Into The Badlands (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Hand of Five Poisons

Previously on "Into the Badlands" Help me! We have a traitor inside the fort.
Tilda! I'm here to see the River King.
This boy I want you to find him, and bring his head to me as payment.
Do this and I'll guarantee you safe passage outta the Badlands.
Your payment.
In full.
What happened to his ear? You sure this is him? He confessed before I clipped him.
We need to leave tonight.
Is that so? I didn't realize you were dictating the terms now.
- We had a deal.
- I'm not balking, Regent.
Anchor's up at midnight.
Don't be late.
Time and tide wait for no man, not even you.
We're leaving tonight.
What? - How? - The less you know, the better.
Just wait here for me and M.
to get back.
I can't.
I have to get back to the fort.
Jade's been poisoned, the baron's expecting me.
If you go in there, I'm not sure I can get you out.
Just stay here.
Did you kill my parents? Quinn did it.
I told you.
With your sword? Were you there? So you could've stopped him, but you didn't.
And then you lied to me about it.
When we get out of here, everything will be different, I promise you.
How, Sunny? You gonna stop being a killer? Throw away your sword, scrub your back clean? The baron said we are all slaves to our nature and I am beginning to think he's right.
Veil, this is our only chance.
We have to take it.
If I'm still here when you get back, you'll know my answer.
Penrith sent me.
He's discovered another child, a dark one.
He's a day's drive from here.
Welcome back to the living.
What happened? What's what's going on? We're not sure yet.
Maybe too many hours under the hot sun yesterday.
The sun didn't do this.
She was poisoned.
Veil told me.
What? I I don't understand.
Perhaps Lydia can explain.
Monkshood flower, hidden in the false bottom of your jewelry box.
Quinn, I didn't do this.
I could have your head, but that would be too quick and too kind.
- Listen to me - I heard rumors after Beatrice, but I refused to believe them.
I never wanna see you again.
Don't do this.
I'm innocent.
Escort her to the gate.
You I'm so sorry I was blind to this.
Quinn, there's something I have to tell you.
It's about Ryder.
I'll take her from here.
Are you really gonna let your father kick me out? He's the baron.
As you taught me, who am I to question his orders even if they go against his best interests? Ryder, he trusts you now.
Your plea wouldn't fall on deaf ears.
Don't beg, Mother.
I'm not begging.
Help me prove Jade poisoned herself.
And why would I do that? You told her about Beatrice.
I may have warned her that you have a tendency to turn on people.
For the journey.
Oh, you really are a stupid, petulant boy, aren't you? Your father stole Jade, but you can't let her go, can you? Oh, don't worry, I haven't told him you're still sleeping together.
You won't last a month in here without me.
The Widow came through the emergency tunnel under the wall.
Sunny has one of the only keys.
A few weeks ago, he was seen talking to the Widow.
And you chose not to bring this encounter to my attention.
- Why? - He told me she tried to bribe him, but he rejected it.
- I believed him.
- Well, why wouldn't you? Sunny's loyalty's been unimpeachable.
But I think he's played us both.
Lock down the fort.
Have Sunny meet me in the chapel.
That pendant.
The one you took from Sunny's Colt.
Do you still have it? What made you think of that? Just curious.
No, I traded it.
So be it.
- Come on! - Oh! What have you been up to, Sunny? Tracking the Widow.
Well, you wouldn't have to track her if you'd clipped her while she was prowling inside our walls.
She's wounded.
Wounded? The Sunny I know never missed a kill.
I still remember the first time I saw you in this chapel.
You were sitting right here in the front row, never averted your gaze.
You drank in my words like a true believer.
I sensed you were special.
And that's why I gave you a life that most people can only dream of.
I trained you, groomed you, trusted you.
Tell me, Sunny, what else could I have done to keep you from betraying me? We have a traitor in our midst.
You're hereby stripped of your rank.
Turn over your sword.
You gonna cut me down, Sunny, hmm? And then what? Fight your way through your own men in some vain bid for freedom? Your Colt is very loyal.
