Into the Night (2020) s02e02 Episode Script


One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four. One, two
Get your body on the dance floor ♪
Stop it.
One, two, three, four. One, two
I said shake, shake, shake, shake ♪
[both panting]
I've lost the rhythm.
Remember the Bee Gees, "Staying Alive."
- Ah, ah, ah ♪
- What if I don't like disco?
I thought you liked dancing.
I overheard you talking
to Coline and Bianca.
We should go out.
- Can we focus.
- Why?
- They grade us as a pair.
- No. I mean dancing.
- Is it 'cause I'm Moroccan?
- No, course not.
- Your family?
- Two, three Please.
My family owns a restaurant.
We could have dinner instead?
We do the best couscous and seafood.
I just want us to get a good mark.
- Pastilla, tajine. Mm, rfissa
- Okay, fine.
I'll come for dinner.
Now, pump!
- [both chuckle]
- [Moroccan music playing]
[Laura] Mm!
- Oh my God!
- See?
[Laura] "Zaacook?"
- Zaa'louk.
- [Laura chuckles]
- This is the best food I've ever tasted.
- It's my favourite.
You know, we have a lot in common.
We're children of immigrants
and we both want to help some people.
Speak for yourself!
I hate seeing people in pain.
It's stressful.
It's true.
It makes me nauseous.
- [chuckles]
- Then why become a nursing assistant?
If I want to leave home,
there are two options:
a career or marriage.
And I don't like any of the men
my Dad sets me up with.
So what kind of guy do you like?
See, I can be forward too.
- [Laura chuckles]
- [door opens]
- [footsteps approaching]
- What?
- [in Creole] Get up.
- [Laura] What are you doing?
[father] Get up, now.
[Laura] Did you follow me?
- [in English] Is there a problem?
- [in Creole] Good thing I did.
Shaming us in a place like this.
I'm not shaming you.
- [in English] Hey, calm down, man.
- Get your hands off me!
- What did you say?
- [Laura] Hey, no, no, no!
[sighs] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- You're a grown woman. You
- You, shut up!
[in Creole] Please, Dad!
[in English] Sorry.
[in Creole] Get out!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Zara in English] I'm so hot.
- I'm too hot.
- It's hot out here too, baby.
But they'll be back soon
with the torch soon, okay?
[Zara] Have you heard from them?
Have they found it yet?
Two minutes now, Zara.
Just hold on.
[in Russian] You hear that?
"Two minutes now."
[low battery beeping]
It's fine. It's fine.
[rat squeaking]
- [radio buzzing]
- [Markus in English] An explosion?
[Col. Lom] Affirm.
We'll hunt for a blowtorch
back at the main gate.
What kind of explosion?
A bomb. Maybe a missile.
- Did he say "missile?"
- Go tell the others.
- [sighs]
- A missile?
[panting] From where? From who?
That is the question.
One night to reach Norway.
We get the seeds and fly straight back.
- Are they here?
- No.
- Is there a problem?
- Someone's bombed the air base!
[Bisset] What?
The Russians?
Three days ago,
the Cosmonaut cut radio contact.
Then yesterday,
their bunker stopped responding.
- Coincidence.
- Not coincidence, coordination!
Then why? Why destroy our planes?
- I'll tell you why, the seeds!
- In Norway?
Yesterday, we broadcast our plans
to go get them, then this happens.
The Russians are gonna try to grab them
first, if they haven't already.
- We have a problem.
- [Osman] Shh! Keep it down!
A big fucking problem.
Yes, it's possible, but it's also possible
that something just exploded, no?
That's not a coincidence?
- Or maybe it was an earthquake.
- Then two coincidences?
I just mean,
we don't know anything for certain.
- [in Polish] She always such a contrarian?
- I can't follow the English, but yes.
- [Laura in English] Who sent the missile?
- I don't know, do I?
So, what's Sylvie doing now?
I think they're looking for tools
at the main gate.
[Laura] What do we do?
What's happening?
[suspenseful music builds]
We have a little problem
with the blowtorch,
but they're doing everything they can
to find a solution.
- You should save your strength, Zara.
- Okay.
Do you hear me? Save your strength.
[laboured breathing]
[Dominik in Russian]
What are you doing, Mum?
Saving us.
We're gonna have to save ourselves.
[Gerardo in English]
And who would do that to us?
The Colonel didn't say.
