Intimacy (2022) s01e05 Episode Script


[haunting music playing.]

[haunting music fades out.]



[unsettling music playing.]

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

He's gonna scream.

He's gonna scream!

[unsettling music building.]

- [gasps.]

- [unsettling music stops suddenly.]


[Malen sighs.]

It's okay, I've got it.

[keys jangling.]

Thank you, Aitor.

I liked this office better
when it wasn't mine.

You know, if we take down the pictures,
get rid of all the trophies,
and we find the button
for the patxaran express,
'cause I'm sure he has one,
it's really not that bad.

[siren blaring in distance.]

How's it feel?

[anchor 1.]
It happened during a ceremony
celebrating the three terms
the mayor has served the city.

The former deputy mayor will step in
to fill the position for Txema Lezcano
as the head of the City Council
while he recovers from his heart attack.

According to sources at Basurto
Good morning, Peio.

Lezcano will have to remain
on leave for an indefinite period of time.

In the meantime,
Malen Zubiri will be taking over
as the acting mayor.

[anchor 2.]
Txema Lezcano was admitted
yesterday to the Basurto Hospital,
where doctors confirmed
that he suffered a myocardial infarction.

We hope to have more news
about his condition by noon today.

[anchor 1.]
who in recent weeks has been
at the center of a major controversy
She's a lawyer.
She has two degrees.

going viral, in which she can be seen
having sex in a public space
I already told you she's not welcome
in this house ever again.

Well, she's your mayor now.

Speak for yourself.

[tense music playing.]

He blocked you.

Don't worry.

He's not like that.

He's just pissed, that's all.

He's just talking shit
about you and your family.

He loved you.

Does he love you?
You should've kept
your fucking mouth shut.

How many pictures does he have?
But he's not like that.

Right? And the videos?
Your fucking mouth.

Your fucking mouth!
Fucking mouth.

Your fucking mouth.

[tense music stops.]

[Malen sighs.]

Good morning.

[inhales deeply.]

Thank you all for coming to this
special meeting of the City Council.

First of all,
the mayor's condition is stable.

His condition is very serious,
but the worst seems to be over.

As acting mayor,
I would like to inform you
that this board will continue
to hold its regularly scheduled meetings.

Don't you think
we should suspend the meeting?
At least until Txema gets back?
We'll continue to follow procedure.

Tomorrow, we'll begin
with a ten-point agenda.

Uh you're canceling his agenda.

You think you can make a good impression.

I guess it's never too early
to start campaigning.

Gorka, at this point, do you really think
that you can still hurt me?
[man laughs derisively.]


I'm her sister.
It's just that
I know she was going to therapy,
but I don't know if she went
to his office or Uribe.
Ane Uribe.

It's okay.
Thank you anyway.

Okay, bye.

How many psychologists
are there in Recalde?
You've never gone to therapy?
I don't have any internal conflicts.

Aren't you conflicted right now
about wanting to brag about your daughter?
Come again?
Well, she's only the acting mayor.

[Bego scoffs.]

It's ridiculous
to get so offended, Juan Mari.

It's unbecoming.

I won't charge you, Begoña,
if you don't charge me.

Why are you so hard on her?
You're one of those
cool teachers, aren't you?
You plant kale, you meditate in class
I'm super messed up
because my dad was just like you.

And playing the disappointed dad
didn't do Ane much good either, did it?
Don't make me feel bad about Ane.

No offense, but
Malen is on another level entirely.

What kind of level is that, Juan Mari?
Where you don't care
if your parents support you?
That level doesn't exist.

If we didn't send Dad to hell,
imagine Malen, who's "on another level.
It's this way.

Poor Gorka.

- Do you think it was him?
- What? Who took the video?
Mm, nah.
Too obvious.

He wouldn't be that stupid.


[both laugh.]

But what about the dancer?
I don't know.

I don't trust anyone.

[knocking on door.]

Thank you very much.

That is the right attitude.

We haven't closed the agenda yet.

May I make a suggestion?
Businessmen, businessmen, businessmen.

It's bad luck
to say that three times in a row.

Going to a funeral isn't enough.

We need their support.

And we need Gorka.

Was it necessary to treat him like that?
[Malen scoffs.]

- If you had heard what he said
- Malen.

You are above all that.

Take advantage of your position
and ask him to join your list.

