Into the Night (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


["The Sun Is Shining Down"
by JJ Grey and Mofro playing]
[whispers indistinctly]
-We can't do that here.
-[man] Why not?
"Why not?" [chuckles]
You'd deny a man his dying wish?
No, but you really are going to die
if you say that one more time.
Do you hear me?
[both chuckle]
[ECG beeping rapidly]
[both laughing]
[alarm buzzing]
[buzzing stops]
[gasps] Shit!
-You don't have to--
-[driver] No, it's no problem.
-[vehicle approaching]
-[tires screeching]
-[in English] You can't park that here.
-[man in English] Official business.
[in Chinese] Are you still there?
Hello? Hello?
But there's still 30 minutes
until takeoff.
[airline agent] The doors have closed.
It's not my call, of course.
Of course! You're just doing your job.
I wasn't the one who was late, miss.
Are you still travelling with Mr. Martens?
[airline agent]
He doesn't need a new reservation?
Well, these things happen, huh?
-Do they?
-[unzips bag]
"These things happen," do they?
Let me see what I can do, okay?
-[woman] Dude, there's a line.
-[in French] Excuse me.
I need to give my friend something
before his flight.
Only passengers with a boarding card
can pass this point.
This is NATO business.
That may well be.
But in that case,
airport police have to escort you.
Otherwise, only passengers
with a boarding card can pass.
[in Italian] You stupid piece of shit.
Good evening.
Good evening.
-You're Ines?
-Uh Yes.
-I follow your Instagram.
-Moscow, huh?
-You gonna mix?
-No, just an appearance.
-Have a good flight.
Flight 21 for Moscow.
There's a stopover there,
arriving Saturday at 8:20 p.m. local time.
I only have seats in first class,
but I'm waiving the fees for the upgrade.
Thank you.
-[in French] I want to go west.
-London. Dublin. New York
-I have a New York leaving in two hours.
-New York. Great.
Okay, great. Do you know your return date?
No, no return. Just one-way.
I only have space in business to JFK.
-The price comes to €4,235.
-I'll take it.
[Ines in English] What?
You actually said that?
That's ridiculous. You know it's stupid.
Okay. No!
-[woman] Excuse us. Excuse us.
-[Ines] Sophie.
[woman] Excuse us.
[in English] Are you all right?
[woman] Excuse us.
Ah so some get to board
before first class, now? Oh really!
-[Ines] Sophie.
-[Ines] Wake up!
Well, we all land at the same time.
[Ines] Sophie, what the fuck? Sophie!
-You okay, miss?
[in French] It's my friend in New York.
I think she's suffocated.
-I don't know. She collapsed.
-What happened? I can't see anything.
I've no idea!
I've got to call someone. Who do I call?
Who do you call? Who do I call?
Like anyone gives a fuck.
[exhales heavily]
[flight attendant 1] Are you okay?
[flight attendant 2]
I think I ate something bad.
I'll go to the chemist.
Nothing's left here.
[flight attendant 1] Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
I'll also find someone
to help us get the plane ready.
Don't take anything with aspirin.
[laughs softly]
It's not good for the baby.
I'm not pregnant.
Hmm. I've had three kids myself.
-You're glowing. You are.
This is morning sickness.
It's almost midnight.
Is it Mathieu's?
-Why would you say that?
-I saw him leaving your room in Helsinki.
Mathieu does he know?
I'm gonna tell him in Moscow.
-Welcome aboard. Good evening.
-[mother] Evening.
-How are you?
-[boy] Good.
We're going to Moscow for my surgery.
Oh, good. Then you're on the right flight.
[mother] Thank you.
[bartender] What the hell is that?
What's going on?
Are they dead or what?
[in Italian] Time's up.
[indistinct chatter]
[co-pilot] Check.
-[captain] Heat is on.
-[co-pilot] Check.
-Yes, Captain.
-Altimeters: two-nine-nine-two.
-[pilot] Check.
Second. Third.
-[knocking on door]
-[door opens]
Is this the flight to Bora Bora?
[chuckles] Hey, guys.
[captain] Ah, he's a mechanic
and delivery guy!
-[mechanic] I'll do the last walkaround.
-[co-pilot] What do I owe you?
-Nothing. I know what co-pilots make.
Maybe you got cut off.
Maybe she was playing a joke on you.
[Ines] She does have
a dark sense of humor.
-[man 2] Excuse me.
Are you hot? Because
What's it to you?
No, nothing.
You just look hot, so
I just don't like flying.
[murmurs indistinctly]
-Madam, could I have some champagne?
