Intimacy (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Anyone can tell you
There's no more road to ride ♪
Everyone will tell you
There's no place to hide ♪
There's no laws or rules
To unchain your life ♪
But the ones who didn't make it
The ones who couldn't take it ♪
So glad they made it out alive ♪
Everyone loves the fun
Everyone comes by ♪
In the wind I crunch, I want ♪
Um The clinic called earlier.

Do you have a minute?
Every once in a while,
I'd hear about his trips over to France.

I said if he wasn't faithful,
he'd lose his self-respect.

But he would never listen.

He hid his identity
from me right up till the end.

What's worse
is you don't care
where you stick your nose.

Well, your son
leaked the video and then got paid.

I was as discreet as I could be.

Looking out for yourself.

Why are you even here?
I can't bear it, seeing you on the news,
hearing you on the radio.

Four years of this.

Having to negotiate with you,
to shake your hand
and smile for the media.


How about the men who beat up César?
That's my business.

'Cause it's easier
for you to blame me.
Of course.

Standard play.

I never liked you, to be honest.

But then they needed women.

The quota.

Aren't you ashamed?
This world was made for you.

You won't help change it,
so naturally, I must.

You're going to need me,
but I won't be there.

Getting rid of me
isn't going to ease
the pain you're going through.

A guy is living free.

He smashed your son's head to pieces
but is living
without a worry in the world.

- And you're here instead?
- You're the one to blame.

Everything else is a consequence.

See you at my inauguration.

They need an answer.

If we want the embryo to be transferred,
today is the last day.

I still want this.

Look, this conversation's
been put off for too long.

I don't have
as many opportunities as I thought.

It's now or never.

I don't know, María.

I don't know if I'm ready yet.

Well, I'm doing this.

Maybe it's
better if I go stay with my parents.

Be there during the recovery.

It will be good for me
to have the peace and quiet.

I'll speak to the police.

Listen, you don't know
what you're saying, Bizen.

That won't do any good
for you or your colleagues.

You worried about us
or keeping this away from you?
Give me a fucking break.
I'm tired
of taking all the hits around here.

- We understand.

- You understand, my ass.

I'm telling you, her sister is crazy.

And she wants to take me down.

Listen, when things get ugly,
which they're going to,
you'll be better off than your buddies.

There's nothing worse
than being without a job, Bizen.


"My slut ex
sucking me off until I come.
Two hundred thousand views.

"I fuck my ex-girlfriend.

She squeals like a whore.
Half a million.

It's called revenge porn.

It's quite popular.

Some of the videos are fake,
but many others are real.

It's a betrayal.

Because he can't get what he wants,
when he wants it, and how he wants it.

Where the fuck
did Xabi post the videos of you two?
Where is it? Where is it?
Where is it?
You're still on the couch?
- Come on!
- Dad, it's raining out.

- And so what? Let's go.

- No, I didn't sleep well.

Neither did I.
Come on, let's go.

Come on! Move it.

Hey there.

Just a couple of drags.

I'm back on Grindr.

I'm not judging.

Hey, your lady detective's here again.

Why's that?
Don't let her waste your time.

You have a meeting with the board
of entrepreneurs in half an hour.

No one has canceled?
The only thing that bothers me
about women? You doubt everything in life.

I was convinced
you'd already forgotten about me.

May I come in?
Come in.

I came here to tell you
I've officially opened
an investigation regarding your case.

You're doing it now?
When they're announcing me as a candidate?
It's my duty.

I don't mean to hurt you.

Then drop it, please.
You know
this investigation's going to destroy me.

I'm not here to justify my actions.

I came to tell you about it.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a good day.

You wouldn't believe it.

The entrepreneurs are all canceling.

Golf, homeopathy
Their excuses are insulting.

- That's what they want.

- But why?
That policewoman comes by.
You guess
the entrepreneurs will blow you off.

And I'm in the dark.
 What good am I?
As your adviser or your pal.

If I'm even that.

Your grandma's friend owns the apartment.

Anyway, it has three bedrooms.

It has a parking garage.

It's pretty nice.

What's going on?
Hey, what's wrong?
You okay?
Are you sure?
So why didn't you sleep last night?
I'm telling Grandma I'll do it.

- I'll move schools.

- No, Leire.
Forget it.

You'll change schools next year.

There's only a few months left.

Are you still with the choir?
Well, I expect more from you than me.

You have to take a look at your mother.

She's the same as always.

She won't budge.