We need to be united.

Forget it.

It must be this office.

When someone new comes in,
they stop listening.

That's why people want it so bad.

Lezcano is in the ICU.

But so are you.

Don't forget that.

Remember to just grit your teeth and
Can I have a minute?
[door closes.]


Hey I
I just wanted to
Where are you?
In France?!
We are just going for the day.

Leire, honey, how are you?
How's your arm?
Same as yesterday.
Over and out.

She's listening to music now.

How long did the doctor say
that she had to take off training?
Two months at least.

don't ask her about Xabi.

[faint music through headphones.]

He's a bastard.

What about you? How are you doing?
I feel like I'm on a roller coaster
without any brakes.

Besides that, great.

Can't you hear the screaming?
Can't you hear me?
I'm in the front car.

I just moved into, uh, Lezcano's office.

Oh wouldn't it be poetic
if he just up and died
after his little celebration.

Fatal masturbation.

Well, even if it's just a bad rehearsal,
in the end, it's what I've always wanted.


I was thinking about it last night,
Why don't you report it?
I know I told you I was against it
at first, but I don't know
I was an asshole.

It was selfish.

It's not that easy.

I'll make an effort.
Try me.


I'm your husband.

[faint music through headphones.]


I'm gonna get my stuff
out of the beach house.


I have to go.
Text me when you get there.

As you know,
we felt it was our responsibility,
even though we weren't legally obliged,
to conduct an internal investigation
into the alleged
crime of dissemination
of intimate images and harassment.

Did you reach a conclusion?
There's no evidence.

[Bego scoffs.]

We demand to see your report.

We can't deny that some photos
were shared among the employees.

But understand, each employee is free
to do what they want.

The photos were never shared en masse
and not with our complicity.

This is just padding.

What did you do, write this up last night?
My sister told management what happened.

There's no record.

Where is the employee who had the photos?
We wanna talk to him.

He's out with the flu.

[Juan Mari.]
Come on
Is my sister's suicide a joke to you?
[tense music playing.]

Please, if you will come with us.

[man clears throat.]

[tense music continues.]

[crowd clapping.]


[Bego gasping.]

Speak the fuck up!
Stop looking at the ground
and say something, goddamn it! [crying.]

Get off.

[Bego crying.]

It's all right.

It's understandable.

[Bego panting.]


Excuse me.

This was in Ane's locker.

They were gonna throw it out.

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Take care.


["Au début c'était le début"
by The Limiñanas playing.]

[seagulls squawking.]

You coming?
Are you gonna help me?
Yeah, sure.
I'll be right there.

["Au début c'était le début" continues.]

["Au début c'était le début" stops.]

It's as if it was underlined
by someone else.

[waves lapping.]

["Astray" by Holograms playing.]

Like a god in my head ♪
Low day ♪
Places in my veins ♪

What a pain ♪
[beeping on radio.]

- Jesus!
- ["Astray" stops.]

- [beeping on radio.]

- [anchor.]
It's 1:00 p.
Good afternoon.

The first meeting organized
by the acting mayor, Malen Zubiri,
is taking place right now.

She is meeting with the leader
of the opposition, Ander Olarriaga.

This gesture shows a willingness
to open dialogue
and collaboration with Olarriaga,
something Lezcano never accepted.

[turns off radio.]

Leire! Aren't you hungry?

Let's go and eat something!

[tense music playing.]

[tense music building.]

[waves crashing.]


[tense music fades out.]

What the fuck are you doing here?
I want to swim.

What about your arm?
Leave me alone.

Don't be so dramatic, Leire.

It's two months.

And I'm going to be dead
in two months, Dad.

Hey, hey! What are you doing?
- What are you doing, Leire?
- What else can I do, huh?
I don't know.
We can take
a walk every day.
I don't know!
Like two little old ladies?
Hey, don't underestimate the elderly.

They can still move fast.

Huh? And if you don't want to, there's
a cross-trainer in Grandma's storage.

I hate it.
I'll give it to you.

What the fuck are you wearing?
Didn't you want to get to know each other?
Well, look, I'll introduce you
to your dad from the '90s.

- It's just two months, Leire.

- I am a teenager.

I'm like a dog, okay?
One year for you is like
seven years for me!
Please don't remind me, huh?
Don't remind me.

