Into the Night (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


[woman moaning]
[Jakub in Polish] Might be time
for some new shoes.
Something with more support.
Pacing all night with that baby
there's not enough support in the world.
I think she fills his bottles
with chocolate.
[woman moans]
They asked me to go to Moscow on Thursday.
The airframe crew there needs training--
Thursday? Tell me you are joking.
Thursday is peak ovulation.
Why did I put the app on your phone
if you're not using it?
Can I finish?
I did check the app,
which is why I told them I'll fly tonight.
I'll go straight from work
so I'll make your breakfast now.
It'll be in the fridge when you wake up.
I'm the luckiest, you know?
We're the luckiest
and that'll go for our baby, too.
Which is why he'll eat nothing
but chocolate.
[Jakub] Lena?
[Jakub] Lena?
Lena, hey, call me, yeah?
We just landed somewhere in Scotland.
So call me.
Either way,
just get yourself inside, okay?
Enough. Enough! Enough, he's gone.
[man] We can't lose you, too.
[breathing shakily]
I can't believe it. He was so--
[man] Ill?
I was going to say young.
Do you think he swallowed something?
No, he was delirious.
What should we do with him?
Do we bury him?
Or take him with us?
[man] It depends.
Are we staying or going?
What's the plan?
[in English] Our plan, our hope,
is to catch a ride with you.
[in English] I'm a mechanic.
Freddie is in avionics.
And John's not only a pilot
but a routing wizard.
[in English] You're welcome aboard.
But where should we fly?
We've got 45 minutes before daybreak,
so we need to go west.
Right. West.
[in French] West? We're going west?
We have to go back to Brussels,
save our families!
-[Terenzio in Italian] He is an idiot.
-[John] What's he saying?
[Sylvie in English]
He wants to return to Brussels.
It's almost dawn, mate.
[in French] He doesn't think there's time.
-Who cares what he thinks?
-[soldier in English] We have family, too.
-What's going on?
-[man 2] Wait.
You should update them.
[in French] Okay, well
The English soldiers
have confirmed what Terenzio told us.
According to what they heard,
people died even in bunkers.
-Wait, what?
-[Ines] What are you talking about?
-[Mathieu] That's all I know!
All I do know is that as your captain,
your safety is my responsibility.
I can't fly anywhere
but away from the sun.
We aren't even going to try
to save our loved ones?
No way. Didn't you see what it does?
Don't kid yourselves.
If we don't try, we're being selfish.
[Terenzio in French]
It's not selfish. It's smart.
Drop your gun.
I'll show you who's smart!
This isn't easy for anyone,
but we don't have time.
[in Russian] Come with me, baby.
[Mathieu] Okay.
[in English] We're okay.
What do you guys need from us?
[in English]
All the supplies we can get
and get the fuck out of here.
[in English] Where's all the food?
[soldier] The others who fled
must've cleared everything out.
Why didn't you leave with them?
We were sweeping town one last time
to make sure we didn't miss anyone.
When we were driving back--
when we heard
the planes departing overhead.
[Mathieu] They just left you?
[sighs] It was chaos.
There were hundreds of people.
[Terenzio] Mathieu wants something
to cut the floor to fix the radio.
[janitor] Here. A blowtorch?
[Ines] You do that bit. I'll do this one.
But it's already done.
You can do those bags.
Fuck that! You do it.
What? Because of him?
Just ignore him.
I don't understand. It's not like
we're going back to Brussels.
Can't we bury him here?
Yeah, but the Arabs need more time,
you know, to do their Islamic stuff.
-[in English] That's it?
-The lot.
Captain's gonna start loading up.
But there's a problem.
[in French] Just one?
[nurse] The Russian mother wants to stay.
So can you try to change her mind
or help us?
[in French] The sun's killing people?
Bullshit! They're lying to us.
-Who's lying?
-[mother] I don't know.
The government. Everyone.
Whoever made it up!
Why would they lie?
Anyway, flying puts pressure on his lungs.
Understand? I don't want to inflict that
on him anymore.
Okay, I understand.
But for now, we have no choice.
-What do you care?
-We care about you and your son.
-[nurse] It's true.
-You don't even know us.
[Sylvie] You're right.
