Inuyasha (2000) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

The black pearl in the right eye Imagine, the gateway to the tomb was hidden in Inuyasha's right eye.
No wonder Lord Sesshomaru was not able to find it.
Now that the location of the tomb is known the sacred sword, Tetsusaiga, will belong to him.
Tetsusaiga, the sword known to slay Lord Sesshomaru, now take hold of it! And you say that Inuyasha can? Sesshomaru couldn't do it! Now, if you pull it out with ease Sesshomaru's pride will be in shreds! How embarrassing for him! Master Inuyasha is immune to the spell which cast off Lord Sesshomaru! I knew it! Tetsusaiga is destined to belong to Master Inuyasha! Draw it out, Inuyasha! Enough of your antics! Inuyasha! Huh?! Sorry! I pulled it out.
Im impossible! Inuyasha, let alone Lord Sesshomaru, could not budge Tetsusaiga How could a mere mortal? You shouldn't have looked away! Huh?! Just who are you? Why were you able to draw out the sword? I guess he's no longer interested in you and your life's been spared, huh? Fool! Sesshomaru! Leave her alone! She has nothing to do with you! Inuyasha! Don't come near me or I'll kill you! Neither you nor I could draw out Tetsusaiga.
Yet she had no trouble against the spell.
You expect me to let her go? I don't know why the spell had no effect on her! But she's only a human girl! Kagome! Hand over Tetsusaiga to Sesshomaru! No! He couldn't pull out the sword! That means he's not the rightful owner! I WILL NOT give it to him.
Fool! A mortal girl has nothing to do with this! Stop interfering! Stop interfering, you say?! Inuyasha You seem to be very interested in the actions of a human.
Why protect her? Why let her go? Why love her? I certainly did not inherit from our father the feelings of compassion towards humans that you have.
It was this feeling for a mortal woman, your mother this weakness of the heart that caused our father to end up here like this.
Tainted blood courses through your body! Is it this blood that endears you to humans? Well, I don't pay any heed to such infinitely vulgar beings.
Inuyasha! Kagome! So totally useless, right, Inuyasha? Sesshomaru! Humans, as well as half-demons.
Why! Iron Reaver Soul Stealer! Wake up! With tainted blood like yours, you cannot touch me! Damn! What can half-demons do?! You're just half a demon! Half-demon, huh? Go! There! Half-demon? Mother! What is a half-demon? That's right Iremember.
At that time, my mother cried for my sake.
She thought of my future and cried for me.
It doesn't matter whether one is human or demon! I can't forgive you for playing with my mother's memory But for her sake, I will not lose to you! This one's for my mother! And this one is for Kagome! Wh-why?! It was useless a minute ago Anger over a mere mortal woman? You act in the heat of passion and rush to your death You are a truly pitiful fellow.
Why you! I'll slit you open and cut out your guts! For Kagome, who died a senseless death! Phew! I thought I was a goner! Wh-hat!? Huh?! Hey you! You actually tried to kill me! Well, you're going to regret it now! Get ready! - Here! - Huh? I think this sword has special powers.
Go for it! How how come you're so energetic? Huh? Hmm? I see The sword's spell protected you.
Amazing This Tetsusaiga to thwart the deadly poisons in Lord Sesshomaru's claws! Master Inuyasha, do not fear! Try out the Tetsusaiga on Lord Sesshomaru himself! Listen to you, prattling on! What's happening?! He's so mean and evil! We'll see if a half-demon can wield the Tetsusaiga! I will bear witness! He transformed! Hah! Now he's shown his true colors! And just because he coveted this Tetsusaiga Does this sword really have such awesome powers? Kagome! Hide nearby.
Nearby? Where? Okay! Now show me, Tetsusaiga, your power! He pushed me back! Hey, Myoga! What's going on?! This sword can't cut! It didn't even leave a lump! Err well, Master Inuyasha That sword is your father's heirloom.
You must believe in its power.
And by no means must you release it! Now then, excuse me! Wh-why you! Turn Lord Sesshomaru into fodder! Why! Kagome! A miasma! Don't breathe it in! Don't breathe it in?! Up! Escape upwards! Inuyasha! Never mind, just escape! Those toxic fumes can kill any demon in an instant! Lord Sesshomaru! There! What about Inuyasha?! Hey! Will Inuyasha be okay? Huh? I wonder? Huh?! Just leave things to Master Inuyasha for now! We must concentrate on escaping! Inuyasha! Strong poison I can't linger here much longer.
