Into the Night (2020) s01e03 Episode Script


[man and woman moaning]
[door closes]
What was that?
[woman] Sweetheart?
[footsteps approaching]
[woman] Darling?
Oh, you were taking a nap.
I'm sorry. I woke you up.
Uh, no problem.
I think I forgot the eggs.
I'll be back in half an hour.
It would be nice
if you if you took a shower,
and if you could set the table.
[exhales shakily]
It's damaged, that's for sure.
But I think it will hold, don't you?
Without examining it from outside,
it's impossible to say.
Fancy going out to check?
Lead the way.
[Mathieu] Jakub
she didn't follow you.
It's not your fault.
You know,
sailors used to carry citrus fruits
on long journeys to fight scurvy.
-What's scurvy?
-[Ayaz] Scurvy
Well, it's
[chuckles] No idea.
Maybe Laura or Horst would know.
[Dominik] Thanks.
-It tastes like chalk.
Ugh! I'll get you something else.
We don't see lights anymore.
We must be over the Pacific.
-What's that?
-The Pacific? It's an ocean.
Did they put that old man's dead body
down with the suitcases?
Don't you worry about that.
[in Russian] Come.
Everything is fine.
-Is everything okay?
-[Dominik in Russian] Yes.
[Zara] Go back to your seat.
[in French] Stay away from my kid
and stay away from me.
-Excuse me?
-Your goddamn Prince Charming act
I'm not falling for it, okay?
I'm sorry
that you see things that way.
[Zara whispering in Russian]
-You can sit. It's fine.
-Sit there?
You're.. you're nuts!
-It's just to keep an eye on it.
-What if I get sucked out?
There's a convex glass window in front
of the plastic layer. You're safe.
We should start making decisions
as a group.
-You're making all the decisions:
the window, where we land, the soldiers--
Did you want those murderers on board?
I didn't say that.
The people on this plane
are my responsibility.
[Terenzio] Yeah? "The people"?
The woman he left behind
was your responsibility, too.
-You're a dead man.
-Hang on.
I won't hear that again.
It wasn't Jakub's fault.
Not only his. It was the fault
of all of you. You, you, and him there.
You think it's your job to decide for us
as if we were children.
Your safety is my job.
You're the captain of a company
that no longer exists.
There is no more work. Only us.
We all work together.
All he's asking for, Captain,
is a little more participation.
Right, because without cooperation
I don't want to go there.
I think we're all getting tired
of you waving your gun about.
-Oh, yeah?
-Yeah. Shoot me. See where it gets you.
-Think I won't?
-[Horst] Hey, a plane!
Guys, there's another plane! On the radio.
[Zara in French]
There are people other than us?
[Mathieu in English] Come again, Hawaii?
[man over radio in English] Affirm.
It's called Mars Sphere.
Of course. It's an underwater facility
replicating the pressure
of a space mission.
Mars Sphere?
[man on radio]
Yeah, we looked it up online.
It's some sort of underwater
training facility for astronauts.
The water must block the radiation
or whatever's causing all of this.
Copy. And you heard about this
when refuelling in Vancouver?
[man on radio] Sort of.
The coordinates were spray-painted
on the side of the terminal.
They must've been trying to leave word
for anyone landing.
The radio's range isn't much.
We must not be that far behind you.
[man on radio]
You gonna follow us to HNL?
[Mathieu over PA in French] The pilot said
the facility can hold 100 people.
It has oxygen and food.
As soon as I hear more, I'll let you know.
Unbelievable, he's taking over again.
Shut up! The captain is talking.
-I've had enough of your crap.
-I haven't even started!
Mathieu, the Brits may have been bad,
but they were right
about staying in our latitude band.
Isn't Hawaii too far
from our current position?
What exactly are you asking?
If Hawaii doesn't work out,
won't we be too close to the equator
to outrun the sun?
-Only if we have to fly again.
So, aren't we putting too much faith
in a rumor?
How long do you think we can keep this up?
How long
until one little thing goes wrong?
