Into the Night (2020) s02e04 Episode Script


[tense music playing]
She's asleep at last.
I only had to read her what, 10 books?
- You won't fit all that in two bags.
- Two bags is all I'm allowed.
And there's a weight limit.
- [sighs] Maybe it's a sign.
- [clicks tongue]
Oh sweetie! Please, please.
This is the trip
I've been waiting for all my life.
It's never gonna fit. This is madness.
And what if this is a manic episode?
Don't say that.
Have you seen yourself? Look at you.
You know what?
- It's been a number of months.
- What if you have an episode out there?
That won't happen.
The treatment's working. You know it.
And so do I.
Is that so.
[woman sighs]
I'm only trying to protect you.
It's funny, you know.
Whenever it's about my career,
you say I'm manic.
[man sighs]
It's strange.
Don't forget your pills.
[melancholic music playing]
[plane whirring]
[Mathieu] Nothing still, huh?
[man on radio] Nada. It's like
the Russians cut contact with everyone.
Roger that.
What's your plan if the Russians
are already at the seed vault?
I'll tell them there's enough
room for everyone. Plenty to share.
Good luck. Keep us posted.
[Mathieu]Will do.
And what if the Russians don't agree
that there's plenty to share?
They're just regular bolts.
Once we've unscrewed all of these,
the seats should just slide out.
[Osman] How many seeds
do you think we can carry?
If we fill this thing up?
A lot.
Millions maybe.
I keep think we won't need that many.
The thing with the sun will stop,
and we'll go back to normal.
There's no way. Even if the sun went
back to normal, nothing would be the same.
Assuming we find the right seeds.
Thea, what's your favourite vegetable?
Just grilled romaine hearts.
Nothing special.
Aubergine with garlic.
Turnips with breadcrumbs.
Like my grandpa used to make them. Ayaz?
[Mathieu on intercom]
Ayaz, can you come in here, please?
What about you, Ayaz?
- Chips.
- [Osman chuckles]
What is it?
If the Russians reach the grain store
before us, what do we do?
What are you asking me for?
Honestly, I'm guessing you're more
comfortable with conflict than all of us.
No offence.
All right. None taken.
But first, we should try to convince them
that there's enough for everyone.
See, tell them to share.
Wh What if they don't.
What if the Russians
don't listen to reason?
As long as there's fewer than 17 of them,
we should be okay.
That's oddly specific.
Oh no!
Seventeen rounds in this magazine.
- Where did you get that?
- The bunker.
[snickers] Put it away.
- I've got a bad feeling, Captain.
- There's nothing to do about it now.
[Markus] I may vomit.
Stress makes me vomit.
Take a deep breath, and then radio Ines.
Tell her we should be landing
in 30 minutes.
I will, just as soon as
we know if we actually can land.
Come on, call her!
I just don't see the point.
Well, I thought speaking with Ines
might get your mind off of everything.
What are you, school boys?
- [radio interference buzzing]
- Ines, this is Markus.
Can you read us?
[suspenseful music playing]
[on radio] Ines. Ines, can you hear us?
Where can she be?
I had no idea. Nobody told me.
I'm not saying Sylvie did anything,
I'm answering your question, that's all.
[Felipe in Spanish]
Whatever she says is a lie.
[in English] How do we even know
a video is telling the truth?
- [Gerardo] You don't trust your eyes?
- [sighs]
I'm just saying,
without the audio, it lacks nuance.
- It lacks context.
- [Heremans] Nuance?
- The Major burns to death in slow motion.
- [Gerardo] That's the truth, Horst.
The truth that is no one knew
what happened to Terenzio.
- And that's the whole truth?
- Yeah.
- Terenzio would have abandoned the others.
- But they were not coming!
I didn't know that then.
I suppose he was selfish, yes.
He made mistakes. He sinned.
But we all sin.
And Sylvie
Sylvie, what?
Sylvie what, Rik?
[Gerardo] How, Ines?
