Into the Night (2020) s02e01 Episode Script


["Assembly Line"
by the Seatsniffers playing]
I never ran too fast
or jumped too high
Two coffees.
- [waitress] Need a break?
- No, too much to do.
And this is for you.
There. Bon appétit!
What can I get you?
I want waffles with caramel.
[chuckles] And for you?
[woman] We haven't seen the menu.
[indistinct chatter]
So what's her problem?
[sniffs] No idea, babe.
[boy chuckles]
I didn't know you work here.
Should I tell her, then?
What a waste of space her husband is?
[scoffs] I really should.
But I won't, because I don't want
to hurt that little boy.
Thanks. Appreciate it.
Our son
He needs surgery.
- 10,000 euros.
- 10 grand?
It's experimental.
My brother says
he can get us an appointment.
No child support, birthday presents
- When he was born I sent
- You sent nothing.
Okay, okay. You're right.
I don't have it on me.
I'll bring it tonight. Same place?
All right.
[sings in Russian]
Tired toys are sleeping ♪
And so are the books ♪
Bum, bum, bum, bum ♪
[in English] Mum.
[in Russian] You loved that lullaby
when you were little.
[in English] It's not the song,
it's the way you're singing.
- [chuckles]
- [door buzzes]
[in Russian] Who's that?
[smooches] Sleep well.
[door buzzes]
[door knocking]
[ominous music playing]
[in English] He told me everything.
How he got your pregnant.
How he told you to abort,
but you wanted to keep it.
Keep "it"?
Look, if your son really is sick,
then I'm sorry.
But you're not getting
a penny out of my family.
And if you harass us again,
believe me,
your life will get a whole lot worse.
[footsteps retreating]
[locks clicking]
[in Russian] It's okay, darling.
[Dominik in English] "Day 9, and bunker
life is a lot like life back home."
["Good Times" by Chic playing]
"Except here, we sleep
when the sun is shining outside,
and we get up when the sun sets."
[clippers buzzing]
"We wash, we get dressed."
"Mum says,
even though it's the end of the world
we still have to brush our teeth."
"Then, we have breakfast.
The soldiers have brought lots of food."
"My favourites are noodles and hot dogs."
"Mum misses vegetables, I don't."
Good times ♪
These are the good times ♪
"Then, it's time for physical education."
"Mr. Ayaz says it's important
to exercise every day."
"And after that, everyone gets to work."
"The ambassadors,
the Colonel and the captains,
Sylvie and Mathieu work with
the other survivors around the world."
"They're trying to stop the mean sun."
"It hasn't worked yet."
"Other people look after the machines
that give us light
and keep the bunker cool."
"They say it would be like an oven
down here if it wasn't for them."
"My favourite room
is Mr. Horst's laboratory."
"He catches rats and puts them outside
to see if they can survive in the sun."
"He pays me two pieces of chocolate
for every live rat I bring him."
- What did you say?
- [Dominik] What?
The rats will cause maladies.
Mr. Ayaz says, "A good businessman
always finds a gap in the market."
[Ayaz chuckles]
Keep reading.
"And I'm the only person on earth
who still has to go to school."
"So, I have to write reports,
like this one,
I'm not allowed to do PE." There.
[both applauding]
- It was magnificent. Super.
- [alarm ringing]
- [Dominik] What's that? Let's go and see!
- Dominik, come back!
Come on, Mum! Let's go!
It's just the soldiers smoking.
All right.
[fire extinguishers gushing]
Here, Heremans. Over there, here!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Give them some room.
What did the Colonel say
about taking that helmet, huh?
[Dominik] I'm not gonna break it.
[alarm continues ringing]
[indistinct whispering]
- [Col. Lom] Hey!
- Colonel
What's wrong?
She is.
It was an accident.
She She was only trying to help.
All our food is gone!
I was just cooking,
and he fucked up the oil,
so I rushed it in there
so it didn't burn the place down.
- Into a room of more cooking oil?
- I'm not some chef, am I?
- [soldier] You're an idiot!
- Enough!
- [indistinct shouting]
- Enough!
No one is perfect.
Sargento. Not even you.
[Zara] Dominik?
