Into the Night (2020) s01e05 Episode Script


-[cheering on TV]
-[door opening]
[people speaking in Dutch on TV]
[in Dutch] It's me.
-Mum, how many times
[Rik] Fifteen.
Nothing above level 15.
[Rik's mother in Dutch]
I can't hear it now.
Well, I promise the rest
of the building can.
Where's your hearing aid?
-Why aren't you wearing them?
-The batteries are dead.
I'll change them then.
You missed mass this morning.
I had an errand.
"An errand," and that's more important
than your salvation?
-God knows my heart, Mama.
-[Rik's mother scoffs]
You know what "God knows"?
That'd be funny
if it wasn't so blasphemous.
I'll be in my room if you need me.
There's chicken in the oven.
Sorry. I'm not hungry.
What's gotten into you lately?
Nothing, Mama. Don't worry.
I put your hearing aids
and pills by the sink.
Don't eat your hearing aid! [chuckles]
[people cheering on TV]
[Rik in English] Oh, no, Sveta,
totally not. Why are you saying this?
I wouldn't call this picture "plain."
I would just call it perfect.
[Sveta in English over computer]
Oh, my Rik, you are sweet.
And you always look so respectable.
[Sveta] Rik, were you able
to send money for my ticket?
I cannot wait to meet in person.
Okay, so I've been thinking, and
what if I came to you?
[Sveta] You? To Russia?
I can see your nail salon.
I can meet your parents.
[Sveta] Yeah, but--
It's the right thing to do, yes?
[Sveta] Yes, but I think you send money
for a ticket is better, no?
Hang on. Hang on.
I'll send you something now.
[Sveta] What is this?
My itinerary.
I went to a travel agent this morning,
and she even got me a good deal
on first class.
[Sveta] Oh
Three days from now, Sveta.
Three days from now,
and we can finally be together.
Can you hear me?
[in French] Can you hear me, Terenzio?
I've got my flashlight.
Why do you get to keep it?
There are probably other ones.
Look for them.
[Sylvie] You haven't left yet?
[Terenzio] Ayaz has gone to get a car.
We're grabbing what we can
in case we run into unexpected trouble.
What "something unexpected"? At NATO?
No idea. That's why it's "unexpected."
I wanted to let you know Hawaii is out.
-[Rik] Huh?
Ines did an Internet search.
The place was never finished.
So now it's our turn to try our luck?
Exactly. And we're short on time.
Guess you're the new
commander-in-chief now.
[Sylvie] You want to take over?
Well, I don't give a damn. Okay?
All I care about is
getting the others to safety.
Obviously. That's the plan.
I don't give a shit about your plan, okay?
I want results.
You know what? If you don't find anything,
don't even bother to come back.
You have two hours and seven minutes.
What got into her?
[Sylvie] Here, check this one.
I'll go get the rest.
[Jakub] Looks like maple syrup.
So, Horst was right.
But there is also good news.
The tanks are almost empty.
So, if we get enough good fuel in there,
it should dilute this junk. But
[Sylvie] But?
I think we have a bigger problem.
[Horst] Well? Was it the fuel?
We can get the bad fuel out.
but we're gonna have to find good fuel,
and it's gonna be tough.
But it comes from right here, doesn't it?
It's underneath. Won't that help?
The pipes are buried about a meter down.
The fuel's stored over there.
What if we used regular petrol?
This truck's running fine.
It's a much lower grade of fuel.
The plane couldn't handle it.
So, we're screwed?
Even if they find stuff at NATO,
we're screwed.
-No fuel, no pilot.
-You're the pilot.
-No, for the last time, I can't take off!
-[Jakub] Okay.
But Laura's going
to make Mathieu better, right?
Yeah, sure.
But we still need to find fuel
the sun hasn't ruined.
What's the plan for that?
Before here, I worked
at a fuel terminal in Antwerp.
The fuel came in on tankers.
It's held in temporary tanks,
beneath the river.
Water's a great barrier.
Okay, a round trip to Antwerp
it'd be tight,
but it may be our best option.
-Osman, can you drive?
Who's gonna help me carry all the food?
I'll go with Osman.
You help Ines and get some rest?
Can you help Osman
find a fuel truck first?
Sure. Let's go.
Nearly four hours to sunrise.
-We should go.
We need to be back in two hours.
We'll have to prepare the plane. Horst.
We can't wait for anyone.
Sylvie's not doing so well.
Well, who is?
Since Mathieu is sick, she's the one
who has to be the boss, right?
