Intimacy (2022) s01e07 Episode Script


[haunting music playing.]

[haunting music stops.]


[background chatter.]

[bell ringing.]


[tense music playing.]

[door opens.]


You don't answer my messages?
Tell me where the fuck
you posted those videos.

[Xabi laughs.]

Tell me where they are!
I don't know.


"Oh! Oh, Xabi" [grunts.]


[grunting in pain.]

[tense music building.]

[Xabi grunting and coughing.]

[Xabi coughing.]


[tense music fades out.]

[phone ringing and vibrating.]


Bizen Goikoetxea came
to the station last night.

He gave me names.

That's great.

You've beaten a whole factory, Begoña.

Your sister would be proud.

I appreciate that, Alicia.

I'll have access
to everyone's cell phones.

The smart ones will have wiped them,
but many of them won't.

Did he say who sent him the images?
No, but I'm gonna find out.

I've also taken a look at the call list
on Ane's cell phone again.

I'll find Jon's last name.
I promise you.

- I know you will.

- Talk to you soon, Begoña.

- I'll keep you posted, okay?
- Talk to you soon, Alicia.
Thank you.

[tense music playing.]

must make a strong effort by establishing
effective measures and real reform
to help balance work and family time.

This is something
they should take seriously.

When they deny it,
it's our independence that suffers.

It perpetuates the burdens we take on.

[cameras clicking.]

[tense music fades out.]

Thank you for coming
and not holding any resentment.

You changed your mind
when I offered you support.

Not a day goes by
when I don't think about that.

I know.

Hey, red alert.

Good morning.

Can you all hear me?
Start recording.
I have an announcement.

He wouldn't dare.

Well, as you know, uh
I have been working
very hard for this city for years.

And finally, those years
of hard work have paid off.

It is a great honor
to share this with you all
that the officials of the party
that I am so fortunate to belong to,
they've decided
to select me as a candidate
in next month's
upcoming municipal elections.

Thank you all.

What the fuck?
The party didn't decide.

He learned that from me.
Now what?
[phone ringing.]

It's probably the media.
 Be smooth as ice.

It's my daughter's school.

I don't understand.

What stopped her from changing schools?
She needed to learn about frustration.

It's a part of life, Alfredo.

She's frustrated
every goddamn day already.

Enough of the old-fashioned lessons.

Look what happens
when we don't give them to her.

This happened before, and we did nothing.

Are you gonna tell me
it's a one-time thing?
She had a bad day?
And she put a kid in the fucking hospital!
But we don't know what happened, okay?
And you're assuming
that our daughter's lost her mind.

Malen, she punched you.

And she kicked you
after you fell.
Her mother.

But of course, you've already spent
all fucking day in the Town Hall,
and it's easier for you
to think it's all good, right?
You think that our home is wrecked
because of my ambitions?
Seriously, Alfredo?
I don't know.

Look, you could have given her
a million lessons while I was away.

But what did you do?
You obsessed over your fragile ego.


I I don't really know
what to do.

Sing songs.

And look after others.

Half of the population already does it.

It's not that difficult, man.

But don't worry, 'cause my career
is already going down the drain.

You'll even like me again.

[phone ringing.]

- [Alfredo sighs.]

- Yes, yes, we're on our way.

[Leire crying.]


- Your parents are on their way.

- No.

Hey! They're just worried about you, okay?
They're good people.

But I'm not.

- What happened?
- My fucking head happened, okay?
It's everything going on in here.

What is "everything"?
The videos.

What do you mean, videos?
Are there videos of you?
What happened?
I kicked the shit out of my ex.

Because I'm paranoid.

It probably didn't even happen.

- It's 'cause I'm fucking nuts!
- You're not nuts, Leire.

What about your mother, my sister?
We know these things happen.

It's twice I've done this.

I should be locked up.

What do you mean, twice?
[tense music playing.]

Before, I punched my mom.

I punched my mom.

I can't explain why,
but that voice is always here.

It left when I was training.

And with Xabi,
it's like having a monster inside
with its hands wrapped around my throat.