[in Russian] You're in this smoke?
- [Dominik] It's okay.
- [Zara] Go to our room.
Go on, now!
- [Osman in English] What's going on?
- I always miss the fun!
It's not all ruined.
But a big portion is!
There was already less because of them.
Heremans, not another word.
He's right though.
Less food here and nothing from
the surface providing nutrition anymore.
- What about those seeds in Norway?
- [Col. Lom] The underground seed vault.
- You said flying was too risky.
- [Mathieu] Yeah.
- Flying there and back.
- Yes, but that was before this.
How long does it take to grow food?
- Radish grows in three weeks.
- [Heremans] Radish?
- [scoffs] I'd rather starve!
- Radish it is, then.
What's our first step?
Jet fuel, and it has to be underground,
like Jakub and I found in Antwerp.
There were trucks
back at that military base.
[ominous music playing]
Hey! Hey! What are you doing?
[woman] The trucks will still run?
It's a lower grade of fuel.
The sun doesn't impact it.
At least, it didn't before.
I'll go and check it out.
- [Osman] I'll come too.
- No. You watch the generators.
- [Col. Lom] What?
- I'll go look for the trucks.
The seed mission
will be manned by Captain Markus
and Mathieu. Two pilots, just in case.
They'll be joined by Jakub, our mechanic,
along with Mr. Ayaz
and Ambassador Bisset.
People don't get a say if they go or not?
It's a military facility
under military command.
- Are you threatening us?
- [Col. Lom] Just a fact.
Like the fact that you decide everything?
More like the fact you
and your boy consume two rations,
despite doing the least work.
He's a little boy!
Or like the fact that you,
all of you passengers,
are here as uninvited guests!
[grunts, groans]
[Col. Lom] This is a military facility
under military command.
When an order is given
[sergeant coughing]
it shall be followed.
[sergeant breathing heavily]
Do not speak, Sargento.
[Col. Lom] Horst will work on how
we'll grow seeds down here.
Ambassador, I would like
you and Mathieu to check
the other survivors.
See if they've reconnected
with the cosmonaut.
If so, he will relay the comms
from your plane to down here.
If not, we will set a radio man outside
during the nights you are gone.
- The cosmonaut's still MIA?
- [Mathieu] For three days.
[Col. Lom] But before all that
there is one important thing
we must do first.
What is that?
[sinister music playing]
[upbeat swing music]
You know I could be leaving any day now.
- They have to find fuel first.
- A group is checking a depot tomorrow.
Anyway, you know what I'd regret
if I left without?
I hope it's not this food.
I'm not sure what it is.
No, it's not that.
I know the sun sucks
all the nutrition out of the food on top,
but we can still eat it, right?
I'd kill for some crisps.
If I left now,
I'd really, really, regret
not getting the chance to see you DJ.
You've been saying for weeks
we should have a party.
And I'd really enjoy that before leaving.
- Yeah, we'll see. [chuckles]
- Yeah.
Hey, we saved you a seat, sweetheart.
I told them
I detest serving in the military.
Ignore it.
I spent two years surrounded by
these people, and now this!
Just keep your head.
That's what they want.
Look, antagonising them won't help.
The same as Terenzio.
[ominous music playing]
- [Mathieu] You headed to the air base?
- I'm going to check the tankers.
I'll go tonight.
Then I should probably tell you.
If you happen to find
the body of Terenzio
[sinister music builds]
You're a bitch. Go fuck yourself!
Why would I?
[Mathieu] Maybe he went to the base
to the plane. Who knows?
But if you find him,
that could be a problem.
He was one of the them.
If he's dead, it's not our fault.
Yes, I know.
The last time we saw him,
he was waiting at the barrier.
I know. I know.
- They hated him too, you know.
- But he was still one of them.
And down here,
we need all the friends we can get.
Especially Colonel Lom.
We'll only be gone for a day
at the very most.
You seem pleased about that.
Zara, I'm not happy about going.
But it'll be safer for everyone if I go,
believe me.
I had a dream about Terenzio last night.
- [scoffs] You mean a nightmare.
- He kept banging on the door to the base.
And we wouldn't let him in.
