Into the Night (2020) s02e05 Episode Script


[suspenseful music playing]
[Gerardo sighs]
Hello, Thea.
[Bisset] Mrs Ancion.
[Mrs Ancion]
Your stepladder did the trick.
Oh, glad to hear it.
I had to get the baking tin down
to make some cakes with Anna.
- She's staying with me.
- [Bisset] How nice.
Where are you taking the cat?
- Just away.
- [horn honking]
Oh, do you know him?
Oh, he's just in a hurry.
Sorry. See you!
Okay. Bye, then.
It feels wrong not to tell the truth.
- What was that you put in the boot?
- My bag.
And what else?
My cat.
He doesn't weigh anything.
- We said no pets, don't tell
- It's been five years. He's been with me
- Thea, we agreed!
- I know.
- We voted.
- You said.
Nobody goes into the bunker
unless they're essential
You said, Gerardo!
He's just three kilos, that's all.
It gives me no pleasure
to tell you this, Ambassador,
but we take off
in 27 minutes for Bulgaria.
I'm not missing that flight.
Fuck's sake.
Mrs Ancion!
Change of plan.
I was just thinking, would you mind
looking after Pompidou tonight?
- Can we?
- Well
He could have a sleepover with Snowball.
He's already eaten.
He's easy really and he loves belly rubs.
Why don't you leave him at home?
I just don't want
to leave him alone tonight.
- Well, then
- Thank you.
- I tried. I tried.
- [cat meowing]
[horn honking]
If that's your boyfriend,
he should be more considerate.
- You can do better than that.
- He loves turkey, if grandma has any.
I know you don't get many visitors,
but still.
You won't forget the belly rubs, will you?
I won't forget.
It's better to be alone
than in bad company.
"They're crazy. Come back!"
Was there anything more?
Nothing. Well, not before I left anyway.
Markus stayed on the plane
in case she called back.
Those fucking soldiers.
- We don't know it's them.
- You might not know it, yeah?
She sounded terrified.
And if Markus was here,
would he say the same?
Why wouldn't he, huh?
[Mathieu] So what exactly is your role
as an archivist?
When they opened this place 12 years ago,
there was no system
for logging donations.
They just put the boxes on the shelves.
Oh, so they hired you to organise it all?
Oh, yeah.
And no offence,
but you're slowing me down.
But it's Ambassador Gerardo
who runs the bunker, not the soldiers.
All I know
is that Ines' voice sounded panicked.
All right?
What's up?
Markus and Ayaz heard something
on the radio.
- Ines saying they've gone crazy.
- Who's they?
The soldiers.
We don't know that,
but we should still go there.
- And the seeds, leave them?
- Maybe.
I get it, but this is about
the future of us all, the whole world.
Do you think we could
even make it back tonight?
- Yeah, if we leave soon.
- So, let's go.
Let's take all the seeds we can.
We might not be back for a while.
- We'll sort that out later.
- Yeah.
But first, we need to deal with that.
She'll never leave unless we force her.
Why don't we just leave her here?
I mean, she seems to have survived
all right on those seeds so far.
- We'll come back, no?
- [Bisset] No, we're not leaving anyone.
Enough people have been abandoned.
Now, let's go. With her.
[Ines breathing heavily]
- [lock clicking]
- [door opening]
- [Laura] Rik!
- [Rik] Ah.
How's your face?
It's fine. Where's Ines?
- She's gone?
- [Laura] Heremans took her.
[soldiers chattering]
[loudly] I'm not sure, the soldiers said
I could bring you some food.
So, uh
[quietly] Sylvie has a plan,
to make sure they don't come after
any of us because of Terenzio's murder.
She didn't murder anyone.
- That's not what the soldiers think?
- And you?
I hope the plan of hers involves
putting a bullet in their heads.
Horst! Shh!
She'll put the plan
into action later tonight.
Once they're asleep,
I'll unlock Sylvie's door,
then she'll get you.
[Laura] And then what?
Then, while we wait for the others
to get back, she'll hold them at gunpoint.
- [gasps] A gun!
- Shh. Not to hurt them.
Well, I think she should hurt them.
I know you're angry, but just think.
This is crazy.
- [Rik] She's right. It could go wrong.
- [Laura] Even Rik thinks it's stupid!
If this goes wrong,
there's no turning back.
Horst, listen to me.
Sylvie's right, though.
We have to do something.
We'll be ready.
[keys jingling]
Hang on. Do they just let you walk around
taking the prison keys with you?