Well, my dear,
you need to talk more.
Let it out.

What I need is to die.
Believe me.


[Leire crying.]

Listen to me.

Listen to me.
Do not talk that way.

The people who love you will understand.

[emotive piano music playing.]

You may not see it,
but they really need you.

They need you like their next breath.

Nothing that you've done is so terrible
that it should stop you
from looking to the future, all right?
You are not destroyed.

You're more than a bad moment.

You're beautiful.

And the things you do will be beautiful.

- You are so loved.
And you'll love others.

- [sobs.]

And you'll be glad you're still here.

[Leire sobbing.]

[car approaching.]


Here's your mom.


[Leire sobbing.]

[emotive piano music fades out.]

[Leire sobbing.]

She kept us all in the dark.

I thought that she and Xabi
had broken up amicably.

She also told me what happened with you.

What's wrong with her?
At least you can help her.

At least you can suffer together.

You don't know how lucky you are.

Thank you for everything.

Thank you.

- See you.

- Bye.

Can we go to the police?


[suspenseful music playing.]

Thank you for seeing me.

Inspector Alicia Vázquez.


- A pleasure.

- Hello.

Join me for a coffee?
I'll get to the point.

I'm investigating the death
of César Barretxeguren.

Life can be quite the bitch sometimes.

Was he experiencing
any financial difficulties?
You knew each other, right?
We knew each other, yes.

We were almost partners.

I know you were contacted by César.

Yes, we met at his company.

I suppose he wanted
all three of us together
thinking that we'd be tempted to invest.

And how did it go?
It was depressing.

Asking for compassion
never works.
You know.

- Did he tell you about his debt?
- We got it out of him.

There are no secrets here in Bilbao.

He seemed really desperate.

You're saying César left empty-handed.

His father had always helped the boy out,
but he got tired of rescuing him.

You know his father well, I suppose.

He's a member
of the Association of Businessmen.

He's the ship's captain.

Peio's a tough customer.

We've known each other
for most of our lives.

After what happened to his wife,
he's isolated himself.

He has acquaintances at best.

Wasn't your group
on the news the other day?
That thing with the mayor?
We stood Zubiri up.

Employers also have
the right to strike, don't we?
You were probably accused of sexism.


Never fails.

I'm not chauvinistic.

I have three daughters.

But everything's offensive now.

I don't even shake hands.

Everyone's thin-skinned.

I always believed
it's Creation's greatest gift.

Women in general.

I'm not sure
I understand what you're saying.

[suspenseful music fades out.]

They complain if we explain it, you know.

So what's your point?
[phone ringing.]

Okay, thanks.


[mouse clicks.]

[mouse clicks.]

Finally, Bego, that's great.

They still have to catch him.

And they will.

[Bego sighs.]

I don't know.

I thought I would be happier.

My body aches from longing.

I just wanna hug her.

Well, this longing
has been good for Leire.

[Bego scoffs.]

- Should I become a missionary?
- [scoffs.]

- I thought I'd use another way to heal.

- Like what?
[Bego sighs.]

Finding someone to love before I die.

- You think that's weird?
- Oh, no, no.

You know I've tried to find a guy for you.

Not one of those guys called me back.

Because you were complaining
all night long.

That's what they said.

Did you even like any of them?
Honestly, no.

But I didn't try very hard, though.

- And the cumbia dancer?
- Mm.

Not bad.

A fuck buddy.

And what more could you want?
Same as everyone.

Well, I disagree.

I just want a beer.

- Did my high school call yet?
- Yes.

A while ago.

Wanna guess? [laughs.]

You've been expelled.

Does Grandma know?
Yes, but relax.

Your grandmother thinks
it's your mom's fault.

And partly mine.

And from not eating chicken.

She's found a girlfriend for Dad.

She's nice.

But they weren't a good match.

Dating sucks.
No joke.

It's like taking someone for a ride
on a bike that doesn't even work.

And you realize
they're doing the same thing.

If it goes wrong,
you feel like a piece of shit.