-Sure. Just a moment.
[in Dutch] First class, hardly.
Hey, are you going home with us?
Some kid scribbled on a seat. Two minutes.
-[woman screams]
Out of the way! Out of the way!
Oh, shit.
Out of the way! Get back!
Move it!
[man shouting] Move!
[continues shouting]
[people screaming]
Hey! Hey!
No, stop! No, stop! Don't!
[people whispering]
Open the door!
-I'm here to help!
-[man 2 in French] He's armed.
[man] Shut the door!
Shut the door!
Or you're dead. Shut the door!
Sit. Sit down.
-Get us out of here now.
-[breathing heavily] Stay calm. Okay.
Listen, if we don't take off now,
the sunrise will kill us all.
-[banging on door]
-[mechanic] We're calling the police.
[gun firing]
What was that?
[in Turkish] Gunshot.
We gotta get out of here!
-Fucking hell! Fucking hell!
-[co-pilot groaning]
-Get out! Go on.
-Go on! Go.
We've gotta go. Understand?
-We've gotta go before the sunrise.
-[co-pilot] I can't.
-Are you kidding me?
-I can't fly it by myself.
-One pilot can fly this.
-The control stick.
It's what steers this plane.
I can't do that
without my damned left hand!
-Where's the other pilot?
-I don't know. I don't know.
Attention! Do we have any pilots?
We need a pilot. This is life and death!
If we don't take off, we're all gonna die!
-Not planes. Helicopters.
-Okay. Come on.
[whispers in French]
You don't have to do this.
[man] Come on!
[captain] Hurry up!
Where's the police?
I don't know. They're never there
when you need them.
What are they doing?
I can't believe it.
This can't be happening.
[flight attendant]
The plane's moving. Seatbelts.
-[man in Russian] What's wrong?
-Are we leaving?
I don't know, but we're moving,
so seatbelts.
-[Ines] Where are the police?
-We're taking off?
I don't know. Please, sit.
Seatbelt, sir.
It's gonna be okay.
Fasten your seatbelts.
There's still time to call this off,
you know?
I can park over there.
There's nothing to call off!
Tell the tower we're outta here.
I can't just take off.
[man] If not,
the next bullet is for her.
[scoffs] Don't do it for me.
He can go fuck himself!
I mean it. Don't do it for me.
Control tower, BE Air West 21.
Requesting take-off
from runway two-five-right.
Control tower, do you copy?
Do you copy?
-I don't hear anything.
-Who cares? Go.
Flight attendants, prepare for take-off.
Everyone remain seated.
Thank you.
[muttering indistinctly]
[whispering indistinctly]
Throttle up.
All the way.
Where are we going?
[man] West. We're going west.
[suspenseful music playing]
[beeping stops]
You see why this doesn't
make much sense, right?
Yes, I understand. I know.
The light of the sun would mean our death?
I know it totally makes no sense,
but I'm not some crazy person.
I'm an officer assigned to NATO!
I see that, Major.
I'm like you. I served in the army.
I'm Sylvie.
And this is
First Officer Douek,
but you can call me Mathieu.
Mathieu. Okay.
And you? What's your name?
Major Gallo. Terenzio Gallo.
[whispering indistinctly]
-[nurse] The last two.
-[man 3] Yeah.
-[man 4] No Internet for me, either.
-Maybe the terrorist turned it off.
[man 4] Maybe.
You think this is connected to my friend?
In New York?
I don't know. Hijacking here.
Some sort of gas attack there.
I might need you later.
-Please stay in your seat.
next to me!
[man 5 coughing]
[whispering] I can't hear anything.
A passenger thinks
there's another terrorist aboard.
-What do we do?
-We've gotta fight back.
[Mathieu groans]
[inhales deeply]
-[Mathieu] They told you this at NATO?
-I overheard it, yes.
And did they say
what was causing this death from the sun?
Only that it would begin
where the sun was shining.
And it's true. There was sun
in Asia and America before we took off,
and that's where it started.
And and now?
Now, as the sun moves around the world,
it will kill everything in its path.
Major, we need to find him a doctor.
Or we're not going anywhere.
We're not going anywhere.
Hurry back.
[whispering] I'll cover you.
-Are you serious? Coffee?
-We're gonna throw it in his eyes.
Okay, right now, Mathieu needs a doctor.
-Did he shoot him?
-Yes, in the hand.
So let's find a doctor.
Did they say why this thing was happening?
No, but I promise you, if you could talk
to anyone down there now,
they'd trade places with us.
If only our radios worked.
