Into the Night (2020) s02e06 Episode Script


["Tout Oublier" by Angéle ft. Roméo Elvis]
- [phone ringing]
- [keyboard clacking]
Do we still get there two hours early?
- What time's your flight?
- Roughly midnight.
Mm. One hour early should be fine.
- [door opens]
- [woman] Horst?
Can I have a word?
Yeah, sure.
- [chuckles]
- Stop it!
Don't worry. She didn't see anything.
I've checked us in.
I'm not coming.
Why not?
[colleague 1] What's going on?
Laetitia's dumping Horst.
Heard her talking about it in the canteen.
[colleague 1] They've been together
for a few months, right?
Yeah, but last month
we were out for a drink.
He told me
he had never even had sex before Laetitia.
[melancholic music playing]
- Nothing?
- Not nothing.
Just not like it once was.
I wanted to tell you
before the conference.
Well, we could go as colleagues?
Maybe one day.
[phone rings]
- EEA Climate and Energy.
- [man on phone] Horst Baudin?
- He is not available right now.
- When will he be back? It's urgent.
- I don't know. Can I take a message?
- I'll call back, then.
[colleague 2] That call was for you.
- Who was it?
- I don't know.
He had sort of a Middle Eastern accent.
Sounded quite stressed.
Said he'd call back.
I'm not feeling very well.
I'm gonna work from home
and go to the airport from there.
What if he calls back?
I don't know. Bye, then.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Gerardo muttering]
It may sound funny, but
I believed in NATO.
Because I believe in peace.
I believed in truth.
I believe in truth,
and tribunals, and justice.
- [in Russian] Hands up!
- Get down!
[in English]
Gentlemen, please, calm down
[Russians clamouring]
[in Spanish] Fuck!
- [soldier 1 in English] Fuck!
- [soldier 2] Stay here!
- What now?
- We fight.
[Sylvie] No, hide!
- [Heremans] Who the fuck are you?
- Put the weapon down, now!
Drop your weapon!
[clamouring continues]
[Heremans] Put those weapons down!
- Put that down! I'm gonna shoot!
- Hey, hey, hey! Hang on! Hang on!
Everybody just calm down, okay?
Let's talk.
Let's talk about
how you destroyed our aeroplanes.
Uh We just [sighs]
I'm confused.
Confused or caught?
- [in Russian] Let's shoot them.
- [in English] Wait, is that Russian?
How are you alive?
Holy shit! You're from the Russian bunker.
What's left of it.
- You destroyed our aeroplanes.
- The woman told us everything.
Woman? What woman?
- [Ines] Oh shit!
- Her.
[Felipe] Ines?
Ines, what did you tell them?
Ines, I said,
what lies did you tell them?!
He left me outside to die.
- [soldier] Put the guns down.
- Hey! Lower those weapons!
[Felipe] Hey! Hey!
Hey! Okay?
It's okay.
[Felipe panting]
Did you just leave the Ticks?
[suspenseful music swells]
[all gasp]
- [Laura gasps]
- [Horst grunts]
[soldier 1] Down! Hands on your back!
[clamouring in distance]
[soldier 2] There they are!
[Jakub grunting in effort]
- [grunting continues]
- Take a break.
- There's nothing in the hangar.
- We'll never open the door with that.
Open this fucking door!
Stand back. I'm going to shoot it.
No! These doors are built
to withstand that.
- It would be dangerous for us and for her!
- Her? Who gives a fuck about her!
- [door creaks]
- [soldier 1] Move. Hurry up!
- [Ines] Oh, you're crazy!
- [Sylvie grunting]
[Laura] Rik!
[Sylvie] Rik!
Come here, let's help you.
- So what went on?
- Someone shot Gerardo.
But I don't know whether it was them
or the Russians.
- What Russians?
- It's his stomach. Give me that cloth.
Some Russians helped me
get back in the bunker.
But only because they think
we destroyed their planes.
- But why would they do that?
- I don't know!
I'm going to take this off, okay?
One, two, three.
[Rik yelps]
- [Rik groans]
- What happened?
Sylvie, I'm sorry for the
What did you do?