Come on, let's go.

How about the day after tomorrow?
For the meeting with the businessmen.

I'll take care of it in five minutes.

Hmm? I want to marry this couch.

And what about Gorka?
Forget about the video, yeah?
What's he gonna do?
He can't organize a sleepover.

No one will benefit more than him
if I'm out of the way, though.

Him and 200 businessmen,
developers, etcetera, etcetera
Besides, do you have proof?
The problem is
that you don't know who did it.

Are you gonna
go around suspecting everyone?
And you play the viper?
It's just a disguise.

You won't survive like this.

You need friends.

Give him a job.

Him and the Lezcano fanboys.

Just rub their bellies.

And then the rainbow will appear.

He's an asshole.

Dad, crossing the line, hmm?
Don't cross it.

You're in a different league, sweetie.

He's one of those
fat red flying cockroaches.
And you
- Okay, that's enough.

- You're You're a beautiful butterfly.

Butterflies are liars too.

They shit just like the rest.

[seagulls squawking.]

And I left him.


How about we get an apartment?
I'd do that.

- I love Grandma very much, but it's been
- [scoffs.]

Your grandma's a fucking pain in the ass.

- You know, you're more fun when you drink.

- I bet.

Look, look, look.
Look at this.

- Four bedrooms.
Two bathrooms.

- Yeah.

You'd have your space,
and I'd have mine.

- [Leire.]
Ah, it has a swimming pool!
- A swimming pool
Call them!
Hang on.

No, I, uh
I'd have to make them an offer now.

Don't worry.

- Mom's gonna have to pay the alimony.

- What alimony?
I'm a business owner.

Your company's in the shitter, right?
Who said that?
Mom did.

She wasn't trying to be mean, all right?
But she saw the accounts and made a face
Xabi told me that his mom
was in the same position as you.

She found a good therapist, and it helped.

For fuck's sake, I told you.

No more about that cockroach.

[solemn music playing.]

[solemn music continues.]



[tense music playing.]

We were supposed to meet at half past.

If I were an early riser,
I'd do something else for a living.

After you.

It looks better at night.

They all do.

I've been to four others.

I noticed
that your license is 15 years old.

Do you have any regulars?
Of course.

Once someone has
a taste of it, you're hooked.

We're like a family.
You understand.

Do you offer
to record the encounters?
No, we don't.

We actually tell our clients
not to record anything.

What about this woman?
Is she part of the "family"?
Where did you get that?
I guess she wasn't here much.

But you get hooked.

What about the others?
What do you say? Recognize anyone?
If you prefer,
we can talk about the 12 complaints
filed against you during the quarantine.

[tense music stops.]

The perpetrators
of the homophobic attack
in Bilbao's old town
have still not been identified.

LGBTQ+ associations
have organized a rally for tomorrow
to condemn these actions and show support
for the young man who was attacked.

Hate crimes are unfortunately experiencing
an upturn in our country and abroad.

And the data shows
only a small part of the problem.

The vast majority of assaults,
about 83% in Europe,
do not even reach the courts.

This means that these crimes
routinely go unpunished,
minimizing their seriousness.

Making it seem like there are
no consequences for these violent acts.

- Did they call?
- Mm-hmm.

They fertilized three.

We have to make a decision
by tomorrow or the next day.

Did you hear that there was a kid
who was attacked by some neo-Nazis?

- There's going to be a protest tomorrow.

- Oh.

In the afternoon.

[tense music playing.]

- You wanna go?
- Of course.

[doorbell rings.]

[tense music continues.]



It was you who reported it, right?
Come in.

I should've done so much more.

You've done more
than anyone else, Itxaso.

I was afraid the company would
look like shit and we'd all get laid off.

I'm a hero, huh?
[tense music fades out.]

How were you
supposed to know she'd do this?
Don't say that.

I know I failed her.

- I feel like I failed her too.

- Bizen and I had a thing two years ago.

That's the guy
who had the pictures, right?
And one of the guys
who harassed her.

And yeah, I know my taste in men sucks.

[Bego laughs.]

There's more.


He has one too.

And he doesn't want
anyone to know about it.

The apartment belongs to his in-laws.

He'll talk.

Yeah, but he'll know you told me.

I'm not gonna do that to you.

Besides, what will happen at the factory?
Fuck them.

