Into the Night (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


[electronic music playing]
[rain pouring]
Is Alina still here?
[in English] Costine took her
to the hospital.
He bit her nose off!
[man in English] Come on.
Let me go! Let me go!
[in Turkish] Let him go
and get him a towel.
[panting] You the police?
-[in English] I own the building, baba.
-I know my rights.
[Ayaz] Your rights?
The right to call my lawyer,
the right to call the British Embassy,
and the right to sue the fucking shit
out of you.
Why would you do that?
Because I caught her
going through my wallet.
It's a lie! You lie!
Oh, how would you know?
A camera!
You have cameras in here?
Now, I am definitely suing you.
-Get out of my--
-[Ayaz] Wait a second.
[in Turkish] Wait outside. Close the door.
[in English] You don't want to sue.
You wanna go home.
You're gonna sleep it off, yeah?
[man] I should call the police.
It's 2:25, baba. If you call now,
the district officer on duty
will be Axel, Manu, or Joran.
Actually, I believe Manu is on holiday.
[man] I do not give a fucking shit.
I am out of here.
Grand. All I need before you depart
is your watch.
-It sounds like the woman you injured
isn't going to be able to work
for a while.
That will help with her expenses.
Fuck you!
[man] Let me out of here!
[thudding on door]
[man] Let me out!
It could've been so easy.
[panting] What are you doing?
[man grunting and groaning]
[electronic music playing]
[man] He's a butcher, Sylvie.
[Laura] What Ayaz did to that boy
We want him off the plane!
He stays in Alaska!
What did Mathieu say?
He's fuelling up the tanks.
Who cares what he says? He's not the boss.
You could let me tell you
my version of the story.
Obviously, there's context!
For a murder?
[scoffs] There was no murder, Rik.
I can explain.
Explain this instead!
-What's gotten into you?
-What do you mean?
Since day one, you felt
something was off with that guy.
Now we know what, but you don't care.
Hey, asshole, the kid's sleeping here.
Don't call me an asshole.
There's a kid trying to sleep,
and you're shouting, asshole!
-Look, all I'm trying to do here--
-Hey, hey, hey! Calm down.
I'm trying to protect the passengers
in this plane. That's all.
So, what?
Is it your your Bible telling you to--
No, not my Bible, the Bible.
Doesn't the Bible say something about
not being a dick
unless you happen to be perfect?
I'm not casting the first stone.
I'm talking about justice.
I'm talking about respecting a moral code.
It's all we have left.
All fuelled up.
Will that window work?
Once I trimmed the glass,
it went in nicely.
It should hold, but it would be better
to get the right part.
We could also make a stop in Belgium.
Aren't we heading south? To Hawaii?
The sun will be up soon.
We have to head west.
[singing in English]
The west is the best ♪
[in French] The Doors.
Don't you know them?
What's that? Something from last century?
We have to leave Ayaz here.
I need a nap. Can you let me know
when he's done acting like Terenzio?
It's nothing to do with him.
But we have to do something, Mathieu.
You and Terenzio wanted us
to make decisions as a group.
Yes, and?
Well, argue your case,
and let the group decide.
Either way, we're taking off
in 20 minutes.
[Rik] So, you admit
that you not only desecrate bodies,
but you're also a pimp
and a drug trafficker.
I said I was a businessman
who invested in various projects.
You're a criminal.
[Ayaz] A survivor!
[Rik] Guys, why risk having someone
like that among us?
Why compromise on our core commandments
of good and evil?
I came to Belgium 25 years ago
with nothing.
I won't apologize for wanting to survive.
You can't do much else as an outsider.
[Laura] How dare you say that?
My mother, bless her soul,
also came to Belgium with nothing,
-and she died--
-With all due respect, Laura
I imagine she died with nothing.
-[Osman] Don't talk to her like that.
You're note a real man. Fake Muslim!
-We leave in five minutes, Terenzio.
-[Terenzio] Yes, yes.
You were talking to Jakub
about a stop in Belgium.
Our best shot at Hawaii
is first fixing the window properly.
-Our maintenance center is there.
-[Laura] I don't want to go back there.
-I don't want to see what it's become.