[laboured breathing] I was really trying
to keep everyone safe, Horst.
They said that's what they wanted too,
but when they insisted I take the keys
I knew they were lying.
[Rik] No!
I fought back but couldn't stop them.
[Rik] No! No! No!
They just wouldn't listen.
[Rik shrieking]
You told them the plan, didn't you? Hmm?
You little fucking boot-licker.
I was afraid, yeah, Horst?
We're stuck in here because of you!
No! It's my fault!
It's me who killed Terenzio!
I didn't want to kill him,
but I did. I regret it.
I'll confess.
I'll say I acted alone.
That way, they'll go easy on you.
But they stabbed Rik.
Heremans shot at me. Gerardo's dead.
- What?
- [Ines] They're after all of us.
That's why we have to fight.
that's why we should wait for the others.
- Oh, come on!
- Jakub said they'd be here in a few hours.
Yeah, exactly!
We stay here until they come.
We can remove the windshield.
That could work.
Yeah, if you want
to fly home in a convertible.
We get Gia, then put it back.
- How long, then, an hour?
- Or more.
Then we'd never make it back
before sunrise.
I thought if I killed Terenzio,
I'd take charge.
But if I can't keep you safe,
then was it all worth it?
Don't say that!
You're not confessing to anything.
Or I will too.
Me also.
I'd rather die than let you all do that!
[Laura] Then let's wait, Sylvie.
Mathieu and the others will
soon arrive here and it'll be the end.
We have no choice.
[Ayaz] Gia, can you hear me?
People's lives are in your hands, Gia.
You're the only one who can help them.
So If we fly without a windshield,
we run out of oxygen.
Yeah, and freeze to death.
Not if we fly low.
That's true,
but it would take twice as long to fly,
and we'd still land after dawn.
- Okay, what's the plan?
- Good question.
Okay, so, what, then? What?
First, we pray
she hasn't broken anything beyond repair.
- [Bisset] And if she has?
- If she has, we're stuck here forever.
Okay. Let's not think about that for now!
There must be some tools
somewhere in this airport.
We have 15 minutes to find any,
or we're not going anywhere.
I do not know what you're all saying!
But I do know one thing. We need
to get back to Ines and the others, now.
Let's go!
Maybe I should stay,
persuade her to open the door.
It's worth a try. Good luck.
Gia, can you hear me?
[sighs] Fuck.
- Don't blame yourself.
- Who else? I shot him.
- He had a weapon aimed at you.
- Does he have any family here?
No one here does.
Do you, in your bunker?
I got a brother there.
Not anymore.
[in Russian] Thank you.
- [in English] Something to warm you up.
- Thank you.
I thought you were starving.
If you want to get rid of us,
poison would not be a bad way.
[chuckles] And so would shooting you.
I've got 40 men down here.
You're going to have to trust us.
- Trust is earned.
- I agree.
So, how can we know for certain
you didn't send the bombs?
Did you not see the damage
at our airport when you landed?
You think we did that to ourselves?
If not you, then who?
That is a good question.
My husband told me not to come here.
[Gia sobs]
He said the stress
would make my symptoms worse.
You know, we've all been pushed
to our limits by this.
You're not alone.
- Yes, I am. We all are.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
- No, we're all in the same boat.
- All of us.
- [sobbing]
Gia, if there's one thing I've learned
these last few weeks,
it's that we need each other.
We all need to connect.
I used to be someone
who didn't care about other people.
I didn't think it was important.
For me,
life for me was work and more work.
But these people became my family.
They brought meaning to my life.
But it's not that, it's vanity,
and you're scared of dying.
Why don't you open the door
so we can speak?
no one's gonna force you to fly anywhere.
We just need to talk.
You're lying.
[chuckles] Just like the masks,
trying to trick me.
[Bisset] No.
Please open the door.
We We have to get back.
There are people who need help.
You can't save everyone.
But we should try, no?
[Gia yelling]
- [machinery shattering]
- Can you open the fucking door!
You fucking psycho!
[yelling continues]
There must be an armed,
unknown group out there.
Someone without fear,
but a lot of confidence and firepower.
