Intimacy (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

The Fall

You have to give it to yourself ♪
Wide, wide open, is my mind ♪
You have to feel it for yourself ♪
You have to feel it for yourself ♪
You have to feel it for yourself ♪
And when your eyes look back at mine ♪
And when the stars fall from the sky ♪
You know you really should have more fun.

César Barretxeguren is dead.

I was driving behind him,
I could see it clearly.

He seemed on edge when he left home,
but he wasn't speeding at all.

The accident was strange.

He just veered off the road suddenly.

He wasn't trying to brake,
but not accelerating.

I'm having the brakes examined.

Excuse me a moment.

Yes, of course.

So he killed himself.

He had lied to me.

There was no one left he could blame.

I guess he decided
he had to kill himself, for dignity.

I see.

So it's case closed, then.

He was a liar.
That's all.

But you believed him this morning.

I was confused.

And I felt like sharing it with you.

You seemed willing to file a complaint.

You're mistaken.


Why add a dead man to the scandal?
That's the last thing you need right now.

I guess there are two liars here.

Thank you for coming here.

I'm meeting with one of Ane's exes.

Is it the ex?
Well, guess I'll find out.

Shit, Bego.

What is this?
My divorce is going badly.

Go for the eyes.

No, thanks.
He's a coward.

And a son of a bitch.

Bego, when he covers
his eyes with his hands,
just kick him in the balls.

Why aren't you
staring at your phone?
Okay, boomer.

Did you know your grandpa is my lawyer?
Haven't you had enough of those assholes?
May I?
How are you doing?
Are they giving you grief from the video?
A bit.

Don't let them get away with it.

If anything happens,
tell me.
I'll deal with it.

They can get in trouble.

Some photos of my sister were leaked too.

Your grandpa's helping with that.

And is she doing all right?
She couldn't deal with it.

Don't be scared, though.

Your mom is a rock.

You should look after her for now.

And yourself too.

There's no doubt
the crash is the cause of death here.

I'd venture
he had a difficult final week.


Are those old injuries?
A few days before, not more
than a week.
I believe he was kicked.

It looks as if
his open wounds were treated.

Looks professional.

Likely a doctor.

He also suffered
a hard blow to the base of the skull.

It was concealed by the hair.

Either way, they were lucky
or they knew what they were doing.

The tragic crash,
which happened last Saturday,
claimed in an untimely fashion the life
of the youngest son of Peio Barretxeguren,
the well-known president
of the Board of Basque Businessmen.

César, only 31 years old
Rich and hot.

Dying early is the least he could do.

The family
Your fairy godmother has aired
a major scandal about Ander Olarriaga.

I get notified whenever someone posts it.

- The adoption thing?
- Mm-hmm.

That happened years ago, though.

Tell that to a Twitter user.

A scandal is a scandal.

And a court ruling is
just a sleeping pill.

Have we checked
that Miren has a reflection in the mirror?
- You weren't too considerate then either.

- Yeah, but I didn't draw blood.

You know that's
what helped you in the polls.

You don't have to apologize to me.

Just saying, it may not be
the best time to play the good girl.
Take a picture! Come on!

You bitch.

- Mr.
- Yes.


Malen Zubiri.


We're very sorry for your loss.

Our detective witnessed the accident.

She asked to be here in case you wanted
to ask her questions on anything.

I just identified
the body of my youngest son.

I know a great deal more
than I would like.

I'm sorry to inform you
that the body of your son
did show evidence of a violent assault
prior to the accident.

We haven't received
the coroner's report yet.

- We really shouldn't
- I already saw it.

Can you tell us why it would've happened?
Do you know anything about it?
Do you really think
I'm ready for more bad news today?
Aren't you at all curious
about what might've happened to your son?
He was always drawn to danger.

It's nothing new.

Detective Vázquez,
thank you for your input on the case.

the injuries your son sustained
could've led directly to his accident.

You need to be somewhere, Detective?
I know that you want to help.

The simplest explanations
are usually correct.

- Commissioner.

- We will be in touch.

Are you asleep?
I'm not thanks to you.

Have you called Leire?
Don't give me that again, Mom, please.

You leave her with her mother,
six months from now? Pregnant.