We lose an engine, we're dead.
Run out of fuel, we're dead. Shit!
We lose a wheel--
Okay! Okay!
-I just wanted to talk it over.
-Well, we talked.
I'm sorry.
[breathes heavily]
My hand, my head
I'm not myself.
Wasn't Laura supposed to give you
an injection for the pain?
-Or give you some pills?
-I told her to save it for the passengers.
You should take the meds. We need you.
You should rest.
[chuckles wryly] Rest?
[indistinct shouting]
How do you expect me to rest
with all that noise?
More mayhem. What is it now?
What's going on now?
I'll go see. I'll go see!
You stay here and rest.
[Terenzio] We need order.
A semblance of order.
-[Ayaz] No need for threats.
-[Sylvie] What's up?
They say we can't eat
if we don't do what they say.
-They have all the food.
-We just want to set some rules.
if this Hawaii thing doesn't work out,
we decide our next destination together.
-Secundo, we divide everything equally.
Food, drinks, even blankets.
And tercio,
no one gets kicked off the plane
unless we all vote on it.
Did you do something?
Afraid we'll throw you off the plane?
-Fuck off.
-[Sylvie] No! Hey! Hey now!
[Mathieu over PA]
Sylvie to the cockpit immediately!
[alarm beeping]
-What's up?
-Fires in the APU. Chapter six.
You read. I'll start the sequence.
It may be the exhaust pipes.
-Chapter six. Look for chapter six.
-[Sylvie] Chapter six, okay.
So, switch flight control to off.
Next, turn off the three-phase source
of the TR3.
[beeping stops]
-You touch something?
Me neither.
-Maybe a faulty sensor?
-[alarm beeping]
It's not the air conditioner overheating?
[beeping stops]
Two false alarms with problems
that have nothing to do with each other.
The chance that happens
is one in a million.
Overheating, not once but twice in a row.
And no fire.
The two systems are connected
by the landing gear.
If someone's touching it
-Touching it?
-What if someone was inside there?
Okay, but who?
One of the soldiers.
He must have climbed into the plane
as we were taking off!
No, that's impossible.
[suspenseful music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Are you sure it's her?
[Ines] Yes.
What's going on?
Gabrielle found Ines on Instagram.
-What'd she say?
-That she doesn't blame us.
[scoffs] Why would she blame us?
We didn't even know.
See? This woman's blood is on your hands.
We can't solve the problems of the past.
But there's one still facing us.
What's going on?
One of the soldiers climbed
onto the landing gear during takeoff.
He's trying to get into the cargo hold.
-Can he do that?
-[Mathieu] No, there's no access.
-For now.
-How do you know there's only one?
-I don't.
But it's a tight squeeze for one man.
If he messes with the hydraulics,
the wheels won't lower to land.
-We have to stop him.
-That's we'll try to do, exactly.
[Ines] But are we still going to Hawaii?
Yes. We're going to fly
as high as possible.
The temperature
and lack of oxygen will knock him out,
and then we can continue
on our course towards the south.
Won't we pass out?
-[Mathieu] No.
The cabin is pressurized. The wheel isn't.
Was it so hard to explain?
[in Italian] You condescending arsehole!
[in Italian] Oh, you speak Italian?
My dad's a real Italian, unlike you.
A real Italian corpse now.
Fuck off, you bastard!
[Mathieu] Go to your seat
and fasten your seatbelt.
We're solving this problem
and staying on course.
[in French] That's what I'm talking about.
We should decide that together!
You want the soldier to destroy the plane?
I'm saying there are other capable people,
and he should start to realize that.
[over PA] Anyone think we should
let the soldier destroy our plane?
No? Perfect!
Now, sit down and fasten your seatbelt.
[door slams]
Three, four thousand.
He must be stuck
against the air conditioning pipes.
-That's why they're overheating.
If he succeeds
in breaking the hydraulic tank,
well, I can see
at least two important systems we'll lose.
-[Sylvie] 3-5. What's our surface ceiling?
-[Mathieu] It's listed as 3-9-1.