[scoffs] Don't blame you.
You ever wonder where he is now?
In hell.
I wanted to say,
it was not my intention earlier
to order anyone around.
Well, you did.
I'm going to look for Dominik.
Any advice with her?
You're asking the wrong person.
It's not you or me she's angry at.
It's the stress and weight of the weeks.
She feels powerless, scared.
It's the fear we'll never solve
the sun problem.
We're working on it.
Us, the Americans, the Russians
She knows that in her head,
but a mother's heart
She worries for Dominik, as do I.
- You and her are
- No, it's not like that.
[Col. Lom] Sure, sure.
[Ayaz] No, it's not.
Tell me what you'd like,
but I hate to see a man lie to himself.
Did you have kids?
No, not yet.
[Ayaz] I did.
Which is why I get her fears.
- She won't admit it.
- [sniffs]
But I know she appreciates
having an extra set of eyes on Dominik.
You have a soldier-like demeanour.
That's why I thought
you'd be a good addition.
But if you'd prefer not
- Thank you.
- [Ines] You wanna wink at me?
- [ominous music playing]
- [soldier] What the fuck?
- [Markus] Whoa, stop!
- [crowd] Whoa, whoa!
- He's fucking with me. You saw it!
- A joke, huh?
A joke? You like jokes?
Wait till I cut your dick off!
- [scattered laughter]
- No.
Let it go.
[Ines] Piece of shit.
Yeah, keep walking.
Get the fuck out of here. Prick.
[Col. Lom] Wait up.
Did you know that there are 2,421 steps
from the centre of the bunker
to the top of the stairs?
[Sylvie] You counted?
- No, the little boy did.
- Dominik.
[Col. Lom] Mm-hmm.
- You're headed to the air base?
- That's the plan.
I'll come with you.
- It's just recon, no need.
- The need is I could use some fresh air.
Come on.
[man on screen] No, no cosmonauts.
And we've been unable to connect with
Russians on the ground since yesterday.
The entire bunker?
We've tried video calls, regular calls
Every number and email we have.
No one. Nothing.
- It could just be communication issues.
- That's what you'd hope.
We're sending a team to Norway,
to that seed bunker.
Don't you have months of food?
We did.
Our stock has dwindled
faster than we anticipated.
Ah, shit!
- What?
- Wrong key.
Must be another Jeep!
- [door slams]
- [heavy breathing]
No good either.
[Col. Lom] How long till the sunrise?
84 minutes, sir.
Not enough time to fetch the key,
make it to the base and back.
Not with 2,421 steps each way.
We'll try again tomorrow.
[man on screen] Based upon the information
that I'm getting, help's not coming.
Dear Mr. Rat, I pray
that you are alive and healthy.
My father always said I was naive.
Don't say you agree.
What are you doing?
[Horst] Oh, sorry. You're naive, are you?
[Laura] You're not even listening.
[Horst] I was thinking about
what we'll need to grow the seeds.
Probably some kind of hydroponic system.
It better grow quickly.
Otherwise, those soldiers
will kill us just like this rat.
No, we have enough food for the moment.
- It'll be close, but
- Close?
They'll throw us out
long before it comes to that.
[Horst] Anyway,
we have to fix this thing with the sun
and accelerate seed growth
without pissing off any soldiers.
Don't tell me, tell Zara.
She's the one that gave an earful to Lom.
I'm sure she's calmed down.
[heavy breathing]
Half of them want to cut my throat.
I'll talk to them.
What happens when you leave for Norway?
You know, I heard Lom only picked you
because of your good hair.
Oh, no, no, it's, uh,
because I'm our pilot.
- What's funny?
- You reminded me of a joke.
Did you hear the one
about the German comedian?
What's a German comedian?
I don't get it.
[Horst] Internal haemorrhage.
Likely due to gamma radiation.
"Internal haemorrhage
from gamma radiation."
It's been the same for months.
Science takes time.
Stop the experiment! I've found
the perfect candidate for the test.
Why perfect?
[sighs] Have a look.
[Laura] Oh, he's so cute!
- Yes.
- We can't put him in the sun?
Oh, science is brutal.
"Science takes time. Science is brutal."