-[Terenzio] I get that,
but there's another reason
to go back to Brussels.
they weren't just talking about disaster.
They also mentioned a shelter.
-[Laura] What?
-[Mathieu] A shelter?
I didn't hear the details,
but there must be documents at NATO.
I've already seen
this man act under pressure.
-I've seen him excel in a crisis.
If we have to go on a mission like that,
I won't make it without him.
[Rik] But have you gone soft?
You've gone soft
because he saved your life!
Yes, that's right.
Why are you only telling us this now?
[Terenzio sighs]
I gave the army my all,
and to no longer be considered
essential, well,
I didn't want to accept it.
But I do think our best chance
of survival can be found at NATO.
It would be crazy to lose
our best man just before the mission.
You don't need Ayaz to go to NATO.
You've got me.
And Mathieu, Horst--
Rik, I've trained soldiers.
The only true fighter here,
besides me, is him.
Don't forget the soldier
who saved all our lives.
Yes, of course. Sorry.
Um… I'm guessing that she'll have
to stay with the plane to help you.
If we don't accept your decision,
if we don't want this man to help you,
you won't help us? Is that it?
I'll vouch for this man.
If he does anything else,
the slightest misstep,
you can throw me off, too.
Raise your hand
if you agree with the plan.
Okay, great.
All aboard, everyone.
Thank you.
[Terenzio] You saved my life.
Now, I've saved yours.
I'm not your friend.
We're even.
Stay out of my way until Brussels.
Sure thing, partner.
[suspenseful music playing]
Those any good?
Before this flight, I hadn't eaten
any cake or biscuits for five years.
Now, I don't give a damn.
Tell me… you… work on the internet, right?
[chuckles softly]
Yes, I'm what's known as "an influencer."
I should know what that means, but
It means people pay me
to promote their products and stuff
on social networks.
-No. [chuckles]
-I'm really out of the loop.
I guess I'm out of the loop too now.
-Want one?
-No, thanks.
I thought you could check for any updates.
See if anything's been posted
about NATO or Hawaii.
-Yes, you.
Why don't you ask Horst?
Isn't he a network technician or whatever?
He's doing something with Laura.
As in, "something"?
Damn, she doesn't waste any time.
-Horst needs a word.
-I said I wasn't sure.
Horst needs a word.
[Ayaz] Better, buddy?
-He's fine.
I'm going to get some water.
Would you like--
We're fine. Leave us alone.
[Mathieu over PA] It's a long flight
to Brussels, so I suggest everyone rest.
Osman and Jakub will be
distributing dinner shortly.
[Mathieu exhales heavily]
So what did Laura want you to tell us?
People are complaining about the taste
of the food we got in Canada.
I said the same.
-I was eating an apple. It tasted like--
-You could say that.
-[Horst] Like I was telling Laura
I think that's because it was nothing.
I mean, whatever's happening with the sun
is causing that, too.
Causing what, food to rot?
If an increase in ionizing radiation
is causing the problem
without us really knowing why,
it's killing people
by modifying their atomic structure.
It's causing
a breakdown of their molecules.
I'm completely lost.
DNA. It scrambles the DNA of the food.
Then why not just say that?
Uh I'm sorry.
Uh, fresh produce may no longer have
any nutritional value.
That can't be good.
Oh, yeah? You think?
For now, canned food is still good, but
I'm not sure about anything else we find.
Great. [breath trembling]
We're all going to die of starvation now!
Right. We have to inventory
the food we have left from Brussels.
Good idea.
But keep this conversation between us.
-We don't want any more fights.
-Yeah, of course.
I I'll join you.
I need a word with Mathieu.
[voice quivering] It never ends.
-Shit plane.
-[beeping stops]
We should switch in Brussels.
Mathieu, can we agree
that if we have to work together,
we need to trust each other?
For a while now, you've seemed
You've not been yourself.
Plenty of reasons for that:
frustration, fatigue.
But I can't help if you don't talk to me.
the stewardess
The one we left in Brussels?
We were close.
Chloé was pregnant.
You wanted honesty, didn't you?
[Rik] Osman?
I wanted to thank you for speaking up.
