Inuyasha (2000) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Half-demon Inuyasha born half demon and half human.
Unable to come to terms with this circumstance he tries to possess the Sacred Jewel in order to become a full-fledged demon.
Despising such a younger brother the cold-hearted Sesshomaru concocts an evil plan.
In a cart appears Inuyasha's human mother who is supposed to be dead.
Seeing his mother bound in chains Inuyasha's feelings of anger reach the boiling point.
Impossible! My mother died a long time ago! As if I'd fall for such a trick! Trick, huh? Do you not understand? Bringing dead spirits from the netherworld is a simple task for someone as great as Lord Sesshomaru.
He was even so kind as to give her flesh! Her own son won't believe that it's her.
How mortifying it must be for your mother! I am returned from the dead Iron Reaver Soul Stealer! You hopeless imbecile! Mother! Inuyasha! Miss Kagome! - Miss Kagome! - Miss Kagome! Hey! Look! Over here! What're you doing in the middle of the night? Did I wake you? I'm sorry.
I was just lowering the bicycle seat to Kagome's height.
She took her own bike to the other dimension.
I thought she'd have a hard time using this one when she returns.
Sis won't be back for two or three days.
She took so much clothes with her.
I know.
But I just want to do what I can for her.
Sis is so lucky! You're so concerned about her.
Oh, but I'm just as concerned about you, Sota.
Concerned that you won't wet the bedding again.
How can you say that?! I'm already in the third grade! I won't do that! I want you to help Sister out too, okay? I know.
A falling star! Oh! Please let me win the lottery! There's no face in the reflection! Inuyasha! Inu - My voice I can't speak.
Please notice it, Inuyasha! She doesn't have a face! She'snot your mother! Inuyasha I must return to the netherworld.
Oh Must you go? Inuyasha Look at the surface of the water.
That's back when I was a kid So you remember! When you were a child I often embraced you like that.
Good boy Let me hold you tight.
I won't let go.
Become one with me.
Mother Inuyasha! Wh-Why can't I move?! This isall an illusion! Kagome! Snap out of it! It's me, Myoga the Flea! Who would have thought that the one looking for the tomb would be Sesshomaru, Master Inuyasha's elder brother!! Such a formidable foe! Poor thing, you're chained up and unable to move.
I'll undo the spell in a moment.
Hmm? Looks delicious! Thank you! I think I can move now.
My son My dear son Hey you! Un-Mother! What's the use of sucking the breath out of him?! Master Jaken! What you do to him later is no concern to us! But first, you must get the information out of him! The location of the tomb of Inuyasha and Lord Sesshomaru's father! That Jaken fellow is Sesshomaru's henchman? The Human Head Staff You must watch out for that.
'Kay! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Please remember Where is your father's tomb? I don't know Think harder! Open up your heart to me.
What's that?! The black pearl in the right The black pearl in the right? That's not enough to go on! Find out more! Master Jaken, if I delve any deeper this boy's spirit will be broken.
So what? Just do it! There, there Inuyasha.
I can't breathe, Mother! The face! Hey! Not yet? Hurry, or I will face the wrath of Lord Sesshomaru! Huh?! Why you puny troublemaker! Wait! Let Inuyasha go! No! Inuyasha! Huh?! He's being sucked in! What'll I do? Kagome! You must awaken Master Inuyasha's spirit! Spirit?! The demon is the Un-Mother.
She was created by the forlorn spirits of mothers who lost children to famine or war.
If you reawaken the spirit that's under the spell of the Un-Mother his body will be released! Awaken the spirit?! But how? Oh joy You and Mother will soon be one I won't make it in time! That child is Inuyasha? Yes! That is the work of the Un-Mother's magic! If I erase that image, then Inuyasha! Wake up! Inuyasha Are you all right? Damn! Damn it to hell! How dare they use my mother like that?! It's all the work of Sesshomaru and Jaken.
What?! Inuyasha I know where the tomb is.
What?! Sesshomaru! Why you! I never imagined it would be there! Very clever That father would pick such a place.
The black pearl in the right Father didn't want anyone to disturb his resting place so he hid his tomb there.
You What kind of nonsense are you talking about?! So you were entrusted with the tomb unknowingly.