For God's sake.

Do you really think
that I can be an example to anyone?
That's fine, son.
I can take care of her.

At 15,
I did every drug just to spite you.

My God! I mean,
can we spare Leire the trip to rehab?
Malen deals with her well.

Can we forget about this once and for all?
One day, you'll think on this,
and it'll be too late then.

That's fine.

Come on.

You have a minute to form into teams.

Let's go!
- Forward, for sure.

- I'll be goalkeeper.

- You're always goalkeeper.

- Let's go, guys!
Hey, your mom is a real boss lady, huh?
She goes for the hot ones, doesn't she?
She really does.
Don't act
like you wouldn't film it.

It's you.



- It's not how I do greetings.

- Yeah, okay.

I'm really sorry.

Shit, I would've liked
to have said goodbye to her.


It was awful.

It feels good just talking about her.

- That's why I'm meeting with her friends.

- Sure.

- It's not weird for you?
- No, no, no.
Not at all.
I get it.

You were together, right?

When was it?
A few years ago.

Three? I have no idea.

- I was always useless with dates.

- Yeah.

We hadn't seen each other
for a long while.


It feels impossible still.

She really was a force of nature.

- Pure joy.
A brave person.

- Pure joy.
A brave person.

They already have fears
and emptiness of their own.

I didn't wanna burden them with mine.

From others, they expect light.


You also keep
your dirty, weak side from others.

You cry when no one can hear you.

Your thoughts at 4:00 a.

are only known to you.

You've noticed how
when life overwhelms you,
other people slowly drift away from you.

They will never admit it, of course.

But you have also grown tired
from your depressed friend,
from your mother
who only sees the negative.

You have also switched the news off
when it was too depressing.

We all have done that.

We seek the light.

And we leave the weak ones behind.

All right, tell me.

Well, it's, uh, a few days with a fever.

Also headaches and
vomiting too.

And you're still coming to work.

Haven't you learned anything?
Somebody sent
pictures of her to her workplace.

One with her legs spread open.

And a video of her
with several men in a club.

And the fallout was
the cause of what happened.

What is it?
Is it this one?
- It was you, shithead.

- I swear to you, she sent me the photo.

She just sent it to you?
I don't believe it.

Do you think that I'm an idiot?
We'd been texting,
and I thought she wanted, uh
- She wanted what?
- To try and turn me on.

- You're disgusting.

- Well, I don't
- She never mentioned you once.

- I don't know.

She could've had her own things going on,
like yoga, or like therapy.

What other things
do you know about my sister, then?
- Over here!
- Stop it, stop it.

What are you doing, man? Stop it!
What the hell are you doing?
Take the phone, all right?
Check it all you want.

And when you are satisfied, give it back.

I work at Vitola.

The café.

It's all good.

Thank you, all good.

María, how are you feeling?
- Feeling great.
It hardly hurts.

- Fantastic.

I wanted to go over
the results of the procedure.

Four of the eggs we got were viable.

Four is all?
But I thought that the ultrasounds
How many embryos could we get?
Well, you know,
depends on a lot of factors.

But we can always repeat the cycle
when you're fully recovered.

- Yes, but can't you give me a number?
- Mm.

- We'll just wait and see.

- Uh yes.

That's right.
I'll go into the next room, okay?
And so if you need
anything at all, just call.

Thank you.

Hey, María, it's okay.

We both knew this might happen, right?
- Hmm.

- And there's really no rush, is there?
I don't want to go through this again.


I can imagine.

If one of them worked, I won't freeze it.

I want it implanted right now.

It's not what we agreed to, though.

Yeah, but the thing is, by doing it now,
there's a greater chance it'll work.

- Still, you're talking about, uh
- Within five days, more or less.

Why should we wait?
- All right, thanks.

- Ander.

They're only four years old!
That's not the way to get respect, Malen.

You have nothing to fear.

The ruling in court was clear.

You think that matters at school?
The other kids will say
they were "paid off,"
like people were saying back then.

I will defend you.

Why don't you spare me the hypocrisy.


I've come to warn you.

The police may want to talk to you.

Regarding, uh an assault
they're saying happened previously.

It happened.
He was robbed, he said.

And suddenly, he collapsed,
right there in front of me.

