Intimacy (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

A Decision

Talking seems easy.

You open your mouth,
bringing out sounds from inside your soul.

And the world finally understands you.

The curse, shattering.

But that only happens
when you understand what's going on.

I thought that I was asking for it,
that I could have avoided it.

That deep down,
really deep down, I deserved it.

How could I speak?
What could I say?
But now you hear me.

Because I don't know who's to blame.

But I know it's not me.

You don't have to.

You were gonna find out.

I prefer it this way.

- We gonna have a talk, or?
- No.
This is ten pages worth of a talk.

- You know what's ahead for us.

- Heard that before.

Feel like I've been hearing
that one for a few weeks.

Seriously, though.

Well honestly,
suffering's not really my thing.

But, hey, my friends list
has sure been cleaned up.

And I got to know my daughter better.

And I found out where I belong.

It's pretty sexy to be a good boy.

So do you feel better?

So tell me,
what does your inner Miren tell you?
No clue.
she's set herself ablaze.

Isn't it possible, I wonder,
to keep it a secret
until you are announced as a candidate?
I wanna send a press release
with the complaint attached to it.

If that's too much for you, I get it.

Nah, too late to leave you now.

Why don't you speed up then, Louise?
Let's go, Thelma.

A last-minute update.

Our editorial office in Bilbao
has just received news
that Malen Zubiri,
the current acting mayor of the city,
has filed a complaint
against those responsible
for the recording of the sex video
that was made public weeks ago.

In her statement,
she points to two possible culprits:
César Barretxeguren,
the youngest son of the president
of the Basque Employers' Association,
whom Zubiri identifies
as her companion in the footage,
and a second individual, thus far unnamed,
as the person
ultimately responsible for the recording.

or perhaps not coincidentally,
the complaint coincides
with Gorka Erralde's announcement about
God, shut it off.

Jon Aldaola's lawyer
filed a statement of repentance.

So essentially, this means
he won't get the maximum sentence.

He's laughing at us.

How many years will he get?
Minimum of two,
maximum of five.

Being Ane's ex,
that aggravating circumstance
will get him the higher sentence.

But he doesn't have a criminal record.

Either he sees the light in prison,
or as soon as he gets out,
he destroys another girl's life.

Photos or no photos.
He'll destroy her.

And you'll prevent that, how? Tell me.

You must choose
your battles carefully, Begoña.

And the factory workers?
They'll only need to pay a fine.

But at least they've been fired.

In a way,
it's a rare case of poetic justice.

Can I safely assume
you've seen the news? You wanna talk?
Those talks are difficult for me, Begoña.

Really, Juan Mari,
I thought I softened you up a bit.
I don't know.

You're like hugging a pillar.

Call the police.

There's a minimum of 20 savages out there.

At least it's not as bad as the first day.

How's Malen?

- Thanks for asking.

- Why are you here and not at your place?
Are you not moving out?
You called it right, my friend.

Well, despite Malen's skill
at finding people who could replace you,
I'm glad she won't.

Nah, I'm the lesser of two evils.

That's a promotion.

Alfredo, you're loyal.
Good on you.

Personally, I believe I would've
moved into a cave if I were you.

I don't know.

You've shown that you have
a heart in there after all.

Beneath all of that armor.

I'm ready

Did you sleep well?

Come here.

They look tiny from up here.

Well, that's what they are.

- There they are!
- Please.
Sir, over here.
This way.

Do you have any idea
who's responsible for the video?
Sir! Can you comment?
Can you comment, please? Sir.

- Sir, right over here.

- Sir, please!
Vargas, please.

Where's Miren?
She sends her regards.

I've called a meeting here because
I know I haven't fulfilled my obligations,
and that upsets you.

Still, you know what?
I reported it.

I have that right.

Let's talk about it, no half measures.

Perhaps we could still salvage
a bit of what was lost to us.

I still want to be a candidate.

What about you?
I'm all ears.

A Barretxeguren.

A Barretxeguren dead before the election.

That still doesn't answer my question.

We need to know what you're up against.

The candidate and the party.

Odds are that it'll be a businessman,
and a fairly impressive one too.

None of what I have done
disqualifies me from becoming mayor.

Quite the opposite.

Now I'm even stronger
and even more prepared.