If Sylvie did what it appears she did
on that video, maybe Terenzio deserved it.
What did you say?
Yeah, Sylvie was
[in Flemish]
still wrong to do what she did.
Nobody deserves to be murdered.
[in English]
You murdered an officer, Sylvie.
As former military, you more than anyone
should know there will be consequences.
I was military,
which means I know I have rights.
And I also know you have no idea
what you're doing.
[Felipe] You think it's a coincidence
there's just the weak Ticks here with you?
We sent all your allies away, Sylvie.
At least all the ones
worth worrying about.
I know exactly what I'm doing.
[suspenseful music building]
[plane whirring]
Are you putting it on my side?
Last time I did a flyby check
it was over Iceland.
I saw nothing but Armageddon below.
I'm hoping you have better luck.
Are you trying to make me vomit?
There we go.
- No Russians.
- [exhales]
All clear.
[exhales sharply]
And how's that stomach now?
[wheels screeching]
- Two nights to load up?
- Maybe less.
The days are shorter in the North.
That gives us more time to load the seeds.
- And if the Russians arrive?
- This is the only runway.
They won't come. I've angled the plane
so no one else can land.
Captain Mathieu, sabotaging the commies.
That's impressive.
And so's the view.
It reminds me of when
I used to fly over the poles.
[truck engine rumbling]
[Jakub] Find anything?
Just a maintenance crew.
Just dead bodies.
Remember when that wasn't normal?
- Even from you, that's despicable.
- [Rik] It is not me.
- Who are you to judge.
- I don't judge. It's God.
- [Laura] Please.
- In the holy book. "Thou shalt not kill"!
[Horst] Stop it, will you?
"Don't bear false witness
against your neighbour."
- That's a commandment too.
- [door opens]
- Sylvie.
- [Laura] There you are.
What's going on?
It's the only place
we could find to talk in peace.
- We're hiding.
- I want you to know we're on your side.
- Whatever happens.
- Hey. Hey, she's right.
Yeah, we all are.
All of us.
Sylvie, I'm very sorry,
but killing is a mortal sin.
- Rik!
- [Horst] Stop, stop, stop!
It doesn't matter what happened.
What do we do now?
- The question is what they're going to do.
- The soldiers?
Those guys are evil.
Have you seen how Heremans looks at you?
Like a pervert!
If they come looking for someone,
it'll be me.
[door knocking]
[Jakub] Poor bastards.
They must have gone down at night
and then tried to leave in daylight.
[Bisset] They'd have started to burn
before they reached the door.
[Mathieu] Imagine coming out
and your skin starting to boil.
I'd rather not.
You'd have run towards the exit too.
It's human nature.
- We should bury them.
- No time.
We'll do it when it's dark.
- [in Arabic] To God we belong. To Him
- [Mathieu in English] The sun's coming up.
[Osman in Arabic] Rest in peace.
[in English]
The clubhouse for Flight 21. [chuckles]
The soldiers have no right
to punish passengers, including Sylvie.
Well, they see things differently.
But but I think I can convince them
to wait for the others get back
before they decide on Sylvie's punishment.
We should be thanking her. She saved us.
That would be great, Ambassador.
But it's a negotiation.
I'm going to have to give them
a little something
if we're going to get what we want.
[Horst] Meaning?
I propose, in exchange,
that you all stay here
until the others get back.
- What, so we're prisoners now?
- No, not at all. You're not prisoners.
- They're the ones who should be locked up.
- This is for your protection!
[scoffs] Protection?
That's what the Nazis said.
If you please.
I'm begging you, all of you
Stay calm, try and rest.
This will all be over
when the others come back.
Over for us, sure, but for Sylvie?
To a soldier
everyone is either an enemy or ally.
But we are the allies.
[Gerardo] Yes, you're completely right!
We just have to make them see Sylvie
as an ally again.
And that I'm going to work on it.
Leave it to me, huh?
I'll see you soon.
