Intimacy (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


[haunting music playing.]

[haunting music fades out.]

[anchor, on radio.]
We're talking
about Malen Zubiri.

Her political career has coincided
with the economic recession,
which has plagued the municipality
and sunk her party in the polls.

These polls indicate that the deputy mayor
is the only member of the City Council
who passes in the citizens' assessment.

Today, party sources point to her
as Lezcano's imminent successor.

[phone ringing.]

However, there have been
conflicts between them.

- This is Malen.

- [Alfredo.]
Hi, Malen.

So, tell me.
How did the meeting go?
Miren has leaked it.
You haven't heard?
Mayor's consort finally!
[laughs quietly.]

We'll be at all the operas.

- Always invited.

- [laughs.]

Calm yourself.
I won't be
taking you with me to the Euskalduna.

No corruption?
What's the fun in that?
You deserve it, Malen.

- I'm happy for you.

- Thank you.

I wouldn't be here without your help.

Behind every great woman
is an emasculated man.

You know I don't think
that's funny, Alfredo.

Oh, hey.
Can you tell Leire my news?
Why don't you
do something with her this weekend?

Xabi, mm, Xabi.

- Xabi, Xabi, Xabi, Xabi.

- You know, I'm still sure she misses you.

I'll always be here for her.

We share a bathroom.

You know exactly what I'm saying.

I do.

Have fun out there.

And you? Staying in?
I was getting ready.

Be safe.

[beeping on radio.]

[anchor, in French.]
 It's 4:00 p.

and it's nostalgia time on our radio.

["Un soir chez Norris"
by Pierre Cavalli playing.]

["Un soir chez Norris" continues.]

["Un soir chez Norris" continues.]

There are two kinds of people.

Those who lead a double life,
and those who dream of leading one.

We are all the masks we put on.

All our masks.

It isn't lying.

To lie is to put on just one.

We choose well what to show.

To voters, to family,
to lovers.

And sometimes,
we forget that others do the same.

Who are they really?
["Un soir chez Norris" fades out.]

The days that change everything
start just like any other.

There are never any signs of disaster.

Life seems kind.

And you keep playing.

What's the worst that could happen?
This time, you're gonna find out.

[in French.]
Good evening.

[in French.]
Good evening.

[in French.]
What is it?
[in English.]
You're not French either.


I noticed, when I read your profile.

You use formal language, like a professor.

Formal, huh?
A bit.

Well, I don't find it very funny
that you aren't really French.

Why? Do you have a fetish for the French?
No, it's okay.

Do you? [puffs.]
I once saw
a woman who was only interested in me
if I'd dress up as a panda bear for her.

Hey, you can stand further if you want to.

Are you a celebrity or something?
With me, you're in luck.

Have you ever heard of, uh
What? Can't recognize a face?
Shit, that's it.

You actually know what prosopagnosia is.

I still know nothing of you.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

You wanna grab a drink with me?
I'll buy.
Let's go.

- [César.]
Wow! Thank you.

- [laughs.]

["Forge Your Own Chains"
by D.
Hooker playing.]

How about this one?
No, it's close to Stureplan.

Oh, okay.
In the park area.

Uh Holfve Bistro.

It's the most delicious salmon
I've ever had, really.

- They bring it from a small town
- Which?
[groans quietly.]

I've been! Midsommar.

- Really?
- Yeah, I swear.

- Come on.

- That's amazing!
[both laugh.]

I was planning to go back to Sweden
this year.
I'll have to try it out.

Do you have any trips planned this year?
I wish I could, but I'm too busy for that.

- Lots of work?
- [chuckles.]

["Forge Your Own Chains" continues.]

Well, you do look relaxed.

I am.
It's why I'm here.

You got a house here?
And you, then? Where do you work?
If you do work, that is.

Yes, actually, a lot of work.

I'm an entrepreneur.
 Mainly start-ups.

I do very well.
I have an intuition.

Is it just luck? I really don't know.

Luck never repeats itself
from what I heard.

- You're talented.

- [scoffs.]

So you can go out and buy
the priciest surfboard on the market.

