Into the Night (2020) s02e03 Episode Script


["Perdus" by Angéle playing]
[indistinct chatter]
What are you dropping litter for?
Shall we go?
You've put on weight, no?
That's a good thing. It's healthy.
That was the whole idea, wasn't it?
[music fades]
So, was it good?
- Yeah, lots of fun.
- [chuckles]
And? Any fit boys there?
- No.
- [chuckles]
Come on.
You didn't get anyone's number for me?
No. They wouldn't let me keep my mobile.
Anyway, they're all crazy in there.
Yeah, especially you.
- Your best friend's a rat.
- Hugo's not a rat.
[both mocking]
- [in Italian] There's my little girl!
- Hey!
[Ines sighs contently]
You're already leaving again?
Yeah, I have two shows in Brussels,
then I'm going to Moscow.
I was hoping you'd stick around
for a while this time.
I know.
We could watch some movies
or hit the record store.
I'd love that, but I've already missed
a month of concerts.
- You're not going to see him, are you?
- No.
- He doesn't deserve you, you know.
- Dad.
- Fuck him!
- Dad, please!
- This is all his fault.
- [Ines] That's not true.
I'm responsible for myself.
He was just a symptom.
["I'll Wait"
by Kygo and Sasha Alex Sloan playing]
Can we at least have a jam session
before you leave?
[chuckles] Yeah, sure.
I'll never forget ♪
The songs we used to play ♪
And when I put 'em on ♪
The feeling never fades out my body ♪
[song continues from earphones]
I hope you're thinkin' of me ♪
[food sizzles]
[Heremans giggles]
[in English] Who taught you to cook?
I said who taught you to cook?
Your mother.
[music swells]
We don't know what we're doin' ♪
They say we're too young ♪
My mother would know
you can't cook potatoes without oil.
- [Ines screaming]
- [flames crackling]
[alarm blaring]
- [interference buzzes]
- [Markus] Ines, are you there?
Ines, are you there?
- [radio interference buzzes]
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, come again?
Almost back from town.
Everything okay there?
[suspenseful music playing]
- We should have a service tomorrow, no?
- Thea said there's no time.
No time? No respect.
She wants to beat the Russians
to Norway for the seeds.
She's correct,
and the colonel said the same.
Hopefully, the group found something
in town to open that door
so we can refill the generators.
You can bet once the Ticks get it open,
they're gonna arrange a big funeral
for the mum and kid.
- "Ticks?"
- It's what he calls the passengers.
You know those bugs that suck blood?
I was at Oxford before you were
putting sprinkles on your bread.
[in Spanish] Watch, they'll martyr the mum
and kid, when it was their fault.
[in English] Ambassador,
I think there's something we need
"Need?" Yes, uh
We need something for the grave.
Some stone or a cross.
[engine rumbling]
They're back!
[power tool whirring]
[metal clanging]
[Rik] Oh my God!
[men coughing]
[in Flemish] Mama, I want to ask you
to take care of this little angel, okay?
[Laura in English] Job's friends sat
with him in silence for seven days.
That's what I'll do with you, Ayaz.
But not in silence, that's for sure.
- [electricity powering down]
- You know me.
- [footsteps approaching]
- Who's there?
[Markus] Hey.
Why did the power go out?
- They're fixing the generator.
- So they got inside the room?
- Yeah, just now.
- And Zara and Dominik were
They were inside too?
- Where else would they be?
- I just
You never know until you know, you know?
- What's in there?
- Clothes.
Mostly coats
for the folks leaving for Norway,
but, uh, we got a lot of stuff
if you want to have a look.
Maybe later.
Ayaz still hasn't come out?
Tell him Mathieu and Sylvie said
they're going to be burying Zara
and Dominik.
So if you all want to attend, you should.
Thank you.
[emotional music playing]
[Laura] Did you hear that?
There's going to be a funeral.
Can you tell me
what you're thinking about?
I'm thinking that
if I'd of missed my flight that night,
I wouldn't be feeling all this pain.
It was God's will
for you to be on that flight.
To punish me for what I've done.
[Ayaz muttering in Turkish]
[ominous music playing]
What was that?
- Nothing.
- [electricity powering up]
Mathieu, Markus
and I will go west to find a plane.
Osman and Jakub will go east,
to the coast, to get fuel.
No, Jakub should come with us
in case we need a mechanic.
Okay. Good point,
but can Osman get fuel by himself?
- [Sylvie] I'll go with him.
- I was hoping you'd come with us.
If there's one thing I've learned,
it's you can never have too many pilots.
What about asking what we all think?
We don't care what you think.
Uh, I'm sure we can come to an agreement.