I don't even know
how he was able to drive.

He was always tempting fate.

César liked speed.

He was the one with the politician.

He's the one in the video.

When he had gotten that tattoo,
I punished him.

He was
17 or so then.

It leaks out, and then right after that,
he was assaulted?
Think it's just bad luck? It's strange.

The children will have enough
dealing with the loss of their father.

Have you seen his bank accounts?
I won't allow my grandsons
to want for anything in their lives.

Or their mother.

We're going to help them, Idoia.

And each other.

And we'll do it quietly.



I want you to stop airing
the adoption story.

I was actually disappointed with him.

You still have more appeal than he does.

I know I owe you a lot,
but I won't stay the course at any price.

Says the attorney for Weinstein.

You're gonna see what tough things
you need to swallow when you're in charge.

Ah, God.

You're testing me again, aren't you?

Should I be scared of you?
You're wrong.

A lot of good will come
from the battle we're leading.

You heard of César Barretxeguren?
The dead one.

We're going to his funeral tomorrow.

You barely know his father.

He's the guru of businessmen,
the old-school ones.

He's too old-fashioned.

I have no interest.

Well, the new-school
and the old-school businessmen
are related to each other.

- What is it?
- I'm just a little tired.

Don't wear concealer, okay?
Peio will think you care.

I want the party to be epic.

I want you to torch the curtains.

I wanna fuck on every chair
and also in the shower.

I want the neighbors to be so shocked
they wouldn't dare call the police.

Do you know why?
'Cause soon,
this bitch will be turning 17.

And everything after that? All downhill.

That sounds cool.

When is it?
I broke up with Xabi.


I thought you were "tired of not coming"?
We heard it over and over from you.

Hey, so
Leire, we
We'll call you another time, okay?
You ditched us.

And you're still out, okay?
I hate you all.

Leire, wait.

Xabi's telling stories.

You didn't know?
He's talking mad shit about your family.

He said that your mom is a slut
and your dad is a cuck.

You left us for that asshole.

I work at an LGBT bookstore.

I've lived in projects.

I've been all over.

And still, I always felt somewhat safe.

Not like a straight person would, but
if I lived the life you did,
I'd be more of a coward than you.

But I don't want you to stay like that.

Not with our child.

I can't let our child have
a mother who's ashamed of herself.

- María, I'm not ashamed at all.

- I know.

And it isn't your fault.

I'm aware that
it will be hard for you to take steps,
to be seen the way you are, but
is there any better reason?
- Hi there.

- Hello.

- Enjoy.

- Thank you.

Why don't you take it to the police?
Because the paperwork alone
will take ages.

He wasn't lying.
Ane sent it.

And I checked it all out,
until I hated myself.

I saw no trace that he sent it to anybody.

Like the factory guy?
If he was guilty,
why give me the phone, Kepa?
Of course he would.

For that reason.

So you'd say that now.
So you'd say,
"Why would he do it if he's guilty?"
You trust God and God alone.

Even that depends on how I'm feeling.

How are you doing?
I don't know.

It's okay for you
to have fun again, you know?
You have any friends?
I take it
that you probably do have friends.

Yes, Bego.

I have a few of them.

I don't wanna see them now.

I'm around if you need a friend.


Got it.

The food was delicious.


- Well, they say I'm a good cook.

- Hmm.

Do you mind if I go to her room?
Go ahead.


What is it, love?
- Hmm?
- Hmm?
The kids will be gone all day.

They went out with their mother.



Come on, Ane.

You wouldn't have to wake up
as early as you do now.

It pays the same, that's true,
but you would have a share in the profits.

- Huh?
- Yeah.

- You want me to stop talking?
- No.
No, I don't.

- You'd always get off by three.

- Hmm.

And you'd also get to travel
to promote the business.
It's fun.

What do you say?
- Hmm.

- You wanna?
I don't know.

Why did the two of you divorce, exactly?
Why do you wanna know about that?

She was fooling around
with one of her colleagues, so
Fooling around? How so?
I don't know.
They were always
texting each other, going out,
having drinks, fooling around
- What if they were just friends?
- Come on, don't give me that.

The thing about friends is
they have no need to be secretive, right?
So how did you find out?
I don't know, my dear.