It's more than that.
Her boyfriend died recently.
Yeah, like lots of people.
No, I mean before.
-She was on our flight
to spread his ashes, and then
kill herself.
Why are you telling me this?
I want you to keep an eye on her, okay?
[Jakub] Was that the biggest
you could find?
All right. One problem at a time.
Wait. Horst was talking about canned food
-and stuff like that.
-We'll be okay, right?
-[Jakub] We're gonna try.
Super optimistic.
Let's go look for some stuff to eat.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Terenzio] I always wanted to do that.
Did you know this is
where Brussels' first airport was?
You're full of fun trivia.
My mom was always watching quiz shows.
I guess
I ended up memorizing it all too, huh?
And during the war,
there was a hangar for the Zeppelin,
and people used to come picnic here
to see them take off and land.
Well, if Jakub doesn't manage
to find fuel,
we'd be pretty happy
to have one of those airships ourselves.
-[Rik] Yeah.
-[Ayaz] Rik,
I didn't hear you say
why you were going to Moscow.
Maybe because I didn't say.
I was only asking.
Listen up, Ayaz,
we may have the same goal,
but we're not allies.
[Terenzio] Stop. I feel like I'm listening
to the ambassadors at NATO.
[Rik] Those two
probably didn't get the message.
This was their post. They guarded it.
[in Russian] See if you can
find us a wheelchair, bear.
Go ahead.
Don't run!
-He's a good kid.
-[in French] Yeah.
Do you have Sorry, never mind.
Do I have kids? I never married.
-No need to get married to have kids.
You never met my father.
How could you find time to date
when you're always looking after others?
[Dominik screams]
[Zara] Dominik!
[in Russian] Exhale.
And calm down. It's okay.
It'll be okay.
What is it?
-[Dominik breathing heavily]
-[Zara whispering]
What's on the other side?
[Zara] It's okay.
They must've thought
it would keep the sun out.
[breathing shakily]
[Horst] Well?
We'll try another hallway.
-[Jakub] Given the size of the tank
-[Osman] Yeah?
if we can fill it,
and the fuel is good,
we'll be able to fly
about 1,000 nautical miles.
-[Osman] That's not far.
It'd get us to England.
Maybe Ireland.
Won't the fuel be bad there, too?
Let's find some hoses.
We should've brought two trucks.
Hoses, Osman.
We'll be lucky if this even works.
Oh, it stinks.
I'll never get used to this.
-Then don't look.
-[Ines groans]
[in English] Fuck!
That sounds about right.
[Ines in French] I guess she preferred
to die on top.
[Sylvie] Cans.
Did you have someone you'd have wanted
to die like that with?
[Ines] Last month, I toured Spain.
I came offstage to see my boyfriend
kissing one of my fans.
That's rough.
Well, the upside is
now they're both burning in hell. [laughs]
-After this bag, I've gotta do something.
[Sylvie] Just an errand.
-But there's no time to--
-I'll be back in time.
I'll come with you.
I'll go alone.
[Laura sighs]
My God!
He looks like Mr. Volkov.
Heart surgery?
I think so.
They still had hope.
Help me move him.
-On the floor.
-No! On that table over there.
Is that necessary? Important?
That table there?
For him, it would have been important.
[Dominik] Mum, I don't need so many.
[Zara] You don't. Some of it's for others.
Just in case.
[Dominik] What is it that Mr. Ayaz did?
Everyone was mad at him. For what?
He took something that wasn't his.
-And is he sorry for it?
-I think so.
Now he'll help save us.
I'm thirsty.
See if you can find some water,
but don't go far.
If you see anything,
just turn away, okay, baby?
I don't know why you were going
to Moscow, either.
[Rik] Oh yeah, uh I was going
to a conference about security.
Oh, but it was just for my job, you know.
So, is this it?
I was in that translation booth.
The ambassadors told us all to get out.
All personnel and translators.
[Ayaz] Was that unusual?
As far as I know, that only happened
during a major diplomatic crisis.
But, Terenzio, if there were no personnel
and no translators,
how did you hear about the sun, then?
I was in that cabin, and I came out.
But I forgot my phone.
You aren't a translator.
Spanish to English.
I just came by to say hello.
Oh, yeah!
You Italians. I get it. [chuckles]
What exactly did you hear?
Just the end.
They said it was too late to stop.
It was time to go.
They left the room. I stayed a moment.
I thought I was going to
have a heart attack.
I left and saw they'd really left.
What about Maria?
She didn't listen to me.
She didn't want to listen to me.