- America.
- [scoffs]
No, not the States. It's too far.
Maybe some NATO missiles here in Europe,
but we would have known about that.
We monitor all NATO silos from here.
Nothing has been launched.
Could you launch them from here too,
if you wanted?
We could.
It would have been someone close enough
to not only overhear our Norway plans,
on the radio, but
who could have launched something
to strike both of these locations.
Who do you think?
I don't know.
[suspenseful music swells]
[Felipe] Something tells me
we better find out fast.
Osman, get it started. We're on our way!
[breathing heavily]
So, no luck?
There's no maintenance at this airport.
They must have everything on the mainland.
So, what now?
There's nothing we can do.
We'll have to go back to the seed vault
and wait out the day.
So we leave her in here
and let the sun kill her, do we?
Tomorrow night, we take her body out
through the windshield,
fix whatever needs fixing,
go to the bunker.
We should have told people.
NATO knew what was happening.
At any rate,
we had a good idea what was on the way.
The people would have listened to us.
The families, the couples,
grandmother and granddaughters,
they could have taken shelter
somewhere all together.
[emotional music playing]
I don't think
you want to dwell on the past right now.
That's what I thought,
but Gia
you made me see
that at the end of the world,
there's only one way to survive,
and that's with the people you love.
Otherwise, we can't live, we barely exist.
She isn't mad.
I think she's right. She's braver than us.
So what?
You want to stay here and die with her?
But as long as I can help the others,
I'm going to go.
We're leaving.
And I hope you come.
Did you hear that, then, Gia?
Final call before departure.
You really think I'm brave?
Not like me.
[Horst] They said they'd be back today,
but what time?
Whatever they said,
it won't be tonight. The sun's up.
[lock clicking]
You're letting us go?
Eat and get some sleep.
She asked, "Are you letting us go?"
Gerardo said something wise.
We must give the impression
you have received real justice.
What the hell does that mean?
After the sun sets,
when everybody awakens,
we will be holding a trial.
- For each of you.
- I killed Terenzio, alone.
- Sylvie!
- No one else, you saw the tape.
What tape?
- [Laura] You wouldn't!
- [Felipe in Spanish] Sleep well.
[lock clicking]
So they're gonna kill us.
Okay. I've changed my mind.
We have to get out of here.
And go go where?
To the seed vault.
We know we're safe there.
Once we're out, we call the others
and tell them we're coming.
So, how do we get to Norway?
[Horst] Ines said the Russians came
in a helicopter.
We might not have much,
but we have a helicopter pilot.
- Shit, really?
- [Laura] Could do it?
Could you fly it then?
Do you know the size then or the make?
No idea. They said they'd stripped
it down, all that's left is a metal shell.
- It can fly 600 miles.
- Svalbard's much further than that.
Wait. Most Russian helicopters can use
low-grade fuel. They're like lawnmowers.
- We can refuel on the way.
- [Laura] Great!
How do we get out?
[Sylvie] Where does that go?
Some of the rooms have vents.
They're connected.
We're gonna need a blowtorch.
We always need a blowtorch!
From now on,
someone always carries a blowtorch, okay?
- Maybe we can make one.
- [Ines] A blowtorch?
Well, we could try.
Okay, grab me those two batteries,
and the cables as well.
[suspenseful music playing]
[heavy breathing]
[laboured breathing]
- [door opens]
- [indistinct chatter]
[action music playing]
- [clattering]
- [indistinct chatter]
Wait. I can hear something.
[chatter continues]
- [Laura straining]
- [Rik yelping]
[Sylvie shushing]
- Two soldiers.
- [Horst] Who?
- Tanin and Dipper.
- Oh, let's fuck this.
- We need to get past them.
- We've gotta get past?
[Horst] Is there another way out?
[Sylvie] No, this is the only one.
We'll cut the power so they can't see.
[Horst] Then how are we going to see?
- [Sylvie] Good question.
- [Rik groans]
[Sylvie sighs] We're fucked.
What about Dominik's night vision thing?
He was always playing with it.
Would that work?
- That's a good idea.
- Wait. Sorry.