[tense music playing]
[alarm beeps]
I guess the seeds are through there.
[Jakub] Shit! Try that one.
- It's locked.
- [Mathieu] Locked.
[keypad beeping]
- [Markus, German] Know what you're doing?
- There may be a default code.
Were you a burglar too?
- [in English] We need a key card.
- [sighs]
One of those guys will have one.
We'll have to wait till it's dark.
[in German] What do we do now?
Wait until sunset.
[in English]
We should've stayed at the bunker.
Even with Rik's snoring.
- [laboured breathing]
- [Mathieu] Let's try to get some sleep.
[in German] I think I'm gonna be sick.
[in Spanish] How did they respond
to the idea of being locked in?
Were they upset?
The opposite. They appreciate it.
Huh. So, they're scared of us?
No, I just meant they were grateful.
No, I just meant they were grateful.
How did someone who gets so tongue-tied
get to be ambassador?
Watch your tongue, Sergeant.
I have a doctorate in war and conflict
from Pembroke College.
- It was a joke. Relax!
- That's in Oxford!
All I was trying to say is that
the passengers are okay with this plan,
and I hope that you
and the rest of the soldiers are too.
[in English] Only thing
he cares about is being popular.
He's a politician. What do you expect?
He's trying to help. He's a good man.
- We should go, get out of here.
- There's nowhere to go.
Only the bunker is safe.
Gerardo's right. We should rest.
Most of all, we need to be ready,
if they won't negotiate.
[Gerardo] Sylvie
[in Spanish] Sylvie did a bad thing,
but that doesn't mean
we should do a bad thing too.
I have no intention of being "bad."
Now that Thea is gone,
and the colonel is dead
we should do at least one thing
while they're away.
Uh, a trial?
Something I've been wanting to do
since we got here.
And what's that?
- [upbeat Spanish music playing]
- Have fun!
- Cheers, Ambassador.
- Cheers.
[Felipe chuckles]
[Heremans in English]
I hear this music when I sleep.
- [soldier] In your nightmares you mean.
- [indistinct chatter]
- Same three fucking discs, over and over.
- [Felipe chattering in Spanish]
Back home, a night out,
you never knew how it would end
I miss that.
The unexpected, you know?
[in Spanish] You're already going to bed?
You're so annoying. Buddy, come on.
[in English] Where's he going?
You want unexpected?
[suspenseful music playing]
[door scraping]
[door clicking]
[Ines] The door! Someone's here!
Horst, Rik, we need you.
[in Flemish] We didn't do anything.
You're not in trouble. [chuckles]
[in English] No one is in trouble.
Just need to show you something.
Uh, what?
[Heremans] Some science shit.
Let's go.
Just a sec.
[Heremans] Don't worry about that.
Everybody's waiting.
[suspenseful music building]
[Ayaz] Can I Can I help you?
- [in German] Shit!
- [Bisset gasping]
Keep calm!
[in English]
You're German? You all are German?
He is.
- [woman panting]
- Moroccan.
And Turkish.
And you?
- What you say?
- You're French, aren't you?
Get out of my head. You have no right!
[soldiers clamouring]
- You can't be serious.
- You'd rather box without them?
- [soldiers chanting]
- Why have us box at all?
[soldier] Rik needs to fight someone
his own weight size!
Like Ines!
- [soldiers chuckling]
- [Rik] Horst!
They can't force us to hit each other.
[in Spanish] This one's yours, okay?
[Rik grunts]
[in English] My name's Ayaz.
What's yours?
The One.
- The One?
- The One.
The Chosen One. That's why I'm alive.
- Stay back!
- [Mathieu] Okay.
- [Markus, German] Careful with the gun!
- [Ayaz] Wanna get shot in the face?
- [in English] You alone?
- [Mathieu] Yes.
We were chosen too.
All of us.
Yeah, he's right.
Yes. Yes.
There are dozens of them.
Why would they need Horst and Rik?
Maybe it is science stuff like they said.