That bullet must have hit
the avionics bay below.
Fix it. You'll hear the truth.
We can't.
You can only reach the avionics
from outside the plane.
Perhaps we could land and then fix it.
We've got a mechanic aboard.
Are you not listening?
If we don't fly fast, we die!
Don't you get it?
This is really important.
Is there a doctor?
I'm not a doctor,
but I'm a home health nurse.
-[flight attendant] Come on up.
-Is there anything I can do?
Tell us what's happening.
We deserve to know what's going on.
Yes, you're right.
But the captain is going to speak
to you soon.
[Ines] Whatever. This is bullshit.
You had fuel for Moscow, yes?
How far is that from Brussels?
[Mathieu] 1,216 nautical miles.
If we head west,
how far can we go with the fuel we have?
I'll need to calculate that.
-Then do it.
I will. I promise.
That's where we're going.
The farthest west we can fly.
[knock on door]
Sit there.
You, over there.
[nurse] Let me see your hand.
[Mathieu groans]
So we have a plan, yes?
Right, we have a plan.
And no funny stuff.
If I see cities below,
if I don't see ocean,
I'll know we turned east.
But you've gotta do something
for me, Terenzio.
There's no need to tell
the passengers about the sun.
It'll just cause panic.
We're gonna have
to work together, Terenzio.
You and I.
-Okay. So, what do I tell them?
I'll handle it.
[Mathieu over PA]
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot.
First of all, I can tell you
that we have the situation under control,
and everything will be fine.
The gentleman has asked us
to reroute to another airport.
[in Russian] We are not going to Moscow?
[Mathieu over PA]
Once we've done that
[whispers indistinctly]
[Mathieu over PA]
we'll resume our flight to Moscow.
I apologize
for the inconvenience.
"Gentleman" is not the word
I would've used.
The most important thing
is safely operating the aircraft.
[nurse] Give me your hand again.
[Mathieu] I wouldn't be able to manage
if they start to panic,
or if
or if the passengers get all riled up.
What about BIKF?
-[Sylvie] Mmm-hmm.
It's about 1,100 miles.
-[nurse] I'm on the wound.
That'd leave us
about 600 miles in extra fuel.
And it gives the army time
to send fighter planes to escort us.
But we didn't make a distress call.
[scoffs] This is a commercial flight.
We're transporting passengers.
We took off without clearance.
We don't respond to radio calls.
They're coming. Believe me.
There's nothing in the first aid kit
for me to be able to stitch up your wound.
How about cauterizing?
-[Mathieu] Cauterizing?
You burn the tissue to prevent bleeding.
But I'll need a metal object
and something to heat it up.
They've got knives in first class, no?
Real ones.
We have to try something.
-We want to speak to the captain.
-Where are we going?
[flight attendant] Everybody try
to remain calm, okay?
What's this about the sun?
What are you talking about?
Through the door,
I heard you shouting about the sun.
You must have misunderstood.
On my count. Three, two, one.
[Mathieu grunts]
-[nurse] That's it. Breathe.
-[breathes heavily]
Pass me the knife.
[Mathieu breathing heavily]
Hold his hand.
If I were you, I'd close my eyes.
I'd shut them tight.
Listen. We bought a ticket for Moscow.
My son has surgery there tomorrow.
If you think I'm scared of that gun
or your cause--
-Sit down, mommy.
-[in Russian] Don't, Mommy, please.
-Wait, baby.
[in French] There's more people here
than you have bullets.
Plenty of bullets
for you and that crippled boy.
Don't listen to him, madam.
[in Russian] You fucking piece of shit!
Come here!
[Mathieu screaming]
-[screaming continues]
[nurse] This should help keep
the infection down
for a few hours at least.
Thank you.
[nurse] How does that feel?
[chuckles softly]
That's the lidocaine.
Unfortunately, we used all of it.
You should have a few drinks.
I need a clear head.
I drank a bottle of vodka before boarding.
This flight's pretty good
at sobering you up.
Well, I don't really know where to start.
I'm in this completely absurd situation.
Our plane has been hijacked
by some Italian guerrilla or something.
So weird.
I'm not live-streaming it
because the Internet is out.
They actually managed to screw
my ticket up, and I'm in economy class.
-Excuse me?
How long has the Wi-Fi been out?
All week. It was supposed to be fixed
when we got back from Moscow.
Excuse me.
-Everything okay up there?
[whispering] I know about the sun.
You do?
-Does the pilot?
-Yes. He doesn't believe it, though.
It's not true, is it?
I don't know. And you?
[Mathieu] You fly helicopters?
