Inuyasha (2000) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Wh - why! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! - Is it here? - Yes.
The stake pointed in this direction, then lodged itself by this tomb.
We'll check it immediately.
Why would beasts respect a tomb? Lord Sesshomaru! This is it! There's no mistake! The fang I search for the fang.
Once I possess it, I will be able to transform myself into an even greater power! It seems my power is still insufficient, I'm still too naive.
Am I unsure of myself? No I just don't know my limits.
I presume too much about my power The fang I want the fang Jaken the Human Head Staff.
Yes, my lord.
The female's face is screaming.
Does that mean this is not the tomb you seek? Lord Sesshomaru, please wait! Dangerous, so dangerous! Just who is he anyway?! Hurry! I must report this without delay! To Master Inuyasha! We'll meet up with the main troops tomorrow.
Men! Eat boar's meat tonight and energize yourselves! Yo! Such a man of strength and power is our lord and master! What an amazing man! I'll take an enemy general's head! Who goes there?! - What's the matter? - My Lord! Why you who are you?! A boat A boat? Who has the luxury to lend you a boat in the middle of war!? I want a boat.
What?! Why you! Lord Sesshomaru! I can't find any boats in this area! Huh? Oh! So many boats! Leave it to Lord Sesshomaru! Wh - what? You're not mortal, are you? Beast! We'll kill you! Surround him! Jaken I'll let you deal with them.
Yes, my lord.
Feel the full power of my Human Head Staff! Hah! Not a piece left of them! Fools! If they hadn't resisted us, they would still be alive.
Wherever Lord Sesshomaru goes the powerholds of the samurai go astray.
It's over and done with, my lord.
Huh? Err Please wait, my lord! This is?! The staff changed directions? Is the location of the fang moving? Lord Sesshomaru What is it? The location of the tomb.
I believe that Inuyasha knows where it is.
Inuyasha? It's a name I'd rather not remember Please forgive me! Besides, he is not alive.
I heard that a spell was cast upon him fifty years ago.
Yes but I have heard that the spell was undone only recently.
Also, my staff has been pointing in a different direction.
I believe this has something to do with Inuyasha's awakening.
By the way, my lord Won't you release the staff? I can't breathe! Huh I'm exhausted.
How could an average middle-school girl like me get hurled into the Warring States period? My family are the protectors of an ancient shrine We have a sacred thousand-year-old tree on the premises a mysterious, secret well I guess thinking back it was a pretty strange shrine.
The time warp to the Warring States period is connected to the secret well.
And now all kinds of phantoms are after the Sacred Jewel which was hidden inside my body.
The old priestess, Kaede, and the rest of the villagers are very kind so I've been able to manage somehow.
But it's too frightening to think about all the demons that may come in pursuit of the Sacred Jewel.
Let's go, Kagome.
What? It's the first time you said my name.
So what? Maybe you've decided to be a bit nicer to me? Hey! Don't get cheeky! Who'd be chums with a girl like you?! What?! And who was it that just saved you? Look if it hurts, just speak up and say so! Shut up! Although he's rough and rude and mean in order to find the fragments of the Sacred Jewel I hope Inuyasha and I can get along.
I've been walking continuously for three days.
Perhaps I will rest a bit.
Huh? What's that sound? What was that? My imagination, maybe? Tending to my wound? Forget it! No! It's a serious wound.
Get down.
Nope! Come down, I said! Hah! Sit! Why you What're you doing?! Tending to your wound! What else? You've just been through the mill and you're cut up, beat up and mangled up! Get one thing clear I was the winner! Don't you forget that! Priestess Kaede, how is your injury? It's much better now.
I hope the fragments of the Sacred Jewel can be found soon! You children need not worry your heads about it.
But if Inuyasha and Kagome could get along for a while longer that would be a big help.
Looks like they're getting along fine.
Just undress! Cut it out! Undress! Do not look! Huh?! It seems as though you're starting to get along.
Huh?! You! Can't you understand that my body is different?! Huh?! It's already healed.
That terrible injury is healed And not even a scar! Amazing! Don't compare me mortals! I ain't flattered at all by your amazement! He's not human, but he's not a demon.
So what is a half-demon ? Oww! Greetings, Master Inuyasha! Huh? Why if it ain't ol' Myoga the Flea! Flea? What's up, Myoga? It has been so long! So long Master Inuyasha What'd you do? Shouldn't I have? Men are trying to violate my old man's tomb? I, Myoga, protector of the tomb could bear it no longer and here I am.