I don't care about you. I don't.
That doesn't mean you can kill your son.
[Sylvie] If you stay here,
you're killing him.
I'll get a car
and take him to hospital, okay?
There is no hospital.
There's nothing but--
-Leave me alone!
-[nurse] Hold her.
-[mother] Dominik!
[Sylvie] Inject her! Now!
[in Russian] Baby! Come here!
[in French] Leave me alone!
-[mother breathing heavily]
-[nurse shushing]
[Sylvie] Turn, turn, turn.
[nurse] Clear a path.
-Let me help.
-No, it's fine. Let's put her here.
-[Dominik in French] Will she wake up?
-[Gabrielle] Yes, sweetie. Sit here.
Look, your mommy is right there
next to you. Okay?
You stay here until she wakes up.
[nurse] Fasten your seatbelt.
Taking care of these passengers
is our job, Jakub, okay?
There are no more jobs. Nothing's left.
Nothing makes sense anymore.
"Our job." Yeah, right!
[suspenseful music playing]
So, to keep the sun behind us,
we need to maintain a speed
of 1,035 miles per hour times cosine,
that is latitude,
-to stay in the dark.
[in French] If we were at the equator,
the sun would always catch up with us.
[in English] Um,
because the Earth is wider there?
-[Sylvie] Okay.
[in French] And I thought we were unlucky.
This is the range
that we'll need to fly in,
assuming we can keep
more or less the same cruise speed.
Take a look, Captain.
[in English] Do you think
the other planes have figured that out?
Hopefully, someone just solves this thing,
and we'll hear about it.
Assuming you can fix your radios,
of course.
[in English]
We're trying. The Internet, too.
Okay, please sit.
I'm going back to my seat.
-You're not a pilot?
-Not like you.
But she helped bring us in like a pro.
[in French] Any progress?
We'll find out soon.
Mathieu says the radio is underneath.
-Shouldn't Jakub be doing that?
-He refused.
This guy's also a mechanic, though.
[Sylvie] Okay.
You okay?
-You sure?
How is she?
Just waking up.
[in Russian] I lived in Moscow
when I was your age.
[Dominik in Russian]
You already told me.
[mother speaking Russian]
We should be there soon.
[mother in French] Where's Dominik?
-[nurse] It's okay. He's here.
-[Dominik in French] You were asleep.
-[in Russian] Are you okay?
-[Dominik in Russian] Yes.
[in French] He says we're going to Moscow.
Mr. Volkov's mind is not always all there.
[mother] Well, lucky him.
Able to get any signal?
We're heading to Canada.
No idea where, exactly.
The plan is to go as far as possible
with our fuel supply.
A few weeks ago, she told me she loved me.
[inhales deeply]
I replied with a cat emoji
with heart eyes.
Don't let your past define your present.
Did your priest tell you this?
[chuckles] No.
No, my therapist
when I told her
I was going to commit suicide.
When was that?
A few weeks ago,
my partner Henri and I booked this trip.
I mean, what this trip was supposed to be.
After he died, I figured I'd just
go on the trip alone and kill myself.
Yeah. What's the point, right?
That's exactly what I thought
when I got to the airport.
"What's the point?"
But now, I have to make sure
that this kid's not abandoned.
That gives me a reason to live for now.
I think you might feel the same
if you fixed the radio.
And it would mean a lot
for those who are still alive.
[Ines] Nothing but carbs here.
That's Mr. Volkov's favourite chocolate.
Did you go through our bags?
The captain told us to.
[nurse] We didn't give permission
to do that.
[Ines] He asked us to take inventory.
-[nurse] Still, you should ask--
-Go back to your seat!
Who are you to talk to me like that?
The man who saved your life, madam.
It's okay. Take them. There's plenty.
You should thank this young lady
for saving your life.
[Terenzio] Unbelievable.
-What's the damage?
-We're not sure.
[in English] This system's different
than what we use.
I can't decipher it. What do you think?
Belgian airline, French-speaking crew,
but he thinks we all speak English.
[in Polish] Jesus.
[in French] We could shoot
into it a million times,
-and this would still look better.
[in English] Not good.
We can connect
the network cable to see if it works.
I think the system's fried.
-[Sylvie] So, you know about computers?
