Into The Badlands (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Snake Creeps Down

(grunting) Now you go.
Get up.
Sunny, I can't.
I'm too tired.
You're not tired, you're afraid.
We go again.
(whimpering) Sunny, stop.
I'm warning you.
Or what? You're gonna kill me? Just like you killed those people on that boat? Do you know how to get to Azra or not? No, I don't.
But between my book and your compass, we can figure it out.
What happens to you when you can't control your power? I can.
You saw it at the parley.
How do I know you weren't lucky? You don't.
Ahhh! (gasps) (breathing heavily) Veil: Sunny.
Is everything okay? What's that? Nothing.
It's broken.
Sorry for waking you.
It wasn't you.
It's being pregnant.
You know I won't be able to hide it much longer.
I think I've found a way out.
There's a boat going upriver.
But the price is steep.
How steep? (theme music playing) (grunting) I've been practicing since sunup.
I thought I'd get the boring stuff out of the way so we could get to fighting.
What's going on? Are you still mad about the parley? I told you, Sunny, I was cut by accident.
You know you could've killed that Butterfly, but you didn't.
Really? What did I do? You let her go.
It looked like you were controlling your power.
I don't know what happened.
- So you got lucky? - Maybe.
Does this mean we get to leave soon? Quinn wants us to find the Widow.
We leave in an hour.
Quinn and the other barons, they want you to believe they're benevolent because they protect you from the horrors of the world.
I offer you a brighter future, a real future, one you can control.
The other barons, they won't go quickly or quietly.
If you're not up for the fight, you may leave now without punishment or consequence.
Here in this sanctuary, you have your freedom.
All I ask in return is your unwavering loyalty.
What's your name? Jolyon.
Welcome, Jolyon.
The other boys are already inside.
Tilda will show you the way.
Quinn: The Widow struck at the height of the poppy harvest.
Without our cogs, half the crop will rot and the other not far behind.
Then inform the barons that the opium shipments will be reduced.
And what happens the next time that the Widow or another baron feels our cogs are ripe for the taking? Fortify the Clipper force.
She took advantage because she knows you're stretched over two territories.
Maybe if we treated the cogs with respect, gave them a basic education, that would buy you more loyalty than a hundred pieces of the Widow's gold.
We already give those people everything.
Quinn, do you remember when you were a boy? Blistering your hands in those fields? Did you see your baron as a kindly father? No, you hated him and your own situation.
It's just human nature.
Yeah, I pulled myself up through blood and toil.
No one helped me.
Now you want me to educate the weak so they can plan their revolution.
Jade: It's already happening.
Like it or not, the Widow is stirring that pot.
Oh, you sound like you admire her.
We sit here with the largest Clipper force and two territories talking about a woman who's done more damage with no army at all.
None of this solves our immediate problem.
I worked the harvest when I was a child.
Give me part of your Clipper force.
I'll show them how it's done.
It will be a bridge until the new cogs arrive.
I'll gather the men for your instruction.
, right? Where are you headed? Sunny's taking a crew to track down the Widow.
She was looking for you at one point, wasn't she? Well, I wish you luck.
Could you give me my pendant back? You mean the one you tried to steal from my room? It was stolen from me first.
Wish I could help you out.
It's gone.
I traded it.
Why is it so important to you? My mother gave it to me.
Beautiful craftsmanship.
What was the design? Don't know.
You're a bad liar.
- (door opens) - Sunny: M.
? Time to head out.
(engine starts) Quinn: You all have sworn an oath to protect our home.
Today, the fort does not require your skills with a sword.
It needs your hands.
Our poppy crop will spoil if it is not harvested immediately.
We can't let this happen.
Now it needs oh.
(Quinn groans) Now it needs you to pull togeth (groaning) Lead them.
Your baron will be fine.
We have work to do.
- Okay.
- (groans) Fetch Veil.
Hurry! - Oh.
- Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
(birds chirping) You're worried about her Veil, I mean, aren't you? What makes you say that? Because I know.
Know what? You know, that she's pregnant.
Makes sense why you wanna leave now.
- Have you told anyone? - Of course not.
It must be strange for you to have to care for someone and not kill them.
I'm sure there's times you've thought about killing me.
It's crossed my mind.
Well, if it's worth anything, you're not a shitty teacher.
You've given me hope that I might be able to control what happens when I'm cut.
Why did you lie to me about Azra? I didn't.
I know the way, but it's all jumbled in my head.
That's why I thought the Widow's book would help.
I got my compass to work.
I put it in the cutout of that book.
What happened? Did it point somewhere? I might have a direction.
See, I told you I could help.
Off you go.
That was the last one.
Are you sure the boy you're looking for is one of Quinn's cogs? He was in the fort.
Perhaps he's a Colt now.
Mother, when you find him, how exactly do you plan to use him? You said he was dangerous.
I was just curious if he was dangerous to everyone.
I need to train him, teach him control, which is that more difficult without that book.