[Bisset] Osman will fetch the fuel.
The aeroplane team will be myself,
Mathieu, Markus, Jakub and Sylvie.
Sylvie, if you go,
who will oversee the other passengers?
Apart from the ambassador, of course.
No one oversees anyone.
Perhaps I stay?
Uh, no offence, Ambassador,
but they listen to Sylvie.
- She's their leader.
- It's true.
And it's not a bad idea
to keep a pilot here either.
- A helicopter pilot.
- He does have a point though.
I agree.
Okay, I'll stay.
- [Bisset] Perfect, so let's get going.
- [Sylvie] No, not just yet.
Not until we say goodbye.
[tense music playing]
[Rik] On days like these,
Jesus enjoins us to remain resolute.
He said, "In the house of my Father,
there are many rooms."
If there's one thing I'm sure of,
it's that there's a place in Heaven
for Zara and for Dominik.
But days like today
also make us question
why God needed those two up there.
On days like today
- [Jakub] Hey!
- Why? What's wrong?
You checking your watch.
Sorry. Oh, forgive me. Sorry.
Show some respect.
[Laura] Disgraceful.
Sorry. I don't mean to disrespect anyone,
but three hours from now,
we have to leave for Norway.
What happened to them is a tragedy,
I'm not denying that.
- It's right that we should mourn, but we
- Drop it, okay?
You think I don't realise
how painful this is?
I'm trying
to get us out of this, together!
I'm sorry for your loss, Ayaz.
I speak for all of us.
That's not them.
Their souls are gone.
[emotional music playing]
Their spirits left their bodies
a long time ago.
[Rik] You're right, Ayaz.
You're right.
We have to live.
For them.
So let's live.
- Right?
- Yeah.
How can I help?
You could go and look for fuel with Osman
if that's okay?
Of course.
Maybe you can find a second truck there
and bring back twice as much fuel.
Good idea.
We take off in three hours.
[tense music builds]
- Wasn't that odd, no?
- Very strange.
- You think he's planning something?
- I don't know.
But if I were Thea,
I'd be glad I wasn't going with him.
[Markus] What are you doing?
Gerardo said someone else
should move in here.
Maybe you?
Do you need something?
I, uh
I picked this up for you in town.
Something else?
I mean
Yes, one thing.
[thoughtful music playing]
Last night, outside,
there was something
I wanted to say, but I
If we don't make it back
from Norway, I'd like you to read this.
- It says it better than I can.
- Why wouldn't you make it back?
The Russians might decide
to shoot us out of the sky, you know?
You'll make it back.
I suppose I must.
If only to see you DJ.
People fucking died today, Markus.
I know.
A mother and child were living here,
now they're outside in the dirt.
Of course.
[ominous music playing]
- The whole night. I spent the whole
- [Markus] Ines!
- [Osman] How did he seem?
- [Laura] You saw how strange
Outside in five!
This is what you've been doing
instead of coming to the funeral?
[Felipe] Was I missed?
And I just learned that you also told
the other soldiers not to attend.
Don't you have to go?
[Bisset] I didn't want to leave
without telling you to not cause problems.
Problems are all I want to avoid too.
Same goal.
"Same goal"?
Is that why you call them the "Ticks"?
Who've you been talking to?
You know who else dehumanised people
by calling them animals?
The Nazis.
Well, a French official would know.
[punches bag forcefully]
Fuck you.
[Felipe] Have a nice trip!
[Laura] You see what I mean?
He's devastated. Absolutely devastated.
- [Osman] I don't know.
- I'm worried about him.
So, are you ready?
- Ayaz went to
- We don't have time for that.
We're on it.
Who made her the boss.
Anyway, what do you mean "bizarre"?
It's just, one minute he didn't feel well
enough to see anyone,
and suddenly, he came out.
Maybe he wanted to be at the funeral.
Don't you think?
Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on him.
- [Laura] Getting ready for the seeds?
- Yeah.
Horst says we can fertilise soil
with egg shells, huh?
But we're running out.
[Horst] Then we'll use something else.
Even if we do find the seeds
and we manage to grow food,
what about the sun?
What do you mean?
Lom was always saying
we'd find a solution.
And I know people are working on this
all over the world
- It's never gonna happen.
- [Laura] What?
But the scientist in Canada
and that American
Reinforcing the Van Allen Belt
with their nuclear warheads.
They don't get it.
- It's pseudoscience, a pipe dream.
- How do you know that?
I know enough to tell you
that it's totally pointless.
- But there's no need to be so unpleasant.
- I'm working, Laura, yeah?
[emotional music playing]
- [soldier] Ready.
- [guns clicking]
- Fire!