Well then, would you like to visit father's grave with me? Master Inuyasha! Inuyasha! No wonder it was useless looking underground.
Visible, but invisible.
The true protector of the grave cannot be seen.
And it is the black pearl imbedded in your right eye.
And just for that You tricked me with my dead mother's image! It was just a joke.
Why you! Unforgivable! Die! Huh?! The Un-Mother? She protected Inuyasha? The Un-Mother is a demon filled with motherly love.
It's in her nature to try to protect children.
My son Hey you! Don't interfere! Or else we'll both be killed.
But!! Jaken! Jaken! Lord Sesshomaru! I have my Human Head Staff back! How I have waited for this moment! The old man laughs! The tomb will now open! They've disappeared! Master Inuyasha, hurry and enter before the entrance closes up.
Lord Sesshomaru intends to take sole possession of your father's treasure! I'm not interested in that! Don't say such a thing! Shut up! Who said I wasn't going?! That Sesshomaru I'll kill 'im! Kagome, it's dangerous, so you stay here Huh? Will you hurry up! Hey! Hey, Sesshomaru's inside! That's why we have to go teach him! Neither blood nor tears flow through him! He's unforgivable! Father Those bones are your father's? Can't you tell? Well, even if you say that How was I to know?! It's so huge! His father was a phantom of incomparable stature.
And here he is in his truest form, undisguised.
The treasured sword imbedded in his bones That is what Lord Sesshomaru is after.
I am finally here.
To possess the sacred sword imbedded in my father's bones.
The lethal fang sword known to kill a hundred beasts in a single stroke! Known as Tetsusaiga! Tetsusaiga was forged from one of his father's fangs.
Being in possession of this sword empowers you with as much strength as your father! Can't pull it out? He was ever so cautious.
There's a spell on it.
Sesshomaru! Hmm? I haven't finished with you yet! Damn! Where'd he go?! This is our father's resting place.
Be respectful! You hypocrite! You're the one trying to to rob his grave! Now get out of here! Master Inuyasha! Look behind you! Behind me? Why? That's the sword made from your father's fang That's Tetsusaiga! Huh?! It's just an old, rusty sword! Tes-something-or-other?! Hah! You can't even cut a turnip with this! Master Inuyasha! Please draw the sword out.
Lord Sesshomaru, you were unable to pull Tetsusaiga out.
Isn't that so? And you say that Inuyasha can? But of course! Master Inuyasha was meant to inherit the Tetsusaiga! The fact that the tomb was entrusted to Inuyasha is proof of that! Now hurry, Master Inuyasha! Draw the sword out! What inheritance?! What treasured sword! I could care less about this rusty sword! But Sesshomaru! You've insulted me once too often! Now you'll die inside our father's grave! Where are you aiming? Oww! Such a childish attack! Master Inuyasha! You cannot fight unarmed! Get the sword! Shut up! Inuyasha! Just go and draw the sword out! Kagome! Sesshomaru couldn't do it! Now, if you pull it out with ease Sesshomaru's pride will be in shreds! How embarrassing for him! I see All right! That'll be really fun to watch.
Hey, I can't wait to see your face! No! Master Inuyasha is immune to the spell which cast off Lord Sesshomaru! I knew it! Tetsusaiga is destined to belong to Master Inuyasha! Draw it out, Inuyasha! Draw it out, Inuyasha! Huh?! Huh?! Oh dear! Hey I couldn't pull it out! Wh-why?! Let's cut the comedy.
My poison claws will sublimate you! Wanna turn me into slime, huh?! You won't get away! Why you! Lord Sesshomaru! Let me assist! Hey you! Coward! What?! Take that! You puny troublemaker! Why little wench! Even humans like me can fight! I won't lose this time! What?! Is that all you can manage?! Darn it! I'm not done yet! This is it! Disappear! Inuyasha! Huh?! Sorry I pulled it out.
Sorry What'll I do? The Un-Mother a tragic demon who is the reincarnation of spirits who lost their children during the Warring States Era.
Sesshomaru used this demon for trickery and I find that unforgivable! I have no idea how I came to be the one to draw the sword But I'll use it to make him pay! What?! Sesshomaru turns into a giant dog-demon?! Next on Inuyasha: "Showdown: Sesshomaru vs.
Tetsusaiga!" Don't miss it!