[in Spanish] So we know.
[in German] There must be a key!
[in English]
The "who" is a problem for later.
Right now, we must convince the mother
to turn on the generators.
- The heat will kill her.
- It'll kill all of us if she doesn't act.
- So we ask her to kill herself?
- Sacrifice herself.
- [in Spanish] Horst will pick the lock.
- [in English] Herself and her son?
It is a tragedy,
but one they caused.
[in Spanish]
Should we die for their mistakes?
[Bisset in English] We're here
to save people, not kill them, right?
Where does the venting pipe lead to?
Where does the pipe lead?
- It takes the fumes to the surface.
- What? That's good, isn't it?
- We're too deep underground.
- We can lower something down it, right?
- Like supplies?
- Or lower someone down?
No, no. It's too narrow.
It zigzags at the end
Zara and Dominik are
the smallest in the group.
If they could get inside the pipes
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, I'll take a look.
[in Russian] Baby, can you help me?
Come and help me.
Here, hold this for me.
[Zara straining]
I'll take that.
[in English]
It wouldn't hurt to have a backup plan.
You too?
You did tell them that their time
to solve this was limited.
[in Russian]
Is there a screwdriver in here?
Is there another one?
That's the only one.
[in English] Are we really ready
to sacrifice a mother and a child?
You're scared of the Turk
who grabbed your neck.
[in Spanish]
Hey! Please be careful, Sergeant.
[in Russian] Stand back. Hold this for me.
[in English] How's it looking?
- [breathing heavily]
- [Dominik in Russian] Be careful, Mum!
Stay back, Dominik.
[Bisset in English]
What if they refuse to listen?
[distant yelling]
Then we force them.
How? They're locked in there.
- Let me handle that.
- [Bisset] Don't do anything.
Just let me. Rik?
I was just getting some torches
so we can see better.
Rik, we need your advice.
Not to be dramatic,
but it's a matter of life or death, okay?
But of course.
- [in Russian] Come on! Come on!
- [pipe thudding]
Come on! Come on!
- Come on!
- [Dominik] Careful!
[muffled screaming]
[in English]
Hey! What's going on? Zara? Dominik?
- We got the vent open.
- [Ayaz] Great work. Well done.
[in Russian]
We need to get in there now. Come here.
Come on. [panting]
[low battery beeping]
Everything will be fine, okay?
You go first.
Come on. Okay, hold on.
[in English] If it's true, we need to find
a nearby airport and another plane.
- What aircraft are you rated on?
- C-17, A400M. I've flown some Kings.
Kings are too small.
We need a big hold for the seeds.
You want to go to Norway after all that?
This attack proves it, we have no choice.
We're on our own.
What if the Russians shoot down
the new plane,
and what if they come here to attack us?
[faint chattering]
Listen, we can risk our lives up there
or we can risk them here,
but we have to try, yeah?
So I need you to call Sylvie,
find out when they'll be back.
[Jakub] Sylvie?
- [sighs] Find anything?
- Nothing yet.
[Sylvie] Me neither.
[in Polish] Find anything?
[in English]
All the ambassadors are asking
is that we weigh up all the options.
Just in case.
There's no harm in having a plan.
- You're on their side?
- There are no sides, Osman
NATO has one mission, Osman. Survival.
[Ayaz] They're coming back, Zara.
Any minute now.
This way.
If they don't turn the generators on,
- we'll melt!
- Keep it down.
[Rik] Wait, wait, wait!
- Look, all the ambassador is asking
- You need to go.
[Bisset sighs]
Go now.
When I ask you to keep it down
it's for your own good.
Those two don't mess around.
I know.
I know, but it changes nothing.
It's about what's best for the group.
Osman, please help me, okay?
We just we need to be able to discuss
the options with them, that's all. Please.
Sylvie'll be back soon.
She'll have a plan.
[in Polish] I haven't found anything.
- Sylvie murdered Terenzio.
- What?
[ominous music playing]
- You knew, didn't you?
- What the fuck are you talking about?
She handcuffed him to the pole
15 minutes before this.
Show me.
Calling me a liar?
I don't know what
you think you saw, Colonel.
Whatever she did was for all of us.
- You sure?
- Yes!
If you try to punish her,
you'll have to go through me.
You may have hated the military,
but it taught you loyalty.
Find a tool to free the Russian.
[in Russian]
Let's climb up there. You go first.