Damn! My arms and legs are becoming numb! Even a useless sword like this hasta be more irritating than a mosquito bite! Inuyasha! Master Inuyasha, now do you see the power of Tetsusaiga? Now for the finishing blow! Fool! This sword is as useless as a cane! Are you saying this isn't the treasured sword of your father? Hah! He escaped! Damn! Does this junk do anything?! Damn! Hang in there, Inuyasha! The first blow worked! Hah! It didn't do a thing! But that's YOUR sword! I have faith in your power! How can you keep talking such rubbish?! I'm hardy, so I'll survive.
But you may end up dead! Is it really hopeless? Well Hey Did I Did I make you cry? Don't cry! You expect me to laugh?! Shut up! I'm saying I'll protect you! Cripes! Just stay there and watch.
I didn't hear wrong, did I? He said he'd protect me Inuyasha is crude but he's different from Sesshomaru.
There's something different.
Damn! What the heck anyway? Come, beast dog! Tetsusaiga is pulsing! I can hear it Is this the lifebeat of Tetsusaiga? It's different something's changed! Lord Sesshomaru! Get that half-demon Inuyasha and devour him, head first! He hasn't lost yet! Do your best, Inuyasha! I can do it! This fang! A fang! What an heirloom the old man left me! Hey, Sesshomaru, listen up! Here we are, two brothers, fighting for our father's treasure compared to his magnificence, we're nothing! Do you understand? We're battling it out now, on top of our father's body! We're nowhere near his equal.
I don't have any memories of being loved by my father! But he chose to hide his fang inside my eye! And I ain't giving up this sword! Not to anyone! Not even to my "fine" older brother! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Please wait! Inuyasha! Inuyasha, are you all right?! Thanks, old man You left me a pretty handy heirloom.
Master Inuyasha, well done! I, Myoga, had faith in you! Please wait! Look there! I was arranging for transportation to go home.
I certainly did not intend to run away! You understand? Then you didn't run away? Huh? Well, when you ask me so nicely I'm sorry! I thought you had no chance in a hundred against Lord Sesshomaru and I ran away.
I underestimated you, Master Inuyasha.
I am so terribly ashamed of myself.
Myoga Huh?! Oh dear What a happy day! Are you all right, Inuyasha? I just returned to normal.
There's no tomb or treasure here anymore.
My old man can finally rest in peace.
But why were you able to draw out this Tetsusaiga? I must say, you have some strange powers.
Uh-huh I believe that it was because Kagome is a mortal.
In the first place, Tetsusaiga was forged by Inuyasha's father in order to protect Inuyasha's human mother.
It is a supernatural sword that can only be wielded by one who feels love for and protective towards a human being.
Shut up! I said I'll protect you! I see! That's why the sword started to pulse.
Tetsusaiga is pulsing! There was just no way someone like Sesshomaru, who despises humans could control Tetsusaiga.
Such a strange story.
Inuyasha thinks that being a half-demon is a weakness.
That's why he didn't want to feel anything for his mother.
But it is necessary for Inuyasha to have feelings for humans.
That is what his father wanted to teach him.
Perhaps it is Inuyasha rather than Sesshomaru who inherited the true traits of their father.
Huh?! What's this?! It turned back into a useless, old sword.
Inuyasha! Huh? Shall I tell you the secret to controlling Tetsusaiga? What? Do you know? Can you really protect me with that sword? Huh?! What're you saying? Are you sane? You're the one who told me, "I'll protect you always!" I did not! Now listen here, Kagome.
One day, I'm gonna become a full-fledged demon a magnificent one at that! And with this sword I'll be able to gather all the fragments of the Sacred Jewel.
And that means I have no time to waste on a girl like you! Hey! What?! Sit! I was such a fool for believing for an instant, that he could be kinda nice! Damn Kagome! What'd you do that for?! Wait! Show me how to control this sword! Seriously injured, Sesshomaru makes his escape.
His severed left arm is buried in his father's tomb.
Inuyasha takes possession of Tetsusaiga a sword forged from his father's fang.
He sets out in search of fragments of the Sacred Jewel.
He comes to a town where young women are taken to a mysterious castle and meets a young samurai determined to save the princess.
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