
her mayoral campaign, to my amazement!
They won't get rid of her
after the scandal.
 It wouldn't be classy.

It isn't about being classy.

- Zubiri is the victim of a crime.

- I get that.

But her party needs
a candidate beyond reproach
if they wanna keep the mayor's office.

And frankly, Lezcano has
thoroughly wasted their majority.

Zubiri added
ten points to her party in the polls.

While the party
was on life support.

Nobody is "beyond reproach.
Their base didn't produce anyone viable,
so they went with an independent.

Did you watch the video?
No, that's beside the point.

What matters is who recorded it.

And who was interested
in releasing it now.

Yeah, that's definitely relevant,
but whoever leaked it,
crime or not, whether we like it or not,
Malen Zubiri will always be known
as "that woman in the video.
- Well, then?
- I know as much as you.

Cut the bullshit, César.

I'm the only one
who's recognizable in that video.

Because you are the future mayor.

- You're their target.

- You knew who I was all along.

If I told you,
you would've cut ties with me.

You think I'm an idiot?
Like you knew who I was
but you had nothing to do with that video?
- You dragged me to that beach on purpose.

- No, I didn't.
I swear!
They just followed you.

- We never met again.

- Isn't that what you wanted?
You didn't insist.

Malen, what would I gain
from all this bullshit?
I wasn't involved.

- Did you tell anyone else?
- About us?
Are you crazy?
I'll lose a lot as well.

Do you think it doesn't bother me
that they did this to you?
You won't fool me with another lie, César.

You're not pressing charges, are you?
You better believe I will, César.

That would screw me and you.

Together we can find out
who recorded you.

No, you're going to, and quickly.

Not another word
about how you got screwed.

The only one who got fucked here is me.

Fucking hell.

She threatened me just now.

Why the hell
did you leak that, you asshole?
You assured me
she'd be the only one to see it!
Yeah, it's worth more.

Okay, we'll meet up there, then.

Leire, don't you have class?
Is that really her?
I saw her on TV last night.

The complainant
prefers not to reveal their identity.

According to their testimony,
the images of Ane Uribe
were being shared
among your workers for days.

And you weren't aware of this?
Of course not.
Who do you think we are?
We're in the process
of opening an internal inquiry.

That won't stop an external investigation.

I believe you misunderstood me.

- Did Ane report it?
- No.

But last night, we found images of her
on one of your workers' cell phones.

The complainant
claimed they saw them there.

The pictures and the video.

Which employee?
Bizen Goikoetxea.

So when can I get it back?
A word of advice.
You might want
to empty your deleted folder.

Okay, I got photos,
but I promise I didn't share them.

So who sent it to you?
An unknown number.
I don't know.

Would you care to tell me
why you got a picture from them?
Look, I really don't know.

You know what people can be like.

It looks like you don't have any
messaging apps installed on your phone.

- Did you delete them?
- Yeah, I did.

In case it happened again.

I don't want stuff like that, you know

Assuming for a moment that I believe you,
you must've discussed this
with your coworkers.

They said half the staff got those.

No idea.

Mmm, so maybe
you're the only one who received them.

That makes you even more suspicious to me.

Hold on, I didn't share them with anyone.

And even receiving them is not a crime.

You would know that how?
Did the company brief you
on what is and isn't a crime?
Or precautions you should take?
Maybe delete your messages
and deny it all?
Listen, I'm a family man, a working man,
a regular guy, you know? That's what I am.

I know what you're thinking.

That she was weak.

And it's her fault
that she can't take a joke.

That's referred to as "victim blaming.
Have you ever heard of it?
That attitude makes you believe
you would've acted differently.

You think terrible things happen
because some people
aren't cut out for living,
which isn't true.

Ane was cut out for living.

She just couldn't deal
with assholes like you.

And you are an asshole.

You're a liar, Bizen.

We'll see each other again.

If you don't wanna
see the footage, I understand.

- But it might help us.

- So what will happen to that pig?
The problem is
your sister didn't report it.

And there's only so much
we can do without more evidence.

What about Ane's phone?
You still haven't found it?
No, it's turned off.

She must've destroyed it,
or it went with her into the ocean.

I've requested a list of her final calls
from her service provider,
but that'll take time.

Do you have any idea who could've taken
or sent those pictures of Ane?

Her hairdo is pretty old.

It's the same one she has in the video.

It's not pleasant to see.

Tell you what, I'll pause it.

All right?
You recognize anyone?
I'm sorry.
I know it must be difficult.

But I don't think
anyone knew her like you did.

Well, obviously that's bullshit.

I never saw she was going through hell.

I was oblivious.


Forget it.


These are Ane's belongings.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

But before you jump to conclusions,
I just want you to know,
according to the autopsy,
she wasn't pregnant.