You abandoned the tomb and ran away?! But that tomb was just stone.
The urn itself is in another location.
Then where is it? Well, I do not know myself.
And you call yourself a tomb protector?! Inuyasha, I have heard that your father phantom dog that once ruled over the western region.
I don't remember much about 'im.
He was a magnificent and powerful demon.
And his blood was so flavorful.
Master Inuyasha has inherited the tasty blood from his father.
Hmmm and his mother? His mother was very beautiful.
Inuyasha! Don't be so rough! My mother died a long time ago! Why? Did I say something to anger him? Hmmm I do not know.
All I did was ask about his mother.
Master Inuyasha is always like that when the subject turns to his mother.
His father was a full-fledged demon.
And Inuyasha is a half-demon.
Half demondoes that mean the other half is human? Is that why ? You're just half-demon with half the power.
Pitiful thing.
You wanted this in order to become a full-fledged demon, huh? Half of him is mortal.
He's not a whole demon.
That's the cause of Inuyasha's complex.
So Inuyasha's mother was human? My mother died a long time ago! His mother is human.
Is that why he hates her? I'm off! Kagome, wait! What? I must hurry to the other side! It's something extra to carry, but take it.
I already have so much.
Didn't you say your friends there have gotten injured? Make sure you sterilize their wounds and treat them.
All right! I wonder if Inuyasha really despises his mother? Wh-what?! Get down! Inuyasha! Can you feel it? There's something weird coming.
A noble's palenquin? There's a lady inside.
Inuyasha! What's the matter? M-my mother? You are Inuyasha! Agh! Mom! What's happening? I thought you said your mother was dead! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Inuyasha, your mother! You Damn! Jaken Yes, my lord? We kill him after our business is done.
Yes, my lord.
You Sesshomaru! Admirable so you remember your older brother? You Sesshomaru! Admirable so you remember your older brother? Older brother? Your brother? A mortal girl? Wh-What? Inuyasha It suits you to stick to humans.
Disgusting beasts called humans.
To be a half-demon whose mother is a human is a disgrace to all our kind! So Inuyasha's mother is human, after all! Sesshomaru you! Did you come all this way just to tell me that? Fool! I am not so idle as that! I came to ask you the location of our father's grave.
Grave? Who knows?! Visible, but invisible The true protector of the grave cannot see it.
That is the clue to the gravesite.
I don't know what you're talking about! Besides, even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you! That's for sure! I see Then it can't be helped.
Your mother will suffer for it.
Inuyasha! Are you stupid?! My mother died a long time ago! As if I'd fall for such a trick! Trick, huh? Do you not understand? Bringing dead spirits from the netherworld is a simple task for someone as great as Lord Sesshomaru.
He was even so kind as to give her flesh! Her own son won't believe that it's her.
How mortifying it must be for your mother! Inuyasha! It's not some trick ?! I am returned from the dead Damn! Iron Reaver Soul Stealer! Are you all right, Mother?! Kagome! Take my mother and go! You will not escape.
You hopeless imbecile! Mother! Inuyasha! What a nuisance.
It's going well, my lord.
Just leave everything to Jaken! You made me go along with this silly scheme If it fails You will die.
Oh Please leave it to me.
Where is this? We are at the border of the spirit world.
I must now return.
The spirit world? Yes You are dead, after all.
Inuyasha How you have grown.
Of course! I was just a little kid when you died.
It was a violent age.
And I left you all alone with no one to care for you.
Forgive me.
How you must have suffered.
It wasn't your fault.
Inuyasha Huh?! Inuyasha and his mother They're okay.
Wh-what My body I can't move! Huh?! There's no face in the reflection! Inuyasha! My voice I can't speak! Mother Parting is so sad Inuyasha.
Yes Have you realized it, Inuyasha? She doesn't have a face! She's not your mother! Inuyasha sacrifices himself to save his mother.
Inuyasha must be a child of an upper classmen if his mother is wearing a ceremonial robe of a Japanese court lady.
Never would have guessed with his rough speeches.
Sesshomaru sets a trap using Inuyasha's feeling toward his mother.
Inuyasha! She is not your real mother! Next time, Inuyasha "Tetsusaiga, the Phantom Sword" See you then.