If you're uncertain about Gorka,
it's because there's one word
that describes him best: mediocre.

Right now, the party can't afford
to make the lower bet.

How about we say
we were encouraging her to speak out?
Always, from the start?
Perhaps an an announcement
that we were encouraging her
although we respected
her right to privacy.


Uh, you threw me out on the street.

- But now you're my saviors?
- Didn't you wanna get along with us?
Sure I did.

But now, I don't want
anything but honesty from here on out.

From here on out?
Then tell us
if you erased that dating thing.

You should be begging for forgiveness.

Did you or no?
You know what?
You can all go fuck yourselves.

I'll do my job until the election.

Afterwards? You have fun with Gorka.

Good morning.

I believe you got my husband fired.

And he worked there his whole life.

Now he's a delivery man.
At 52 years old.

You happy?
- No.

- Hmm?
I'm not really happy, no.

You happy putting the blame on me?
You left flowers
at the homage, didn't you?
So what?
How long did you know Ane?
Oh, about eight years.

Um, maybe more.

Did you like her?
I certainly think you liked her.

Do you hate that she's dead?
Goddamn you, it's a photo.
Your husband may not deserve this.

But I know Ane didn't deserve
any of what happened to her at all.

They saw her suffer and did nothing.

How the fuck is all that okay?
Perhaps all this
will ensure it doesn't happen again.

Or not.

Well, we still have to try.

I wish you the best, okay?
I mean it.

I'm sorry.

My client suffers significant
psychological damage from the assault.

Anxiety, insomnia
All of which necessitates
three daily doses
of anti-anxiety medication.

You realize you're guilty
of what you're accused of?

Do you regret it?

These charges are serious enough
to warrant a criminal case against you.

And you know what that would entail?
A trial.

Perhaps a conviction.

And that would mean
some time in a juvenile detention center.

- Do you have an opinion on this?
- No, I don't.

I'll abide by your decision.

Your Honor, I do have an opinion.

My client's willingness
to make amends is exceptional.

By her own choice, she immediately decided
to seek help from a therapist
in order to solve her disorder.

These documents
are a preliminary report
of both her assessment
and her scheduled treatment plan.

She's willing to take medication
under the supervision
of a psychiatric doctor, so
I'd say
the priority now should be to turn her
into a productive member of society,
especially given her young age
and her willingness to change.

As someone who knows her, I know she will.

And I don't think that uprooting her
is going to achieve anything.

Let her try
to improve herself, as she says she will.

For these reasons, Your Honor,
we will be requesting a fine
as well as a period of community service.

A slap on the wrist
for grievous bodily harm?
Thank you.



What's wrong?
My embryo didn't make it, Alicia.

I always imagined she'd be like you,
a beautiful girl.

So how soon are we gonna try again?
Are you sure about that?
You better believe
I want this more than anything.


Actually, my ankle feels great.

But they made me jump
on the fucking trampoline.

You could've said no.

Not to children, I can't.

In the end, I always give in,
which is why I'm better off on my own.

You just said it yourself,
that you're better off on your own.

What's the problem?
- Figured that out late.

- Bego, come on.

Along with everything else.

You were pissed off with yourself.

What were you gonna do for her?
Now you'll be a good example.

To who?
- Everyone who knows you.

- Ah.

Me included.

I was gonna ask you
for that cumbia guy's number.

Now I don't think I will.

Amaia, you shouldn't deprive yourself.

In fact, that goes for me as well.

That's okay every once in a while, right?
- Am I wrong?
- No.

Bego, I say you should do
whatever you want to.
 From here on out.

Will you take the critter
for the cumbia guy's number?
For real?
So what do you do now?
What do you mean by that?
She'll run for mayor, and she'll win.

- Leire
- Well, that's up to her.

What do you think?
I'm going back into law.

I thought you didn't want that.

I would like some peace.

- I think we could all use some peace.

- Aww, come on.
Don't do it for us.

I'm with Leire here.

You know, today,
I waved at the photographers.
Just 'cause.

You guys wanna tell me
where this sudden interest
in my political career is coming from?
Because for the last four years,
you've been making me feel bad about it.

Just saying.

Yeah, you're right.

We're all right on this one.

Hey, what's wrong?
It's just the one thing
I have left of her.

You decide.


You take it.


- Bye.

- See you later.