I don't think I like science.
It's good that you're here.
Otherwise, I'd be going crazy.
You are a bit crazy.
Zara! Zara!
- I have good news.
- What is it? A beach holiday?
I'm not going to be sent on the mission.
What? Why?
'Cause I love you.
And Dominik.
And I don't want to leave you.
Don't say that.
Too late.
Every time that I get close to anyone,
they disappear.
I won't let that to happen to me
or Dominik.
Of course
I have feelings for you, you know?
We all have feelings, but
[emotional music playing]
[Horst] And Dominik wins.
- [Dominik chuckles]
- Don't worry, Rik.
We all know size doesn't matter.
I can give you some tips if you like.
Just beginner's luck, you know?
Here. Hey, don't forget.
We're only doing this because
of that animal you caught at the hospital.
It wasn't a rat, it was like a rat.
Yeah, well we want more of them.
What's this?
Hey, Mum.
You're touching rats, then?
- After I told you
- No, no. It's my fault.
I'm the one who caught them.
It's quite fun, actually. Really.
[in Russian] Time for bed.
[whispering in English]
I use peanut butter to catch them.
[distorted sounds]
[rat screeching]
[Dominik exhales]
[rat screeching]
[Zara] Dominik!
- [in Russian] This room is off limits.
- He's getting away!
Dominik, get back here! You hear me?
- [door slams]
- No!
[banging on door]
[keys rattling]
[Col. Lom in English] Going out?
I wanted to get an early start
on the air base as soon as the sun set.
Why can I not help but feel
that you're hiding something?
Trying to at least.
- I don't know why.
- Me neither.
[Zara] Open the door!
[moans, struggles]
Ayaz, open the door!
- [Sylvie panting]
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Zara?
- [Zara] Sylvie?
There's no handle on this side.
- Tell her to open the door.
- There's no handle.
- She has to turn of the generator.
- What?!
The heat inside!
She has to turn off the generator!
- [Sylvie] Zara, turn off the generator!
- Of course.
- Turn off the generator!
- What?
Turn off that fucking generator!
[in Russian] Stay by the door.
[grunts, coughs]
[coughing continues]
Breathe under the door.
[suspenseful music building]
[electricity powering down, buzzing]
- [Zara breathing heavily]
- [Dominik coughing]
[coughing continues]
- There's not enough room!
- Keep trying.
[in English] Get the keys, flash lights,
and get the generator guys here.
[inhales sharply, exhales deeply]
Fuck. Okay, we're going to find the keys.
Hold on.
[Zara] Get Ayaz.
He'll know what to do.
[keys rattling]
- We've never had a key to that door.
- Never?
No, we've never shut it.
- What's the lock like?
- None of these!
- They need that key now!
- And what do you think we're doing, huh?!
[Rik] Ayaz.
[indistinct clamouring]
- [inhales deeply]
- No, no. It's me! It's me! It's me!
There's been an accident.
[men yelling in effort]
[Jakub] Fucking door!
[Col. Lom] Once again!
[alarm ringing]
Try again!
Get back! Get back!
[Osman] One, two, three!
[men yelling in effort]
[men panting]
[in Polish] This place is built
to sustain a nuclear blast.
[Osman in English]
That concrete must be two feet thick.
[Sylvie] Maybe we can cut around it?
Yeah, with the blowtorch.
[in Polish]
There's a blowtorch on the plane.
[Ayaz in English] Zara!
- Zara!
- Ayaz?
[Ayaz] Zara, I'm here.
Dominik, are you in there too?
I don't feel good.
It's still too hot in here.
[Ayaz] We're gonna get you out of there.
What's the plan?
You've got a blowtorch on your plane.
We're going to get it.
- [rumbling]
- [metal clanging]
What was that?
It felt like an earthquake.
[soldier] Those happen around here.
- [Sylvie] I'll come with you.
- Me too. I know where to find it.
Better be quick.
The generators can't stay off for long.
- [Osman] Because of the dark?
- [Horst] No, not the dark, the heat.
What's wrong?
Um, we're nearly a kilometre underground,
in what, apparently with that earthquake,
is a seismic subduction zone
Okay. We can't worry about earthquakes.