Well, they put their trust in me, Laura.
If they trust you so much,
find out what Heremans did to Ines.
That's okay.
Let me in.
Open the door, please!
Open the door!
Let me in!
Open the door, please!
[suspenseful music building]
[Gia] Hello.
- What's with the masks?
- [Bisset] You were right, Gia.
We didn't want to scare you, but
There is a poisonous gas up there.
Yeah, and these masks work,
just don't breathe too deeply, understand?
We We're about to go now.
You should come with us.
No, I'm not leaving until I finish my job.
And then,
I'm going home to see my daughter.
- Okay. See ya.
- [Bisset] No, no, no, no.
Uh, we can help you see your child again,
but you need to come with us now.
with all the poisonous gas up there,
we don't know
when the next plane will be able to come.
I knew it.
[Bisset] Okay, Captain. Now what?
Jakub, Ayaz, and Gia,
you remove the seats from the plane.
Osman, fuel.
We'll get the seeds ready for transport.
- Okay.
- How long to we have?
- The landing gears go up in 45 minutes.
- [Ayaz] Okay.
And please, when you're out on the runway,
keep an eye out for any aircraft.
[Bisset] Why?
You said the Russians couldn't land
'cause you blocked the runway.
They can't, but the last thing we need
is them dropping a bomb
- while you're taking the seats out.
- Uh, so what do we do if that happens?
- Run.
- Or pray.
Gia, come on.
[Gia] And my colleagues?
[Osman] We buried them,
wearing masks, of course.
[in Flemish] I think that she and Sara,
the Czech soldier,
went into town or something.
[Rik] That's not possible.
When I was looking for you,
I saw Sara in the Control Room.
Is there a reason why
I'm in charge of Ines now?
No, but the other passengers are worried
because she vanished into thin air.
Who's worried?
Well, just concerned.
Let's just say they don't need
to be concerned about Ines anymore.
[in English] Four hours till the sunrise.
Don't worry. [panting]
Just find something to open the door.
Get back in the bunker, if you're lucky.
With the man who tried to kill you.
Ah-ha. Here you are.
I'm sorry to disturb you, sir,
but I feel it's my duty to inform you,
as the person in charge down here,
that we're headed towards a crisis.
A crisis?
[Rik] People are missing.
- People are plotting.
- Uh-huh.
They're talking the death penalty.
Talking shooting people in faces.
Shh. All right, slow down.
- Mm-hmm.
- Slow down.
I don't want insurrection.
I just want peace and harmony
among everyone.
Okay, Rik. Me too.
So tell me, who's got a problem?
[door clattering]
[Osman] Ayaz?
I want to make sure
we're doing this for the right reason.
[Ayaz] Meaning?
In the fuel truck, you said
you wanted to make the soldiers pay.
But how much do you want that?
Are you saying that I made this all up,
that there's no emergency?
I'm not saying anything, I'm just asking.
I need to know
we're doing this for the right reason.
Because if we want to survive,
we should take all the seeds now.
This is ridiculous.
So, you don't deny it.
[Ayaz] You want me to tell you
that I'm not lying?
No, I'm not lying.
[Osman] Step back, man.
You really think I would do that?
[Osman] Ayaz, you've had a tough few days.
No one would blame you
for feeling emotion.
Hey, guys, the seats. Let's go!
You think I'm emotional?
Yeah, but I get it. Anyone would be
[Ayaz] How's that for emotional?
[Jakub] What's wrong?
[Osman] You didn't have to do that.
I was just asking.
[Gia] You're not wearing a mask!
- You lied to me.
- [Jakub] Hang on.
You lied to me so I'd come with you!
We didn't mean to lie to you, it's just
I'm not going anywhere!
I'm not going anywhere!
See? She wants to stay.
[Ayaz] Mathieu and Thea won't let her.
We need to get her on that plane.
Come on. We'll put her in the cockpit.
- Mr. Ambassador, you promised
- [in Spanish] Sergeant! You have a minute?
[in English] I'm sorry, Rik,
but we can't solve this alone.
Do you want to tell him, or should I?
- I trusted you.
- [Felipe in Spanish] What?
[in English] Rik here says
that Sylvie is planning an attack.
I did not say an attack!
Sylvie isn't planning on hurting anyone.
She just wants to ensure that
Well, that no harm comes
to other passengers.
And And I assured her that
will not happen, but she's very anxious.
Rik, Rik, Rik. It's okay.
[in Spanish] I'll handle this. Good night.