Does it have the answers? Why the sudden burst of curiosity? Because I want to be more help to you now that Angelica and Valentine are gone.
I was still translating the book.
I believe the answers I seek are within its pages.
Will the boy change? You know, be different after he's trained? Right now every time he's cut, his life force gets weaker.
Without training, he will die.
What about that boy you brought home? M.
? I cut him.
You watched me.
I also saw you kissing him.
He was kind to me once.
Remember that kindness is a weapon men use to get what they want.
Yes, Mother.
Quinn won't take the theft of his cogs lying down.
Take three of your sisters and check the traps.
(pigeons cooing) For somebody with just two toes on your left foot, you got a steady gait.
I never understood how you could do that.
(door squeaks) Know who it is without turning around.
Well you lose one ability, I guess you just develop another.
You can still do it when you walked.
Well, maybe I'm just that damn good.
So how are you feeling? Heard all about your head.
I'm finally seeing things clearer.
Realizing who I can count on who I can't.
Since you've come to see me, am I to assume that I am still among the chosen few? Oh, you rescued me, Waldo.
If it wasn't for you, I'd be dead.
Oh, no, that took some steel to survive the hell you endured.
But you didn't come here to reminisce about the bad ol' days.
I wanted to know that if things changed around here I'd have your support.
Mm sounds ominous.
I know my father cast you aside when you were injured.
I also know you and Sunny are very close.
Ryder I'm on the side that wins.
A man in my position, which is to say permanently seated, well options get limited.
However, I would advise you to choose your allies with care.
Anything else you wanna talk about? I took it off Sunny's Colt.
My mother knows something about it.
And you wanna know more? Well I think you should go talk to the man who taught Lydia everything she knows.
Go talk to your grandfather, the preacher, Penrith.
She hasn't spoken to him in years.
I'm talking about you here.
I think you should go get acquainted.
Bale: I hope we find some Butterflies.
I want my first kill tat.
What's the rush? You've only been a Colt a couple of weeks.
You already killed someone for the regent.
Saved his life.
You're set.
Me, I gotta prove myself to Petri.
If that means killing some girls, then so be it.
: Sunny, look.
(grunts) (traps snapping) (snapping continues) - (trap snaps) - (man groans) (groans) (groaning continues) Jade: The poppy bulb is very fragile.
You need to milk it.
And the trick is doing that without killing the bulb.
I know your instinct is to cut deep, but in this case, just through the top layer of skin one even stroke.
Let's get to work.
I'm here to help.
I appreciate that, but you don't need to get your hands dirty.
Oh, Veil is looking after Quinn.
I can't rattle around that empty house doing nothing.
Please, show me.
Are you certain you want to go through with this, Baron? What happened in front of my men will never happen again.
(groaning) I'm sure you're enjoying this.
Watching me suffer must give you great pleasure.
I'm not playing this game with you.
What game? The one where you try and find enemies where they don't exist.
Oh, is that what you think I do? Your resting state is war.
It's your nature.
I'm not sure if it infuriates or delights you that you're now fighting your own body.
I think I know what infuriates you, Veil.
Go on, ask me the question you've been dying to ask.
I know Sunny told you what happened.
How could he not? Why? Why did you kill my parents? You know they would never have told a soul about your condition.
Well, like you said, it's in my nature.
You could turn on that poison.
End me now.
No one would know.
I guess we're both prisoners of our natures.
The truth is I didn't kill your parents.
You're lying.
Ask Sunny.
He was there.
It was his blade that ended their lives not mine.
Sunny: You're lucky you didn't lose your foot.
Bite on this.
- (bone snaps) - (groans) You're no good on this leg.
We're staying here tonight.
, you're on first watch.
Don't let the fire go out.
- (frogs croaking) - (horse whinnies) Penrith: The last time I saw you your mother carried you in here like a broken bird.
I don't really have any memory of that time.
Perhaps for the best, considering what those nomads did to you.
I told your mother what would happen if she married a man like Quinn.
Willing to sacrifice his own son over his pride.
He should've paid the ransom.
I'm not here to talk about the past.
Ever seen something like this before? Where'd you get it? A boy in the fort.
That name mean anything to you? No.
What is it? A story they used to tell cog orphans.
Make them believe that they were from some faraway place beyond the Badlands.
If it's just a story, then where'd the pendant come from? Who knows? Perhaps it was a maker in the outlying territories.
He could've forged it from a picture he saw from the old world.
It's human nature to want to believe in something greater than yourself.
Your father and the other barons certainly have exploited that for their own power.
And what do you do? Have people worship totems.
Smash them to answer their prayers.
Totems, part of our ritual, yes, but I preach salvation through acceptance not fairy tales.
To my mother, it seemed like more than just a story.
She's no longer my daughter anymore She still practices.
I've seen the totems in her room.
Your mother was never happy here.
I didn't recognize it until it was too late.
Then one day a Clipper rode in hunting for nomads.
She took one look at your father and that's the moment I lost her.