Okay, okay.

- Am I capricious?
- No, no, no.

My pleasures
I take very seriously as well.

What do you say we finish it?
[Malen, quietly.]
- Ah
- [laughs quietly.]

[Malen laughs.]

Forge your own chains ♪
And your intuition about me?
Forge your own chains ♪
["Forge Your Own Chains" stops.]



[tense music playing.]

Let's split it.


- [tense music continues.]

- [waves lapping.]

It's amazing here.

I had no idea it existed.

[both laugh.]

Here you are.


Come on.

You can't have it all.

[tense music continues.]

[waves lapping.]

[tense music fades out.]

[wave crashes.]

Why are you smiling? What's the joke, huh?
- [Malen laughs.]

- [laughs.]

Fuck, look.
It's Grandpa
with the young entrepreneurs.

Shall we avoid them?
- [men laughing.]

- [Malen.]

- Zubiri!
- How is everything?
It's splendid.

I was trying to convince Txema
to go up for election again this year,
but there's no way.

- What do you put in his coffee?
- [laughs.]
Ask Gorka.

[all laughing.]

So good manners really are dying out.

Afraid of the future?
And I thought you were Darwinists.

I guess we need to adapt.
You're right.

Good luck.

Very true.

Happy to see you.


[tense piano music playing.]

[thunder rumbling.]


[waves lapping.]

[tense piano music building.]

[waves lapping.]

[tense piano music continues.]

[seagulls squawking.]


[tense piano music continues.]

[tense piano music slows.]

[tense piano music fades out.]

Ew, no.

This is the one.

It smells like my niece,
the four-year-old.

It smells like naivete.

It's not going to work.

As mayor, she'll need the opposite.

I prefer to wear
something closer to what I've got on.

Men's cologne? Impossible.

I made it this far okay.

It will smell like you had sex.

Smell of a man and they'll think
you just climbed off one.

- Ah! It doesn't sound like success to you?
- Not in a woman.

The president of France gets on
his motorbike to see his mistress
and they say it's charm,
but in a woman, it looks impulsive.

Uncontrolled emotions, irrationality
And who wants a maniac in charge?
This is the part where you say
you didn't invent the world, isn't it?
But you're helping it.

You won't change it.

I'll send you six bottles of this.

That should cover the whole term.

I can't say no to my niece,
if I'm being honest.

["Belo Horizonte" by Cari Cari playing.]

[birds tweeting.]

["Belo Horizonte" continues.]

Daysleeper ♪
- [inaudible conversation.]

- Tell me about the stars and the sun ♪
Starlight seeker ♪
My name is César Barretxeguren.

Take me to the place that's beyond ♪
I see you recognize the surname.


All of Bilbao knows that name.


- Are you the youngest?
- Mm-hmm.

You were living in London.

Until recently, I was.

It's just, uh
It was time to come back.

And why tell me all this?
Because I'm tired of it all.

I'm very bad at keeping things to myself.

It weighs me down.
I was hoping to relax as well.

You don't have to tell me anything, okay?

Whoa, whoa.

Do I smell bad to you?
No, no, no.
Not at all.

What is it?
I don't know.

It's just,
are you for real?
I would never have guessed.

- Well, then, thanks.

- [laughing.]

[César laughing.]

That's it.

Just that.

- That's all?
- That's all.


Where were we?
["Belo Horizonte" stops.]

[inaudible conversation.]

[tense music playing.]

Hold on, hold on.

There's no one here.

[both giggling.]

- You rich guys don't give a shit, do you?
- [laughing.]

The moon looks incredible.

I thought you could have it all.

Right? In your car?
[César laughs.]

Hey, you!
[tense music building.]

[monitor beeping.]


- [doctor.]
Try and keep your eyes open.

- [grunting.]

We're almost done.

Just a few more seconds.


Tell me about yourself.

[César groans.]

Because I wasn't here yesterday
and I'd like to know.

I'm here to make sure
that you're okay.
Your name, the date What's your age?

- My name is César.

- Mm-hmm.

I'm 26 years old and today is, uh

[César groans.]