- [gunshots]
- Aim.
- Fire!
[soldier] Ready.
- Aim.
- Fire!
[soldier] Present arms!
Thank you, Colonel,
for leading us here today.
We will not forget your sacrifice.
Let's go!
[in Spanish] And thank you, Ambassador.
Thea may not have seen the importance
in honouring the colonel,
but these soldiers respect that you did.
Thea was focused on the greater good.
I also think she was worried
that focusing on the colonel's death
might rile up the soldiers.
His death was an accident.
Glad to hear you say it.
It would be different
if someone had murdered an officer.
Of course.
That would justify
getting "riled up," as you put it.
I'm sure it would.
What are you getting at?
Just important to know
the rules of engagement.
If the Russians bombed us,
they may come here to finish the job.
- You think
- Don't worry.
Our group will protect everyone,
as long as we stick together.
Of course.
Again, thank you, sir.
[suspenseful music playing]
[in English] How come the jeeps run, but
planes can only use fuel kept underground?
Planes can't handle the impurities
that the sun creates in the fuel.
Apparently, cars don't have that problem.
Assuming we find a plane,
how long before we know if it will fly?
That depends.
We're short on time.
I'll let you handle that problem since
you love staring at your watch so much.
- Don't start.
- [Bisset] Jakub!
I'm only here
to help my fellow passengers.
So, all these NATO pricks can get fucked.
You okay?
It's all right.
I asked Ines to clear out
Zara room and Dominik's.
I was thinking we could do a lucky draw
to see who gets the room.
I don't know, it might help to boost
the troops' morale a little bit.
- Don't you think?
- We should give Lom's room to Ayaz.
He'll need to be alone.
Zara's room isn't a good idea.
Yes, of course. You're right. I've asked
for Lom's room to be emptied too.
If you ask me,
I'd give it to your friend, Rik.
He snores.
[chuckles] Like a horse.
[tense music playing]
- Whose is that?
- A soldier's.
You know what you did back there,
forgiving Thea. I respect you for that.
She's right.
If we want to survive, we have to make
choices that are difficult.
She had the best intentions.
But other people don't.
Thea wants us to survive, that's all.
The soldiers only care about themselves.
The soldiers
There's a saying
in the Turkish Mafia, a sort of code.
- [Ayaz speaking Turkish]
- [Osman attempts in Turkish]
- [in English] What?
- [Ayaz repeats in Turkish]
[in English] It means,
"In the end, we all pay our debt."
Justice comes for us all eventually.
It will come sooner
or later.
We all pay in the end.
[Osman repeats phrase in Turkish]
[brakes screeching]
- This isn't good.
- What, they're too small?
Yeah. Too small to fly us there,
and too small to carry enough seeds.
You said it was a real airport.
Who knows? Maybe all the bigger planes
took off before sunrise.
- Where would they go?
- What difference does it make?
I don't know. Can't we take another,
refuel on route.
- Refuel? With what?
- I'm just thinking it through.
Even if we could use surface fuel,
it'd take us too long to keep refuelling,
the sun would catch us.
[indistinct chatter]
Got a second?
- What's up?
- Your stuff, in Lom's room.
Gerardo wanted it to clear it out,
not let it go to waste.
Yes, but he didn't say
you should move in there.
Then who, you?
We could share it.
- Give the room to Ayaz? Why?
- You really have to ask?
- Look, I'm not trying to be an arsehole.
- Then don't be.
All I've wanted this whole time
is for people to follow the rules.
- I know that.
- Without rules we're animals.
- And I'm not an animal.
- I know that too.
And when I think of that little boy
I had cousins his age.
Then I'm sure you can understand
how much it'd mean to Ayaz
to receive a little kindness today.
You tell him when he's back.
Thank you, Felipe.
Don't mention it.
[helicopter whirring]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Bisset] Any lights?
[Jakub] Over here.
[Markus] Whoa! Whoa!
If only we were driving to Norway.
[Bisset] What's plan B?
There's another airport this size,
but it's it's a bit farther to the north.
We can make it, barely.
So why don't we take one of these,
it'll save time.
No, no. These wouldn't get us far enough
without a stopover.
- [Bisset] Okay.
- [Mathieu] Let's go.
[in German] Holy smokes!
[in English] Wait!
If we're gonna drive somewhere,
why not get there faster?
Are there keys?
German car, German driver.
What? There aren't any planes.
Okay. Okay. Got that.
It was behind the fuel tank.
- We have to go to another airport.
- Okay.
It's in the opposite direction.
We're not going to make it back
before sunrise.
We're going to Norway?
Looks like it.
But we'll be back in a few days.