You were going to the dentist, I thought.

I canceled the appointment.

I'd greatly prefer they not call me
a cuckold with my mouth forced open.

I'm gonna change.

No, we do not want an interview!
Thank you.
Thank you.

You got that resignation letter on hand?
I highly doubt
that'll save us from this.

True, but at least we can
go somewhere else and get lost.

Oh, sure.

And if I had resigned,
what would I have taught my daughter?
Ah, so this is
a life lesson for your daughter?
Out of curiosity, what was the last one?
The thrill of fucking in public?
Last I checked, that's why she's here.

That doesn't compare.

- Why?
- That was a campsite.

In Norway.

And you were a lawyer,
not Kamala Harris of Bilbao.

What do you think we should do?
I don't know.
And you?
You also have a say in this, you know?
Yeah, call the dentist.

The nucleotide
is made up of a sugar molecule,
ribose in RNA and deoxyribose in DNA,
attached to a phosphate group
and a nitrogenous base.

The bases used in DNA are adenine, or A,
cytosine, or C, guanine, or G,
and thymine, or T.

In RNA, the base is uracil,
or U, substituting thymine.

Would somebody care to tell me
how the hell this got in today's folder?
Who did it? Who?
Xabi, Xabi, Xabi.

You know, tonight's Ander's party.

What time should we meet up?
I'll let you know.

So what were we working on?
Um abstract expressionism.

All right.

All right.

Abstract expressionism.

It was the first avant-garde movement
to ever be born in the United States.

Its main representatives were


And Mark
Um, excuse me.

We can't read the names.

Could you maybe
write them a little bigger?

We can't
understand your handwriting.

No, no, no, no, no.
What's the buzz on social media?
- You're a trending topic, but
- Yeah, 'cause of the video.
But what else?
Go on.
Read those comments.

"I came three times
as part of my civic duty.
"The next mayor gives me
a hard-on that's major.
- This one's kind of funny.

- True, yeah.

"Not only does she suck a"
Aw, come on.
This is torture, okay?
They send me pictures
at my work email account too.

They insult me
only 'cause they've seen me naked.

And they send me
dick pics for good measure,
like I'm on sale for them.

If it makes you feel better,
I picture them living with their parents
and blaming women's liberation
for their perpetual inability to get laid.

Luz Mendieta would like
to meet up with me.

Of course feminists have your back.

And always will.


What about some interviews?
We got some proposals
from a few serious outlets.

If we turn this
into a political matter, which it is
No way.
I don't need anyone asking me
how my family is handling it or who he is.

Refresh my memory about the presentation.

- But who is he?
- The presentation.

Do you have it?
Our schedule was just updated.

So what do we have?

Gorka, my key won't work.

- Where is the mayor?
- The mayor is at an event.

This comes from above.

But don't you worry,
you can, uh still use the couch.

Check your mouth.

You got some drool.

What did you expect? Hmm?
That you could undo being fired
by showing up the next day? Really?
So what's the punishment? A mobbing?
Everyone will know
that you're punishing a victim, Gorka.

Offended much?
Come on, Malen.

You're gonna fall upward
and start all over without an inquisition.

With a brand-new office.
Brussels, huh?
Honestly, I envy you.

The way things are now
I mean, if you're the mayor, it sucks!
But you'll step up.

See you later.

Miren, redial.

Come through for me, Miren.

Being in debt to someone sucks.

Hey, asshole, would you cut that out?
What is this?
- You heard it.

- What?
All right, shall we continue?
I'm sorry.

- You shouldn't have come, you know.

- But I did.
So let's continue.

He came here, just not at home.

Alfredo, it was just a joke, all right?
- Okay, again.

- He wishes she said that.

- Alfredo.

- Hey, Alfredo.

They locked you out of your office.

Thanks for coming, Dad.

Uh, you might be trying to kill me.

What's the emergency?
I'd like you to meet my father.

- Hello.

- He's a good man.

And he's going to be your lawyer.

He'll provide services pro bono.

'Cause he's a man of solid principles.

And he also owes me one.

That's great.
So tell me,
am I also going to need a lawyer?
Um My apologies, but I really
don't know anything about this, at all
So normally, I would gladly
represent your case myself,
but I can't.

'Cause you need clothes?
He's the best there is.

He'll get justice for you as well as her.

Her? Great, there's another one?
My sister.

She needs you now.

Her private photos leaked,
and she committed suicide because of it.

Okay, an ambush, while guilt-tripping me.

I wish you both luck.

You could at least
let her tell you about it, Dad.

From what you've told me,
it's an exceedingly difficult case to win.

But I can recommend you
to a colleague, right?
Don't worry.

And don't feel guilty.

It's not your problem.

You should accept it.

No, I can't accept it.