What do you remember?
- [high-pitched screeching.]

- [man yells.]

You were assaulted.

- A robbery.

- Mm.

Your wife told us
that you had reported the incident.

Maybe you don't remember now.

The police will be
coming by shortly to speak with you.

We'll have to do these tests again, okay?
I'm gonna schedule another round later.

We'll need them.

Oh, but I'm feeling fine.

- [César grunts.]

- The thing is, César, you're 31.

I'll be right back.

[monitor beeping.]

[sighs in pain.]






[thunder rumbling.]

- [sighs.]

- [solemn music playing.]

- [snake hissing.]

- [gasps.]

[solemn music continues.]

[footsteps echoing.]


- This one here?
- Yes.

- Okay, I got it.

- We have to make sure we get it today.

Good morning.

Sorry I'm late.
Shall we begin?
[footsteps approaching.]

[solemn music continues.]

Let's begin.

Today there are 15 items
that we have here to discuss.

Five on the tax office.

Three are on welfare.

Four on urban planning,
and finally, three more are on culture.

I feel bad about enjoying
looking at him like that.

[Miren laughs.]

I'm sure Lezcano opened the patxaran
as soon as he saw the video.

Maybe he could've been the one behind it.

- Future, Malen.

- [sighs.]

- I haven't thanked you yet.

- Don't bother.

You're gonna hate me again.

What more shit can they bring to light?
What? About me?
I have to think.
I don't really know.

Aren't you lucky?
It's not just you though, Malen.

Any skeletons your family has
will bite you in the ass.

- So what do I do? Interrogate them now?
- It's protection.

If we get ahead of the vultures,
they'll leave you alone.

Who is he?
Is he too young?
Is it because he's too "well-known"?
Or is it because he wants
to continue screwing us?
Get him under control or I will.

He's a nobody.
Don't worry, I put him
in his place already.
Believe me.

[phone ringing.]

- Yes?
- Mrs.
This is Inspector Vázquez.

Do you have a moment?
To be honest, I really don't.

Well, I'll be brief.

What is it?
Just checking how you were doing.

All good.

Did you know
that your father is coming in today?
He represents the sister of Ane Uribe,
the woman who killed herself.

They're coming in to file a complaint.

Yeah, yeah.
I know her and what happened.

I put her in touch with my father.

I had a feeling.

why do you seek justice
for others and not for yourself?
I thought I'd made myself very clear.

I would like for you to trust me.

I understand that your case
requires discretion.

Listen, I have no doubt that you're
someone who does your job well.

- Well, then, why brake now?
- [tense music playing.]

Don't stop now.

If someone is pressuring you
not to report it, you can let me know.

No one makes my decisions here.

I think you're making a huge mistake.

Can't you see you're the only one
suffering the consequences here?
Pardon me,
but I have to keep on working.
Thank you.

[baby crying.]

[tense music building.]

[tense music fades out.]

- [beep.]

- Maybe it was a note for Kepa.

Not important.

It's a bad move on her part
not to leave a will.
This way.

How could she sleep with that guy?
Your sister slept with much worse.

[Juan Mari.]
I have informed my client
that it's near impossible
to prove that the suicide was caused
by the bullying
from her peers at her workplace.

So I said that it's clear
that one thing tends to lead to another.

Clearly, it's only important if there's
no possible way to doubt it or deny it.

- This is not the case.

- [Bego clears throat.]

He isn't wrong.

It's too vague to follow.
Laws aren't.

We'll have to be content
charging them with "unlawful circulation.
And that's only if we find proof
that they were trafficking the images.

Who provided them?
That's another question we need to answer.

It's usually
a resentful-ex-boyfriend thing.

- Did you ever meet any of her partners?
- Lots.

A serial monogamist.

Real knockout, you know?
And did any of them
happen to stand out to you?
The last one.

How was he?
Well, Kepa, mm is not another guy.

Kepa is what you imagined a guy to be
when you still believed in something.

You know?
Moreover, my client dates
the photos from a long time ago.


Do you know
if any relationships were problematic?
Fighting, bullying, jealousy
Um no, no.