I worked as a network technician
in college.
But this system, it could be the router,
the satellite. I don't know.
Even if you fix it,
the whole Internet will be down, won't it?
I read an article about that once.
Apparently, servers can self-sustain
for quite a while.
We'll see, won't we?
Yeah, we'll see.
-[Gabrielle in English] Here.
-You know, you remind me of someone.
-My future wife.
Perhaps you mean your mother.
You're sophisticated, classy.
I bet you know what you want.
I say we go to the loos
and forget about all this.
I mean, the world's ending anyway,
so why not fucking enjoy ourselves?
-You're funny.
-And you're pretty, so we're even.
Enjoy your drink.
-[man 2] Hey! It's working! It's working!
-No, it's not working at all.
[soldier] What's going on?
[in English]
I believe the Internet is working.
No new messages, not for an hour now.
Do you know
if the sun is up in Belgium already?
I think so.
[indistinct chatter]
"Dearest Mom, I can't sleep anymore.
Justine and I never said it enough,
but we were so lucky to have a mom
[breathes shakily] like you.
We will always be with you,
in your heart, forever. Valy."
So scientists say that there's a problem
with the sun's polarity.
[Sylvie] With what?
-[man 3] Something like that
-Can you read that again?
Yes, wait.
"Oxford solar physicists have theorized
that the event may be tied
to the recent solar polarity changes."
Polarity reversal. Interesting!
-Wait, is that your profession?
-No, I'm a climatologist for the EU,
but there's some overlap.
So you can explain to us
what the article is saying?
Um, every 11 years,
the sun's magnetic field reverses.
Nobody knows why,
but it's usually unimportant.
I'm not sure I'd call this "unimportant."
Wait. Again, it's not at all my field
of expertise, but
for the past few cycles,
the reversal was weaker.
Nobody could explain why.
Maybe it became much more powerful
in the other direction
Would that explain what's happening?
Maybe, yes. If so,
it could spark a serious gamma event.
Horst, I don't understand
what you're saying.
Like a billion neutron bombs
going off every second.
And when would that stop?
Your guess is as good as mine.
But wait. Those scientists
they'll be looking for answers.
When was that article posted?
an hour ago.
If sunlight does mean death,
and we think that is the case,
then I suspect that both the scientists
and the author of the article
died when dawn hit England.
So, they are Now they are Already?
[Horst] Probably dead.
Yeah, it seems
It's pretty obvious what's going on.
-[Sylvie] Hmm?
-God has always used fire to speak to us.
The burning bush.
The flame on the altar.
The pillar of fire in Exodus.
-Those are just fairy tales.
-[man 3] Fairy tales?
You just said that
the world's best scientists were unable
to explain why this was happening to us.
And now?
-But it's--
-[man 3] No! No "buts."
It's just your uncertainty
versus my certainty.
That has to count for something.
I need some water.
-[man 3] Horst!
-Leave him.
-Can we speak for a moment?
In private.
[Sylvie] Okay.
What's up?
The time that a Muslim prays each day
is determined by the sun.
Okay. That won't be easy in the dark.
Exactly. I checked what time sunrise was
from where we departed.
When I searched the name of the airbase,
this article appeared.
RAF promises to shed light on allegations
of murders and rapes in Kabul.
[man] They were stationed
in Afghanistan.
They broke into the home of a translator.
They killed him and raped his wife.
Then they burned the house down.
This sounds familiar. I was there.
This isn't the first time
they've done this.
War criminals.
-What do we do?
-I don't know, but--
You think we'll get reward points
for this flight?
-[all chuckle]
-[in English] Maybe.
We can't have these people
around families!
[in French]
What can we do? Throw them off?
I don't know,
but we have to find a solution.
That's a death sentence.
That's what they deserve.
-Rape and murder, Sylvie.
-I know.
What are you two whispering about?
[in Arabic] Thank you.
-Are you Moroccan?
-[in French ]Yes.
-Where from exactly?
[Freddie] Whose is this?
[in English]
Are you going through my bags?
John and your captain were clear.
Every bottle and bite was supposed
to be added to the pile.
That's not for drinking. It's business.
-Funny, looks like champagne.
-[in French] Stay back.