- How?
- Rik and I will figure out something.
Go to bed. We've been up all night.
[in English]
We've all got the same goal as Sylvie,
safety and survival for everyone.
Thank you again, Mr. Ambassador.
[in Spanish] Have a good night.
Good night.
[in English] Now,
what we have to decide
is what we are going to do together.
[brakes screeching]
Is someone there?
[suspenseful music swells]
[tyre screeching]
Hey. Hey, can you hear me?
[indistinct chatter]
I'm coming in.
[breathing heavily]
Who's there?
[alarm clock beeping]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[voice playing from alarm clock]
[muffled] Oh God!
[alarm clock beeping]
[beeping halts]
- [metal clanging]
- [Markus sighs]
After we get this,
we'll go back and fill it up again.
- We?
- [Osman] Yeah, it'll go faster with two.
- What if Ines comes back on the radio?
- The others inside will hear it.
Ayaz, can you help?
I can't take them out on my own.
- Hold on.
- Okay.
Not too tight, is it?
I'll move you to the back with us
once all the seats have been taken out.
- Why?
- It'll be more comfortable.
No. Is what you said about the sun true?
So what's all this for?
Then why
Then why are you taking me away?
"Save one person,
and then you save the world."
[scoffs] You call this saving me?
- [Ayaz] We're gonna find your medication.
- [Gia grunts]
Why do you even care?
You think I'm your friend?
You don't know me, we've never even met.
If what you say is true,
then everyone I love,
everyone I know, is gone.
I'm so sorry.
Just let me be.
I'm begging you, Ayaz, let me go. Please!
I'll keep running until the sun kills me.
I can't do that now.
So why did you tie me up?
[sniffs] Why'd you have to be so violent?
- Violent?
- What's the point? [sobbing]
You mean,
like when you held a flare gun
a few millimetres from my face?
I was scared.
- Gia?
- Yes?
It's fine. I don't blame you.
- Yes, you were afraid.
- Yes.
[Ayaz] Yes.
And you had to survive.
Even if you didn't know why.
You want to live.
- [Laura] What are you doing?
- Waiting for Sylvie. Get your coat.
- Excuse me?
- Put your coat on!
- I'm staying here.
- [sighs] Don't be stupid.
You know, I used to think
you were arrogant, but charming.
Now I'm not so sure about the charm.
You want me to apologise
for trying to save you.
The only thing you're trying to save
is your bruised ego.
[Horst] She'll be here soon.
[packaging rustling]
[sniffs, exhales]
[emotional music playing]
If we don't make it back from Norway,
I'd like you to read this.
It says it better than I can.
[helicopter whirring]
[whirring continues]
What the fuck is that?
- [exhales]
- [whirring intensifies]
[suspenseful music playing]
[keys clattering]
[in Spanish]
Mr. Ambassador. Something you need to see.
[Heremans in English]Come on.
She's here.
- You made it!
- So Rik told you?
- [Horst] Yeah.
- I'm not going.
- Yes, you are!
- You don't tell me what to do.
Laura, if you don't go, I won't go,
and all this will have been for nothing.
He's right.
For you. Not for him.
- Where's Rik?
- He must have gone back to the dorm.
He's just acting dumb.
He's playing both sides like a traitor.
He took a real risk, Laura.
Oh, yeah? Is that why he's with
the soldiers pretending to be asleep?
Come on, Laura, let's go.
[suspenseful music building]
[helicopter whirring]
You're not hallucinating.
It's a helicopter. [exhales]
A real helicopter.
It's okay. Everyone's asleep.
[distant muffled wailing]
Did you hear that? Did you?
[distant muffled wailing]
Come on.
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screech to a halt]
[gun cocking]
Are you real?
Who are you?
[in Russian]
Stay back! Who the fuck is that?
I think she might be crazy.
Do we shoot her?
There's no need yet.
[in English] Are you with NATO?
No. No, I was in the plane.
We're in the bunker.
It's a long story.
Why did you blow up our planes?
- Your planes?
- And our comms.
They blew up the planes because
because they're evil.
And they locked me up
for going against them.
[suspenseful music building]
[music halts]
They expelled you?
Yeah. To die.
But I can take you to the bunker
if you help me get inside.
You'll never find it on your own.
Come with me. Come!
[in Russian]
We'll ride with her. Let's go!
- [in English] Just for protection?
- Yeah.
[Horst] What the hell?
- [soldier 1] Freeze, now!
- [soldier 2] Halt!
Come on, raise those hands!