But if it goes well,
it's almost worse because you didn't
really like the other person.

But it was supposed to be fun, right?
The morning after feels like a kidnapping.

"Where am I?"
"Why do I hurt all over?"
Sometimes, they put you on tape.

Looks like we have a winner there.

She wants to stay here.

Is that okay?
That's fine.

I'm off.
Anything you need, just call.

I'll be by first thing tomorrow.

I have an event tomorrow that, um
might interest you.

You and I together?
Well, maybe my mother
has found me another candidate.

Actually, it's the opera.

No! Are you serious?
[Malen laughs.]

Just to see the look on their faces
makes it worth it for me.

There's something else.

[solemn classical music playing.]

Hold on.

- [Malen panting.]

- [whispers.]
What's wrong?
Something's up with me.

It's okay.

No problem.

Can you stay here?
Yes, of course.

[solemn classical music fades out.]

she didn't even go
to her office today.
[laughs softly.]

The woman is kaput.

It was time, right? It was time.

[unsettling music playing.]

this city will be forever indebted to you.

Look, I have a list in mind,
and once you hear what I have in mind,
I believe you will thank your lucky stars
you sat down with me.

[continues unintelligibly.]

[clock ticking.]

We have to tell them what we know.

What do we know?
[unsettling music stops.]

The night that I left home,
I found a cell phone
inside of César's bag.

It had one number.

I thought he might've used it
to talk to her, to Malen.

I made
a call.

To yell at her, to insult her.

But a man answered.

- Who was it?
- I don't know.

What did he say?
He thought I was César calling him.

He asked me,
"Haven't you had enough?"
we have to take the phone to the police.

Because then they might catch
the son of a bitch who did this.

He killed him.

And we're his accomplices.

Will this return César to us?

Will it take away our pain?

What's the point then, Idoia?
[clock ticking.]

To grieve in peace.

[Idoia sighs sharply.]

[dog barking.]

[phone ringing.]



I heard about
what happened with your daughter.

How is she?
- I wasn't sure if I should call.

- It's no problem.
She's fine.

- Well, all things considered.

- I'm sorry.

- I don't think there's much I can do.

- I know.

- [tense music playing.]

- How about my case?
The suspects could be clones.

They're all egomaniacs, sexist
And all three would love
to get you out of the way.

Have you asked them directly about me?
I didn't have to.

I know how to get information.

As for the Barretxegurens,
they're stonewalling.

But César's bank told me
that two months ago,
he deposited half a million euros
in two installments.

The debt ate it all up,
but there was still a big hole to fill.

That's why he needed more money.

The bad news is
that the deposit was in cash.

You can't trace it.


But how many people
can pay that amount in cash?
I think we're on the right track here.

Please tell me everything
when you find out about it.

I will.

Thank you, Alicia.

[tense music fades out.]

[doorbell chimes.]

Good morning.

Hey, I'm in the middle of a job interview.

Then, I'll be brief.

I'm Inspector Alicia Vázquez.

I'm looking for Jon Aldaola.

But my brother doesn't live here.

I'm here because your brother's suspected
of having disseminated
intimate images of a partner.

Which partner is that?
Ane Uribe.

She killed herself.

I can't go to work today.

Again, Malen?
Leire needs me.

What about her father, who's not mayor?
Gorka will only get bolder.

[Malen sighs.]

Since the video was leaked,
I can't sleep anymore.

During the day, I pretend I'm unaffected
by the messages,
the looks I get, the terrible jokes,
the fact that my family is falling apart.

But I'm affected.

I can't breathe at night anymore.

My daughter went crazy
thinking that they were doing
the same thing to her.

She felt helpless.

Do you know why?
Because I didn't defend myself.

Not that I obeyed you.
I agreed.

I thought ignoring them
would make me more free.

But I only gave them that freedom.

how can losing your job give you freedom?
You can't report it.

I know who your lover was.

May he rest in peace.

You knew about it,
and you took me to his funeral?
You were transparent.

The funeral is where I found out.