- [Dominik] I don't wanna go first.
- Come here. I'll be behind you.
What if something's in there?
Trust me, whatever's in there
is far less scary than staying in here.
I'll be right behind you, okay?
Come on, honey. Come on!
[Dominik strains, coughs]
- [Dominik strains, yelps]
- [Zara panting]
- Are you okay?
- Maybe we could rest.
No, baby. I need you to try again.
You can do this, okay?
- [Ayaz in English] Any luck?
- He's trying again.
- [Zara] Come on.
- That's my little star.
Dominik, I know you can do it.
You can do it, Son.
[Dominik grunting]
I know you can't leave here,
can I bring you something?
I'm okay.
He's tough, Ayaz.
And so are you.
Sylvie and Jakub,
where are they?
Good question.
- [radio interference buzzing]
- [Markus] Colonel?
[radio interference buzzing]
Colonel? Anyone?
[voice in Spanish]
merciful God no one to perish
- some remedy unto salvation
- [in English] What's that?
I think a religious radio station
still playing a recording, or something.
That's so creepy.
Happened last week too.
Daylight soon.
If for some reason they don't
make it back, I'm staying out here.
I'd rather die by the sun
than be killed by those soldiers.
[Markus] What?
Felipe and Heremans would be the first
to blame the civilians for this happening.
Why would they do that?
They already want to kill me
because I burned the food.
Yeah, but this isn't your fault.
Yeah, I know. Thanks, Markus.
No, no, no, no. I mean
- Um, what I was trying to say
- I know what you're trying to say.
But I also know they'd execute us.
If they don't come back
[emotional music playing]
I'll stay out here with you.
Why would you do that?
- [radio interference buzzing]
- Colonel?
Hold on.
- That's it.
- I didn't find anything. Nothing.
- We should go to town.
- No.
These items may not work.
- We don't know how far town is.
- 26 km.
On roads we are not familiar with.
With dawn less than an hour away.
- Headed back. 10 minutes.
- But if we
[Col. Lom] Headed back, Sylvie.
[in Polish] Tell her to get in the Jeep.
- [in English] He's right, you know.
- Then what?
What if we can't open the door?
It's gonna work. We'll do it.
- You sure?
- We have to stay on Lom's good side.
- Why?
- Just don't upset him, okay?
Sylvie, please.
[in Flemish] "Pray, brothers, that
our sacrifice may be acceptable to God,
the almighty."
"May the Lord accept the sacrifice
for his praise and glory
- [Heremans shushes]
- for our good and that of his church."
"Lord, cleanse our sins."
[Felipe] Let's go.
- [Heremans] Did they open the door?
- No, which is why I need you.
- [Rik] What's going on?
- [Felipe] Come on. Time to save humanity.
[in Spanish] Thanks for nothing.
[in Flemish] What?
[Zara and Dominik strain]
[Dominik screaming]
- [in Russian] Everything okay?
- Yes, I can do it!
[panting] I promise.
You can do it.
That's right, baby.
You can do it. We'll try again, okay?
Come on!
[Dominik grunting]
[in English] You cannot do this!
- [Felipe] I don't want to.
- Then don't. Not yet!
- Set?
- [in Spanish] Let's go.
Let's wait until the Colonel returns.
What if he doesn't?
- We must save ourselves.
- [Bisset in English] Please!
- [Rik panting]
- Horst?
I'm trying to make a mould
of the lock, but I can't.
- There's a problem.
- Yeah, I know!
This bunker was built
to withstand a Cold War attack.
- The locks are different!
- Horst!
It's more urgent than that.
Then I order you to stop!
- On what authority?
- I'm an ambassador, damn it!
You heard what Colonel said,
"This is a military facility
under military command."
You waffle-eating arsehole!
- Out of the way, guys!
- [Horst] Guys, guys! [grunts]
- My God!
- [Bisset] Are you okay?
We have to stop them.
Stay back.
[Laura] What are you doing?
[Felipe] Tell the Russian
to turn on the generators.
- That's not going to happen.
- It is.
Tell her now to turn on the generators.
- [Bisset] Put down the guns!
- Stop this!
Tell the Russian if she refuses,
we'll shooting your people here.
No, you won't!
[Zara] Ayaz!
One bullet for each minute
those generators stay off.
Let's start with you.
[Zara] Ayaz, what's happening out there?
Ayaz, what is it? What's happening?