Didn't spill a bean.
Lock the traitor in chains until I decide an appropriate fate.
And then get his woman and bring her to me.
If you're going to kill Sunny, kill me, too.
Now, why would I kill a boy with such a bright future? Where am I? Thank you for coming.
Why am I here? I need you to stitch me up.
There's somewhere I need to be.
Looks like septicemia.
Blood poisoning.
You need to stay put if you wanna live.
You're lucky it hasn't spread.
Can you stop it? Not with my hands tied.
If I help, how do I know you'll let me go? You have my word.
Forgive me if I don't believe you.
I have no reason to kill you.
In fact, I bet we want the same thing.
A peaceful world where all women have a voice that's heard.
I need two pots of clean water, clean sheets, and more light.
Are you in much pain? Of course.
How do I know that's not poison? You don't.
Who did this? The man you love.
You could spend your entire life cleaning up after him.
Do you want my help or don't you? Where's Veil, Sunny? You send her away? I'll find her.
You kill her, you kill yourself.
I have no intention of harming Veil or your baby.
I plan to raise your child right here in this fort.
Just like I raised you.
Hopefully, your offspring will show me more gratitude.
Why am I not dead? You haven't told me all your secrets.
I heard stories about people like him when I was a cog, but who would ever actually believe that they exist, let alone walk amongst us? Now I know why the Widow wanted to get her hands on him.
He's worth how many Clippers? 10, 20? A whole army, perhaps? I can't wait to fill his back with little black lines.
When I get out of these chains, I'm gonna clip you first.
That's just like I told Veil you'll always be a killer.
I have nowhere else to go.
Show your daughter some mercy.
My daughter died in my heart years ago.
No, I know I've strayed.
But I could be saved.
Show me how to get back to you.
Are you willing to renounce all material possessions? I am.
Will you rededicate yourself to a spiritual path? I will.
Do you promise never to leave again? I do.
What happened here? Oh, my late husband had a funny way of showing his affection.
Is that why you're fighting? To rid the world of brutal men? There wouldn't be many men left if we did that.
I like you, Veil.
Under different circumstances, we could have been friends.
I think that's the opium talking.
- What's this? - One of these is a tincture which will prevent you from dying.
The other two are poisons.
I will be happy to tell you which is which after I'm safely back at my clinic.
I'm not sure what you will be returning back to.
Quinn won't survive the night.
I warned Sunny that his loyalty would be his downfall.
I just hope he heeded my advice.
What have you done? I've set things in motion to make this world safer, not only for my children, but for yours.
Just know you'll always have a place here.
Tilda, take the good doctor home.
Where's Sunny? Alive.
Are you gonna kill him? Well, that's up to you, M.
I believe you have the potential to be a great Clipper.
Even greater than Sunny.
I don't wanna kill people.
I just wanna get home.
You're not doing this for me.
This is for Sunny.
So if I do what I'm told, then he stays alive? I don't think you're capable of doing what you're told.
I just want you to become the best you can be.
I was like you, M.
Uncertain of my future.
I wanted to run away to someplace far beyond the Badlands where life was easy and all my problems would disappear.
Now that place is an illusion.
You don't know that.
You see that building, hmm? It was once the seat of power for the entire world.
It stood tall in a shining city on a hill where so-called enlightened men promised their citizens a bright future.
A future where impossible dreams could become reality.
We live in a husk of a world left to us by these enlightened men.
You don't fix it by running.
You do it by fighting.
I see what you did to Sunny now.
And what did I do that was so terrible? I gave him a life, taught him skills, allowed him to thrive.
You think that I turned Sunny into a killer? No, no.
That was always inside him.
Life here does not have to be hard.
I understand that there's a Butterfly that you have feelings for.
I could catch her for you.
The Widow's not long in this world.
Once she's dead, those girls won't survive without her.
- You'd protect Tilda? - She could live in the fort and you could be with her whenever you want.
- And what about Sunny? - I'd spare him if that's what you wish.
Tonight, to celebrate our understanding, I'll take you to the Tick-Tock and pay for your first doll.