It's a prototype. I'm gonna be
launching a label. Don't do it!
[in English] Is this what we want to do?
Tear ourselves apart?
-[cork pops]
-[Ines] No!
[in Russian] Gunshot. Again.
Everybody gets a sip.
-[Ines in French] Look at him!
-[Gabrielle in French] Leave it.
-They're shooting. We must go!
-No, Mr. Volkov!
-[Ines screams]
-[Gabrielle] Mr. Volkov, no!
-[Freddie] Stay back!
-[Gabrielle in English] Please don't. No!
[gasps] Mr. Volkov! No, no, no!
Mr. Volkov!
Mr. Volkov, can you hear me?
Keep your eyes open.
Keep your eyes open, Mr. Volkov.
Can you hear me? Huh?
Take me home.
[nurse gasps]
Mr. Volkov?
-You killed him!
[in English]
She said you killed him, you fuck!
He was gonna kill all of us!
[in English] You know it's impossible
to open the doors mid-flight.
-You don't get trained for this?
-[Ines] Haven't you heard of air pressure?
-[man 3 in English] He was an old man!
-[Ines] What the fuck is wrong with you?
-What's going on, Freddie?
-[Freddie] A mistake!
-[Ines] A mistake?
-[Freddie] An accident.
[Ines] You don't just kill people
like that!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
[in English] Hey, calm down!
Calm down. Relax.
Just wanna take him out, okay?
See that child?
He's terrified.
Let me just get him out, okay?
[in French] Some help, please.
[Mathieu] What's going on?
Volkov was trying to open the door,
and he tried to stop him.
-He could've killed---
[in English] Enough! Put the gun away.
Give it to me. Come on, Freddie.
You're not gonna hurt these people.
That's not you.
Listen to me. It's okay.
[nurse] He was just confused.
[in French] What's done is done.
We can't change that. Okay?
[Mathieu clears throat]
Listen, we have a few hours left
before we land.
I suggest everyone tries
to get some sleep.
[Ines] But where are we going?
[Mathieu] To Edson, Alberta.
It's in Canada.
It's just a small town,
but we can fill up on food and supplies.
[Jakub] And find a new radio.
This one's dead.
And find a radio, too, apparently.
No Belgian websites have updated
in the last two hours.
[Horst] Same thing everywhere.
We've been traveling a long time.
Please try to rest.
I'll let you know
when we're getting close.
[nurse crying]
[John] He's a good man, Captain.
I can assure you that Freddie feels worse
than anyone else aboard.
[in English] I understand. He was trying
to protect the passengers. I get that.
[door opens]
[in English] Hi.
Laura is a bit shook up,
so she asked me to change your bandage.
I can do it myself.
Don't be foolish.
[in French] Give me your hand.
I have to tell you something,
but you can't react in any way, okay?
These men
were not left behind by accident.
They were at that airbase
for a court martial, for murder.
You know what they say
when they speak a foreign language
around you,
they're often talking about you.
[Sylvie chuckles]
[in English] Sorry, it's because
I don't know the medical term in English.
[John] Oh, don't mind me, love.
I'm just kidding.
[in French] This man's a pilot.
The others are clerks.
We have to get them off this plane.
-When did this happen? Where?
[John] Afghanistan?
[in English] Yes, I served there.
I saw a lot of injuries.
When were you there?
Uh, '16, '17.
[John] That's when my second tour was.
Oh, yes?
And what do we do?
[in French] I've got a plan,
but I'm going to need your help.
[in English] Good?
[in English] Hope so.
[in French]
Everyone fasten your seatbelts.
We're about to land.
Everyone fasten your seatbelts.
Ines, we're about to land. Please.
It looks so peaceful from here.
There is nothing peaceful out there.
Know what I can't get out of my mind?
For the first people
who saw the sun come up,
it happened so fast.
They didn't know what hit them.
But those folks back home
those who knew it was coming?
I can't even imagine
[inhales sharply]
[man 3 in Dutch]
They just fell where they were.
[Mathieu] Listen up,
we have two hours until sunrise.
We can't waste a second.
Let's assume
the vehicles are still working
and split into groups
to go find… supplies.
[in English] I was thinking
Uh, I was thinking that you all could
grab us a radio, you know: UHF, VHF.