I was asking around,
and I found something.

I can't recall what.

Don't you think it's not enough
of a reason to leave your kids' mother?
I just wanted her
to be like you are.
That's all.

- What else?
- Oh my God!
That one?
- Yeah.
Well, no.

- Hmm.

- You don't like it.
It's okay.

- Go on.
Grab it, my dear.
Get it.

- Sure?
- Mm-hmm.

This one is good.

- Darling.

- Mm?
Why don't we go to the line on the left?
It's a little shorter.

We're staying put.

They just started ringing up someone.

- Let's just stay here, okay?
- Hmm.

Back in a minute, okay?
Sorry, do you have the key to the door?
It's occupied.

Come here!
Your colleague just told me
everyone in the factory
knows about my cheese business.

Honey, I haven't even paid you
as a publicity agent yet.

Well, you know how Ane is.

She's very popular at work.

- Aren't you, Ane?
- Is she?
I thought she was shy,
sitting at a corner of the table
eating on her own.

No, not at all.

The opposite.


Did you have a fight?
Hmm? No.

It isn't your turn.

I know.
I got it, though.


Tell me you aren't smoking.

I'm not.

I'll be back soon.

Hi, Ane.

You fucking pissed me off.

Hey, hey.
There, there.

Hey, hey, hey.
It's fine.

Just try to understand me.

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay?
- What do you want?
- Have you reconsidered?
Have I what?
I don't want to get angry again.

Please don't.
No, please.
No, no.


Get off!
Look what I just got sent.

You're gonna flip out.

Oh, Jesus.


Leire, are you all right?
Yes, Mom.

No way.

at the speed of light ♪
I'm yours, you're mine ♪
Two satellites, not alone ♪
No, we're not alone ♪
A freeze-frame of your eye ♪
In the strobe light ♪
You're really destroying this one.

from your brow
Hold tight, don't let go ♪
Don't you let me go ♪
And I never was smart with love ♪
I let the bad ones in ♪
And the good ones go ♪
But I'm gonna love you
Like I've never been hurt before ♪
I'm gonna love you
Like I'm indestructible ♪
Your love is ultramagnetic
And it's taking over ♪
This is hardcore ♪
And I'm indestructible ♪
And I never was smart with love ♪
I let the bad ones in ♪
I'm gonna love you
Like I'm indestructible ♪
And I'm indestructible ♪
You'll even forget his name
when you're older.

What was the name of the guy in the video?

Did you really like the guy?
More than I wanted to.

But less than what's necessary.

I don't need them, Leire.

And neither do you.

You may not.

However, you left a good mess.

He was the one that caused all of this?
I don't know.

Are you doing all right, Mom?
I am.

I didn't want to hurt you.

I was just mad
Yeah, I know, Leire.
I know.

She says it was an unreported robbery.

That ends the mystery of the beating.

There she is.

She's been crying.

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I witnessed your husband's accident.

It was strange.

And I know
that he wasn't feeling very well.

Why didn't he say anything?
I'm sure he told you he was assaulted.

Did he say by how many?
- N no.

- No?
Then perhaps
it wasn't a robbery after all.

What are you saying?
Some things are hard to confess.

Especially to a wife.

What are you accusing a dead man of?
Was he faithful?
I'm sorry.

- No.

- I'm sorry.

No, that's all right.

I'm trying to find
the clinic that he went to.

It's only a matter of time,
but I'll find it.

Lau Bide.

I deleted it all.

Do you know who could have done it?
Ane only talked of the good things.

Not in therapy, though.

You know where she went?
It was somewhere on Recalde Boulevard.

But that's all I know.

When is your shift gonna be over?
Oh, God!
- Touch it.

- No.
Take it away, please.

- Touch it.

- No, no, no, no, no.
No, no.


- It is beautiful.

- Yeah

You should see what I give her to eat.

Ah, shit.

You're a real badass, dude.


César was assaulted.

He had serious brain damage
from the blows he'd received.

He was beaten?
The coroner
and the neurologist confirmed it.

César didn't do it on his own.

It was due to brain damage.

Why exactly are you telling me?
At the clinic,
they mentioned he had unpaid bills.