Trust me, you don't want Tilda to be your first.
Make a fool of yourself in front of her, no, no.
That's what dolls are for.
My father's heading outside the gates tonight.
Why would he risk doing that? Because he's arrogant and old.
He'll only have a Colt with him.
Then I'll bring Jacobee.
He's definitely looking forward to killing your father himself.
Once he does, I'll clip him.
- I'll notify the Widow.
- I wouldn't bother.
I know we made an alliance with her, but she raided the fort last night.
And Sunny wounded her badly.
She's probably bleeding out in a ditch somewhere.
Trust me, we don't need her, anyway.
Just think, by sunrise tomorrow there will be two new barons in the Badlands.
Sunshine! What the hell you doing in there? No one can talk to the prisoners.
Baron's orders.
I understand.
I'll expect you and your little girly friend to get on the River King's boat and not look back.
Shit's gonna go down here tonight you do not wanna be a part of.
What do you mean? The Widow, she's making a move.
She's gonna take out Jacobee and Quinn at the same time.
You're working with the Widow? You're the one, the traitor.
You know, personally, I prefer the word "idealist.
" Or maybe "revolutionary.
" The system is broken.
We gotta blow it up and start again.
And you think the Widow is the answer? Now, you can stand here debating this or you can get the hell out of here.
Why are you helping me? Because I should've saved you from this life a long time ago.
Should've left you at the river or maybe just slit your throat.
That belongs to you.
At least, it was around your neck when I found ya.
Now go.
Have the life you deserve.
Where's M.
? He's with Quinn.
Quinn's taking him to the doll house tonight for a wicking.
Should be memorable.
That's where the ambush is going down.
Be smart, Sunny.
Forget about the boy and leave.
It's your only chance.
The way you worked to save my mother, thank you.
I really don't think she has your best interests in mind.
You don't know her.
Any woman who forces girls to kill to show their love is not a mother.
What other choice do I have? I can't abandon the others.
I could give you another option.
The three bottles.
The blue one is the tincture.
The other two are filled with poison.
What are you suggesting? That you decide your own future.
I'm sure you're nervous.
Don't be.
This is a rite of passage.
Sunny was your age when I brought him here.
Something's wrong.
- Hmm? - Where is everyone? You know, when I was a boy, I could taste the air change before a lightning storm.
Feel the electricity running down my spine.
I can still tell when a storm's brewing around me.
Don't skulk in the shadows.
Now, if you're here to clip me, at least have the courtesy to show your faces.
Is your baron joining this hunting party? Always good to see you, Jacobee.
And your friends.
You always told me power is taken.
Well, I finally listened.
Except I always took it with my own hands.
There'll be no turning back after this.
No forgiveness.
I'm not looking for redemption.
You were always arrogant.
You overreached, Quinn.
We're all gathered here because of one woman the Widow.
She believes she's outplayed and outmaneuvered us.
Plans to take over our territories once we've destroyed each other tonight.
That sickness in your head has made you delusional.
No, it's made me vigilant.
Given me clarity.
Helped me find new strength.
After you're dead, she's next.
I assume a conversation's out of the question? You're going to be my last tattoo.
, stop! I know you can control this.
If you wanna take him, you'll have to go through me first.
Welcome home, Lydia.
You got Veil back safely? You lied about M.
I was trying to protect him.
From me? From what you want to turn him into.
He's not a weapon, he's a boy.
Tilda, don't you understand? I'm the only one trying to save him.
How did you even know he existed? Because I used to be like M.
Tilda, which bottle is the tincture? Nobody double-crosses me, Sunny.
Not even the best Clipper in the Badlands.
Unlike you, I'm not a killer.
I'm a trader.
And a man with a talent like yours is a very valuable commodity.
You wanted to leave the Badlands? You got your wish.
There is no easy way out of the Badlands.
No shortcuts, no deals.
I know that now.
Maybe Sunny and I don't deserve redemption.
Maybe my darkness will never be tamed.
There is one thing I know for sure.
The journey has just begun.