Well, at least the ones I knew of.

They were all nice guys.

"He's always so normal," they always say.

[tense music playing.]


[door slams.]

[tense music continues.]


We're here for you.

- They're pigs, Anutxi.

- Thanks.

How are you?
How do you think she is?
It's not fair, you know.

Where did they get it from?
Those guys are bastards.

Do you want some water?
Yeah, okay.


A Lexatin?
No, thanks.

Are you serious?

This situation is intolerable.

You have the full support
of the management.


Thank you.
So what are you gonna do?
What can you do to stop it,
make sure they won't share it anymore?
We have to find out
who passed it out, don't we? Right?
I'll take care of it.

Did he say
if you didn't get back together,
he was going to show pictures of you?
No, no.
I cut him off quickly.

He didn't say anything like that, but
Fuck, it's been
like five years since we've spoken.

- And the guy hasn't changed at all.

- Well, do you know where he is?
No, I have no idea.

Ane, go to the cops.

They'll know how to find him.

Is it because of Kepa? He's a good man.

Yes, but Kepa
- Ane, come on.

- Okay.

- I'll think about it.

- [buzzer.]

[man over speaker.]
This is
a notice to all employees.

In response to a complaint
from an employee
alerting us to the trafficking
of intimate, personal images
against her will,
we ask that such conduct cease.

Otherwise, the company will feel free
to apply the penalties
it deems appropriate.

[tense music building.]

[tense music stops.]

Ane, why did you have to do it?
Did you give them names?
Shit, I had to do it, didn't I?
Why didn't you just hang?
- They'll get over it.

- Or you could talk to them.

So why, Ane?
Hold on, I could've just as easily gone
to the police with all this, and I didn't.

What you want is to become untouchable,
pointing your finger,
and now the rest of us eat the layoffs up.

This is perfect for you.

But Come on, Oihane.
That isn't true.

Do you really think
that I wanted any of this to happen?
Your husband should've thought about it
before passing photos around.

And you should think
before you open your legs.

[emotive piano music playing.]

They say
that the past does not exist.

That we can live without looking back.

That we can even be reborn.

But it is a lie.

The past is a place.

And sometimes,
we're forced to return to it.

The best thing to do
is to take advantage of the visit
to say goodbye once and for all.



[emotive piano music continues.]

Good evening.

What if you can't find
the right person to say it to?

All you can do is wait.

Wait for him to show up
and be his prey, once again.

[emotive piano music stops.]

[door slams.]

High school just bores them.

- Ane, you're doing it wrong.

- I know.

- Girl, would you please stop moving?
- I haven't moved.

You did.

What I was saying, they have good reason.

I've been saying the same things to people
who don't wanna listen for 15 years.

In other words,
basically the definition of madness.

Then there's the book club,
which is for retirees.

And hiking, so zero arousal.

"I like collecting leaves.
I walk.
"I fuck.

- Why are you so quiet?
- Huh?
- Me?
- Yeah.


I just haven't gotten much sleep lately.

I don't sleep much.
 [clears throat.]

Even so, you're still glowing.

[sad piano music playing.]

- [Bego laughs.]

- Jesus!
If I only had your charm.

Oh, Bego, what are you saying?
What the hell is that?
I don't have any.

Look, I could tell you about it later
when Archaeologist84 dismisses me with a,
"Sorry, I can't make it tonight.
"Call you later.
Sorry, doll.
Oh, well.

You sound enthusiastic about your date.


That's life.

- [Ane sighs.]

- Sweetheart.

- [Ane sighs.]

- Everything's good.

[Bego laughs softly.]


[children playing in distance.]

[sad music continues.]

[dog barking.]


[grunts in pain.]



[sad music stops.]

Hey, Juan Mari.
Long time no see.

How are you?
I expected an Excel.

I'm old-school like that.

I'm fucking ancient.

Can I go now?
My being cautious here is for your sake.

Look, Malen, if you'd asked me even once
how the company was doing,
you wouldn't need to do this.

When did you get
an interest in the company?
- You haven't dropped by for years.

- Not everyone has great success like you.