Look, what's going on at school?
Is somebody giving you a hard time?
Who? That little cockroach, Xabi?
Who, then?
Your girlfriends?
It doesn't matter.

I'll be strong.

This is my place.

I'll destroy my fear,
my shame,
my guilt.

I'll forget everything cruel.

I'll get away
from the people who don't understand,
who I don't understand.

There is a place for me in this world.

That is enough.

That is plenty.

Shapes still melt into the snow ♪
Looking down at scattered bones ♪
I used to keep a slender hope ♪
Until they spread above the stone ♪
Until they spread above the stone ♪
I pulled the trigger by mistake ♪



You shouldn't take that
and run the machines.

I know.
That's why I didn't ask a doctor.

Look, maybe we could meet up and,
you know, go for a walk,
talk a little if you want.


Listen, I know I wasn't
I really wish
I could do more for you.

- Don't worry about it.
It's all right.

- No, look, it's not.

But I'm just scared shitless.

Asier's job is down to 20 hours,
and if things go wrong here, then I
Hey, look, can you get more of these?
Of course.


Well, then
See you.

You too.

I thought they would
never fall asleep.


Hey, uh, do you still need a cheesemaker?
Are you serious?
- Yeah.

- For real?
Or are you just saying that
so I'll finally stop asking?

For real.

Of course I do.

Besides, I want it all with you.

You know what I'm saying?


That's all that I want.

- It's what I've always wanted.

- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm scared shitless too, you know?
- You?
- Mm-hmm.
Of course.

What for?
'Cause, well, I've got a lot to lose here.

I'm a lucky guy.

I hadn't thought about it like that.

Is that why you're afraid?


That makes two of us.

Malen always had a passion for silkworms.

And my shoes were always strewn around.

She was always stealing the boxes.

Juan Mari, that creature is
the devil himself.
There's no comparison.

So contact doesn't imply closeness?
Only in your case.


The father in you is coming out.

- Anyway, let's get down to business.

- Yes.

The company
called me a while ago.

- They wanna reach an economic settlement
- I'm not interested.


- Just let me speak.

- What's their offer?
One hundred twenty thousand euros.

If they offer that,
we can almost get double.

They'll buy off Bizen.

At some point, we need to talk
about your new avenger personality.

At least I shook them up, didn't I?
You did.
But it was still risky.

Aren't you afraid of anything anymore?
I'm gonna go public.

Just how public, huh?
Well, I don't know.

The newspaper, the radio
Look, whatever it takes
for the company to finally act.


- What do you mean?
- Just no.
It won't work.

- There has to be another way.

- What other way?
Look, I don't fucking know, all right?
But it shouldn't smear her image.

Hers or yours?
The worst has happened to Ane.

- She's already gone.

- Don't talk to me like that.

- I would've forgiven her, got it?
- Forgiven her for what?
I haven't told most of the people
who've asked me, all right?
We're angry that Ane kept quiet,
but look at us.

Leave shame for those who did this to her.

Begoña, please don't go.

Look, you know what?
Fuck it.
Let's take down
those assholes, okay?
Hell yeah.

- I'm in.

- Let's do it.

And how long
did you work for César Barretxeguren?
About six years.

It wasn't dull.

The production house,
the restaurant, the chia import business,
the escape rooms This way.

I assume you know
he had financial problems.

How wouldn't I know about it?
I had to fire myself.

This one.

What did you mean when you said
you're investigating his death?
Exactly that.

So it wasn't an accident?
Excuse me.

Guys, we'll take everything.

Thank you.

It looks like no one else is coming.

So, let's get started.

Call them.
Use your nice voice.

I won't lower myself
for a guy who uses golf as an excuse.

- I didn't quit the firm for this.

- What, you think this is paradise?
I'm not an idiot, but I don't think
groveling will actually do any good.

They don't like you because
some of your proposals are radical.

They're social.

And they don't like me period.

In their world,
women are still an anomaly.

- They wanna stop us, Miren.

- I know they wouldn't dismiss Gorka.

I told you already.
 Gorka was a no.

You won't make
one damn sacrifice, will you?
Do you know what I had to do?
Look, I believed in things too.

But you have to adapt
in order to survive here.

And to adapt, then
you'll betray who you are.

I don't envy you.
I wish I knew
who you were before all of this.

Then go look in the mirror.

And say goodbye to her.

Or you do this alone.

Did you finish the assignment?

It was so stupid.
I'm not doing it.

What's her problem?
Hey, what's going on? You okay?
It's nothing.