That's right.
Bring the truck over then.
[engine roaring]
[Bisset] Oh shit!
There's nothing here either.
[Mathieu] There!
[engine roaring]
- 319, no?
- That's the smaller 318.
Is that a problem?
- It's not much bigger than this car.
- That'll be no good.
It's fine.
Just have to take out the seats.
- [Bisset] Don't have time!
- [Mathieu] We'll do it in Norway.
[tyres screeching]
[Mathieu] Let's go! Let's go!
[Jakub] Why are the stairs still out here?
I don't know. Could be for maintenance.
I'll do a walk-around.
- You know this flight company?
- Must be a local charter.
We can take these out, right?
It's gonna take some time.
I'll do it while you're prepping
the seeds for loading.
[Mathieu] Can you smell that?
Rotten food?
Let's pray it's that.
[Jakub in Polish] Shit!
- [in English] Think he was a pilot?
- Looks like a farmer.
They must've heard the news
and come here hoping to catch flight.
But nobody came,
so they tried to fly themselves.
- Oh no!
- [Jakub] What?
She's holding a baby.
- [Jakub] Get out of here.
- [Bisset shrieks]
- [panting]
- You okay?
What's that Oh!
- Jakub and I will bury all three of them.
- "All three"?
There's a baby.
Oh my God!
- What?
- You don't want to know.
Okay. You and Markus find a tug
to get us on the runway.
- All right. Let's go.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Oh, there you are.
- [Rik panting]
We went to get more of the soil.
- Rik, can you give us minute?
- [Rik exhales]
Yes, of course.
What's your problem?
And don't say "nothing" again.
- Nothing.
- Don't lie to me.
- I believe in facts, Laura.
- Yeah, I know.
And here are the facts:
I love you.
And you love Ayaz.
- [door closes]
- [tense music playing]
[Jakub] Just ringing again.
[Markus] No fuel, no flight.
Maybe they're lost.
And if they don't come?
They'll come.
[breathing heavily]
- [Heremans] Rik?
- Yeah?
[in Flemish] Got a second?
Of course. What's up?
I've something to show you
in the control room.
[weights clinking]
[in English] It's not going to work.
Well, it's just a prototype.
No, I mean living and working together
after what you told me.
I just wanted to tell you what
You think you know what's in my heart.
How would you know that?
I heard you talking to Ayaz
in the corridor last night.
And what did I say?
You said that if he gave up,
you'd have nothing to live for.
If Ayaz gave up,
then I'd have trouble dealing with that,
but it doesn't mean
that I'm in love with him.
No, you silly fool.
I'm in love with you.
Guys, there's an emergency!
- What's wrong?
- Come on!
[suspenseful music playing]
[Mathieu] Okay, Markus and Thea,
if you could assist Jakub.
Let's get the fuel caps off.
We have 15 minutes
to fill up and take off.
- What are you doing?
- I'll radio the bunker.
Okay. Okay, great. I'll tell the others.
Yeah, do that, please. Thank you.
- Was that the plane group?
- Yeah.
Mathieu says they're taking off soon.
I haven't done a high five
since football at school.
Did you play sport? Really?
Until I got kicked off the team.
[plane engine rumbling]
Are they finished?
Almost. You know
I'm not familiar with this system.
I taught a helicopter pilot to fly,
I'm not worried about you.
Thanks. How's our time?
Three minutes, then we go.
So you weren't very good. [chuckles]
Well, no.
I mean, sort of, uh
We don't have to talk about it.
No, it's okay. It wasn't that bad.
It's just
I would pass out during matches.
So, they ran a bunch of tests
thinking that I might be anaemic
or hyperglycaemic.
Then they found out I wasn't eating.
Before the match?
Well, you know, I was eating,
but without actually eating.
Must have been tough.
- My cousin struggled with that too.
- Mm.
You seem better now.
[chuckles] Yeah, I am.
- [both chuckle]
- Looks like the sun will be up soon.
Shall we tell everyone the good news?
[plane whirring]
You all ready?
We are.
We're good, yes?
If everything goes right, then we're good.
[suspenseful music building]
What's all this?
[Felipe] Sit down.
Sit down or we'll tie you down.
[plane engine roaring]
- What are you doing?
- What do you think?
I think your parents are away
and you think you can throw a party.
I have been thinking about a party,
but, um, this is about a trial
for killing an officer.
Major Gallo.
[Sylvie] Terenzio?
You think I killed Terenzio?
We know you killed Terenzio.
You can't argue with that, can you?
[suspenseful music builds to climax]
It doesn't look good, Sylvie.
[ominous music playing]
You've got it all wrong.
[music swells]
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