Why didn't you tell me then?
Well, I wanted to forget about it.

[Malen sighs.]

It's really funny
how you come off so innocent.

I'm going.

I have to work to keep your options open.

I couldn't hold off
the official investigation.

The, um, candidate announcement
is coming up in a few days' time, and
no progress will have been made.

And hopefully,
they'll forget all about it.

This is your last day off.

[Malen sighs.]

[door closes.]

[car door closes.]

[unsettling music playing.]

[water dripping.]



[unsettling music building.]

Jon Aldaola? Stop!
[unsettling music building.]

[truck beeping.]

[cocks gun.]

I haven't done anything.

I haven't done anything.

Turn around.

- What's going on?
- Turn around!
Against the truck.

[Jon panting.]

According to this information,
many members of Bilbao's city government
were vaccinated weeks and even months
before the Basque and central governments
You see? There you have it.

Gorka, the mini Machiavelli.

He's hungry.
That's all.

- And Malen's looking after her litter.

- [anchor.]
Txema Lezcano.

The mayor and many city officials were
[Hugo scoffs.]

He definitely killed his father.

Malen wasn't vaccinated either
and threatened to leak the affair.

But he just did it.
The son of a bitch!
Malen only had one choice
when the video came out.

To be perfect.

And there you have it.

- You'll go on the talk shows, then?
- [scoffs.]

You're good at it.

I was afraid of the fucking virus.

If I got sick,
where would that leave Bilbao?
Of course.

The only reason Gorka
didn't want to be vaccinated is fear.

He believes everything
he sees on his phone.

But I know he went after Malen.

Not just her.

He wants to destroy your prestige.

I haven't lost it.

I know you've come to save your girl.

I've tried to let her fall.

In a way, she deserves it.

But I can't do it.

I see you still have feelings?
I believe in her.

Of course you do.

You've passed on your ambitions
like she's a daughter.

[Miren sighs.]


She is like you.

Even more after what happened.

[unsettling music playing.]

That was different.

I know you've got something
to end that bastard Gorka.

[Txema laughing.]

- [unsettling music continues.]

- What's wrong?
Lezcano's given me
something to take down Gorka.

"The Return of the Fairy Godmother.
What is it?
He is a regular client
of an escort service.

- Lezcano told you that?
- [Miren.]

Another client told him.

A construction worker.

Let's see.

Every Thursday, Gorka checks in.

From ten at night to three in the morning.

We can have someone take a picture of him,
even inside,
if the journalist pretends to be a client.

We'll stay anonymous
when we tip them off, of course.

It's so juicy that they won't care anyway.

- He's married with children.

- Does he deserve them?
I don't want to do this.

A no-brainer, Malen Of course we can.

Prostitution is much more
than a personal matter.

And you're an abolitionist.

Do you want a degenerate mayor?
- No.

- [unsettling music stops.]

But we're not gonna use it, okay?
Malen, right now, it's the only option
we have to pull ourselves ahead here.

The businessmen back him.

And with this vaccine thing,
he's taken our trump card.

He's their choice.


[Malen sighs.]

If you were hiding,
it's because you know Ane's dead, right?
I wasn't hiding.


How do you feel about her death?
Well, I'm sad.

You're sad?
You're not into "May the earth
be light to you," and all that stuff?
That kind of thing is not my concern.

It was your concern when she rejected you.

I don't care.

But it gets under your skin
that she doesn't need you.

Why are these bitches
always so mean to you?
[Jon sighs.]

No, Jon.

I hate to tell you,
but they aren't being bitches at all.

They are protecting themselves.

Because you are poison.

Get someone else in here.

If you were not poison,
if one day you could look inside yourself,
recognize your own garbage,
and clean it up,
then it's possible, but only possible,
that one could stick around.

- What is this, fucking therapy?
- [laughs.]
You wish.

I could show you the evidence
that will put you behind bars.

I'm wasting energy on you
because in a year, you'll go free.

You have 12 months in jail,
where you can decide
the rest of your life choices.

What jail?
Man, I haven't seen any evidence
'cause there is none.