It's nice to know
we have a good Muslim aboard.
I'm sorry if my actions gave you
the wrong idea.
I hate what that man did,
but I don't like you either.
You're an ignorant pig.
[Ines chuckles]
You're my hero.
I don't like bullies.
-I can do that.
-No, don't worry.
I'm just trying to pitch in
now that Gabrielle's no longer with us.
She was nice.
Did you know her? From the airport?
Sadly, cabin crew don't hang out much
with cleaners.
What did you do before?
Before Belgium, I mean.
In Morocco?
My family had a restaurant.
-I was a tour guide.
-[Ines] Oh, yeah?
I love Moroccan food.
Me, too.
Think they're making us a tagine?
-[chuckles softly]
-We are going to starve?
We don't want the others to panic.
Besides, we didn't say
we were gong to starve.
What's going on?
Book club. Get out.
I need to use the toilet.
Use the one at the front.
Go on.
Out, out, out.
You're the only one he listens to.
I raised three brothers.
I know what works.
What is it?
Just the thought of going back.
I'm not sure I can.
Excuse me.
[Sylvie sighs]
Going back will affect
everyone differently.
[sighs] Yeah.
What food do you miss most from Brussels?
For me, it's mussels.
There'll be no more mussels.
-I know.
-Horst said nothing fresh!
-Even then, we aren't sure.
-I know that, Sylvie.
I was just chatting.
[Sylvie] Beneath my apartment,
there was a kosher Mongolian butcher.
There was a what?
Towards the end,
Henri was eating almost nothing.
He said nothing tasted right.
But that shop made this marinated beef.
Henri loved it right until the end.
Yeah. Mongolian beef,
that's what I miss most.
-[seatbelt indicator dings]
[Mathieu over PA] Attention, passengers,
we have a small problem,
but stay seated. I'll solve it. Thank you.
[thudding continues]
What's going on?
[alarm beeping]
-What was that?
-Altimeter. We're flying too high.
-[beeping stops]
-[Mathieu exhales heavily]
What is "too high"?
Above the birds
[chuckles] of course.
Who do we think we are?
You haven't had a rest in a while,
have you?
Want to take five?
No. No, no, I'm fine.
[Sylvie] Horst said
he needs to talk to you.
What for?
I don't know.
[sigh] It's probably about the food.
My stomach still hurts.
Go see him. I've got this.
Can't he come here?
I am the captain, aren't I?
-I'll be back in a sec, okay?
[exhales deeply]
Rik, Ayaz, come here.
-What's up?
-We have a problem.
-Everything still okay?
-It's so fucking hot.
[sighs] I'm so fed up.
I fucking swear to you.
-This piece of shit plane.
Still giving you grief, huh?
It's hot. Why is it so hot?
How you doing, Mathieu?
That's not Horst.
-What are you up to?
-Okay, now! Now!
Hey Ayaz! Stop!
Get your hands off me!
-[Sylvie] Don't hurt him!
-[Mathieu] Let me go!
I'm the captain! Get off me!
[Laura] Get off him!
-We're trying to help him.
-What's going on?
-Let me go.
-What's wrong with him?
[Rik] Wait.
-You need to rest.
-I know. Christ!
I was just a bit too hot.
I'm too hot.
-You okay, Mathieu?
I just need to splash some water
on my face.
On my face.
He needs to sleep.
He's only slept ten hours
-[static on radio]
-since we left Brussels.
Hang on.
There's something on the radio.
[distorted noise over radio]
-[Jakub] What is that, Morse code?
-[Terenzio] Of course not.
Even on cocaine,
you couldn't type that fast.
It sounds like packet data.
Like what?
When machines communicate with each other,
like two computers.
-A satellite?
[distorted voice over radio]
That's a person. What language is that?
It sounds like Russian?
What's he saying?
No idea. My dad prohibited
anything Soviet in my house.
Actually, Soviet or American.
-He hated everyone.
[distorted voice continues]
-That woman, the Russian
Yeah, go get her.
[Zara] The stones that man swallowed
how did you get them?
-[Ayaz] I stole them.
-For money?
Why do you care?
My son likes you.
