Into The Badlands (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Tiger Pushes Mountain

(THUNDER RUMBLES) SUNNY: Hell isn't where you go when you die, it's what you become when everything you love has been taken away.
Only one thing keeps me alive, the hope of getting back into the Badlands, and finding her.
Finding them.
("HUMAN" PLAYING) OVERSEER: Keep it moving! You there! Eyes forward! Faster! Come on, pick it up! Move! Faster! Back straight! OVERSEER: Move! Come on! ENGINEER: Come on! Keep moving.
On your knees, now! Welcome to the Bordeaux mines.
Now the rules are simple.
Here you will dig, sleep, shit, eat, and then you're gonna die.
(LAUGHS) 'Cause, uh, that is the, uh, life cycle of a Picker.
Huh? Unshackle them.
I want them deloused and excavating by the next shift.
Move! OVERSEER: Give me four.
(COUGHING) Sir, this one's defective.
There's always one.
You know, I don't care who you are, where you come from, or what you've done.
If your journey has led you here, this is where it's gonna end.
(LAUGHS) Trust me.
(SPITS) (POPPING NOISE) (GRUNTING) No one gets out alive.
GRUNTING) AVA: Focus this time, M.
Ready? Go! (GRUNTING) Go again.
(SIREN BLARING) AVA: I should report you for making contact.
You've been training six months.
- There's no excuse.
: You're just mad I knocked you on your ass.
Of all the novices the Master could have paired me with.
Speaking of the Master, when do I get to see him? AVA: You almost went a whole session without asking.
: Well, you refuse to answer my questions.
Maybe he will.
Does the Master even exist? (GRUNTS) (GROANS) I'll say this one last time, the Master will see you when you're ready.
(GRUNTS) And hurry up.
I'll find you.
Both of you, I promise.
Wake up.
(DISTORTED) Wake up.
- MAN 1: Wake up! - MAN 2: Come on.
I don't mean to shout.
But I need all the rest I can get.
ENGINEER: (ON MEGAPHONE) B-ship! Get your asses moving.
MAN 1: Hey! Hey! Hey, watch it! You're not going to be trouble, are you? I I don't like to judge, but you look like trouble.
Who's, uh Who's Veil? You were talking about her in your sleep.
Better than the last man in that shackle.
What a nightmare.
(SCOFFS) Dykstra.
Poor sod, he shit himself to death.
I'm Bajie.
Don't ask me what it means or what my mum was drinking.
(INHALES) May the gods protect her poor drunk soul.
Wait, hey.
You want a little drop? Yeah, you do.
Here, go on.
Tastes like a dead dog's ass.
(LAUGHS) Keeps the reality at bay.
- (ALARM RINGING) - Whoa! ENGINEER: (ON MEGAPHONE) A reminder! Any Picker pissing - BAJIE: Up, up.
Up! Up! - ENGINEER: in undesignated areas will be summarily executed.
Make your quota.
BAJIE: Yeah, they're really big on that quota thing.
You don't talk much, do you? Here, we go.
Yeah, the quota is 40 pound a day.
If you don't make it, these nice men will whip you.
Not enough so you can't work, but just enough to make a point.
It's all very civilized.
BAJIE: Before I was in this miserable boneyard, I was about to make the score of a lifetime.
50 pounds of top grade opium.
OVERSEER: Make your quota! I had a buyer lined up, money had exchanged hands.
OVERSEER: Keep moving! Except it turned out the opium was shit.
I'm not talking figuratively.
I mean, it was It was actual human shit pressed into neatly wrapped bricks.
Part of me was actually impressed by the ingenuity of the double cross.
- Hey, do you know a way out? - Finally! He speaks.
Do you know a way out or not? Yeah, you know what, I do.
In the back of a body cart with your eyes rolled way in the back of your head.
Very dead.
You want my advice? Start digging, mate.
OVERSEER: Put your back into it.
(MAN COUGHING) (DISTANT WAILING) What was that? Probably just the wind.
(SIGHS) There's a lot these Abbots aren't telling us.
I'm not buying that peace and harmony crap.
Don't you wanna get out of here? Yeah.
But I have to learn how to control my power first.
(SIGHS) And it's a relief to be in a place where I don't have to keep it a secret.
Secret? My entire clan knew what I could do.
Treated me like a god.
I'm a Nomad.
My clan lives on the edge of the Black Desert.
I had my own tent.
Got the best food, the best girls.
If we had a problem with another clan over a Clipper patrol, my chieftain would send me in.
Cut myself, killed the lot.
Problem solved.
It didn't bother you? Killing? They were gonna kill me.
I heard the more you get cut, the faster you die.
Who the hell wants to grow old in this world? I'd rather go out using my power to protect my clan than hide up on this mountain like some coward.
Don't you have anybody out there you care about? Hey.
Hey, where you going? Hey, M.
, don't let them catch you.