If that's what you're implying.
Sorry, Terenzio.
[in Italian] Fuck!
[in French] There must be something here.
What exactly are we looking for?
A map, notes about their destination.
How do I know?
Well, it'll take hours
to read everything here.
We don't have hours.
[Rik in Dutch] Oh, my!
[in French] Here!
The surveillance system, Peabody 1763.
We have the same one at the museum.
And? Who cares?
No, no, no.
These cameras are sound activated.
So, that means if we find the footage,
there should be audio.
-The security office is just down there.
-[Rik] Yeah?
It's full of computers.
Could it be in there?
Yes, it could well be.
Well, go on, then.
It's just down there. Go on.
Seriously, let me come.
Please. It's too scary for me here.
Load the food.
The others will be back soon.
But you can't leave me here.
Load the food, Ines.
Fuck. Sylvie! Sylvie! Sylvie!
Answer, answer, answer, answer.
[Osman] How's it looking?
Our luck may be changing.
-[Osman] Is the truck full?
-To the brim.
Come on. Let's go.
[speaking Arabic]
[ECG beeping]
-You're doing it.
I'm trying to do something.
If he moves, hold him down.
[Horst] Okay.
Mom, could I please have some money?
[animal chirping]
[chirping continues]
[Zara] Dominik! What's wrong?
There was an animal!
An animal?
He went that way!
I said to stay close! Come here.
It's fine. It's fine.
So much paperwork.
[Terenzio] Yeah, welcome to NATO.
Hey, look
[chuckles] It's your people.
[imitating Turkish]
Don't do that.
Hey, relax. It was just a joke.
You know, for a gangster,
you have a high opinion of yourself
and of your shitty country.
All right, listen
-Don't insult my country.
-Did you just slap me?
-I warned you.
[Terenzio] What kind of man
slaps another man?
This one.
So you slap the man who saved your life?
And I saved yours. We're even.
Let's find what we need and go.
We have 40 minutes.
Now we're even.
An even trade, my friend,
like wives for camels, no?
Get up!
Get up.
-[in French] Look.
-Yeah, looks like dog food.
[Zara] That must be what it was eating.
-"Like a rat, but not a rat"?
-[Zara] That's what he said.
[Horst sighs]
We need more information. Bring him in.
You gotta be crazy.
You'd let a child see all this?
If he wants us to believe him,
I don't see--
[Zara] Dominik doesn't lie.
[Horst] Well, no, but
maybe he has an over-active imagination.
Dominik never lies.
Guess you don't have kids, either.
[Rik in Dutch] My gosh!
[man speaking indistinctly on recording]
[in English] Stara 17 leaked the file.
[Rik] Yes, that's it.
[Terenzio] Rik?
-Found anything?
[in French] What happened to you?
Dark stairwell, I tripped. But I'm fine.
Where's Ayaz?
He went back to the airport
to help the others.
-Good idea.
-So, did you find anything?
Yes. These are the coordinates.
There's a bunker in Bulgaria.
-In Bulgaria?
-[Rik] Yeah.
Remember what the cosmonaut said?
Uh "Stara 17," something like that.
Right. It has nothing to do
with the stars.
Stara is a district in Bulgaria.
As for the 17
that I'm not so sure about.
-Okay, great. Let's go.
-[Rik] What's that?
-Hey, Rik
Don't worry.
Today, you're the hero of the day.
Let's get a move on.
-Come on.
[Ines] Hey!
-We did it.
-Why didn't you answer the phone?
-Sylvie took off.
-Where'd she go?
-She didn't say.
I told you to watch her.
-And do what, arrest her?
You know how to
hook up the tube to the wing?
Secure it tight.
The valve switches go up, down, up.
-Up, down, up. Okay.
-Where are you going?
To find a car and Sylvie.
-[Ines] But where?
-No idea!
[Ines] You told the others to be back
in five minutes!
Five minutes. Fuck!
[Sylvie crying]
[Horst] He's waking up. You did it.
We need to leave.
Not until he stabilizes.
If we move him,
he could go into cardiac arrest.
-[Mathieu mumbling]
-[Laura] Stay calm, Mathieu.
You got an infection. We're helping you.
We should be at the airport already.
We can't move him yet.
We can't wait for one person,
not even Mathieu.
Remember when we had to fight
to get you on the plane?
If we hadn't,
you and your son would've died days ago.
So, you can wait!
-Sorry for yelling, sweetie.
-[Zara] Wait outside.
Hey! Five minutes.