And I think that he must've made
a lot of money with that video.

Well, it's clear
he held up his part of it.

Why would they assault him, then?
Anyone who'd commission a video
would be very unscrupulous.

Perhaps they couldn't, uh,
come to an agreement,
so they settled it with violence.

What's worse is they may not want
to leave things the way that they are.

I hate it when people try to scare me.


When they're not free,
no one likes to admit it,
that someone could hurt them,
but it is my duty to warn you.

One more thing, Mrs.

César's family knows
much more than you would like.

The Barretxegurens are crazy.

Eight children, all male.

Did they drown the daughters or what?
Malen, one tiny thing.

Very cute.

"Right to free sexuality,
motherfuckers upholding the patriarchy.
- Your daughter's more political than you.

- Tell her to delete it.

But it's just a tiny thing.

Your story's already well-known.

You don't need any more publicity, Malen.

The account of a teenager.

- Not important.

- Picture her as a target.

Exactly how many photographers
will you be able to pay?
My daughter is off-limits.

Don't mention her again.

Never again.

Loud and clear.

I thought you would understand.

Forget it.

Yes, I know, darling.

And I agree with you.
Really, I do.

But this isn't a good time.

You don't understand it.



Leire, listen here.
You're deleting it.

You're young and you don't have
a damn clue on anything.

And I'm telling you
I'm not gonna delete it!
Hey, what was that for?
- Are they friends?
- Drinking buds.

Also from public tenders.

The board gave him a warning.

this was a tragedy.

- I'm very sorry.

- Hey, you're sweating.

Do you know Malen Zubiri?
Who doesn't?
Did you know my son?
Personally, I didn't.

You seem like you're in shock.

Like everyone.

He was so young.

I'm moved.

And all of this for a stranger.

Are you okay?
Starting your campaign here?
Get out of my way.

You start at six.

Want me to tell the coach?
Oh my God, you're a useless little shit!
You shouldn't be here!
- What did you just say?
- Watch and learn!
Go to hell!
I'm gonna call the driver.


Would you call him?
I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you for being here.

I'm sure it's not easy, in your situation.

How are your sons doing?
Too young to understand it.

If I can help in any way, just
I thought I
would have a lot to say to you.

But I don't.

Called him.
You know each other?
You'll get some sleep
if you take a vacation from yourself.

Let's go.


Careful, careful.
They just put it on her.


Hello, Maite.

Thanks for coming.

Leire is still family,
even though you're not, Malen.

What happened?
It was a bad fall.

She was acting reckless.

I wonder who taught her that.

We have an extra bedroom.

I can talk to my friends
on the school board
and she'll be enrolled within a week.

What do you think?
You wanna go to a new school?
I can't take a walk
without everyone looking at me.

Think what she must be going through.

I think it's for the best, Leire.

For a while, anyway.

Hey, we should discuss it first,
don't you think?

I can't wait to get out of there.


Darling, wait for us.

I didn't cause a scene earlier.

The girl had already had enough rejection.

I don't think it's safe, Alfredo.

Why? What happened?
Because I'm being screwed with.

That's very clear.

What does that have to do with Leire?
Probably nothing.

But I'd prefer to be cautious
even if she thinks I'm a coward.

You really think it's worth
going through with this, Malen?
I don't know if I can control her.

No one can.

I don't know either.

Kids, go and get your gifts.

- Yay!
- Yay!
I'm glad you're here.

You assured me
she'd be the only one to see it!
Son of a bitch.

Will you stop pestering me?
Haven't you had enough?

Is it too much to ask?
Two, three months.

Somewhere far from everything.

To wake up just to live.

Not to resist.

Everything is a struggle.

Why are you doing this?
They already won.

Go and take Leire.

Go anywhere else.

Who cares if you disappoint others?
Save yourself.

Save yourself.

Check out what we missed.

Lezcano dancing an aurresku
as a thank you to the people
paying homage to him tonight.

Giving his all.

- Miren, do you have a moment?
- You already know?
I won't open the champagne
until he's taken up to the room.

I promise.

Who would start
dancing like that?
As soon as he got home,
he had a heart attack.

Back to our conversation.

How is the new mayor feeling?
Malen, are you there?
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