- You sure?
- Don't!
I asked her to change the furniture,
but no luck.

She said she likes it.

Well, interior design isn't
the key to happiness.

Well, at least I'll ask her
to change the wallpaper.

No, it's fine.

- You coming?
- Yes.

This house is a museum.

- The neighborhood is nice.

- Mm.

Ah, and there's a gym next door.

Ah, that's great.

Your mother told me you work out a lot.

What is it?
And what else did she tell you?
Well, that you cook
a really great, um baba
- Ghanoush.

- What?
- Baba ghanoush.

- That's right, baba ghanoush.

With lamb, though.

- Ah, sounds great.

- It's really good.

Well, your mother's renting out
her apartment, and mine, her son.

- Wanna take a look?
- Okay.

All right.
Go ahead.

I'm considering the possibility
of having you and one of your men
alongside me on the ballot.

Not as empowered as I'd thought.

Where on the list?
In fifth place.

Deputy mayor and in third.

We'll see about that.

Will you pretend to be interested?
Otherwise, I won't do it.

Come on.

Tell me something nice.

Well, you certainly have the experience.


You're much better at rubbing shoulders
with the entrepreneurs.

Now, I do rub shoulders.
But that's it.

All they really want
is someone they can have a drink with.

And with you
Just imagine.

Try and do better.

Our alliance will strengthen
the party during this difficult time.

It's important that the two of us
work together, focus on what unites us.

I think
we misjudged each other.


A friend of a friend
is a journalist.

- Do you want me to call him?
- Yeah sure.
Which paper?
Never mind, he's a tattoo artist now.

It pays better.

That's great.

Bego, has that always been there?
Yeah, it was Ane's.

I don't know.
I hope the therapist
can tell me more tomorrow.


Begoña, I'm sending you a picture
of a man that appears
in the same session where Ane was filmed.

Another person who was present filmed it.

I need you to tell me
whether you know him.


- Shit, that's Jon.

- Jon who?
Her ex-boyfriend?

Didn't he seem nice, though?
He did.

That's the one, Bego.

Jon what?
I don't know.

Is this soy or teriyaki?
He was César Barretxeguren.

I don't believe you.

No way, no way,
no way, no way, no way!
No, look, I swear
it crossed my mind at the funeral.

But I said, "Hugo,
this is real life, not some tango lyrics.
But how could you
not tell me about it before?
Now I can't enjoy it.

I didn't know
who he was until our last date.

So it wasn't a one-night stand?
Five nights.

I would've done the same.

But ten nights.

He was quite the charmer.

I know.
Heirs are so seductive.

They never grow up, you know?
To them,
life is like a long school recess.

In his case, not long.

Well, no.

I have like a million questions.


It was an accident.

But he was in bad shape.

He was attacked.

The police think
whoever asked him for the video did it.

I'm pretty sure it wasn't his idea.

Peio Barretxeguren knows everything.

And he has no problem hating me.

- But, uh
- Yes.

The cancellations were
his version of sabotage.

Fuck, Malen.

We'd be better off
with Beelzebub as an enemy.

Who else knows?
That inspector does.

Alicia Vázquez.

And she's just made the decision
to open an official investigation.

Sooner or later, this will all come out.

And do you know what they're gonna say?
"MILF unscrupulously seduces a family man
who ends up getting murdered.
I am Beelzebub here.

Tell me now
why I shouldn't leave you this minute.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know
it was gonna get so complicated.

You're lying.
You're always looking ahead.

Hugo, not even my family knows about it.

I just think you didn't trust me.

You are my friend.

But I've forgotten how to trust anyone.

Yes, Jon.

But I don't know his last name either.

I spent all night
looking for pictures, mementos,
things online, but there's nothing.

Ane did her homework.

She was getting him out of her life.

- I don't get it.
It was just a fling.

- No.

It was years, on and off again.

Did you say "years"?
Ane had a very intense
emotional dependency.

To her, solitude meant failure.

She needed someone by her side.

And when you're in need,
you lower the bar by a lot.

And you'll go back
to someone who hurt you.

You'll say yes to an orgy
even though you're uncomfortable with it.


That's why she came to me,
to leave that guy forever.

Well, no one ever thought
she would do what she did.

Ane had had suicidal thoughts in the past.

When she was with him.

And also right after
your father abandoned you both.

That was a long time ago.


But you can have
those thoughts and not act on them.

I don't know, I just thought that Ane
That Ane had it all.

Ane is who she was.

But she didn't wanna suffer.

And she got unlucky.