You're suffering here
because of the mistakes of another person.

What mistakes?
Having pictures stolen?
She told no one.
 That was her mistake.

You're cruel.

Truthful too.

What about caring?
Reserve it for yourself, Begoña.

Good luck.
You're going to need it.

Erroneous belief number one.

If you wish for something hard enough,
you will get it.

Erroneous belief number two.

The people who love you
will always be there for you,
like a shelter.

Why does it hurt?
You were made of steel, right?
You could withstand anything.

Remember that saying you once read?
"I'm the rock
that's holding back the tide.
Erroneous belief number three.

You know yourself well.

It's been a while.

Not that long.

It was the rally for Maite.

She was strangled.

Her son was three years old.
Remember her?
Yes, of course.

Let's sit.

How are you doing?

Not sure.

Your speech was commendable.

Thanks, Luz.

Not everyone thinks so, though.

The people in your party?
Well, you always said they weren't allies.

I told you.

But screw them.
 Because starting today,
you're gonna stop with the half measures.

You think I ought to run from them, right?

No more running away.

You need to change things from within now.

And we'll mobilize soon
if they've caused you
even the slightest trouble.

Well, this is already a victory for them
to see me reduced after that video.

Well, if you want my take,
I think they're counting on you to quit.


But you're gonna fight back.

That said,
if you pursued a legal recourse,
I think our support
would be far more logical.

This is not about making a spectacle.

Your whole life is on the line here.

There she is, right there.

Pictured eating next to her parents,
King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

I know.
I know, sweetie.

In starkly different news,
the thing most people are talking about
is the intimate video of Malen Zubiri
What is it? Are you hungry?
Okay, okay, let's go get foodies.

Hi, Dad!
Open up.
By the way,
Marilyn told me she isn't coming
because she didn't receive
her payment for last month.

Zubiri needs a lot, and she needs
more allies that are willing to say why.

But as we all know, this could
end up costing her, too.
That's a good boy.

My God! Baby, what
Are you okay? What happened to you?
- Uh, I got Ow! Mugged.

- Did Gosh, sorry.

- No.

- Where did it happen?
At the beach.

It was pretty quick.
They, um
They took 200 euros and some credit cards.

But I I've canceled those.

But did you
did you go to the police, or?
- Yeah, yeah.

- Wow, talk about a tough day.

That, plus Marilyn not coming over
I'm gonna take the kids
to swimming class.

Could I come with you, honey?
- I mean, are you okay?
- Sure.

- For real, are you okay?
- I'm fine.

- Hey, little man.
Come here.

- Okay, guys.
Let's get in the car.

Come on!
- No!
- I said yeah!
- No!
- Come on.

- No!
- Buddy, come on, gotta get your seat belt.

- I don't like you.

- Here.


You okay? Careful there.

I'm okay.

I'm going on TV,
and I'm gonna tell the truth.

Just how blunt are you gonna be?
Blunt enough
that the party's spotless image
will have a few spots tomorrow.

whatever you may say,
we'll turn it around.

We own the official version.

I'm willing to explain how half
of City Hall got vaccinated ahead of time,
for starters.

Fair warning,
in the four years that I've been here,
I've kept quiet about more than you know.

Malen Zubiri,
a run-of-the-mill blackmailer.

And I won't even stoop
to the party's level.

At least I'll denounce
things that are actually illegal.

There's a support rally tomorrow.

Luz Mendieta has contacted several
international feminist organizations.

Workplace harassment
against a victim of sexual harassment.

How do think Brussels will like that one?
You'd do the same in my shoes, Miren.

See you tomorrow, Malen.

An interview? Now?
I'm starting to think
you want all this attention.

- If you got another idea, I'm all ears.

- What do I know?
- What's the problem now?
- Nothing.


Listen, Alfredo.

- I know all this isn't easy
- Listen, Malen!
You know our marriage has been struggling
for the past four years.

- But to you, Leire's just great.

- Perfectly great, actually.

Are you talking about me?
- Yes.

- No.

You know what?
Just go ahead and leave, Dad.

I'll take care of Mom.
 After all,
she's the one who can't control herself.

Uh-huh, yeah.

My brother sent it to me, dude.

- It's like insane.
She's wild.

- Wait, really?
I didn't take Malen Zubiri
to be good jerk-off material.

You know how they are.

That age? Bro, they're all MILFs.

Got it on your phone?
- Come on.
Show me real quick.

- Give it a sec to buffer.

- Whoa!
- Ah!
- Oh, fuck!
- Told you, bro.

- She knows what she's doing!
- True.
Oh, that's the best part.

- Yeah, what a slut.

- Okay, come on.
Give it back.

Can you
forward me a link to that?
Yeah, no prob.
By the way,
her daughter trains at my pool.

