Into the Night (2020) s01e06 Episode Script


["Ma Quale Idea" by Pino D'Angiò playing]
[music stops abruptly]
[in Italian] If you want to start her,
you have to stick it in.
[in Italian] Sergeant Ricci.
Where are we going, Major?
[Terenzio] Well, I
Well, I I don't know.
You're the boss, right?
Yeah. Affirmative.
You certainly showed Ayaz
who was in charge.
-That was an accident. I--
-Was it?
Don't apologize for being strong.
I'm sorry--
-[Ines] What did I say?
Okay, okay.
That hurts!
Because you're weak, Terenzio.
[passengers speaking indistinctly]
[Sylvie] All in favor
of banishing Terenzio?
Hey, fuck you! Fuck you. Open.
[Sylvie] So what have you found?
[Jakub] The good news is the coordinates
that Rik wrote down--
That's all the generals said, Sylvie.
[Jakub] The coordinates Rik wrote down
at NATO correspond on maps
to a hydroelectric dam
in the Stara district.
That would make sense.
Yes, if the Soviets were building
a secret bunker a long time ago, a dam
The security of a dam, that would be
a great way to hide a bunker.
If the bunker is under the reservoir,
that would protect us from the sun.
Okay. That's the good news.
What's the bad?
[in French] Hey!
[Laura] Very good.
-You can hand the food out.
-Hang on. I'm dying for a piss.
"Dying for a piss," is that how
young ladies talk these days?
"Young ladies"? No idea.
-[knocking on door]
-[Ines] Anyone in there?
Um… Did Ayaz leave the toilets?
-Everything okay in there?
-[Ayaz] Hold on!
[breathing heavily]
[knock on door]
Just a moment.
Okay, so, the longitude/latitude
coordinates Rik heard--
-It's all they said!
-[Jakub] Nobody's blaming you.
There are only two decimal places.
Horst says that's about 250 meters
in each direction.
But that's not a problem
if we know what to look for,
-if we have a description or--
-But we don't.
-We don't.
-[Jakub] We don't.
[Terenzio in French]
I trained soldiers in reconnaissance.
I can find the bunker.
You've "helped" us enough. Shut up.
I'll let Mathieu know.
You keep searching online.
Try to find out exactly where it is.
They've kept this place secret
for 60, 70 years,
and you think we can find it
from just a few pictures on the web?
We'd better.
Because if we don't, we're dead.
[suspenseful music playing]
We'll land at an air force base
15 kilometers from the bunker.
[Laura] In Belarus?
-In Bulgaria.
-Where's that?
-Next to Turkey.
-Does it matter?
What matters
is that we'll only have 30 minutes
to get from the air base
to the bunker before sunrise.
How are we going to get there?
-Dominik can't walk far.
-Yes, I can!
We're landing in an air base.
There'll be vehicles.
-[Zara] And if there aren't?
-[Ayaz] I'll carry him.
-[Zara] We won't have time.
-Then we'll--
[Rik] We have to--
-[Ines] Even if we run--
Mathieu may see it as his job
to encourage you,
protect you.
That's not my job.
I'm not a leader.
I'm just here to tell you
that if this bunker doesn't work out,
we won't have enough fuel or time
for a plan B.
[all murmuring]
So, when we land, everyone be ready to go.
The dam may be lit up.
If we do a flyby,
we may be able to see it.
We'll be lucky to make it
to the airbase. We have a headwind.
We should've gotten more fuel.
Jakub said he filled the truck.
We should've taken two.
You did well, Sylvie.
You did everything you could.
It wasn't enough.
Stop it! We don't have time for self pity.
It's not self-pity, okay? I
I just feel sorry for them.
Those people are grateful to you.
You're a leader.
Why the air force didn't see that,
I'll never know.
I told you I was kicked out, but I wasn't.
Can I have a word?
-Away from Dominik.
Nobody can carry anyone
for 15 kilometers in so little time.