I'm always here if you wish to embark on a different course.
I prefer to make my own salvation.
Send word to the abbots we've got a dark one in the fort.
He'll need to be cleansed.
(rustling) Tilda: You're not safe here.
You almost got me killed in the cemetery and now you're trying to warn me? Just listen.
My mother suspects you.
- Did you tell her what you saw? - No.
What did I see, M.
? I don't even know.
It's like I'm lost inside myself.
Sunny told me I didn't hurt you.
I thought you were going to, but but then you just stared at me.
And for a moment, I saw you, M.
And then you weren't lost.
- What? - Sunny told me that when I'm in that state, I need to concentrate on something that makes me feel safe.
I thought for sure it'd be my mom, but it's not.
It's you.
You're the reason I was able to control it.
My mother says the more that power is used, the weaker you get.
Use it too much and and you'll die.
- How does she know that? - From that black book.
, you need to get as far away from here as possible.
All of these people want to use you my mother, Quinn, even Sunny.
We could run away together.
(twig snaps) (gasps) (gasps, panting) How long has this been going on? You don't understand.
She was trying to warn me about the Widow.
You know, every time I begin to trust Sunny.
She's the reason I was able to control myself at the parley.
Are you gonna tell me where the Widow is or am I gonna have to take you back to the fort and have Quinn force it out of you himself? What's it gonna be? (crying) You heard the regent.
Speak up! (Tilda continues crying) Where is she, huh? Where is she? Where is she, you little bitch? (screaming) Ah! (spits) Back to the fort it is.
- (Lydia winces) - Jade: Sorry.
I remember my first harvest.
My hands were so blistered, I thought they were going to fall off.
I have a whole new respect for these people.
For a woman who's never worked a day in her life, you did well.
I know you and I haven't always seen eye to eye.
Well, how could we? Quinn has pitted us against each other.
It's hard when you build your life with someone and then one day they decide you're not enough anymore.
- Quinn loves you.
- I know.
But he doesn't need me the way he needs you.
And when he wants you that way, it is the best feeling in the world.
How do we do this? I'm not sure.
But I don't wanna do it as rivals.
Neither do I.
Over here.
Head back to the sanctuary.
Send word to our friend in the fort.
I need to gain entry.
Mother, are you sure? Tilda would die before she would talk.
Of that I have no doubt.
Now, go.
How long you been sitting there, woman? Long enough.
- What happened? - (chuckles) Scoring poppy bulbs is harder than it looks.
(chuckles) You're not dying on me, you know that? I'm not going anywhere.
I still remember the first moment I laid eyes on you.
You were riding through the woods, your blade wet from battle.
I don't think I ever wanted someone so badly.
It's always gonna be me and you, Quinn.
I will be by your side when the wolves reach our door, howling for your blood.
(footsteps approach) Sunny.
We've caught one of her Butterflies.
Finally progress.
I want you to talk to her until she spits out the Widow's location.
What's the matter, Sunny? You getting squeamish again? You do what you have to do.
Are we clear? Yes, Baron.
I'd hate for us to have another miscommunication.
You and Veil is that serious? No more serious than the girl I wicked before her and the one before that.
I don't want you to see her anymore.
Since she's treating me, I'd just feel better if everyone was less entangled.
As you wish, Baron.
She's gonna get exactly what she deserves.
Shut up.
What's your problem? You know she would kill any one of us.
What? I told you to shut up! What are you gonna do with her? Sunny, don't.
Stay put, both of you.
Give me a reason not to do this.
(whimpers) (door opens, closes) I'm sick, not an invalid.
Veil thought it would be easier on your stomach.
At least until we know how the medicine affects you.
Why, the kitchen make that? I did.
Save the harvest, make the supper, hmm? Is there anything you can't do? You know, the first time you brought me soup, you were 16.
Nostromo, my horse had thrown me.
That old brute was spooked by a copperhead.
The doc had me laid up for a week.
The highlight of my afternoons was seeing you walk through that door with a sweet smile and a bowl of soup.
(chuckles) That's when I first noticed you had blossomed into a beautiful young woman.
It's been a long day.
I'm gonna turn in.
Back in the fields tomorrow.
I understand Lydia pitched in.
She stayed until sunset.
Has a real knack for it.
Can't believe you two worked together.
(breathing rapidly) Jade? (gurgling) Help! Help me! M.
: Tilda.
Tilda, tell him where the Widow is right now.
This can all be over.
No, it won't.
We both know Quinn will kill me anyway.
There's only one way she's gonna talk.
(grunts) Don't worry, Tilda.
Mother's here.
You're not getting away this time.
Watch me.
(grunts) (grunting) (grunts) - (roars) - (grunts) Come here.
(grunts) (yells) (M.
grunting) No! (grunting) No! (grunting) (M.
shouts) Tilda! Ah! (groaning) (grunting) (grunting continues) - (Bale continues grunting) - (kicks thudding) (grunting) (groaning) (M.
's body thuds) (panting)