You wanna tell me
what this is about, Inspector?
Andoni Segurola, you are under arrest
for the recording and dissemination
of intimate images of Malen Zubiri.

It was Andoni Segurola,
and we just arrested him.

No confession so far,
but he's certainly not
denying anything either.

How do you know it was him?
César's wife discovered that her husband
was in possession of a second phone.

She found it suspicious
because it was hidden away
and because there was
only one number on it.

They dropped it off here.

Who did?
His wife and Peio Barretxeguren.

Apparently, they're looking
for whoever beat him up.

I followed the trail
of that single number.

The repeaters picked up a signal
marking a clear route
through properties belonging to Segurola.

So that's ours now.

Yeah, good to know.

So he hates me, eh?
Well, he does have real estate agencies,
and you want to regulate them.

Well, still, a lot of people
have apartment buildings.

And I don't seem to recall
any trouble with him personally.

- So what's the problem now?
- What do you expect? Some supervillain?
Segurola's just a bastard
showing off his power
and making sure you don't have any.

Don't look, but it worked.

- How about I buy you an armchair?
- Go to hell, Malen.

I am tired, Hugo.

Oh, really? Well, guess what.

I'm tired too.
And I'm tired of bullies.

But you don't see me running away.

Oh, hey.
Just give me
one minute, one more.

are you taking a public oath?
Oh, no, it's just a photo op.

My adviser's been on my case
about how I need to get a
mayoral-looking photo
for my campaign announcement.

How about a heart attack?
We can help you with that.

We need to work.

But of course.

I almost forgot.

You technically have one more day.

you'll do well at the firm.
Or with whoever comes your way.

Oh, sorry.
I meant whatever.

do you wanna be my running mate?

Tell your adviser to look elsewhere.

Oh, she's clever.

I believe we need a celebration.

Everything starts with a decision.

A decision between doing what's right
or what you want.

- Merci.

- Merci.

You choose to do what you want.

By the way,
you are not gonna believe
who I saw at a beach bar in France.

This is good stuff.

You're not an evil man.

You can't be.

You have an excuse, after all.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Who gave me the job?
I'm useless.
I'm poison.

For your business and also for the city.

It's your duty to bring me down.

The others talk big,
but they don't have the balls.

Thank goodness you do.

And you will be known
as a financial kingpin of Bilbao
If you repeat it to yourself
many times, the few doubts will vanish.

There's no other way.
You have to do it.

So you do.

Sure, it was my idea.

But only an idea.

Who recorded it?
A partner in César's
former production company
who also happened to be a cameraman.

Just tell me how much
my fine's gonna be so I can leave.

You're a proud one.


But I'm not ashamed either.

I don't care who she fucks.

The point is she can't be trusted at all.

And now everyone knows that.

So you were obligated
to warn the voters.
A "duty," I take it?
The future of this city is in your hands.

Be careful how you handle this moment.

So you're saying
that Ms.
Zubiri's ideas threatening
your business is a total coincidence.

- Is that it?
- No, no, no, no, no.

I am a creator of jobs and wealth.

Take me out, and the people will suffer.


Well, how come you didn't
express yourself in public?
In an interview.

Or you could've stood on the corner.

You know, like drunks
talking about Armageddon.

They'd have shut me up.

They would have?
Nowadays, society teaches that people
like me are automatically liars.

I'm white, I'm a man,
and I just love the ladies.

Poor pariah.

And besides,
elaborate speeches don't work.

They're trite as hell.

Gotta keep things simple.

There's certainly one thing
the video made clear.

That you have no morals.

César could've backed off.

Nice deflection.

After all, you said yourself
that it was your idea.

Now, why a Barretxeguren?
Better bait for Malen, you know?
Something tells me you enjoyed it,
humiliating the son of your rival.

I'm right, aren't I?
What do you mean?
You see, the injuries
from César's accident
wouldn't hide those from the assault.

There's a pre-accident
neurological report.

Did you know about that?
That's a report that differentiated
the causes of his injuries.

Injuries that we now know
were directly responsible for his crash.

What are you trying to tell me?
Let's put it this way.

Those are two crimes, not only one.

And that's not a fine.
That's jail time.

After I explained that to him,
he couldn't wait to name the assailants.

Two great guys
with rap sheets a mile long.

Employed by
his security company for years.