What's the plan now?
Walk past the soldiers in the dark
wearing night vision goggles?
Are you insane?
We have ten minutes until sunset.
Oh, shit. This is a fucking shit plan.
[Gia and husband on video]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Joséphine
Happy birthday to you
[suspenseful music playing]
[machinery whirring]
[Mathieu] Oh fuck!
She destroyed it.
[Bisset] Is it bad?
[Mathieu] It's not good.
We have to get in and check the damage.
Maybe it's not so bad.
[Osman] How's it going?
Ayaz wants to know.
Tell him to keep sorting the seeds.
We might be able to take them all.
- [Osman] Are we not leaving tonight?
- I don't know yet!
- [Osman on radio] Ayaz?
- Osman.
Mathieu won't know until he's inside.
He says to keep loading
as much as you can.
Okay, keep me updated, will you?
- Okay.
- [radio beeping]
[in German] What'd he say?
No decision yet.
If they can't fix the control panel,
we're stuck here.
The thought had crossed my mind.
[ominous music playing]
[electricity powering down]
- [Sylvie in English] Stay close!
- [goggles beeping]
- [soldier 1] What was that?
- [soldier 2] Fuck!
I think it's the generator.
[indistinct chatter]
[Sylvie breathing heavily]
[soldier 2] Dipper, wake up. Power's out.
Got a flashlight? I need a flashlight.
Do you have a flashlight?
- [Felipe] Is it out of fuel?
- [indistinct chatter continues]
Shine here! Come on!
It's broken.
Give me a screwdriver.
Give me a screwdriver!
- [clicking]
- [electricity powering up]
Someone shut it off?
The Ticks.
Come on!
- [Laura panting]
- Wait, we can't close it.
The Russians blew it up.
- We have to block it, slow them down.
- I've got an idea!
We're fucked, aren't we?
I know we can fix this.
With what parts?
We couldn't even find tools earlier.
Good thing we brought Markus.
[inhales] Both pilots are here,
and there's no one to come save us.
The Russians said there was
a third group that bombed us all.
- Didn't you say all Russians are liars?
- Yeah.
Historically, yeah,
but what if they're not.
What if there is a third group
and they're coming to get the seeds
Even if they are hostile, we can persuade
them that we just want peace, no?
We blocked the runway.
How would they even land?
We could clear it.
Drag the plane off the runway.
All the trucks here, they have chains.
- That way they can land, and we're saved.
- And what if nobody comes?
Then we make
the replacement parts ourselves. [panting]
[suspenseful music building]
[Felipe] Flashlight!
[in Spanish] Sons of bitches!
- [Heremans in English] What is it?
- Go get the jackhammer, now!
Fucking Jeep in front of the door.
No plane, no radio.
And we can't grow any of the seeds
because the temperatures are too low here.
So, what?
We starve to death?
[Jakub grunts]
Not like this. Not like this.
My family came from Egypt.
And they lived through many wars.
The Sand War, the Six-Day War,
the War of Attrition.
My grandfather always said,
"When you've lost but you won't admit it,
all you can do is scream."
I think it's time to scream.
[breathing erratically]
[Felipe] Let's go! Let's go!
[Horst] Hold it tight!
[Ines] Is anyone there?
Ayaz? Markus? Can you hear me?
They should hear us, right?
On the ground or in the air.
As long as the engine's on.
Don't worry.
Markus will be fine.
I have something to tell you,
but I was waiting for the others.
[Rik yelping]
I need to tighten the bandage.
You're still bleeding a lot.
But you'll make it.
He's anaemic. He told me on the plane.
- No, but it's not true.
- You told me, Rik.
It's why you couldn't join the army.
Yes, I know I said that,
but it wasn't true.
[sobbing] I was scared.
I've always been afraid.
Rik, they stabbed you to take the keys.
But you're still here, aren't you?
- [Rik sobbing]
- You're a hero.
[Osman on radio] We're gonna transfer
the plane off the runway.
Jakub says it'll take a few hours.
See you later.
[Felipe breathing heavily]
Where the fuck are they?
[Sylvie straining]
[Horst] You sure this fuel will work?