We'll give him five minutes
to stabilize, okay?
[Terenzio] We've located the bunker.
What happened to your face?
I ran into your boyfriend.
Where are the others?
The hospital crew aren't back yet,
and Jakub went to find Sylvie.
Where's Ayaz?
He's not here?
He was bringing some supplies
back separately.
-Where did Sylvie go?
-I don't know.
-[Terenzio] So?
-I said I don't know!
-Where is this bunker?
-In Bulgaria.
To the east? Towards the sun?
Could we make it?
We might have to go around again.
Mathieu will know what to do.
Check it out.
Someone's a fan of Mathieu now.
He did what he could to save us
for the good of all of us. I get that now.
[Horst] It's not slowing down.
What do we do?
[Zara] We really have to go now!
We're coming. Right?
I don't know.
We have to try.
-Okay, put him on that stretcher.
-What can I do?
Take that.
-[Laura] Careful.
-[Horst] Okay.
Three, two, one
[Mathieu groaning]
[door opens]
[Jakub] Sylvie
Go away.
We got the fuel.
[Sylvie] You're going to miss the plane.
I'm not going without you.
You didn't let me give up.
I can't let you either.
I never should've left.
I should've died here.
I must be the only person who managed
to survive by trying to kill herself.
Tragic and ironic at the same time.
You'd make a good character
in a Polish novel.
I'm sorry.
You're only human.
[Sylvie] Sorry
It's no big deal.
-Yes, it is.
-No, really.
It's this room. It's
You just wanted to feel something.
-I understand.
Everything's happening so fast.
We don't even have time to process
Yeah. It's a lot to process.
Yeah. Way too much.
A world without the people we loved
I wanted to tell you that
I get why you wanted to make that trip.
I understand you.
I really do.
But I also think that I'm lucky.
-[chuckles] Oh, yeah?
-Yeah, I'm lucky
to have met you all, to have met you.
Lucky to be a part of all this,
no matter how it ends,
even if it comes to an end.
-So Jakub is softening up now.
-[laughs] No. Never.
-[chuckles and sniffles]
-The brute has a heart after all.
-You're the one kissing people.
Let's get going.
I nearly missed this flight once already.
-How did you find me, anyway?
The Mongolian kosher butcher. How many
do you think there are in Brussels?
-[Sylvie chuckles]
-Just one.
Not much fuel.
Osman said there's enough for 1,000 miles.
Can you go see
if anyone has heard from Jakub or Sylvie?
Of course.
Can you fly this plane?
I'll need help.
A lot of help.
All you have to do is ask.
Sit down, please.
We've come a long way since the last time
we were in here together.
Yeah. A very long way.
-Oh, shit!
The nearest airstrip to those coordinates
is a military base 920 miles from here.
-That gives us 80 miles of fuel reserves.
-We'll never make it.
[Sylvie] You've said that before.
There you are!
Anyone else still missing?
We can't wait for him.
[coughing and panting]
[Zara] Where's Ayaz?
I don't know.
He left alone.
Where's Ayaz, Terenzio?
Uh he's not back yet?
What happened to your face?
I fell and nearly died
while trying to save us all, again!
What happened?
-Like I said, he's just--
-What the fuck happened?
[stammers] I think that
I think Terenzio did something.
-I don't know what exactly, but--
-You're lying, you piece of shit.
-What did you do to Ayaz?
[Sylvie over PA] Everyone, sit down.
Jakub, lock the doors.
-You killed him. Why?
-You heard Sylvie.
-I'm going to kill you!
-[Laura] Sit down! That's enough!
Whatever this is, sort it out later!
Ayaz isn't onboard.
-[Laura] Where is he?
-Rik said Terenzio hurt him.
We can't leave him.
We can't.
You said it yourself. We can't wait
for anyone, no matter who it is.
[in French] Where's Mr. Ayaz?
[in Russian] Buckle your belt,
baby bear. It's okay.
[in Dutch] Forgive me
Father, forgive me. Forgive me.
Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me.
-[Sylvie] Ready?
I wonder if Chloé's in there.
The flight attendant?
I'd like to think she got out,
that she's already at the bunker.
For her, not me.
It's possible, right?
I've learned this week
that anything's possible.
Mom? Can you see him?
[in French] No.
[Sylvie] We can't wait anymore.
-You okay?
I think I'm going to need
for you to get us off the ground.
I'll explain it.
Go ahead, full throttle.
You've got this.
-Do you see what I see?
-[Sylvie] Yeah.
[suspenseful music playing]
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