She crossed paths with the wrong person.

And guilt got the better of her.

But why did she feel guilty?
For choosing a traitor
and letting herself be vulnerable.

For trusting him far too much.

I told her she was the victim,
but she never really believed it.

In the end, she was very tired.

She saw herself having to fight
the same battle against him,
against the world.

And she was afraid that the pain
would never go away.

Are you doing
the right thing telling me all of this?
I don't know.

I don't know.

I appreciate it, though.

But I don't understand
why she finally went through with it.

And I'm glad that you do not.

If I don't find that bastard,
what do I do with all this rage?
Well, that factory is full of bastards.

- What did she say?
- That she asked them for help.

Did she talk about me?
Yes, of course.

She always thought
you didn't like yourself,
and she didn't understand why.

Because to her,
you were smart, strong, generous
- Hey!
- I'm taking the day off.

Personal matters.

Just show the kids a video.

Are you okay?
Yeah, I am.

Don't worry about it.

My sister was Ane Uribe.

She spent ten years
of her life working in this factory.

And she gave her all here.

A few weeks ago,
one of you
received a photo and a video of her.

Ane had every right to be naked,
to fuck, to be in photos,
and to record it!
But you all didn't have the right
to fuck her over for it!
Crazy bitch!
She's gonna cause trouble!
Somebody get her the fuck out of there!
Not one of you had the right
to carry her personal life
in your pockets or to pass it around!
- Or to insult and harass her!
- You're fucking kidding me.

You were cruel to her!
It didn't matter that she was suffering!
You didn't report it!
You went along with it,
acting like a pack of animals!
Ane Uribe complained
to the people in charge of this factory,
and they did nothing!
They left her on her own!
They left her suffering
until she couldn't take it anymore!
Are you sure?

- What the fuck is this?
- Shut the fuck up, you asshole!
Leave it to me.

Get me TV networks,
radios, and digital media.

What are you going to do?
When do we see Gorka?
In half an hour,
and until he has everything he wants.

- Bitch!
- Shut that bitch up!
What the fuck's going on?
Abusers, pigs, fucking murderers!
Go to hell, you piece of shit!
I am Malen Zubiri.

What's wrong with you?
If you won't join Begoña's protest,
you better go back to work.

Unless you really want all of Bilbao
to see you as the authors
and suspects in two cases of harassment.

- Malen.

- Itxaso.

- You didn't have to come you know.

- I wanted to be here.

Your dad said
this was a bad idea.
I hung up.

My dad knows so much that
he has forgotten how to learn.

Can you tell us
why you're here? Please turn around.

One photo! Over here!
The mayor has just arrived.

I called you here today
to speak about respect,
and also culprits.

My name is Begoña Uribe.

My sister, Ane,
worked at this factory for over ten years.

Um She was happy.

She had made friends here.

She was doing well.

But a few weeks ago,
someone here, we don't know who,
received several images of her, and
The photos were intimate.


From years ago.
A photo and a video.

And once received,
the workers here just passed them around
without even thinking about it.

And not only that, but they
The employees here
mocked and insulted her,
harassed her.

Ane complained
to one of the people in charge.

But no one stopped what was going on, and
they didn't investigate it.

They didn't lift a finger to help her.

suffered deeply.

And to such lengths
she couldn't take it and
decided to end her own life.

And I'm here because
Excuse me.

I'm here because I want to demand justice.

Because I want the company
to accept their responsibility
and to actually find the culprits.

Time is up.

And I wanna say
we need to all look at ourselves
because it wasn't just Ane.

This happens too often.

And it's obvious
that something's not working.

That we live with an inequality
filled with a violence
that has the power to kill.

And that behind Ane's suicide,
there is actually a social murder.

- Alicia.

- Yes?
The backup of César Barretxeguren's
computers you requested.

Oh, thanks.

- Need anything else?
- No, no.

with Begoña Uribe's protest.

Haven't you
got better things to do?
Miss Zubiri,
it's a pleasure.

Although I wish
the circumstances were different.

No need for introductions, right?
That's right.
How are you, Begoña?
Miss Uribe.

Well, as Miss Uribe already knows,
we had no knowledge that the situation
with her sister was happening.

- Right.

- But we've conducted an internal inquiry.

And we're beginning
to piece together what happened.

I assure you we will identify
the various employees that were involved.

In addition to joining the prosecution,
those workers will receive
their termination notices
the minute their names are confirmed.

I've got one.

Bizen Goikoetxea.

We're all screwed.