: Hello? Anybody here? (GASPS) This compass belonged to my friend.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) What's it doing here? I could ask the same of you.
I'm here to see the Master.
Where is he? Hold my broom.
And I'll go find him.
(GROANS) (PANTING) How did you do that? A lot of practice.
(SIGHS) You're the Master.
Have a seat.
I've made you some food.
You knew I was coming.
Well, I have prepared some rice every night since you arrived.
(SIGHS) I can't believe I wasted all this time.
If you think your time here has been wasted, you've a lot to learn.
Show me how to control my power.
There's people who need my help.
Sunny and Tilda.
And you're all going to Azra together.
Is that right? This is your home now.
It is our mission to control your gift.
"Gift"? That's not what I'd call it.
I didn't ask to be here.
So, if it were up to me, I'd leave right now.
Very well.
If you can get past this bird without unleashing your gift, you're free to go.
You're kidding, right? (YELLING) (PANTING) You still have many miles to go.
(GRUNTS) Now get some sleep.
(SIGHS) (EXHALES) How did a Clipper end up in a shithole like this? (GRUNTS) If you choke me out, I won't be able to tell you a damn thing.
(GRUNTS) W-What Baron did you belong to, huh? (GROANS) Hassan? Jacobee? Quinn? (GRUNTS) Quinn! (PANTING) I knew it.
Crazy armadillo himself.
Well, you are full of surprises.
A man with your skills could fetch quite a price around here.
Well, it's a good job you're shackled to me then.
You can trust me.
(INDISTINCT TALKING) BAJIE: That's what I call an epic run of bad luck.
'Course, uh, kill as many people as you have, and the universe is bound to repay the favor, sooner or later.
Your secret's safe with me, yeah.
- What about the Badlands? - Mmm.
Yeah, well, been there a couple of times.
Opium fetches a pretty good price this part of the world.
Quinn's territory, what have you heard? (LIGHT CHUCKLE) What's in it for me, huh? How about I don't snap your neck? - Let's not do this, huh? - Do what? Well, I just The thing where every time I talk, you threaten to kill me.
It's just, it's boring, you know.
(SCOFFS) I've heard there was a battle.
Quinn went missing in action.
Right now, the Badlands are in a glorious mess.
Barons scrambling for power.
Nomads running wild.
It's a great situation for me.
Chaos leads to new opportunities.
And I'm all about new opportunities.
Are you gonna eat that? I'll have it, yeah.
I'm pleased to report that last month was our largest haul to date.
So, for all you ass-busting quota makers, it's time for your weekly entertainment.
It's fight night! (CHEERING) ALL: (CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! (GRUNTING) (GROANING) Those "volunteers," they're Pickers who never made their quota.
(GRUNTING) The Overseers bet on how long they'll last before the big guy (GRUNTS) Ironically named Mouse, kills them.
No one's ever made it out alive.
(GRUNTING) (CROWD GROANING) (LAUGHING) (CHEERING) Come on! You said you can get things in here, right? Yeah, sure, sure.
- I'm gonna need something.
A map.
- Yeah, sure.
Yeah! Ah.
(LIGHT CHUCKLE) (SIGHS) Your old rocking horse.
What was his name again? Ahab.
Ahab here, was my only companion.
I spent so many hours alone in this room.
What are you doing back here? We shuttered this place so you could put the past behind you.
I thought if we moved to Jacobee's mansion, I would erase the memory of my father, but he's still here.
Still taunting me.
No, he's gone.
And he's never coming back.
You are the Baron now.
- That night changed everything.
- Did it? Everybody thinks Quinn died by your hand, and Jacobee, too.
Now you control three territories.
You have the respect of your Clippers, and all the other Barons.
And you made a believer out of me.
I couldn't have done any of this without you.
I know.
(FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) Sir, you're needed at the oil refinery.
(CHUCKLES) Uh, thank you, Cormac.
Bring the car around.
The Baroness will be joining me.
(MALE GUARDS TALKING INDISTINCTLY) (WIND BLOWING) (GRUNTS) 30%? How are we down that much? I promise we're working around the clock, Baron.
The Badlands runs on oil.
The only reason we've been able to hold on to these territories is because that supply has not been compromised.
The second that goes, we're gonna have a real problem.
We simply don't have the Cogs.
And the ones that we do have are deserting in record numbers.
These runaway Cogs, where are they going? There are rumors that the Widow is giving them sanctuary.
The Widow? She's been quiet for months.
(INHALES) We need to make a new deal with Baron Chau for fresh Cogs.
Until then, cut back the hours, and up the rations for the ones who have stayed loyal.
Make it happen.
I'm gonna stay and go over the schedules.
Jade! No! No, no! Get help! Jade! No! Get off me! Get the Baron to safety.
Get him out of here.
Find Jade.
Find her! Find her! Go! (GRUNTING) Baroness.
Where's Ryder? Where's Ryder? Ryder's safe.
Take this.
Come with me.