He looks up to you.
So, before breaking the truth to him,
I'd like to know if I was wrong about you.
It wasn't about money.
I planned to send them
back to Turkey, anonymously.
My mother would've been proud
I think.
Too hard to believe?
I think I believe you.
-This time, anyway.
You'll do anything to survive.
That doesn't mean you're a bad person.
Is Dominik any better?
He's sleeping, which is good.
We're running out of his medicine.
I'm hoping we can get more in Brussels.
[Horst] Excuse me, Zara.
-Can you help us translate something?
-[Zara] Yes.
[distorted voice on radio]
It is Russian, right?
Yes, but the accent isn't Russian.
Ukrainian maybe.
[Horst] What's he saying?
Star Stara 17.
Stara 17? Never heard of it.
-Stara like "star" in English?
-[Zara] Shh.
dawn star."
-He's talking about the sun.
-Makes sense.
No, not the actual sun.
He's talking about a place in space.
Shit! He's in space.
Holy shit! The ISS,
the International Space Station.
The modules are named like that.
-An astronaut.
-A cosmonaut.
We must be above
the ISS to Russian Control relay.
No one was replying.
-He's gone?
-[Horst] We must've passed the relay.
Stuck up there? We thought we had it bad.
-How is he still alive?
-[Horst] That's a good question.
Maybe it'll help us solve this thing.
How fast does the ISS fly?
[Horst] I don't know. Fast.
Look, we have to tell Mathieu about this.
That Mars Sphere thing
was never completed.
What is it?
Ines was reading an article
about the Mars dome thing.
-Mars Sphere.
-It was never completed.
The other plane they're fucked,
and they don't even know.
[Jakub] Good thing we didn't go.
So Terenzio's NATO thing
is all we have left.
There was a cosmonaut on the radio.
-I don't know that joke.
-[Jakub] No, really.
We don't know what it means,
but thought we should tell Mathieu.
We have to record the coordinates.
Wait. Wasn't Mathieu with you?
Anyone seen Mathieu?
-He's not in the cockpit?
-Down the hole?
-No, we were there.
-What's going on?
-Seen Mathieu?
Has anyone?
Did he come out of the bathroom?
-It's locked!
[Laura] Fever, low blood pressure,
shallow breathing.
He needs oxygen.
[Ayaz] What can we do?
I'm not a doctor!
Yes, but among us,
you're the closest we have.
[sighs] I'm not sure,
but in training, we learned
how bed sores can get infected.
They can cause sepsis.
Blood poisoning from the infected wounds.
Mathieu. The gunshot. Hmm?
-[Jakub] It causes hallucinations?
-Maybe. I think so.
[Horst] "Symptoms include delirium,
elevated heart rate,
breathing difficulties and confusion."
[Jakub] It makes sense.
[Terenzio] What can we do?
[Laura] I can give him what's left
of the antibiotics,
but we have to amputate
the infected tissue.
Ayaz has a knife.
This is no time for jokes!
[Jakub] Can you do it here?
Here? Are you joking?
He needs a sterile operating theater,
surgical instruments,
IV fluids and probably a respirator.
-Okay, when we land--
-Who's going to do it?
I'm not a surgeon!
My hands are shaking at the thought.
-Well, I believe in you.
-Stop your smooth talk.
This is a real problem.
[Terenzio] We can't solve it now, anyway.
We'll figure it out in Brussels. Period.
How will we get there?
How will we land without a pilot?
She can land the plane.
She can, right?
No way!
I can engage or disengage autopilot,
adjust the flaps and rudder.
But there's a whole landing sequence
I'd never seen before all this.
Ah, so you have seen it?
I've seen a man hit a target
at 200 meters.
That doesn't make me a sniper!
What if you watched online videos?
[Sylvie] Online videos?
-Are you for real?
-[Jakub] It's not so crazy.
-[Jakub] You can do it.
I'll help you.
What choice do we have?
If the weather's good,
and the plane behaves,
there's a slight chance, very slight,
I'll get us to the ground.
Well, that's it. Good.
But there's no way I can take off.
It's ten times more complex.
Mathieu's the only one who can do it
before the sun rises.