Yeah, in theory.
The problem is, when the Russians came,
there were just three of them.
With all of us and the fuel,
we could be too heavy.
[Sylvie straining]
[suspenseful music swells]
[in German] What are you doing?
The plane is destroyed.
And, like you said, we're stuck here.
I was waiting to deal with this
when we got back,
but it appears
that won't be happening now.
Who knows if we'll ever get back.
- What's wrong?
- Ines read your letter.
She told me everything.
[Markus] Yes.
Yes, it's true.
I won't lie to you.
How noble.
Lom said we'd just be scaring her.
"Scaring her"?
Zara was always arguing with the Colonel.
He said the goal was to scare them.
That's all. [breathing heavily]
It was an order.
A soldier must always follow an order.
What neither of us knew,
was that there was no key to that door.
Of all the doors, of all the luck
He wanted to teach her
that the bunker was dangerous,
and that she needed us.
I will teach you something.
First assignment: Kneel.
- You have to
- On your knees!
- You have no idea how terrible I've felt.
- I think I might.
[sobbing] I'm sorry.
[engine rumbling]
[Laura in English] You hear that?
A Jeep!
They're coming!
[all straining]
Come on! Come on!
Is there a problem?
I don't know.
Ignition, clear indicator light,
throttle control off
Come on! That should work!
I can hear them! They're getting closer.
- What does it say?
- I don't know, it's in Russian!
I'll do it again.
[in Flemish] You're a hero, Rik.
- [Laura in English] What do we do?
- The fuel.
Got it!
[helicopter whirring]
[Horst] We need to take off!
We can't! It'll take a minute to ramp up.
We don't have a minute!
What's he doing?
- Rik, come back!
- [Horst] We have to go!
What is he doing?
- Rik, come back!
- Go! Just leave!
[Laura] Rik!
We can't let him go!
We're out of here.
[suspenseful music building]
[Laura] Rik!
Come back!
[helicopter whirring]
[in German] It's been eating me up inside.
You have to know that.
I do. You're no monster.
You just do what monsters tell you to do!
[man in English] Hello?
- [Markus gasps]
- Anyone there?
They're there! Over there!
Just up there! Come on!
[soldier in Russian] Clear to fire?
- [in English] You're sure?
- Do it!
[in Russian] Fire!
[in Flemish] I'm not scared!
["Ghost Towns' by Radical Face playing]
[man] Hey! What's going on?
- [in Turkish] Drop the gun!
- [in English] He's gonna kill me!
- [in Turkish] Are you Turkish?
- Yes, brother. Put that gun down.
We have a submarine. We're researchers.
Go away, brother!
- Let's talk!
- [gun shots]
Don't do it!
Everybody pays the price!
I've got no need for open roads ♪
'Cause all I own fits on my back ♪
- I see the world from rusted trains ♪
- [music fades]
[in English] Where'd they go?
What is that?
- You want to lift it?
- Fuck you!
- [soldier 2] Holy shit!
- [soldier 1] Jesus Christ!
- [soldier 2] Horst fucking did it!
- [rat squeaking]
["All Time Low"
by Widespread Panic playing]
Now your eyes are running dry ♪
Ooh, like the space around me ♪
I take my spot in time ♪
Who knows who
Is both your best friend and brother ♪
When everyone's deserted you ♪
Who'd shoot first
And ask questions later ♪
If anybody's messed with you ♪
Pretty soon
We'll all be tumblin' like a barrel ♪
Thrown from the top of the waterfall
Well ♪
I'm drowning in piranhas in the river ♪
Man, what a drag
Man! ♪
Black heart sun rides the sky ♪
Now your wells are runnin' dry ♪
Like the space around me ♪
I take my spot in time ♪
Who knows who
Is both your best friend and brother ♪
When everyone's deserted you ♪
Who'd shoot first
And ask questions later ♪
If anybody's messed with you ♪
Pretty soon
We'll all be tumblin' like a barrel ♪
Thrown from the top of the waterfall
Well ♪
I'm drowning in piranhas in the river ♪
Man, what a drag! ♪
Man, what a drag! ♪
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