Probably tested to 50,000 feet.
It's 40 below zero out there.
Who could survive that?
I read an article about a stowaway
who survived a nine-hour flight to Boston.
He passed out due to low oxygen,
but the cold slowed his body,
like in surgery.
When the landing gear dropped,
he fell into the bay and swam to shore.
So, the same could happen
when we land in Hawaii?
Except if
Except if you lower the landing gear
during flight,
he freezes and falls into the ocean.
You're a fast learner.
[chuckles wryly]
Just a bunch of white men whining
that they can't control things for once.
Change and stress can make people
feel powerless.
-Are you a Buddhist?
I see it a lot in my work.
-Which is what?
-Lots of things.
[chuckles] That's a little suspicious.
[Ayaz] I just don't want to bore you.
-I'm in real estate.
-[Laura] Mmm-hmm.
I run a few restaurants
and do transportation.
That really is lots of things.
[chuckles softly]
[in French]
[in French]
It was the same at NATO, exactly the same.
The Turks acted like they owned the place,
instead of being grateful
they were invited.
-[man] I won't argue with that.
[Ines sighs]
-Sorry, signorina.
-I need some water.
Oh, yeah? Just get the captain to agree
that this is a democracy.
[in Italian] Sure, soldier boy.
[in French] Are you for real?
Who do you think you are?
We'll bring some water--
Shut the hell up, you backwoods freak.
What are you two up to?
You talk about democracy
-Oh, my God.
-[Ines] We're sick of you!
-The window
-[Zara] What?
-The window!
-[glass breaks]
-[air rushing]
[Mathieu over PA] Put your masks on
and remain seated.
[Sylvie] Thank you!
[Mathieu] Stabilization at 1-0-0.
[Sylvie] Target set at 10,000.
[Mathieu] Expedited.
Grab me if I come flying back.
-[Mathieu] When we get below FL 3-1-0
-[Sylvie] Okay.
-[Mathieu] deploy the air brakes.
[alarm beeping]
[Sylvie] You think it's the soldier?
[Mathieu] I don't think so.
[Horst] Jakub!
[Zara in Russian] Breathe. Damn!
Where is your tube? Everything is fine.
Breathe, baby. Breathe.
[Laura panting]
-[Mathieu] Is she breathing?
-Yes, but she's still swelling.
Hey, wake up. Wake up.
[Ayaz] What's the matter?
[in French]
His respiratory tube flew away.
He can't catch his breath.
We don't have another.
Aren't we flying lower?
Yes, but we aren't pressurized.
It's like being on top of a mountain.
[in Russian] Nose in, in, in. Once again.
[Dominik breathing heavily]
The window was fine?
Your friend was supposed
to keep an eye on it,
but you were both over here like idiots.
Thank God I moved,
or I'd be at the gates of heaven!
Yeah, doesn't change the fact
that you told us, all of us, it was safe.
I said that before the soldier.
Before we flew so high.
Give me the tape.
[Zara whispering indistinctly]
In these masks,
there's ten minutes of oxygen at most.
That's not what I have in mind.
-[in Russian] Calm down.
[Horst] How did you get a knife
past security?
[Ayaz] I got it from my bag in Scotland.
Cut some pieces.
Breathe. Good boy.
Don't make any sudden movements.
Come on. Come on.
This isn't Hawaii.
-Did we lose the soldier?
-[Mathieu] I hope so.
-But Hawaii's no longer an option.
-[Laura] What?
We'll never make it before sunrise
at this altitude.
If we fly faster?
We'll go to Hawaii
on our next trip around.
Our next trip around what, the planet?
[Ines] Where are we going?
[Mathieu] As soon as I know,
I'll tell you.
As soon as you know? Really?
Why can't we fly faster and higher?
How do you suggest we pressurize
a plane with a broken window?
We could seal it with the sarcasm
you and your boss keep spewing.
-No, no, no, Terenzio isn't my boss.
-[scoffs] Right.