You'll figure something out. You're tough.
You don't need me to tell you that.
Who stared Terenzio down earlier
without any fear?
I need to tell you something.
I had surgery about a month ago.
I'm not one to judge.
No, not that.
I needed money for Dominik's treatment.
I sold a kidney.
They told me I was the right size,
I was healthy, drug-free
They gave me €15,000.
Now I can see why you were so upset
we didn't go to Moscow.
That wasn't about me.
It's never been about me.
You need to know
Dominik isn't the only one who's weak.
I don't think I can run far either.
Then I'll carry you, too.
No, that's not what I'm asking you.
If I can't keep up,
I want you to promise
that you'll carry my son.
I will. I'll do it.
You can count on me.
I know.
Sorry to interrupt.
Ayaz can we have a quick chat?
[Sylvie] We barely saw each other
for the first eight months.
He was stationed in Mali.
I was in Afghanistan.
Then we were both stationed in Belgium.
And it was
One day, he started complaining
about being tired and losing weight.
[chuckles] I told him not to worry.
I kept teasing him,
telling him he never should've dated
a girl four years younger than him.
He ignored the pain for weeks
because of me.
Pancreatic cancer.
It ate him up inside.
I quit the day after he died.
I'm the last person
anyone should ever listen to.
[exhales heavily]
I'm sorry for your loss.
I really am.
I think that in my entire life
that's the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.
You have to forgive yourself.
Shit. If this is the end,
are you gonna die thinking that?
There's not many places
we can get a bit of privacy.
You could go below with Terenzio.
[Rik] I should be down there.
In fact, I should be down there, with him.
I need you to forgive me
for abandoning you at NATO.
-Terenzio told you I'd already left.
-How could you know?
-I saw you.
On the computer monitor.
It was just for a second.
I wasn't sure, but--
Why didn't you say anything?
I guess that if you had been dead,
I wouldn't have had to face you again
after having tried to banish you
from the plane.
I forgive you, Rik.
-Just like that?
-Isn't that what you want?
Well, yes, but
"an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"
-We have to even the score.
You have to hurt me.
-No, I'm serious.
Hurt me back.
[breath trembling]
Twenty years ago, I went to prison.
I insisted that my wife
and kids didn't visit.
But I promised them
that when I got out,
we'd continue like nothing had happened.
Three years later,
I walked out of that prison
and never went home again.
And now, I never can.
It takes courage to face your mistakes,
and you've just done that.
Let's just agree to move on, okay?
Since we're confessing,
I also lied about
why I was going to Russia.
It wasn't for a security conference.
I'd met a woman online.
Yes, it's embarrassing. I know.
Why is it embarrassing?
Well Hmm. Maybe it isn't.
Did you love her?
Well, it didn't last long,
but she was everything I was looking for.
She was kind, honorable, a hard worker.
She owned her own nail salon.
-She is beautiful.
-Yes, she is beautiful.
[chuckles softly]
[Ines] We're landing soon.
You guys gonna help or
are you buying earrings?
That's an ad for earrings.
I've actually met that model
a few times. A total train wreck.
Thanks, Ines.
What's up with him?
[Mathieu over PA] Everyone,
to maximize our time on the ground,
we're making a faster descent.
[Mathieu] Once on the ground, we'll skip
the search for the embarkation stairway
and exit via the cargo bay.
That means leaving
via the hole cut into the avionics bay.
[in Russian] What will I do
for my breathing?
[Mathieu] We can't take any luggage.
[in Russian]
You can bring your concentrator.
No exceptions. We don't have time.
We're all in the same boat.
-He said, "Bring nothing."
-I know.
But a special boy
gets a special exception.
[Mathieu] We'll make it.
We're running on fumes, but we'll make it.
I'll speak to you soon.
Once we land, I won't be able
to move as fast--
I'll be there to help you.
So will Horst, Jakub--
You'll need to help the weaker passengers.
-I'm not saying I'm giving up.