We'll be out of a fucking job.


That's all for today, thanks.

It's done.

How will I repay you?
You already have.

It feels good, Malen.

Well done out there, Miss Uribe.

- Do you remember my shadow?
- Yes, faithful yet ignored.

Excuse me, Miss Uribe.

May I ask you a question, please?
- Bye for now.

- Good luck.


Don't be angry with me.

- Gorka can wait, okay?
- He won't, though.

Peio is going to sponsor his bid.

He came by to rub it in.

And standing Gorka up
might not have been a great decision.

While Beelzebub conspires.

- I had to be here, Hugo.

- And I get it.

You hear what I'm saying?
I had never heard that expression.

"I just sang.
It's not really an expression.

It's Well, I do sing.

Well, it must be relaxing for you.

- I make soap.

- Mm?
And I suppose now
you'll need some time to clear your mind.

- After what she put you through.

- Who? Malen?

Well, she had it worse, didn't she?
And I was aware of it all.




Excuse me.


Leire, what's this
about you playing hooky?
Are you trying to blackmail me?
Are you high right now?

Mom can't know about it.

- So it doesn't matter what I think, right?
- I just don't wanna stay here.

And I do, Leire?
You have to help me.

And respect me for for fuck's sake!
Good evening.

Good evening.

I wanted to ask you something.

I found some emails César sent
to several businessmen he knew.

He was looking
for investors for his company.

And he seemed to be desperate.


I don't know.
I thought maybe
one of these guys
might have offered to record the video
in exchange for a hefty sum.

I have three names.

What are they?
Jorge Etxeburu, Igor Larrea,
and Andoni Segurola.

Yes, I know them.

They've been in many
of our board meetings except yesterday's.

All three weren't there?

Is there one in particular
you've clashed with?
Not that I remember.

Will they be questioned?
I know that this isn't great timing
for you, but I'll be cautious.

I don't wanna make things harder for you.

The opposite, actually.

I know.

How did it go at the factory?
Not a very formal affair.

It was fucking great.


Good night.

Have a good night.

Inspector Vázquez,
you have a visitor.

I know it's late.

Will you take a seat?
Want an autograph?
Oh, come on.
 You really turned
the whole thing around, you know?
Out of fear of exposing our worst side.

In the end, we all need the same things.

We'll see what happens.

Yeah, we'll see.

- What?
- Nothing.

You just remind me of Ane,
but without the fear.

Don't be ridiculous.

That's just what I need, 30 cats.

You can't really see yourself either,
just like her.

Then he kicked me in the shin.

A punch to the face.

- Careful, boys.

- Hey.

It's really hot.

Hey, watch it!
I thought you were a teacher.

My kids won't move this much
if you ask them.

- Now, boys.
Where do you sit?
- I sit here.

- No, you sit there.
I sit here.

- No!
- Okay.
I'll sit here.

- Hey, Julen, sit down.


Dad, you sit there.
I sit here.

- No, Julen.
You sit there.

- No!
- Yes.

- Okay, I'll sit over there.

- Dad, you sit there.

- Okay.

- Happy now?
- Yes.

- Bego, want some bread?
- Yes.

Why don't you smile more?
Uh I just need to make
a quick phone call, okay?

Every night before going to sleep,
you tell yourself, "I should change.
You feel like
there's something wrong in you.

You don't have to change.

I had a need.

And you want to feel needed.

Aren't you learning anything?
He was bad.

so much, until he was sent away
because he spent ten minutes outside.

- Your toast, boys.

- They sent him to the principal.

Well, the exact same thing
happened to my friend Telmo.

'Cause he was talking during class
while the teacher
was explaining something to all of us,
and all of a sudden
Hi, love.

What's up? What are you doing?

- Stop.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.

- What?
What is it?
I can't.

- I can't.

- Hey, hey.

It's it's all right.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I'm sorry.

Ane, what's wrong?
I'm so sorry.

What's going on?
Tell me.
Something's wrong, isn't it?
No, nothing.

What is it?
I'll head back to Bilbao.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

- Busy day.

- Wait, wait a minute.
Hang on.

Just hang on a sec.

Is this because of
our talk last night? Is that it?
It's nothing.
Don't feel pressured.

You don't have to decide anything now.

We'll talk about it some other time.

Hmm? Okay?
- Okay.

- It's nothing serious.

- Really.

- Yes.

- You sure you're okay?
- Yes.

- I'll call you tomorrow.

- Of course.


I love you.

- I'll walk you out.

- No.
That's okay.

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