[breathing heavily]
[speaks Russian]
[oxygen flowing]
Now breathe.
[in French] Is it working?
-[Zara sighs with relief] Yes!
[in Russian] Come on, honey.
[Sylvie over PA] Mathieu!
[alarm beeping]
Now what's going on?
[Mathieu] Hydraulic system.
Isn't that what Jakub was worried about?
The guy's using the heat to stay alive,
isn't he?
This should be around 300 bars,
but it's double that.
The landing gear will think it's empty
and won't deploy.
What if we deploy it now?
Because of the window,
we're flying too low and too slow.
The plane can't handle
any additional traction.
So, what do we do?
Someone will have to cut
into the wheel well
and get him out.
No, the blowtorch stays with us
until things change.
So to get a little power,
you'll put all of the passengers at risk?
[Terenzio] If it's just "a little power,"
you'll have no problem agreeing.
You're a stubborn son of a bitch.
Thanks, sweetie.
There's no time to argue.
-[Terenzio] No one cares what you think!
-Fine, all right.
Okay. From now on,
all decisions will be put to a vote.
Ask them if we should find this guy
and get rid of him.
Who thinks we should get the soldier
out of the wheel well
and save our skins at the same time?
There. See? It wasn't so hard.
Yeah. So, the torch and your gun.
Nobody touches my gun.
It's just to be sure.
I give you my word.
I promise we'll give it back to you.
[Terenzio] Yeah, your word.
Okay, who's going down there?
I am. I'll use the blowtorch,
and Ayaz will help me.
Ah, a Pole and a Turk. [chuckles]
Not a military victory between them.
Yeah, all hail the mighty Italian empire.
If you want my gun,
I'm coming, too. Full stop.
Okay, take it.
-[Jakub] Thanks.
-You need backup?
There's no room.
Stay. Keep watch up here. Hmm?
Be careful.
[Osman] Don't look now,
but did you see that knife Ayaz has?
[Horst] He said he got it from his bag.
[Osman] I need to talk to Mathieu.
-[Horst] He's still here.
-[Osman] Later.
-The Italian is a problem.
You're just saying that
because he shot you.
We may need to think
about how to get rid of him.
Where are we going?
What about Attu Island in the Aleutians?
Alaska. It's about 1,600 miles.
Any nearby airports
in case of an Iceland situation?
I can find one,
but Attu was closed in 2010.
It's only used for emergencies.
You're gonna take my job.
Let's enter the coordinates.
Don't we have to vote?
I heard the deal you made.
Attu's closest, a good spot,
and we need to fix that window.
There's nothing to discuss.
[suspenseful music playing]
-[Laura] Here you go.
-Thank you.
How are you feeling?
I mean, besides the world ending.
-Heard from Gabrielle?
Nothing for a few hours.
-The message she sent--
-Isn't our problem.
Did you write back?
-I didn't know what to say.
-Who would?
I ghosted a dead woman.
It's pathetic.
Don't say that.
Look at how you handled the Italian.
You're strong.
I keep telling myself that I'm at a party,
and I'm having a bad trip,
and I'm going to wake up soon.
Maybe. But if so,
you really took the wrong thing.
[Terenzio] Why didn't we burn
a hole in the cabin?
Because there's a mile of cable there
allowing Mathieu to fly the plane.
Thank you.
You want some?
Is it cystic fibrosis?
At first, they thought lupus.
Then they blamed my smoking.
So, I quit smoking at home.
It didn't help.
-Go ahead.
-No, no. I insist.
Go ahead.
[Zara in Russian] The chest?
Did they do genetic testing?
[in French]
You mean, am I the gene carrier?
No, no, no, no, no.
[Zara] His father.
The only thing he's ever given Dominik.
They're trying a new gene therapy
in Moscow.
That's where we were going
when the world fell apart.
What treatment is he on at home?
-His medicines?
What isn't he taking?
Dornase alfa, hypertonic saline, mannitol,
steroids most of the time.
And we don't have much left.
[in Russian] Breathe. Breathe. Good boy.
That's the edge.