But I need you to promise
that if I slow you down,
-you'll leave me--
-Don't think about it.
I have to think about it.
I've no idea what awaits us.
-You have to promise.
If you don't,
-I may as well crash the plane now.
If I'm going to kill everyone,
I should make it fast.
Okay, fine.
But it won't happen.
I'll be back.
[door opens]
Ayaz? Rik?
-Are we synchronized for remaining time?
-Thirty-nine minutes.
-[Jakub] Likewise.
And the location?
Ayaz and I both have directions
to the dam.
[Sylvie] One last thing.
To go through the avionics bay,
we have to pass Terenzio.
What do we do with him?
If it were up to me?
I'd leave him down there.
He's had plenty of chances
to prove he's not an asshole.
-He's failed every time.
-And he's dangerous.
[Jakub] I think it's up to Ayaz.
It's you he tried to kill.
I don't know.
I don't know what's in the next life,
but if we're going there today,
I don't want my last action
to be sentencing someone to death.
But the handcuffs stay on.
It's one thing to forgive.
It's another thing entirely to forget.
What did Jakub say about the bunker?
Last I checked,
they'd found nothing specific.
One problem at a time.
[Mathieu over PA] Passengers of Flight 21,
we'll be landing in a moment.
Remember, we have just 30 minutes,
so bring nothing that would slow you down.
[Zara] Everything will be all right.
I promise. You hear me?
[Mathieu] Once we find vehicles,
we'll divide into groups
and then find the bunker
or at least try our best.
I take comfort in knowing
that wherever we end up,
we'll end up there together.
Isn't that a Globemaster?
-[Mathieu] It is indeed.
-That's a good sign.
At least we know
we're at the right airport.
[Sylvie] Okay, split into two groups.
Everyone hear that? Not a second to spare.
-Who has the key to the cuffs?
-It doesn't matter.
They're staying on, Terenzio.
Don't forget to check the fuel gauge.
[Jakub] You don't look well.
Nor do you, but that's nothing new.
Guess I shouldn't complain,
with you being the bigger man
and not leaving me here, huh?
I wasn't the one who said
we should save you. It was Ayaz,
the man you left for dead.
-[Ayaz] What time do you have?
-[Sylvie] Thirty-four minutes.
And a full tank of fuel!
-Same here.
[engine starts]
Worry about yourself.
I'm not doing it for me.
The idea that you'll have to say
a mechanic saved a pilot's life
gives me the will to live.
[Sylvie] Come on! Let's go!
-You know the way?
-[Ayaz] Got it right here.
Everyone in?
If we don't meet again,
you did a great job. Thank you.
[tires screeching]
-[Mathieu] Can you see them?
But I lose sight of them on the corners.
-Three more kilometers.
-[Osman] No mobile reception.
-Fuck, damn it!
-[Mathieu] What?
-That's "nothing"?
We were in such a hurry,
since we said no bags
I forgot Henri's ashes.
[Mathieu] We'll go back for them
after finding the bunker,
as soon as it's dark again.
-Yeah, we will.
[Laura] Can you sit still?
I'd like to see you try
to keep your balance
while wearing handcuffs.
-[scoffs] I bet you would!
-Laura, leave him be.
As if I think of you that way!
[Laura] How could you have time
between trying to kill people
and sleep with Ines?
[Terenzio] Sleep with who?
-[Laura] I've seen you drool over her.
-Laura, please.
Putting aside the kind of guy you are,
she's half your age.
Less of an age gap
than the guy you were with.
-Why are you fighting?
-He was my employer.
-Your employer. Yeah, right.
-Why don't you get out here?
Nobody wants you here.
You've been nothing but trouble.
Trouble? Like when I saved your life?
What? You only saved us
'cause we were already on board.
Right, yeah.
Besides, did you ever think
maybe we didn't want saving?
Maybe some of us would have preferred
staying with our families.
[Ayaz] All good?
[in French] So far.