Get the fuck out! How old?
- Sixteen.

- Nice, what's her name?
- Leire.

- Aw, shit.

- She's probably a whore like her mom.

- Totally.

They shared them among each other.

Even though they're denying it now.

I told you.
Neither the picture
nor the video are recent.

Right, right.

Got it.

We all have secrets, you know, Kepa.

Shit, yes, Begoña.
I understand.

But why the fuck?
Why didn't she tell me?
I'm a bad guy all of a sudden? Huh?
If she really didn't want to tell me,
then, why I just don't get it.

I think she was
really scared of losing you.

- You know, sometimes men will
- Men will what, Bego?
What the fuck are you talking about?
I'm also mad at her, Kepa.

I spent
my entire life with her.
All of it.

But you need to forgive her, like I did.

Forgiving myself
will take time.

We have to go after whoever did it.

So, baby, what time
do you wanna meet up with me tonight?
He's not answering.

He's gonna leave you.

He's lost.

Oh, fuck.
He must be he's he's thinking.

Because he's scared.

Everything will be all right.

That's a lie.
He's going to leave you.

We're going to the set.
It's this way.

The interview begins
in five minutes, okay?
This is political suicide.

I had to try it.

They left me no other choice.

And if I have to leave,
let it be like this, saying what's what.

When we come back,
an in-depth interview
with Deputy Mayor Malen Zubiri.

Exclusively here
on Gaur Egun.

- Go ahead.

- Okay, thank you.

Your fairy godmother!
- Or the Wicked Witch of the West?
- Hold that.

Hugo, I need to talk to her alone.

Malen, you're a victim.

Don't make other people victims as well.

Three minutes!
Three minutes.

I think you'll be
the next mayor of Bilbao.

I know the release of that video
has done serious damage
to my public image.

But most of all, to my family,
which I find even more disturbing.

Despite my words to you all,
I know what's ahead for me.

I had consensual sex with another adult.

End of story.

That's all it was.

That should be the end, but
I feel afraid, but I don't feel any shame.

Any shame there is will be reserved
for those who tried
to weaponize my private life.

Who's your passion for? ♪
They're behind you.

Wait, what?
They pretended I convinced them.

I really laid it on.

The accusations of misogyny
How Lezcano has been a disaster
How his cronies were worse
They never would've
changed their minds without my threats.

You won.
Congrats to you.

I stood up to them for you.

This time.

Excuse me.

Excuse me, suite 27?
Hi, uh We just got done
running an insurance checkup,
as is routine for us.

You are aware that your insurance
won't cover hospitalization, right?
What do you mean?
Apparently, two months ago,
your husband ended full coverage.

You're gonna need to pay
the full difference once he's released.

The total will be 900 euros per day,
plus any procedures.

On the plus side, there's a difference ♪
Of the ones who have
The greater sense of self ♪
Is it focused? Is it radical?
Step back from time to time ♪
Bro, bro, she's here.

I'm the operator
With my pocket calculator ♪
It's all a state of mind
Last I checked ♪
Hey! I, uh
I was actually just about to call you.

I came here to break up with you.

Oh, shit.


I don't like the way you fuck.

I've become really tired of not coming.

Hey, why don't you fuck off
to your whore mother!
Go on.

Get out of here.

Get the fuck out!
M-O-N-D-O, M-O-N-D-O ♪
M-O-N-D-O, M-O-N-D-O ♪
Something you gotta know.

You aren't a heroine.

You're just a careless woman.

All that has happened thus far
needs to be forgotten, here and now.

For the sake of everyone.

Malen, you are more than a victim.

No fists up in the air,
no international sensation.

The party won't benefit
from any feminist martyrs.

I'll have to watch you closely.

And set you straight.

We have to calibrate everything
to make up for the ground you lost us.

Everything you do
will have to be scrutinized from now on.

You're making me pay
for my sin by swearing my loyalty.

You're on.


You're good at that, at least.

- Malen, hello.

- How are you?
- Good, thanks.

- No, thank you.

One minute to go, okay?

We're leaving on a plane!
We're leaving on a plane!
No, boys.
We're not! But I promise
we're still gonna go somewhere fun!
We're leaving on a plane
Happy families do exist.

As well as those
who only appear to be happy.

You think you already
reached the bottom, Idoia.

Just wait
and see what falling is like.

Son of a bitch.

Will you stop pestering me?
Haven't you had enough?
You okay?
I'm great, and you?
All right.

My mayoral bid is still on.

You must be happy.

Your dad
Yeah, I already know.

We decided to do what we think is best.

Of course.

See you tomorrow, sweetie.

I'll go in front
of the executive committee and tell them
you have my
and the party leaders' support.

Thank you for that, Miren.

The crisis ends here.

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