[sexual moaning.]

So what?
[moaning stops.]

I also have the testimony
from a psychologist.

Looks like Ane told her
you were responsible for the leaked video.

And I know that Ane called you
the day after
her nude photos appeared in the factory.

Ane didn't even have my number.

No, not the current one.

The other one, the deactivated one.

I have your cell phone.

And some colleagues searched
your brother's house and the garage.

They found your computer.

Perhaps you can still make things right.

Just tell me
who you sent it to in the factory.

I did not send anything to that factory.

Keep this in mind,
and don't you ever forget it.

The victim here isn't you.

[door slams.]


[cowbells dinging.]

That's it.

It's better than nothing, right?
[Kepa sighs.]

I'd like to see him face-to-face.

I know.

I'd like to knock his teeth in.

But what's the point? [sighs.]

That's the way it is, Kepa.

It's an ugly wound.

Do you ever let up?

Any plans tonight?
I wanted to read.

I haven't opened a book since Ane's gone.


- Fun plan, huh?
- Yes.


That's right.

Come on!
I said no.

You're putting me in a tough spot.

To convince them, I promised you would.

- You can't promise things for me.

- Bego.

- Don't be boring!
- Boring? No, I'm relaxed.

Have you really
never been on one of these?
No, no.
It's not my thing.

- Boring! Boring!
- Boring!
[all three.]
Boring! Boring!
It's a game.
And it's fun too.

Since we can't manage
to cheer ourselves up,
let's at least give it a try, right?
I said no.

- Ane jumped with us.

- Yeah.

- Seriously?
- [Kepa.]
Come on, get on.

Get on.
Try it.

["Tristan und Isolde, WWV 90 / Act 3"
by Richard Wagner playing.]

- [boys.]
- Yeah, that's right!
Come on, come on, come on.

Wow, very good.

No, seriously.

It looks like you're a real professional.

["Tristan und Isolde" continues.]

My name was Ane Uribe.

Five feet tall.

Brown eyes.

Four fillings.

I had measles when I was young.

I broke my arm while skating.

I was a good student.

But I often got distracted.

I wanted to be a biologist,
to learn how everything worked.

To understand.

But I left high school early
and took an easy job.

I never really understood.

I never went very far,
but I would've loved it.

I would watch documentaries and think,
"What am I doing here?
I have to go there.
Then I made excuses.

Money, time
Fear is like that.

I was terrible at telling jokes.

It made my friends laugh.

I was ticklish.

Very ticklish.

I cried at videos
of children hearing for the first time.


I think I would've made a good mother.

Who knows.

Sometimes I imagined her face.

["Tristan und Isolde" building.]


["Tristan und Isolde" continues.]


- [waves lapping.]

- [seagull squawking.]

["Tristan und Isolde" continues.]



["Tristan und Isolde" continues.]

- Hello, Leire.

- Hi.

I'm Olaia.

Please sit.

["Tristan und Isolde" continues.]

[bell rings.]

Hello, I'd like to see Koldo, please.

Thank you.

["Tristan und Isolde" fades out.]

- Hey there.

- Good morning.

May I help you?
My name's Alicia.

I'm a police officer.

At the police station,
they told me where I could find you.

I heard you caught
the guys who attacked me.

- Thank you.

- Not at all.

It's strange to see you dressed like this.

It's a costume, like any other.

And it makes life easier.

What a pity, huh?
I'll give you my TikTok handle.

There I can be myself.

You should be who you really are.

Look, I know you're
just trying to be nice, but
you don't get my situation.

I'm a lesbian.

Something similar
happened to me a long time ago.

And things were
much worse than they are now.

There's too much hatred.

Don't listen to that.

Don't swallow that hatred.

The important thing
is standing tall and never bowing down.

You should have it all.

Don't live a half-life.

I can tell you.

[unsettling music playing.]

I know a thing or two.

[unsettling music continues.]

That's good.
Thank you.

I wanna file a complaint.

[unsettling music building.]

[sighs sharply.]

[unsettling music continues.]

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