I'm already looking for another job.

[Itxaso sighs.]

[horn honking.]


I'm Ane Uribe's sister.

[horns honking.]

No condolences?
No sympathies?
- Everyone else offered them.

- Okay.

I'm really sorry, all right?
I'm a little busy right now.

If you don't tell me
who gave you those photos,
I'll tell your wife
that you're having an affair.

[tense music playing.]

[Bego clears throat.]

You think I'm stupid?
Is this some kind of joke?
What the fuck?
You don't know anything about me.

I know you only have one ball.

What the fuck do you want?
To fuck my life up? Is that what you want?
Your family?
They're better off without you.

Go away.

[Bego clears throat.]

- [Bizen.]
Come on.

- [Bego.]
Irati, right?

I'm setting up extracurricular activities
for local students.

I saw your husband with the kid's backpack
and thought I'd do some promotion.

- Oh.

- He said I should speak to you.

Can I drop by sometime this week?
- When's a good day?
- [Irati.]

Uh Sure, let me think Uh Maybe Tuesday?
- Okay.

- [Bego.]

- Okay, Tuesday around 6:00 p.
- Perfect.

- [Irati.]

- Thanks, see you then.

- [Irati.]
Sounds good.

- Bye.

[tense music fades out.]

Hey, can you take
your little doll to school?
I don't know.

[protester over speaker.]
We're here
to stand up against hatred
You wanna get out here? I'll park the car.


I'll wait for you.

- Are you okay?
- Mm-hmm.

[protester in distance.]
here in our city,
in an advanced city, in the modern world,
where we have supposedly
progressed past such actions.

There are those who deny
that some people are targeting us.

They are the ones
who would like for us to disappear.

There is a place
for us in this world.

And we are here now, standing proudly.

[in distance.]
because there is nothing to hide.

Because we have said,
"Look at us! We exist!"
We have rights like other human beings.

We have a right
to live our lives without fear.

But our rights are not respected.


[protester in distance.]

We stand before you,
demanding that our voices be heard.

- That those in charge hear what we say.

- [phone pings.]

Each attack is the result
of what we as a society are creating.

We are tolerating actions that should be
forbidden and punished by the law.

This must come to an end!
They will not take from us
what we have achieved.

We will not go back into darkness.

They want to fight? We will fight!
They want to shut us up? We speak louder!
[in distance.]
Out of the closet
and into the streets!
From the darkness of the closet
out to the light of the street!
What does she know?
You've never been depressed.

I've been on medication for years, Mom.

I don't take care of myself.

I don't make plans.

I don't even really know my daughter.

Well, but now your life
is going to change.

Really? And why's that? Huh?
Um, she pushed you aside
and stole your energy.

Listen to me,
you've been in her shadow for years.

You've lost your light.

And now, she's sleeping with other men.

I would guess you don't like that.

We had an agreement.

Malen and I.

- Her idea.

- No, my idea.

[clicks tongue.]

I felt like scoring.

Like anyone with hang-ups.

You know I'm right.

[Maite inhales deeply then sighs.]


[phone pings.]



You didn't seem to have
any problems coming that time.

[phone pings.]

["Esa carita" by Rusowsky playing.]

- [Leire moans.]

- No, I'm filming 'cause you like it.

["Esa carita" stops.]


As you know, we have
some videos taken at the Pattaya Club,
where you're a regular.
See here.

Wow, some asshole taped it.

You never record any of it?

I know this must be embarrassing for you,
but I'm going to have to ask you
to let me take a look at your recordings.

[zip opening.]

I thought you might.

I'm glad someone else
is going to enjoy them.

I'll call you.


[tense music playing.]

[Alicia sighs.]

[tense music continues.]

[background chatter.]

- [Malen.]
No, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?
- Okay.

- Bye.

- Get some rest.

- Mayor Zubiri.

- Hmm?
You have to speak up.

Condemn these actions.

Hiding only makes them okay,
and nothing is ever going to change that.

Why are you hiding? [scoffs.]

We're way past being ashamed here.

That's enough.

[tense music continues.]

Where were you?
I've been calling you.

[tense music fades out.]

[door closes.]

Where do you usually go?

Dancing isn't your thing, right?
[Bego scoffs.]

You are way off.

- Am I?
- Yeah.