In the middle of the night?
No, it's daytime.
You know exactly what I mean.
Something's not right.
I can feel it. Something's not right.
- Who knew you cared so much about Rik?
- Who cares about Rik.
You fucked Horst, didn't you?
Wash your mouth out!
- Oh yeah! You like him.
- [Sylvie] You should go for it.
- [Ines] Yeah.
- You should. He's fit.
- Isn't he?
- [all chuckle]
Something scientific
It's possible.
- [Felipe] Come on, Rik!
- [soldiers chanting]
Hit him hard
or we're gonna fuck your women!
[soldiers continue chanting]
[Felipe grunts]
[crowd silences]
Okay, man?
Hold him.
Make sure he can't move his head.
- Hey, hey, he didn't do anything.
- I didn't do anything!
[soldiers clamouring]
Come on.
You're not gonna punch a guy held up.
No, he's gonna watch a real fight.
- [Horst grunts]
- [soldiers cheering]
- [Horst grunts]
- [soldiers] Ooh!
- [Horst grunts]
- [soldiers cheering]
[Gerardo in Spanish]
What the fuck is happening here?
Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop!
What are you doing?!
We need Horst to cultivate the seeds!
[Heremans chuckles]
[in English] Are you okay, Horst?
Those outside,
were they your colleagues?
Ansgar is Ansgar was full-time here.
The other guy is some sort of scientist.
I don't remember his name.
How did you survive the gas?
[Bisset] The gas?
- The gas.
- No! No!
The poisonous chemical
that killed them all up there.
[Jakub] There is no poison.
It's the sun.
- [Ayaz] It's true.
- [Jakub] It's the sun.
- The sun, huh? [giggles]
- It's true.
[Ayaz] The sun is killing everyone.
- I know it sounds mad, but
- I'm not insane!
Water is the only common substance
that can be liquid, solid or gas.
The scientist told me.
What's his name again?
Why don't you tell me yours?
Gia. I'm an archivist
for the World Food Project.
- Hello, Gia.
- Yes.
How long have you been here?
Those two died on on my third day here.
[Bisset] That was five weeks ago.
You've been here alone at least five weeks
with no contact, no news?
No, there are no phones here.
Even before the poison.
There's no poison. It's the sun.
What have you been doing
all this time?
Well, I was avoiding the poison,
sorting the seeds,
and hoping I'll see my family again.
Are they in there, the seeds?
[Ayaz] Can we go in there, Gia?
I'm organising everything. Don't worry.
[suspenseful music swells]
[in German] What the fuck?
Keep your voice down. She's lost her mind.
[Bisset in English] What is all this mess?
I don't know much about seeds,
but I eat them for strength
against the poison.
- There is no poison gas.
- [Gia] Yeah, I heard you.
And him. And him.
But I know what I saw.
I went up, saw Ansgar and Benjamin
Benjamin. Benjamin! [laughing erratically]
I knew I'd remember his name!
- [keys jingling]
- [lock clicking]
- [Laura] Horst! Horst!
- [Sylvie] What the fuck?
What the hell happened?
We had an agreement!
They did nothing wrong.
- [Heremans] Take her.
- [Laura] Let her go!
- [Sylvie] You leave them alone. Let me go!
- Sylvie!
I'm just going to put this
I found this on the floor.
Gia Snow.
It's an antipsychotic.
- One of my employees
- She's psychotic?
Or bipolar. Either way, it's empty.
She's been here for so long.
- But it's sad, no?
- Exactly. Not her fault.
[Gia giggles]
Take Markus to the plane.
He needs to call Ines
and tell her we'll be back soon.
- But the grain.
- We'll work twice as fast.
She needs medication.
Let's hope we can find
what she needs back in Bulgaria.
We've have a problem.
She won't let us take her or the grain.
You knew you'd remember his name!
Can't something just be simple
in this new world for once?
Good breakfast, huh? [chuckles]
What's he doing here?