- Soldiers!
- [Felipe] Sir?
- [Ayaz grunting]
- [Felipe groaning]
- [gunshots]
- [all screaming]
- [Laura] Ayaz, are you okay?
- [Sylvie] Is everyone all right?
[Ines breathing erratically]
[Sylvie] Ines?
[Col. Lom spluttering]
- [Sylvie] No, no, no.
- [Heremans] Sir!
Fuck. What's happening?
[Felipe in Spanish]
Help him! He's dying.
[muttering in Spanish]
[in English] I said, help him, arseholes!
Just keep breathing, okay?
- [Felipe] Sir, bear with us.
- [laboured breathing]
[Felipe] Colonel, can you hear me? Sir?
[Laura] He's dead.
He lost too much blood.
What'd she say?
[Bisset] He's gone.
[Bisset] Thank you, Laura.
This wouldn't have happened if the mother
and son hadn't created the problem.
It wouldn't have happened
if you hadn't gotten guns!
- We were trying to solve the problem.
- [Heremans] A problem we still have, huh?
- [Bisset] Yeah.
- So, what are we going to do?
That's it?
We've looked everywhere.
I'm sorry.
[Zara] Ayaz?! Did you find something?
- Then we'll just have to make it work.
- [Osman] Okay.
- Are you with me.
- Of course.
[Osman] Here.
Stay back, Zara! Stay back!
- We'll give them until dawn.
- [Ayaz yelling faintly]
[Bisset] Ten more minutes.
Then we ask them
to turn on the generators.
What about this? Him?
Tomorrow night, we'll bury him.
Fuck burying him,
I'm talking about avenging.
[Heremans] You don't kill a solider
without consequences.
I agree.
But that's not what happened here.
It was an accident.
Not your fault, nor theirs.
Just an accident.
- [Ayaz yelling in effort faintly]
- [thudding]
We have a big day tomorrow.
Everyone needs to get some sleep.
[Ayaz screaming in effort]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Ayaz screaming in effort]
- [both panting]
- [Ayaz screaming in effort]
[Dominik in Russian] I'll try again.
[laboured breathing]
[in English] Give it to me.
[Osman grunts]
[Osman moans]
[in Russian] Remember that hill we climbed
by grandpa's dacha?
- [Osman moans]
- [thudding]
It was a mountain.
Yes, a steep mountain.
- [Osman moans]
- [thudding]
And we made it to the top, right?
- [Osman moans]
- [thudding]
We had to do something
halfway up, remember?
We had to rest.
- [Osman moans]
- [thudding]
Rest, exactly.
That's what we have to do now.
I'm okay.
I know you are,
but we need to save our strength.
Ayaz is going to open the door
any minute now, okay?
Come on.
[laboured breathing]
[Osman grunting, panting]
[Osman moaning, panting]
[Osman moaning, panting]
[suspenseful music playing]
[in English] Let's use the crowbar.
[in German] This is useless.
No, it's not!
Now do it!
[Ayaz screaming]
- [Ayaz screams in distance]
- [thudding]
Are you okay? You scared me.
- [Ayaz screams in distance]
- [thudding]
It's not working.
No, not yet.
I should've taken us into the town.
What town?
I don't know. Just any town.
- [Ayaz screams in distance]
- [thudding]
But you did your best. You always do.
- [Ayaz screams in distance]
- [thudding]
I messed up.
[Zara breathing erratically]
[in Russian] It's okay.
- [Ayaz screams in distance]
- [thudding]
It's okay, baby bear.
It's okay.
- [Ayaz screams in distance]
- [thudding]
It's okay. [sniffs]
[laboured breathing]
[sobs] Shh.
I need it.
[Zara inhales sharply]
Just steady your breathing.
[Dominik panting]
Steady breaths.
Steady your breathing.
That's better.
Isn't it?
[heavy breathing]
[Ayaz moans in distance]
[ominous music playing]
[in English] Leave me now.
Just go.
All of you.
[tools clinking]
- [Bisset sobbing]
- [Ayaz breathing erratically]
[hammer clattering]
[emotional music playing]
[Zara] It's not going to work, is it?
[Ayaz] I'm going to try again.
Remember how you thanked me?
It's my turn to thank you.
I failed.
You tried.
You tried to help us.
It's a lot more than most people would do.
Of that I'm sure.
I'm going to turn the generators back on.