Laura needs to know that.
She needs to know
that if I manage to land,
all our lives are in her hands.
[Horst] Okay.
I'll tell her.
So, guys, you heard Sylvie.
Everyone buckle up!
Things were tense, Rik.
I didn't finish what I was saying.
What, that I'm too weak to help you?
Rik, you're a paragon of morality.
That's paramount in a military maneuver.
You have to come with us to NATO, hmm?
You're just saying that
so I don't turn on you.
Not at all.
We'll need every bit of skill
and luck we have
to succeed on this mission.
Okay. You can count on me.
[Jakub] Set the speed to 209 knots.
[Sylvie] Okay, speed at 209.
[Jakub] Set the flap to one.
[Sylvie] Flaps to one.
I can't believe we're doing this.
Landing For Dummies, seriously?
If we survive, I'll leave a good review.
You see it?
-[Dominik] What are we looking for?
-Something big.
[Dominik] What's that?
The Atomium.
We're close.
Who gives a fuck?
He touched something.
Maybe just the throttle?
No, he's disengaging the AP.
[alarm beeping]
Shit! No, that's not it.
Okay. It's okay.
Now, set flaps to two.
-[Sylvie] Flaps at two.
-Speed to 180 knots.
You realize that's based
on a different airport
with different conditions
and winds, okay?
I didn't want to say, but yes.
It's an example of landing
in Buenos Aires.
Fuck. Jakub, this can't be happening!
-We're not going to make it!
-Hey! Calm down! You're handling it.
If this doesn't work I don't know.
We'll just go land in Buenos Aires, okay?
Okay, Buenos Aires, great idea.
There it is!
Shit, planes on the runway!
Open the throttle again.
[Sylvie] We'll do a quick flyby.
Engines seizing.
Okay, forget the flyby.
-[Jakub] What?
-We can't risk it.
What's next?
-[automated voice] 2,500.
-Gear down.
[Sylvie] What the hell is wrong
with this engine?
It's stopped.
-Flaps to three.
-Flaps to three.
[Sylvie] Shit!
You're losing it!
I'm not losing it!
[Jakub] Open the throttle!
I'll land on the tarmac. What's next?
-[Jakub] Flaps to full.
-[Sylvie] Okay, flaps to full!
What if there are obstacles on the tarmac?
We'll hit them.
[automated voice] One thousand.
[Horst] It's okay!
Let me help you! Come on!
You okay?
-[automated voice] Three hundred.
-It's like we're out of fuel.
[Sylvie] No, fuel's fine.
[automated voice] Minimum 200.
-It'll be too short. It's too short!
-No, I know. I know.
Tell everyone to brace themselves.
-I'm gonna cut engine two.
Brace yourselves!
-We are not crashing!
-[automated voice] 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10.
Retard. Retard.
[tires screeching]
[both panting]
[sobs] We did it.
You did it.
You landed the plane, Sylvie!
You did it.
[breathing heavily]
-[Ayaz] Great job!
-[all applauding and cheering]
-Nicely done, Sylvie!
-[Terenzio] Bravo, Jakub!
You deserve it.
[all applauding and cheering]
[Ayaz] Bravo, Sylvie! Bravo!
We have two and a half hours
before sunrise
and a million things to do first.
You are going to the hospital
and doing the operation.
-I'll need help.
-Of course.
Can we come?
I need to find more medicine for Dominik.
Okay. Osman, you know the airport.
-You and Ines can grab some food.
I'll stay here, try to figure out
why the engines were seizing up.
-Ayaz? Go to NATO with Terenzio?
Rik's coming, too.
I can try to help you with the engine,
even if I don't know much
I don't know what the problem is.
Maybe the fuel pump.
It was like the fuel wasn't running.
Oh, shit.
No, I don't know. Maybe it's nothing.
Oh, no. What now?
We don't have time. What is it?
Fuel is carbon-based, organic
like the food.
The fuel's gone bad, too?
That's not good.
[Horst] I'm not sure that's what it is,
but it would make sense.
How can we fly without fuel?
We have to take off, right?
[Laura] What are we going to do?
What are you going to do?
[suspenseful music playing]
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