I was in the air force. I got fired.
Landing. That's the only part
I really need some assistance with.
And can we do that?
Without radios? Without clearance?
The tower will help us with light signals.
We're trained for that.
-Okay. Okay.
-You and I can practice the moves.
[indistinct shouting]
-What's going on now?
-I'll check.
No, wait.
-[nurse] Help me.
-[man 5 coughing]
-[man 6] What's wrong?
-I knew it. It's biological warfare.
-[Ines] Take him to the toilet.
-Don't touch!
Help me.
-Come on.
-[Terenzio] Hey, hey, hey! That's enough.
[Ines screaming]
[flight attendant] Okay.
-[Sylvie] A passenger took the gun.
-Back up! Back up!
[Mathieu] Call me
if any indicators light up.
Give me that back.
-I'm saving you.
-You didn't tell the truth.
Lock him in the bathroom.
-Fuck you.
-[flight attendant] Okay, okay.
-I'm gonna count to one.
Okay. Think of yourself, at least.
Please. Okay.
-[mother] Do it.
-Go on.
[flight attendant] Come here, sir. Please.
You haven't been
telling the truth, either.
That's correct, but for good reason.
That man is not well. He's unhinged.
That's not true!
Where are we going?
He wanted to go west,
so we're headed to Iceland.
[mother] Why don't we just turn around?
[Mathieu] Because we're about to land,
and once we do,
the police will take him,
and this will all be over.
He was talking
about the sun killing people.
It sounded like you agreed.
I did for his own good.
If I didn't pretend
to believe in his psychosis,
what would he have done?
[Terenzio] Asshole! I'm telling the truth.
Now, that's the truth.
All of it.
And on behalf of BE Air West,
I want to apologize to every one of you.
Just no more lies. Yes?
Thank you all for dealing
with this so well. Thanks.
-Go ahead.
-[man 4] What the hell?
I'll let you know what's going on.
[indistinct chatter]
[Mathieu in English] Reykjavik Tower,
BE Air 21. Requesting vector for landing.
The radio isn't working.
No sign of those fighters, either.
[in French] Set the auto-brake.
Flaps to one.
[Sylvie sighs]
Flaps to one.
-Flaps to two.
-Flaps to two.
Gear down.
-[Sylvie] Landing gear down.
-[Mathieu] Armed.
[in English] Reykjavik Tower. Anyone?
[in French] If we don't get anyone
by final approach, we'll do a flyby first.
-[nurse] Breathe. Where does it hurt?
-[breathing shakily]
-[flight attendant] Can put him in a seat?
-No, I don't think so.
Do we know what it is yet?
No. I think it's his stomach,
but I'm not sure.
Don't worry. We'll be on the ground soon.
Can you see if someone speaks Arabic?
I think that's what he's speaking.
[flight attendant]
Does anyone speak Arabic?
Does anyone speak Arabic?
I do.
[flight attendant]
Could you come here, sir?
We need a translation.
-It's Iceland. It's Iceland!
[Mathieu] I'll signal an emergency
by tipping our wings as we pass the tower.
[in English] Reykjavik Tower,
BE Air 21.
Flyby to signal mayday. We have--
What was that?
Those people, they wanted to get out?
[Mathieu in French]
This isn't gonna work. Runway's blocked.
We can't land. We'll have to turn back.
Did you see that?
[nurse] What on earth
You think that
the major was telling the truth?
We've got roughly
595 miles of fuel reserves.
Try to find a flight plan
towards the nearest alternative.
A minimum of 1,500 meters of runway.
[mechanic] What are you doing?
You tricked me, you fucking dirty Arab!
Dirty Turk, actually.
What's going on
down there, Major?
What exactly did you see?
Burning planes, desperate people.
[mechanic] Like the end of the world.
I won't say anything without my gun.
-[Mathieu] What?
-[mechanic] How
-[Ines] It's impossible.
-[man 4] Fuck.
Give it to him.
[man 4] Wait. Let's talk about this first.
[mother] But wait
Isn't it obvious? Those people realized
what I've been saying this whole time.
If you wait for the sun to rise, you die.
-[flight attendant] The sun?
-[Ines] It happened in New York.
-[flight attendant] What's he saying?
-We're gonna die.
We just have to--
We must keep heading west.
We can't. After Iceland, it's Greenland.
We'll run dry before we're halfway there.
We're running out of fuel?
I didn't say that.
[Sylvie] I did.
There's nothing else west.
The closest airport is east,
Kinloss in northern Scotland.
RAF Kinloss? I've been there. The EU flies
weather missions out of there.