[Zara] If we die,
you'll never be able to get them back on.
No. Uh, no.
Thank you, Ayaz. Thank you for everything.
You can't. You can't.
There's still time. I know there is.
Zara, please just wait.
- [laboured breathing]
- I'm telling you, we still have time.
Don't do it.
No. Zara.
Zara, talk to me.
Please, Zara.
No. No
[generator whirring]
No. No. No.
[electricity powering up]
[Ayaz yelling in distance] No! No!
- [inaudible dialogue]
- [emotional music continues]
[in Russian] In a fairy tale ♪
You can ride the moon ♪
Pom-pom-pom ♪
And ride a horse ♪
Across the rainbow ♪
[sobs] ♪ Pom-pom-pom ♪
And become friends ♪
With a baby reindeer ♪
Tired toys ♪
- [in English] We should go see him.
- [Jakub] He wants to be alone.
Osman, how long can we last
with the fuel that's in there?
Not long, but perhaps five or six hours.
Fuck, we still need to get inside.
But how are we supposed to get in there?
We wait for the sun to set, we go to
the nearest town and we find something.
[metal clattering]
Sylvie was right.
We should have gone to town sooner.
Okay. Tomorrow, we'll send a team
to check out the refinery on the coast.
- Maybe they'll have jet fuel.
- We need to mourn.
- I wish we had time.
- [Osman] A mother and her child
I know, Osman.
- And Lom.
- [yells] I know!
I'm sorry.
- Osman.
- Sorry.
Even if we find the right fuel,
how does that help us
get to the seed vault.
I mean, your plane, our plane,
they're both wrecked.
The closest commercial airport
is a couple of hours from here.
We can find a plane there
that can take us to Norway.
Okay, so if we can find fuel and a plane,
we leave tomorrow.
[Gerardo] Osman's right.
What's the hurry?
Lom thought
the Russians destroyed our plane
because they heard us talking
about the seeds.
- [Mathieu] Markus told me.
- [Osman] What?
The Russians want to stop us?
It's easy to be allies
when no one's hungry.
I'm worried
they'll take it all and we'll starve.
[hopeful music playing]
[Horst] Today was another reminder
that each day is a gift.
And that
we can never take tomorrow for granted.
And yeah, it's a cliché, but it's true.
Maybe it's even a warning
not to hold back from life.
To celebrate all the good times,
and the people who made them good.
You see, I don't think there's anything
wrong with having a little faith.
Yeah, if it helps you, then why not.
Thank you. It's very good of you
to give authorisation, Horst.
[Horst chuckles]
[both giggling]
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm such an idiot.
Well, at least we agree on that.
Yesterday, outside, you were right.
There was something on my mind.
Are you sure
you don't want me to bring you anything?
This evening,
I realised who it was you remind me of.
It was this man in my class.
He was confident, attractive,
and he was never afraid.
[Gerardo in Spanish] What are you doing?
An officer deserves an officer's burial.
Not one like this.
[in English] You should both know,
that once they get that door open,
we will have a quick funeral
for Zara and Dominik.
And we should all attend.
[Heremans] They won't be burying them
near the Colonel.
- What difference does it make?
- You don't bury a soldier with civilians.
And I really hurt that young man.
And I also hurt myself.
And all because I was too afraid.
I didn't stand up for myself
or my own decisions.
I believe in you,
and I want you to know that.
You're the most honest,
sincere person down here.
And Zara
Zara could see that.
- [sobs]
- [Laura] Don't give up, okay?
Because if you gave up, Ayaz,
I don't think I could carry on, you see.
- Did you see the video?
- He said there wasn't time.
I assumed
it was just bullshit he made up, but
It's true.
It's true!
I was scared.
I thought he could leave, he would have.
You wouldn't have been able
to open the gate.
You don't need to justify it.
I know you did what you thought was right.
I'm not sure everyone here
would agree with you.
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music building]
What do you think?
Laptops. Control room.
Do you think Lom told anyone?
I'm not sure.
What happened to him
was terrible either way.
But you, you and me,
we had a lucky chance tonight.
What do we do now?
So, what do we do now?
Tomorrow night,
when we go into the town,
I'll go back there
and destroy all of the film.
Thank you.
I'm not used to people being nice.
It's the least I can do.
We're all alive
thanks to your piloting skills.
And there's been enough
blood spilled this week.
We gonna tell the others?
We get payback.
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