You haven't even
smelled success in your life.

Dad, please.

I don't know
what you're gonna do without me.

Who are you gonna feel superior to now?
Are you so sure there are
no videos of me fucking out there?
[Juan Mari laughs.]

Are there?
[scoffs quietly.]

Are you gonna request that our daughter
pulls her shit out from the carpet too?
Are you done now? We're finished.

Yes, Your Highness.

[footsteps retreating.]

[door closes.]

They won't find anything on me at all.


[foot tapping on floor.]

- [coughs quietly.]

- [door opens.]

Sorry for the wait, César.

You can come in now.

He's waiting for you.

[César sighs.]

[César sighs.]

I thought we'd go for lunch.

Business is better here.

[door closes.]

It's why you're here, isn't it?
[tense music playing.]

I've done something that's

Did Idoia tell you?
Your children are fine.

In case you were interested.

I need your help, Dad.

You won't mix me up in this, César.

I don't want to know more.

I don't want to be
your accomplice nor your accessory.

- I'm not here to mix you
- I won't pay for it this time.

I financed your adventure in London,
knowing that it was going to end up
like the production company, the gallery,
all the à la carte trips, and I don't know
how many other pipe dreams.

But this time it's different, Dad.

I swear to you.

This one's more expensive.

- Am I wrong?
- [crying.]

I can't believe you, César.

[César sobs.]

The grandchildren
will never lack anything.

That I guarantee.

[César sobbing.]

But listen to me.

- Do not count on me
- Fuck.

or your brothers
to get you out of trouble this time.

I just can't
do it all alone, Dad.

If I could just explain it to you, please.

Clean yourself up.


Don't go out like that.

[César sniffling.]

[sheep baaing.]

[tense music fades out.]


Come on.
So why are you here?
To ask questions too?
Already questioned.

The inspector just left.
Don't you worry.

- She wanted to rule you out, right?
- Yes, of course.
And she has.


- [whispers.]

- She's just doing her job though.

She is.
And she did.

And I'm doing mine, clearly.

[sheep baaing.]

- I wanted to ask you a question.

- Go ahead.

Did Ane ever talk about a Jokin?
A guy she was with a while ago?
I have no idea.

We hardly ever talked about our past.

You didn't?
No, we didn't.

And it worked for us, by the way.

Quite well.

You just going to stand there
staring at me with that weird look?
- Don't get angry.

- What?
Well, nothing.

I'm just a little surprised is all.

I didn't think you were
one of those guys.

What are you saying, "those"?
I'm not "those guys" or anything else.

What the hell? This is life, Begoña.

I don't look back, repent, and confess.

I already have a priest.

If it works, why talk?
If it goes wrong,
it just distracts.
What does it fix?
- So you got along well, then?
- Hey, stop it.

Stop it now, Begoña.

We said we'd forgive each other.

Worry on your own
and leave me out of it.
Well, fuck, I'm sorry, Kepa.

[Kepa sighs.]

Look, I'm sorry too.

I haven't slept.
I'm on edge.

I have no idea who Jokin is.

Why? Do you think he's the one who did it?
I don't know.

He's the only one I don't know.

I wrote him online.

Will you let me know when you find out?
I will.

You got a minute?
Oh, fuck.
Are you serious?
[Bego clears throat.]

[Kepa sighs.]

No, no way.
Not a chance.
No way.

You've got kids.
They all love animals.

And yours live in the countryside.

Why do you think
that thing still lived at your house?
Any time she told
the kids about that thing,
they were scared shitless.

Should I set it free?
But do it far away.
[tense music playing.]

Good afternoon.


What are you having?
[Malen sighs.]

My daughter wants to apologize
for what happened that night,
with your camera.

- She had a bad day.

- Yeah.

I know we all have bad days.

But I'd like to hear it from her.

She's a child.

She isn't.

You're like hyenas.

I haven't said anything
about the harassment you dealt us.

Look, I lost a few jobs over this.

- You know?
- Maybe that will teach you some respect.

You mean like yours for your husband?
- Listen, I'm not going
- Sorry, all right?
[tense music stops.]