[Terenzio] Start cutting.
-What is the plan?
-He's gonna cut just one part--
[Ayaz shushes]
[whispering] And you,
you're gonna try not to get shot.
-Not good?
-Tastes like paper.
-[knock on door]
How's your hand?
It hurts so much I can't even feel it.
You should clean it with some peroxide.
I can help.
And it would help that little boy,
Dominik, if we flew lower.
[in English] Lower is slower.
[in French] We have to save our fuel.
Yeah, but Attu Island is really close.
We can handle coming down 1,000 feet.
What if there's no fuel there? What then?
He's just a kid.
Who's lucky to have you supporting him,
but I'm responsible for everyone.
Sylvie, can I talk to Mathieu
for a moment?
[Sylvie] I'll get some water.
Imagine if this was your kid.
I don't have kids.
My wife was older. We waited too long.
The other stewardess was pregnant.
The one we left when all this started.
The one you were sleeping with.
Gabrielle sent Ines a message
specifically about you.
What did it say?
That you aren't an honorable man.
But I know that you are, Mathieu.
I can tell.
A man isn't defined by his mistakes.
Tell his mother
I'm going to reduce our altitude.
But we can't go too low.
[door closes]
I wonder how long this will take.
Terenzio will take care of it.
You believe in him, huh?
You don't become a major
by making mistakes.
He's brave, honorable.
-Were you ever in the army?
-No, I wasn't.
Unfortunately, I'm anaemic.
Cut me, and I bleed like a pig.
If Terenzio was so honorable,
why didn't he tell more people
about the sun?
He probably didn't have time.
Go on.
[gun cocks]
One, two, three!
[Ayaz] Do you see anything?
[Terenzio] Nothing. Pitch black.
Shine the light over here.
[Terenzio shouting]
Shoot! Shoot!
He's biting my fingers!
[gun firing]
What do we tell the others?
-That Ayaz got him.
We all got him.
Tell them it's not true.
I did what I had to.
No, not that.
I'm talking about the diamonds.
[Ayaz] The diamonds?
Someone just told me that, back in Canada,
you cut open that young Arab's stomach
-to retrieve some diamonds.
-Who said that?
-[Mathieu] It's not important who--
-[Osman] I did.
I saw the blood on the blanket
as you sent me away.
Defend yourself.
Down there, I saved your lives.
And up here,
I become the dirty Turk
who has to defend himself?
That's not what I said.
[Jakub] You didn't have to say it.
We're going to take care of this,
once and for all.
-You're just racist.
-You're on his side?
-Obviously. He's--
-[Ayaz] Stop!
I appreciate it, but
In 1922, Sultan Mehmed VI fled Istanbul,
bringing an end to the Ottoman Empire.
Before he left,
he took these stones with him.
not diamonds.
My God.
The stones were stolen
when the Sultan was in Italy.
They only reappeared last year,
in an Antwerp museum.
You cut that boy's stomach open?
Once he was dead, of course.
How do you know all this?
I paid him to smuggle the stones
in his stomach.
He knew he'd be meeting someone
in Moscow. He didn't know it was me.
-So, you killed him?
-[Ayaz] No.
He killed himself.
He didn't follow
the packing instructions correctly.
"The packing instructions"?
[Laura] Why?
Why would you do that?
I told you I worked in transportation.
No, why did you confess?
Why admit to all this?
Because it's the truth.
I always tell the truth.
The truth is it was a crime.
[Jakub] Okay. Everyone's exhausted.
-Let's just take a minute to breathe.
-No way! Forget that.
We threw the Englishmen out
for their past crimes,
but this criminal here
gutted another passenger.
-So, I say we take a vote.
-[Jakub] On what?
On detaining this terrorist
until we can determine
the appropriate punishment.
I have handcuffs.
They're for work.
I'm a professional security agent.
Democracy, right?
Yes, democracy.
There you have it.
Show of hands, everybody.
Comfortable? [chuckles]
You're going to regret this, old pal.
[suspenseful music playing]
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