[Felipe] Ah, Rik's cool, man.
Ooh! [chuckles]
I had to lock up Sylvie.
She attacked Wilson and Kaplan.
- [Felipe] Lock her up where?
- The brig.
Hmm. It's where she belongs anyway.
I knew they were planning something.
- He sucker punched me.
- Who?
It doesn't matter who anyway.
It's gonna matter all right
when I kill him.
Don't say that!
I'm mean it, all right.
Horst, I've known so many fighters.
My brothers,
my father, my uncles. They all fought.
- But you're not like them.
- You've known me two months.
It's a compliment, Horst.
Don't do that.
[soldier] Small problem, sir.
Tomé and I were just up top
and we heard Markus shouting on the radio.
About what?
They might be coming back early.
They found some lunatic or something.
- Back early?
- But that's not the problem.
Markus kept asking where Ines was.
Said she was supposed to be the one
on radio duty at night.
And you and Tomé said?
Tomé said Ines was arrested.
- What?
- But then I said that wasn't true.
And then I ended the transmission.
Both of you
are idiots!
Please tell Tomé I'd like to chat
when he has a moment.
Can't have them coming back
thinking we've done something wrong.
If they think something's wrong,
they may not come back at all.
Let me take care of it.
Should I go with him?
Could you give Rik your keys to the rooms?
- I need them for Ines.
- Find Johansen.
Take his set.
I'm gonna ask Rik to see
if the other passengers want
some food or water.
Would you mind?
You'd really be helping them, and us.
[keys clattering]
Of course.
What was that about?
Nothing wrong with an alliance.
[lock clicking]
Yeah. I thought you might want some food.
- Is this allowed?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.
I think they see me
as some kind of a go-between.
I'm a passenger,
but I also have experience in security.
The keys?
Unlock the door.
- It's open.
- No, Rik. No.
- I mean tonight, when they're asleep.
- But why?
- Rik.
- Yes.
- They want to torture me.
- No.
Now, I can handle that,
but what about the others?
No, no, no. They told me
they don't want to hurt anyone.
Neither do I.
- I'm just gonna find a gun.
- Shh! What? What are you saying?
Look, I'll detain them
until the others arrive.
But you're not going to shoot?
No violence. It's just to keep the peace.
[sighs] Sylvie!
They were just trying to
blow off a bit of steam, that's all.
- Rik.
- Hey. The seeds are coming.
It won't be long
until we're all together once more
- Working together to survive.
- [scoffs]
- Working together to survive.
- Yes, that's it. That's it.
And what happened to Horst?
Was that to survive?
Help us.
[tense music playing]
- [lock clicking]
- [door opens]
- [Horst] For what?
- None of your fucking business.
Don't let him take her.
[Horst] You can't take her.
Calm down, Klitschko.
- [in German] What did he say?
- Ines was arrested.
- In what language?
- What do you mean, "in what language"?
What language was Tomé speaking?
Oh, English.
[in English] Ines? Anyone?
- [in German] Tomé's English is shit.
- He was quite clear.
[in English] Ines?
- [Horst] What do you need her for?
- [Heremans] Some help with the radio.
I swear on my mother's life.
Your mother is surely dead.
Then on my life.
The radio, that's it.
Come on. Come on, Markus is waiting.
[Markus] Ines? Anyone?
[Ines on radio] Markus?
- How are you?
- How's it going for you?
Good. Everything's good.
[Markus] Where were you earlier?
Tomé said there was some kind of problem.
No, no, no. No problem.
- Where were you earlier?
- [Heremans grunting]
[Ines] They're crazy!
Please come back! They're crazy!
[radio interference buzzing]
Ines, who's crazy?
We didn't catch it. What's happening?
- Ines!
- Just hurry, please! [grunts]
Can you come again? Please, come again.
Who's crazy? We didn't catch it.
Ines, we didn't catch that.
Can you hear me?
[in Flemish] Long run to Norway.
[tense music swells]
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