He says he sent them to negotiate,
but things apparently got out of hand.

Is that true?
I don't think so.

Although, frankly,
I don't think I can prove he's lying.

As for you and your video,
I'm certain.
He's the guilty one.

Along with César.

You've done very well.

I'm sorry I made it difficult for you.

No need to apologize.
I understand why.

I won't be running for mayor after all.

Why not?
It's hard to explain.

Have I let you down?
It pisses me off
that Segurola ended up winning.

That's all.

- How's Tuesday?
- Perfect.
Tuesday at ten o'clock.

- Luz.

- Great.

Thank you for remembering my sister.

Malen's talked about you a lot.

- Hello, Bego.

- Alicia.

How are you?
Well, a bit overwhelmed by all of this.

Uh, Luz, I don't know
if you've met Alicia.

She's a great inspector.

Why, yes.
Actually, we have.

Over the years, we've gotten
to know each other quite well.

You could say Luz is a partner.

She encourages victims to report abuse.

Practically guides them if she needs to.

And this is María.

- Hello.

- Hi.

Hello, María.

Uh, so wait,
you mean you have an association?

And how do you do it? How do you join?
Do you want to join us?
Even at the factory,
I knew that I saw
an activist's spirit within you.

To be honest, I'm
I'm afraid of getting trapped.

Trapped in what? In mourning?
Those are two different things.

A lot of people in your place
wouldn't even think about it.

But you are looking forward.

Beyond your sister.
Aren't you?
Think about it.

CASES 2010-2011
Who knows.

Maybe now you'll actually like it.

Being a lawyer, I mean.


Dinner's on the table.

Thank you.

After the video came out,
you know why I left home?
I had to act like I hated you.

'Cause I was "supposed to.
I "had to" get out.

"Had to" get wasted with all the guys.

"Had to" sleep with whoever.

I did everything
that a man's "supposed to.
But really, in the end
in the end, all that I wanted
I wanted to be here.

With you.

And with Leire.

To be angry
at home.

To be with my family.

It's been tough for all of us.

Be that as it may,
I'm done
doing what's expected of me.

You and I both know
I'm not a good businessman, Malen.

Or politician.

All I want now is
to take care of you.

And to sing.

And to love.

Good enough?
At least you didn't
cheat on me with some nobody.

- César?
- Mm.

You mean the only Barretxeguren
who had no money.

He was awed by you.

He and I had that in common.

Hello, Lorea.

Maybe you remember me.

I'm Malen Zubiri.

How are you doing?
What do you want?
I want to apologize.

It was my job, but I could have said no.

I should have refused.

So I'll help you now.

And I do have
some ideas on how to do that.

Your assailant's crime
is still within
the statute of limitations.

My assailant?
You're not calling him Mr.

You wouldn't be able
to retain me as your lawyer
because I've worked for the other side
and it would be unethical, but
but I could absolutely refer you
to someone trustworthy.
For an appeal.


Um, maybe I need to be more clear.

This time you'd win.

I know that you would.

It's evident to me
that he abused his position
and harassed you.

But I still took the bribe.

You were backed into a corner by our lies.

We pressured you.

We blamed you.

And we threatened you.

And it worked.

You need to get justice
for yourself, Lorea.

You don't say.

I heard about what happened to you,
and and I'm very sorry.

But you can
go ease your conscience some other way.

And thanks for the coffee.

You didn't have to come.

But I thought you said
Grandma wanted to see me.

Grandma always wants to see you.

Just like piranhas want human flesh.

That doesn't mean you give it to them.

My therapist told me to exercise restraint
and to control my anger.

Honey, your grandma's
like a boss in a game.
You can't win.

Look at Grandpa.
He's spent the majority
of his life training with her.

- He's practically a Jedi.

- A Jedi?
- Did you stop using the term "wimp"?
- Outdated.
Only old people say that.

Ah my gosh, it's her!
There's my beautiful granddaughter.

Aw, come here, my sweetie.

How are you, huh?
- You're well, aren't you? Yes.

- Quite well.

- She looks okay, son.

- Yes.

I know your grandfather helped you,
and that's fine with me.

Tell him we're even.

They weren't invited
to his professional ceremony.

On that note,
let's check out that new bar.
Come on.

Your grandparents' house
has many books on the shelves.