[Sylvie] Ambassador, I'm glad you're here.
- I wanted
- Stop! Just stop!
I can't protect you anymore.
[device beeping]
We just didn't want anyone to get hurt.
- Oh yeah.
- Just for safety till the others return.
Violence, or even the threat of violence,
is never the answer. Never!
Sorry, but didn't you work for NATO?
[in Spanish] What?
- [device beeping]
- [explosion booms]
- [soldier 1 in Russian] Let's go!
- [soldier 2] Let's go!
[door creaking]
[in Spanish] What do you want to do?
[in English] Put the Ticks in with Rik.
Let's go.
Let's go!
[breathing heavily]
[Ines on radio] Hello?
Is anyone there?
Markus? Ayaz?
Is anyone there?
[groans] It's stuck.
Step back.
I'm going to try
to knock it loose. [grunts]
What was all that shit with Osman earlier?
Nothing, no big deal.
[Ines on radio] Hello? Hello? It's me.
- Did you hear that?
- [Ines] Can you hear me?
[Ines] Markus?
[suspenseful music building]
- Hello? Is anyone there?
- Ines?
- Markus? Ayaz? Anybody?
- Ines?
- Ines!
- Hello?
[radio interference buzzing]
- Ayaz?
- Ines?
- [Ayaz] Ines?
- Ayaz?
- Are you okay?
- Oh, well, no, um
I found some Russian soldiers
who let me back inside.
- The Russians?
- Yeah, I'll explain later.
But they think their own planes
were blown up by us.
- [radio interference buzzing]
- What about the NATO soldiers?
They believe that Sylvie killed Terenzio.
- But why?
- Because she did.
They arrested everyone
I don't know what they're planning.
Just hold on, Ines. We're on our way.
Is Markus still there?
He's outside.
Why, what is it?
I was thinking, I never asked you
Why do you speak English so well?
The caves behind me are natural limestone.
However, local Berber tribes have expanded
the caverns over centuries.
It's where Hercules is believed to have
slept while undertaking a great quest.
Tour guide?
Welcome. Bienvenue. Bienvenidos.
Dobro pozhalovat'. Wilkommen.
- [in German] German too?
- Just the important stuff.
"Is he your boyfriend or your brother?"
[both chuckle]
[Mathieu on radio] Osman?
- [radio beeps]
- Yeah?
- [Mathieu] Are you done?
- We need to make one last trip to fill up.
Make it quick. We take off in 15 minutes.
Copy that.
15 minutes, let's go.
[emotional music playing]
We'll be there soon, Ines.
Just hold on.
We'll try.
- I'm sorry. You were right.
- I really wish I wasn't.
[soldier] Shut up!
I've never even held a weapon.
Well you have now.
[in Spanish] When the others get back,
they won't hesitate to blame us
for how this ended.
How? With a trial for Sylvie?
[in English] With true justice.
- [Heremans] Delivered tonight.
- Delivered by you.
[in Spanish] Me?
If you, our esteemed,
rational ambassador does it,
the Norway group will have
no other choice.
"Live by the sword, die by the sword."
[indistinct yelling]
- [clamouring]
- [soldier 1 in English] What the fuck?
[soldier 2] Stay here!
- What now?
- We fight.
No. Hide!
[metal clanging]
[breathing heavily]
[tyres screeching]
- [Bisset] I'll start unloading.
- [Mathieu] Put them on the runway for now.
We'll need to move all those seats
for take-off, okay?
- [Jakub] That's what you're here for.
- Does Ines know we're on our way?
Osman said they'd be back soon.
- How's Gia doing?
- She's calm.
We tied her up.
Then why's she in the cockpit?
- [suspenseful music playing]
- Shit!
- Shit!
- [Bisset] What's wrong?
- [Jakub groans] Locked.
- [Mathieu] Gia, can you open the door?
[screams] No!
- You'll scare her.
- I know!
Open this fucking door!
- [door knocking]
- [Gia groaning]
[Jakub] Open the door!
[door knocking continues]
[Gia] I'm not going anywhere!
- [Ayaz] Move.
- [Gia sobbing]
I'm not going anywhere!
- [yelling]
- [machinery shattering]
Ayaz! Ayaz! Stop!
- [clattering]
- [grunting, straining]
- She's destroying the plane!
- What do we do?
Find another plane!
The nearest plane that can fly this far
is thousands of miles away.
But we need to get back,
so what's the plan?
[suspenseful music build to climax]
[tense music playing]
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