[Ines] Do you have signal?
[Zara] How much time left?
[Jakub] No. Too rural.
-Twenty-four minutes to sunrise.
-[Zara] Okay. What are we looking for?
Any unusual formation [mumbling]
-[Dominik] Mom!
-[Zara] What's wrong? Ayaz?
-[Horst] Ayaz?
-[Dominik] Mom!
[Horst] Ayaz, look out!
-[Ines] Ayaz!
-[Zara] Watch where you're going!
[all screaming]
I haven't seen them in a while.
Maybe slow down.
They know the way!
[Rik] This is where the road splits.
Just one more kilometer.
Good. Great.
-Which way again?
[tires screeching]
-[Ines] My head.
-[Horst] We've gotta get out!
-[Jakub] Okay.
-[Horst] Let's move!
-What happened?
-No idea.
Dominik! [panting]
[Ines] My fucking head!
-[Horst] What happened?
-No idea. He just froze.
[Horst] You okay, Ayaz?
It happened again?
What do you mean, "again"?
[in Russian] Wake up.
Can you hear me, baby?
Can you hear me?
We'll discuss it en route,
but by the sounds of that,
-we'll have to go by foot.
-[in French] What?
-[Ines] Start the engine!
-No, it won't move. We'll have to walk.
-Are you crazy?
-[Horst] No time to argue.
Let's go. Come on!
We have to go now.
Come on!
[Sylvie] The gate is open!
[Rik] Eighteen minutes until sunrise!
[gate buzzes]
[Osman] Hey, the gate! Stop!
-[Sylvie] What?
-[Osman] The gate. Stop!
[Sylvie] What happened?
[gate buzzing]
-We have to keep it open for the others.
-[Osman] Let's pull it off its tracks!
[gate buzzing]
[electricity buzzing]
[Rik] My God!
[Mathieu] Don't touch anything.
It's electrified!
[Laura] Osman, wake up!
We have to get it open!
-[Sylvie] There must be some controls.
-[Laura] Osman!
-Let me do it.
-After what you told me?
-You said I was tough!
You're in no shape to carry anyone.
Someone should carry you.
Have you had that long?
Since yesterday. Just a couple of times.
I'm gonna kill Terenzio.
[Horst] Ayaz!
-[Ayaz] Go on.
-Let's go.
[Horst] Which way?
-[Zara] Call the others.
-[Horst] No signal.
-Oh, shit!
-Think, Ayaz.
-You don't remember, do you?
-Right, I think.
-You think?
-Or maybe left
-[Ines] What do we do?
-We'll choose a path.
-I can't remember.
-Do you feel like it's this way?
-[Ayaz] I'm sorry.
-There's no point pressuring him.
We don't have long, though!
-[Zara] Left?
-Left, I think.
-Let's go. No time to argue.
-[Horst] How much time do we have?
-Sylvie said 35 minutes, right?
-It was 25!
Okay. Might as well all go together.
Come on.
[Laura] He still has a pulse,
but it's weak.
[Sylvie] You did it.
Okay, let's go.
-How's Osman?
-Unconscious, but I've got a pulse.
[Sylvie] Let's put him
in the back of the jeep.
[gate buzzing]
[Sylvie] What's going on?
-Shit! You have to hold the button.
-[Sylvie] We can't jam it?
It's a security mechanism. It's there
to stop people doing what we're doing.
So, what do we do?
[Sylvie] Park the Jeep across it?
The others won't fit.
It'll be electrified.
We've only got 16 minutes! 16 minutes!
[Sylvie] How do we find
the bunker on foot?
[Laura] How would we move him?
I'll press it.
The button, I'll do it.
Once they're here, I'll hop in their Jeep.
You don't have to.
They'll only be a few minutes.
I'll jump in with them.
That should absolve me.
Unlock his cuffs.
[Mathieu] We'll park
by the bunker entrance if we find it.
So just look for the Jeep.