Well, we won't make that, either.
[mechanic] We're short for that one, too?
Fifty miles.
So, are people back in Brussels in danger?
-Hang on.
-[Ines] Are they dead?
One problem at a time.
Fifty miles.
We can fly lower, slow down a bit
-and we have a slight chance.
-[man 2] A slight chance?
We can't go east and slow down.
You think the sun is gonna wait for you?
-It'll be dark when we land.
-For how long?
[in Dutch] God protect us.
I promise you we're gonna find a solution.
But we need to get to a safer place.
So, for now
get back in your seats and stay calm.
Stay calm?
And you don't do anything stupid.
[flight attendant] Unbelievable.
[whispering in Russian]
[in Arabic] I seek forgiveness from Allah
for all of my sins and turn to Him
I'm pretty sure
that this will be my last video.
But I just wanted to say that
[phone beeps]
[beeping stops]
What if this airport's like Iceland's?
Then we'll deal with that problem.
[Sylvie] If Kinloss is closed,
we can't reach anywhere else.
I know!
Jakub, the second we land,
find the fuel farm.
We'll have less than an hour
till sunrise.
No, Mathieu. I say once we fuel up,
we fly straight back to Brussels.
-We'll see.
-[Jakub] No "we'll see."
-Don't you have a family, too?
-[Mathieu] Yes, but--
[Jakub] I don't know about you,
but if the world is ending
in a couple hours,
I'd like to try to save my wife.
Calm down, guys.
One problem at a time. Let's land first.
Could you please tell Gabrielle
to prepare the cabin?
-He's only human.
[beeping stops]
It's unprofessional.
If you get this, go to an airport.
Whatever it takes,
get on a plane headed west.
Do it. I will explain.
[in Polish] Come on, damn it.
[Gabrielle] Please sit down
and fasten your seatbelts.
Sir, we're about to land. Quickly, please.
Anything I can do?
If I knew what his problem was
I'm sure it's his stomach.
If I take him to the bathroom,
maybe I can make him vomit.
He refuses to be moved.
[man 5 whimpering]
-[mumbling indistinctly]
[nurse] What's he saying?
-[nurse] What's he saying?
-I'm not sure. He's mumbling.
I think he said he swallowed diamonds.
That's what he said.
-The engines are down.
Cut them both.
That lever.
-You want the engines off?
-Yes, now.
-Gonna have to glide it in.
I'll try a forward slip.
Forward slip? Isn't that
what tiny student planes do?
Tiny little planes.
A plane is a plane, big or small.
Prepare for an emergency landing. Now!
[Ines] I'm gonna die in Scotland
-with Belgians
-Could you please be quiet?
-[tires screeching]
[Mathieu] Do it! All the way! Legs stiff!
-I am all the way!
-Now the handbrake.
Pull. Release. Is it working?
Pull! Again.
-On the left.
-[Sylvie] We're gonna hit it.
-We're gonna hit it.
-[Mathieu] No!
I'm not going to hit it.
[brakes screeching]
[both breathing heavily]
You did it. [laughs]
Ladies and gentlemen, please stay
in your seats with your seatbelts fastened
until the seatbelt sign goes off.
Thank you for your understanding.
[Gabrielle] Everyone stay in your seats.
Thank you.
Everyone remain seated. Thanks.
You heard the captain!
-Remain in your seats.
It's not safe yet.
Everyone remain seated, please.
Listen to me.
[indistinct chatter]
-[Gabrielle] Where is everyone?
-Come on.
They're getting off.
It's normal to stretch out your legs.
Are you okay? Breathe, just breathe.
-Shit. Right.
-[mobile phones chiming]
[mobile phones chiming]
My God.
[man 4] The Italian was telling the truth.
They also think it's the sun.
[Ines] I'm dreaming
-[man 2 in Dutch] Oh, God!
Oh, fuck.
[in Dutch] Just get
to the airport quickly.
-[Mathieu] Anything about when it'll end?
-[man 4] I'm still searching.
[vehicle approaching]
-[man 4] Is that help or a new problem?
-[Sylvie] What if they're hostile?
What are we gonna do,
get these people back up these slides?
[soldier in English]
Where are you coming from?
[Mathieu in English] Brussels.
-What have you heard?
-Bits and pieces.
The whole fucking world's ending.
-[Mathieu] Is it just the three of you?
-[soldier] Yes.
Which we'll explain,
but we haven't got any time now.
We all have to get out of here. Now.
[Mathieu] And go where?
[in English] Into the night.
[suspenseful music playing]
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