Hold on!
- Can I give you a ride?
- I'm going to train.

[emotive music playing.]

This will blow over, Leire.

[emotive music continues.]

[sighs deeply.]

[crying quietly.]

When I saw the video,
I was happy for you.

- Really?
- She showed her true colors.

It's for the best.

Now he can destroy her in the divorce.

There wasn't even a
"You can't leave me," or
"We could work things out,"
or "Forgive me.
- You know? The usual things.

- Sure.

Hey, do you know anyone
with a room for rent?
Come on.

You ought to be more pissed off, man.

- More?
- Yes, more.

Now we're all nancies.

They complain if we react.

- Didn't you read the book I sent you?
- What book?
[emotive music continues.]


[phone vibrating.]

- What is it?
- [César.]
I'm sorry, Malen.

I'm really sorry.

I need to see you right away.


[emotive music continues.]

[thunder rumbling.]

[emotive music fades out.]

[César gasps in pain.]

[César panting.]

They offered me a lot of money, okay?
And I really need it right now.

They're going to take everything
from me, my children
You don't use them as an excuse
for what you did to me,
you fucking asshole.

I don't even wanna know why.

You'll tell me who did this!
I'll tell you everything.

I will, but I
But what?
[César sighs.]

[Malen panting.]

- [thunder rumbling.]

- [tense music playing.]

Because of what you did,
my whole life is fucked.

And you ask me for money right now?
Or you won't tell me the truth?
I lost everything, Malen.
It's all gone.

My marriage is over.

I lost my children, and I lost my
my dignity.

Help me, please.
We can help each other.

Malen, please.
You gotta help.

- [engine starts.]

- Get out.

No, why? What are you gonna do?
We need to talk.

What about all the good times that we had?
[engine revving.]

Fuck off.
Get out of here.

[high-pitched screeching.]

Get the fuck out of my car!
[tense music building.]

[tires screeching.]

[tense music fades out.]

[groans quietly.]



[groans quietly.]


[heaving and coughing.]

[coughing and retching.]

[ominous music playing.]

[ominous music building.]

[phone pings.]

Hey, this is Jokin, Ane's friend.

I saw your message.
What's up?
[ominous music fades out.]


Not this one.

I've got something to tell you.

[Malen sighs.]

[Malen sighs.]

[Malen sighs.]

When I was a lawyer,
I had a client, a very important
and well-known businessman.

One of his employees
reported him for harassment.

[inhales deeply.]

She took the money because I told her
it was the only thing that she would get.

Those were different times.

That's still no excuse.

And the worst part?

The asshole treated me
to a lavish dinner afterwards,
a thank-you to me.

He'd gotten off cheap.

[laughs quietly.]

Even that didn't cost him much.

Wasn't he the owner
of a chain of restaurants?
[emotive music playing.]

[Malen sighs.]

Now I know I can really trust you.

And you believe him?
[emotive music continues.]

If it had been blackmail,
he would have asked for money before,
not after he leaked the video.

And considering who he is
It's César Barretxeguren.

I'll go and talk to him right now.

- Look, I don't know if today
- Don't worry about it.

I'll act discreetly.

And I know he will as well.

Malen, you have my word.

[Malen sighs.]

You're doing the right thing here.

[emotive music stops.]

[footsteps retreating.]


[unsettling music playing.]

[heart beating.]

[high-pitched ringing.]

[high-pitched screeching.]

[monitor beeping.]


[sighs deeply.]

[metal clangs.]

- [high-pitched ringing.]

- [gasps.]

[heart beating.]

[monitor beeping.]


[unsettling music fades out.]

- [door slams.]

- [tense, rhythmic music playing.]

[engine starts.]

[tense, rhythmic music continues.]

- [Alicia.]
What's he doing?
- [tires screeching.]

[horn honking.]

- [horn honking.]

- [tires screeching.]

[horn honking.]

- [Alicia.]
What the fuck?
- [horn honks.]

Oh, shit.


Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
[tense, rhythmic music continues.]

I need an ambulance.


[tense, rhythmic music building.]

[tense, rhythmic music continues.]

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