Sounds like a plan.
You guys load Osman up. Give me the key.
You abandoned Ayaz, now you save Ayaz,
and you're even, right?
Rik said God forgives those who repent.
Give me your wrist.
Thank you.
Hey! What are you doing?
If all you want is to save yourself,
how can we trust you
to stay and save the others?
-[key clinks]
-They'll unlock you.
Know what you are?
A leader.
-A bitch! You're a bitch!
-[gate buzzing]
[Jakub] There's a fence!
There's a chain on it. It looks locked.
-Where's the entrance?
-There isn't one.
It was the wrong way.
Let's turn around and go back then!
[in Polish] Shit.
[in French] No steering wheel.
There's no time, anyway.
So, what? You want to climb the fence?
I'll go first.
I'll put my shirt on the fence.
[Zara] Ayaz, stop!
The fence, it's electrified.
It says on that sign.
-Fuck! What can we do?
-[Jakub] Let's go back!
No! Wait.
[Ines] The sun is going to rise.
Give me a second to think.
Nine minutes and 45 seconds.
Sun can't be much longer.
[Sylvie] Trucks from the airport.
That's promising, yeah?
Yeah, that's it. You're right.
[Mathieu grunts]
[Sylvie] The others
should see us parked here.
What's that?
A vent. That's a good sign!
[Rik] There are some stairs over here.
[gate buzzing]
[in Italian] Hurry up, Ayaz!
Come on.
Okay, listen carefully.
It's simple. It's science.
As long as we stand
on something non-conductive
and we don't touch wires
of the opposite polarity at the same time,
we can climb the fence.
We can't. The sun's about to come up.
Just do something!
So, how do we do it?
How do we ground ourselves?
Those tires. If we get them off,
we can stand on them.
Rubber isn't conductive.
-[Ines] How do we get them off?
-[Jakub] Find a jack!
[Ayaz] We'll cover the razor wire
with shirts and jackets.
[Laura] A door!
Careful! It might be electrified.
There's no time.
[grunting] Locked!
Try and find something to break the lock.
Come on, Ayaz!
[Horst] Careful, careful.
Careful, careful.
Drop it. Be careful.
See how I'm never touching two wires
at the same time?
Got it? One by one.
[Zara] Here.
-Okay, guys.
[Zara] There you go.
Wait a second!
Hit inwards, or you'll break the lock.
[Sylvie] Come on. Let's go.
-What are you doing?
-I'll wait for the others.
You can't!
Rik, how long till sunrise?
-Three minutes and 27 seconds.
-I'll be back before dawn.
-What are you say--
-Go! That's an order.
[Terenzio grunting]
Piece of shit! You're a piece of shit!
[Horst] Come on!
Over here!
-[Sylvie] Come on!
-All right!
-[Horst] Where are the others?
-[Sylvie] Inside.
-Where's Terenzio?
-[Horst] Wasn't he with you?
[Sylvie] No. Inside, quickly!
-What happened to your clothes?
-[Ayaz] Long story.
[Zara] Ayaz.
-At least let me help you.
-[Ayaz panting]
Okay. Okay. Dominik. Dominik.
[Terenzio grunting]
All right then! Give me your best!
I'm not scared.
I'm ready.
[crying] Ready for whatever you've got.
-[Zara] Where are the others?
-[Jakub] I don't know.
[Horst] There's a door.
We're nearly there.
-[soldier in English] Oh! Back up!
-[Ines shrieks]
Who is Sylvie?
[in English] Me.
They said you were in charge.
Yes. Where are the others?
Where is the Italian soldier?
He's not here?
[soldier] I heard you could use some rest.
You won't get any here.
Come on.
[Horst] There they are.
-[Laura] They made it!
-[Rik] It's a miracle!
[Sylvie] What are you all doing?
Your pilot told us you all spent last week
running for your lives.
[soldier] Well
we're gonna solve the problem.
But we need your help.
[suspenseful music playing]
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