Stop talking! Get going!
No, not earthquakes, the heat.
At this depth,
without the air conditioning running,
it'll probably spike 25 degrees down here.
[Bisset] Is that a problem?
Only if you want to live.
How much time do we have?
I don't know. An hour, maybe two?
Don't push it. Be back in 45.
- They've got as much time as they need.
- If we overheat, we all die.
And with the deadly sun.
Eh, do do don't.
Don't say "die" again!
No one's dying.
[Col. Lom] Calm down.
We're going.
I'll drive.
- [Osman] What do we do now?
- We find something we can use to ram it.
Then aim it at the lock.
Okay. Nice idea. I'll go.
[Ayaz] Zara?
- Ayaz, don't go. Stay here please.
- I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying right here
until we open this door.
[suspenseful music building]
[truck engine rumbling]
[Jakub in Polish] On the left.
Over there on the left.
[Col. Lom] What the hell is that?
[Jakub] Shit, it's Terenzio!
[Col. Lom] Major!
[Jakub in English] Terenzio!
[Sylvie] We don't have much time.
[door slams]
Why is he handcuffed to the pole?
The key.
[in Polish] The key.
[in English] Suicide?
[Col. Lom] An odd place, huh?
Maybe he wanted to help the others,
but didn't trust himself to stay.
[Jakub] What?
He must have stayed to help the others.
Doesn't sound like Terenzio.
[Sylvie] Colonel, if we don't get that
blowtorch, we're going to end up like him.
So Terenzio was a hero?
[Sylvie] It would seem so.
We need to go.
[in Polish] What do you say, Jakub?
Was Terenzio a hero?
He was an arsehole.
Sylvie's right, we have to go.
[Sylvie in English] I said we need to go!
Open the gate.
It won't stay open on its own.
It'll close when we pass.
So we'll open it, and then cut its power.
- Yeah?
- Good idea.
- [thudding]
- [Ayaz] Again. Again. Harder!
[Mathieu] What is it, Ambassador?
[Ayaz] Harder.
[faint thudding]
I feel for them in there, I do,
but we can't sacrifice the whole group
for the sake of two people.
- Whoever they are
- What you saying?
Zara and Dominik are
the two people who are least
Don't even think about it.
If we can't find a way
to get into that room,
then they're going
to have to turn that generator back on.
And you'd kill a child?
I had a son.
[emotional music playing]
[Ayaz] Harder!
In Madrid.
He was four.
I didn't get to say goodbye.
I'm sorry to hear that, Ambassador.
If we die,
he will have died for nothing.
I won't let that happen now.
[Ayaz] Harder!
[in Polish] Why was he handcuffed?
He was when we left the plane.
He tried to kill Ayaz.
So, guilt drove him to suicide?
He didn't act too guilty.
- [in English] What's that about?
- Terenzio.
[Sylvie] What the fuck is that?
- [thudding]
- [Osman grunting]
It's not gonna work.
[Laura] The blowtorch will work.
[metal clattering]
What about the soldier's ammo.
They have 50 calibre rounds out there.
We can take several of them
and tape them together.
- No.
- It will blow the door.
There are 300 gallons of diesel in there.
You'll burn to death.
The blowtorch. They'll be here soon.
- [brakes screeching]
- [fire crackling]
[Jakub in Polish] What happened here?
[in Russian] I need some water.
[Ayaz in English] What's wrong?
- I'm thirsty, Mum.
- [Ayaz] Water!
- What's she say?
- Water, now!
[Ayaz panting]
What happened here?
- No.
- [Ayaz] What?
The battery. Dominik's, it's flat.
- The charger?
- [Zara] It's in our room.
[Dominik panting]
[in Russian] Slow, steady breaths, baby.
Come on. Slow, steady breaths.
- [in English] The earthquake?
- The blowtorch must be in a 1000 pieces!
[in Polish] How will we get the seeds now?
[Col. Lom in English] Blowtorch, seeds.
We've got a bigger problem
staring right at our faces.
This wasn't caused by an earthquake.
It was a goddamned missile.
[sobbing] Fuck this.
[suspenseful music builds to climax]
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