[salsa music playing.]

[background laughter and chatter.]

You ready to dance?
Yeah, later.
Later, later I'll join.

[Bego laughs nervously.]

[laughs nervously.]

[breathing heavily.]


[music becomes distorted.]

[Bego panting.]

[music becomes muffled.]

[salsa music stops.]

[groans quietly.]

[phone ringing.]

[phone stops ringing.]

[phone beeps.]


My colleague told me that you were
looking for Ane's psychologist.

It's me.

It was me.

I'm so sorry.


[tense music playing.]

[breathing shakily.]

[tense music continues.]


[tense music continues.]

[machinery whirring and banging.]

[indistinct chatter.]

[tense music building.]

[bang on glass.]

- What?
- What's up?
- What's wrong with you, huh?
- Nothing.

- I haven't done anything you don't like.

- Asshole.

- [man 1.]
Hey! What's wrong?
- [man 2.]
We're just having some fun.

[man 3 laughs.]

[man 4.]
You're enjoying this, right?
- Let me through.

- [man 2.]
Don't leave.
What are you doing? You asshole.
- [gasps.]

- [man 2.]
Are you fucking crazy?
[tense music stops.]

Thank you.

That's gonna be ten points.


This is a very serious offense, Ane.

You could have killed him.

I won't be able to stop them
from enforcing the rules.

This can't happen again.

No, you see, they did it.

They attacked me.

I've already seen the video.

You started it.

- They surrounded me, and they wouldn't
- You attacked one of your coworkers.

- They were fucking attacking me!
- [phone ringing.]

There were so many of them.

- A group of men and they were
- Hold on.

Give me a minute, okay? [clears throat.]

I think it's the girlfriend.

- [man 1.]

- Hello?


You were one of the first
to see the video, weren't you?
You were one of the first to see it?
I remember you were laughing your ass off.

So? Good?
Hmm? Did you have a good time?
So you ran to your buddies,
passed it around, earned some points,
because you didn't have anything else.

You feel like a man now?
- Do you feel good?
- Okay, listen.
Your severance is garbage.

Your base salary is a joke,
so, okay, good luck finding a job.

And with an assault on your résumé.

[clicks tongue.]
You were gonna
fire me anyway.

No, the reduction in workforce
is the lesser of two evils.

They can't wait to close us down.

Imagine if they hear about this.

They're Norwegian.

You understand? They'd jump at the chance.

And because of you,
234 people would lose their jobs.

Average age, 46.

In the middle of a recession.

All because someone touched your ass.

Or for being a whore.

Do you think
he hasn't seen the latest ones?
[clears throat.]
She's sorry, huh?
I propose we sanction her
without dismissal, yeah?
That, and have a general meeting
about workplace safety.

Just like a refresher.

- Hmm?
- [man 2.]
That's understandable.

[solemn music playing.]





[solemn music fades out.]

You have to report him.

- [Ane sobbing.]

- He's the same as always, but you're not.

Now you set boundaries
and take care of yourself.

And if they hurt you, you respond.

[scoffs then sniffs.]


- Look at me.

- No.

You are wrong.

You suffered for years alone
before coming here, and now what?
How long did it take you? A week?

What are you afraid of, Ane?
[emotive music playing.]


- It's just that if they find out that I
- Who?
My sister,
Do you think you would disappoint them?

You might, or you might not.

So what? Would it be the end of the world?
We all disappoint sometimes, Ane.

It's just that
Kepa thinks that It's just that
I haven't told him anything.

And he thinks I'm normal.

Ane, you are.
You need to see that.

I like the way he looks at me.

He thinks I'd make a good mother.

And he's totally right.


- What kind of world do you live in?
- I live outside your head.

You haven't done anything wrong, Ane.

Don't forget that.


[emotive music fades out.]

[Ane crying.]

Behold the Lamb of God,
who takes away the sin of the world.

Blessed are those
who are called to the Lord's table.

Lord, I am not worthy
to have you come into my house.

But one word from you
will be enough to heal me.

[ominous music playing.]

The body of Christ.


[ominous music continues.]

Hey, Kepa, what's up? How are you?
And the kids?
[ominous music continues.]

[rain pouring.]

[Malen laughs.]

Good morning, Martín.
Thank you very much.

You'll be late today, Malen.

[ominous music building.]

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