Even a marine radio could help.
Why us?
[in English]
The road signs will be in English.
Sounds good. Uh, he should come with us.
[in French] They want you to go with them.
Jakub doesn't speak English.
But he knows what we need.
Okay, I'll go.
And her, too.
You speak French and English,
so you can translate.
-I don't see why--
-I can translate better.
We'd feel best with the stewardess.
Sounds good?
[in English] Okay.
Be safe
all of you.
You're driving on the wrong side
of the road, you pillock.
I don't think it matters too much.
[in French] My God.
Look away, love.
[Mathieu in French] Attention, please.
We will explain more later, but
these soldiers are not
who they said they were.
They are murderers and rapists.
-[Ines] What's going on?
-[Horse] Sorry?
-Can you explain?
-[man] They're on trial.
Well, they were on trial.
You? The guy who stole my gun?
That's your source?
It's true.
[Mathieu] I said
there was no time to explain.
Jakub's going to try to lose them,
but we have to be ready to leave
as soon as he and Gabrielle get back.
So, fuel, food. Divide and conquer.
We have to bury Nabil.
Okay, but do it quickly.
Jakub plans to buy us 30 minutes,
maybe less.
Let's go.
[Ines] It's nothing but sugar.
Do we have time to find a grocery shop?
[Sylvie] Twelve minutes left.
We can't risk it.
Okay. Grab those bananas, too.
It may be the last time we see any.
[man in Turkish]
I helped prepare my father's body.
I was 21.
He had been shot in the back.
He never shed a tear.
You were tough, too.
My God!
His mouth
It's like he's been microwaved!
In a certain way,
that's exactly what happened.
-Can you find another blanket?
-Of course.
A nail salon, a bank, and a pizzeria.
Not sure how many radios
they're gonna have around here.
[in English]
Well, this is the address Jakub gave me.
So, ask the Pole what's wrong.
[in French] Where's the electronics shop?
It's 5100 Linden Street.
That's not the address you gave me.
5100 Linden,
that's the address I found online.
What did he say?
[in English]
Uh, I got the address wrong. Sorry.
-Ain't your fault, love.
-Then whose was it?
[engine starts]
Damn it!
Are you sure about this?
That these Brits are criminals?
Ayaz found a story online.
They were at that airbase
to be transported to trial.
Kicking somebody off? It's dangerous.
Who's to say that tomorrow,
it won't be one of us?
-Are you picking a fight?
-I'm just saying--
And I'm telling you to go find
the guys taking care of the burial.
We have to go.
[tires screeching]
[John] This is more like it.
[Freddie] Nice gear.
[soldier] Wanna go fishing, you idiot?
-[Freddie] Maybe one day.
-[soldier chuckles]
Gotta love America.
[soldier] This is fucking Canada,
you turnip.
[in French] It looks like
they're out of radios.
Ask them to check the storeroom.
[in English] Jakub thinks
they might have it in the back.
-[John] Okay. All right.
-[soldier] Let's try it.
[in French] Wait. What are you doing?
-We have to go.
-No. What's going on?
-No time to explain.
-Jakub, stop!
You're scaring me.
They're murderers. Trust me!
Come on, Gabrielle!
[soldier] Come on.
-Come on! Come on! Come on!
[tires screeching]
[Gabrielle] Stop! Stop!
No! No!
Mr. Volkov said something in Russian
before he died.
What was it?
"Take me home."
[inhales shakily]
[Ines] Someone's coming!
If it's not Jakub and Gabrielle,
close the door.
Are they coming?
[Sylvie] Someone's coming.
[breathing heavily]
[tires screech]
[Jakub] They're behind me!
[man] Where's Gabrielle?
She didn't make it.
-[Mathieu] You get the radio?
-[Jakub] Yes.
But Gabrielle is still there.
She didn't make it.
And it's my fault.
[all shouting indistinctly]
They're shooting at us.
They're shooting at us.
-We can't leave without Gabby!
-No. We have no choice.
"Protect the passengers,"
you said so yourself.
[bullets striking plane]
-[soldier] Bastards!
[in English] Stop.
[Mathieu in English] Rotate.
[in French] Stop.
[in English] Stop!
[suspenseful music playing]
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