I've reclaimed my oil fields.
If he tries to take them back, there will be blood, and most of it will be his.
(WHISTLES) Ah! You asked for a map of this place.
Bajie always delivers.
You sure this is accurate? Who knows? I got it from the oldest Picker in here.
He's been over every inch of these mines.
Your guess is as good as mine.
Oy, hey! Hey! What are you doing? - Why did you give him your basket? - Not making my quota.
You seriously want to get thrown in the Mouse trap? You're making a break for it, ain't you? What about me? Huh? You're gonna need me.
Right now, you are deep in the ass crack of the Outlying Territory.
No way you're making it out alone.
There's no way I'm taking you.
Yeah, no.
(SCOFFS) Yeah, of course.
WOMAN: Whoo! Look what I found! - WOMAN: Look what I found! - BAJIE: Let me see it.
Show me that.
Let me see it.
BAJIE: Let me see it! - Come here! - (WOMAN GRUNTS) (EXCLAIMS) I need to see the Engineer! I found a ring! I found a ring.
Look! (SPITS) Look at that.
Come on, unshackle me.
Unshackle me.
Like I said, Sunny, I'm all about new opportunities.
I got a ring! Look, I found a ring.
Look! Yeah, it's a good one.
Congratulations, you've won yourself a 24-hour reprieve, uh, from mining duties.
That's it? That's the grand prize? I get to sit on my ass for the rest of the day? Well, if you'd prefer to go back to the mine, that, uh, that works too.
Oh, look! As much as I enjoy digging up ancient crap, I wanted to talk to you about a greater prize.
One that's right underneath your nose.
(GRUNTS) (LAUGHING) (BAJIE CHUCKLING) (WHISPERS) Do you know what a Clipper is? What? (CHUCKLES) Do you know what a Clipper is? A Clipper! (FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING) I'm still waiting on casualty numbers from the refinery but between the oil workers we saved, and the number of refugee Cogs coming over our borders, our numbers are swelling.
With the storm that is coming, I hope that I'm worthy of all the faith that these people have placed in me.
I thought you'd be happy.
I am.
But each victory brings new challenges.
I've always been a fighter but I realized that as our ranks grow, that I need to be more than that, I need to be a leader.
You give these people hope, Mother.
You give me hope.
I can't think of anyone better to lead us into this storm.
Why don't you come out to one of the food stations and meet some of them? You'll see for yourself.
I'm glad that we found our way back to each other.
'Cause for a while there, I wasn't sure that we would.
I couldn't ask for a better agent.
If I gain the world and lost you, that would be the real tragedy.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) TILDA: Odessa! Mother, I'd like you to meet Odessa.
She was kept as a Doll at the oil refinery.
ODESSA: We all were.
Tilda saved us.
Actually, Odessa took down one of the Clippers herself.
A warrior.
We need as many as we can get for the battles to come.
I hope you'll decide to stay and join our movement.
Decide? You You mean you're not gonna force us? You don't belong to me.
Everyone here is free and equal.
My dream is that one day, there will be no Cog, Clipper, Doll, or Baron.
Only free women and men deciding the course of their own future.
What happens if we don't buy into your big dream? (GRUNTS) You'd rather be a slave in a system that doesn't give a damn about you? The system's treated me well enough.
And it's only a matter of time until the other Barons crush you.
They are welcome to try.
Does that mean we are free to leave? Go, if you wish.
No one will stop you.
(SCOFFS) Out of my way.
(CLIPPERS CHUCKLING) (BOTH GRUNTING) (GROANS) AVA: You finally saw the Master, I thought you'd be happy.
Let me guess, she didn't give you the answers you wanted.
Have you been reporting on me this whole time? All of our conversations? She wanted to know about your progress.
It's my job.
I'm your Abbot.
I trusted you, Ava.
I told you things that I've never told to anybody.
(GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) Thank you for your service, Ava, but I'll be personally overseeing this novice's training from now on.
As you wish, Master.
(PANTING) Are you ready? For what? The hard part.
How about you? What? Let me handle this.
Your Baron said we were free to go.
Odessa told me what you and your men did to those Dolls.
The Widow didn't send you, did she? (CHOKING) This is payback.
(FEMALE GUARDS GRUNTING) (CLIPPER SCREAMS) (CLIPPERS SCREAMING) ENGINEER: Is everybody here? Turns out, we had a Picker who didn't make his quota.
In fact, his haul weighed less than zero.
(CHUCKLES) I had no idea that we, uh, we had such a celebrated killer in our midst.
I heard they called you something in the Badlands? What, what, what's the word? Hmm? - "Clipper," boss.
- You son of a bitch! Your friend told me that you were planning to leave our, uh, happy little family.
And he thought that, uh, he would trade your freedom for his.
Saw an opportunity.
I don't want to die in here either.
(GRUNTS) Get out of here, move! (GRUNTING) (BABY CRYING) Ah.
QUINN: It's a boy.