Though apparently,
none are important enough for Juan Mari.

But what can we do?
Besides, I don't hold on
to grudges for life.

- Nah, just, you know, 20 years.

- Look, son.

- A bit of resentment's not gonna hurt you.

- Mm.

What about the new apartment?
Take it.
Consider it a vacation home.

- You sure about all this?
- Mm-hmm.

So there's still hope you'll use it?
Are you still looking
for girlfriends for Dad?
Hush, girl.

You good?

Hi, Malen.
Well, first of all,
we deeply regret how we behaved last time.

It's just that, you know
I think that that we behaved
immaturely out of familiarity.

And we really left a bad taste
in your mouth.
And we didn't mean that.

We're all
very grateful for you.


You were right about our relationship.

It has to get better.
And it will.

For starters,
we'll never bring up
the video incident to you again.

Excuse me.

The crime of which you were a victim.

We fully support you.

Whoever's responsible.

Tell me what the fuck is going on.

We were hoping
you'd reconsider some things.

and be our candidate.

Mm you'd have our full support.

Of course.

And Gorka?
You were right.

He's not He's not at your level.


Hey, Iñaki, it really wouldn't hurt you
to level with me for once.

He resigned.

Okay, I think I know what's going on.

You said the party would run,
and you're panicking
'cause you have no one, is that true?
We won't give up until we convince you.

Why don't you try harder?
You forced Gorka to withdraw
by threatening to expose all his shit.

Didn't you?

You think I wouldn't brag
about a move like that?
I brag about my victories.

You know I do.

The little kid has grown up.

About time.

Or you tipped him off.

Miren, if the party sent you
to convince me that I should
The party didn't do shit.
They'd fire me
if they knew what I was gonna tell you.

About 20 years ago,
I was also a victim of harassment.

It was a high-ranking member,
and what started as a joke
became a persecution
and ended with threats
and physical harassment.

Only people in the party
at the time knew about it.

And they handled it
Let's just say with some discretion.

You didn't report it, right?
In those days,
if you ever raised your voice,
you were just asking
to ruin your career and your life.

The men were the ones who became victims,
and you the bitch
who fucked up their lives.

Sent to unemployment and a shrink.

No, thanks.

It got to the point where just to sleep,
I told myself
that this decision was all my fault.

A victim.

Sounds like self-pity.

Like it's a weakness.

I was nothing like that.

I always knew
that it would be twice as difficult.

So there I had a challenge.

I advised you about what I knew.

But it does still hurt you.

And what happened to him?
Absolutely nothing.

You are not what they deserve.

But you're what they need.

And you're on top
because of what you went through.

Well, I'm not perfect, Miren.

You know that I'm right.

If I could live ♪
Submerged in these waters ♪
If I could live ♪
Submerged in these waters ♪
Dance under the influence of the moon ♪
Under the influence of the moon ♪
If I could live ♪
In the grains of sand on this shore ♪
If I could live ♪
At the limit of the sky
At the edge of the stars ♪
If I could live ♪
In your hidden places, in your limits ♪
If I could live ♪
Good morning.

If you're 15 years old,
it's not my problem.
It's yours.

He's back!
Oh, Alfredo.
I'm glad you're back.

- You got sheet music for me?
- Right here.

Everything begins with a decision.

To care for what is still yours.

To go on.

The decision
that your passage through the world
will leave things
just a bit better than you found them.

Even if the shame is still there,

Even if you can never fully change.

The decision
to stop hiding who you are.

And to finally be fair to yourself.

To fight.

The world will be a little better.

And so will you.

Even if the damage is still there.

The decision to stop looking back,
and instead, look to the future.

Even if the future
still seems like a dream.

Woken only by the pain of the cure.

Well, the first thing
you need to know is it's not your fault.

It happens way more
than you may think, and it is a crime.

It's all right, Olatz.

Tell me what it's like for you.

I'm glad you asked.

I guess it's been like,
you know, kind of hard to accept.

Malen! Malen,
could you look over here, please?
And here, Malen.

Smile, smile.
Big smile.

- Mrs.
Zubiri, over here!
- Over here! Mrs.
- Big smile.

- Turn right.

Malen, please.

Thank you very much.

Now, let's get one
of the party leadership.

What's wrong?
It's fine.

I don't know.

It's perfect.

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