Inuyasha (2000) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Half-demon Inuyasha covets the power of the Sacred Jewel.
He was able to take possession of Tetsusaiga, his father's sword and defeat Sesshomaru in battle.
But this only makes him more determined to become a full-fledged demon.
Priestess Kaede warns me to make sure that Inuyasha doesn't find all the fragments and disappear.
Not to worry! Inuyasha may have Tetsusaiga but I also have a potent weapon.
Inuyasha, sit! Oh, this feels so good! Sparkling clear water and clean, fresh air! There's something to be said about this age, after all! It's been three days since we left the village.
Maybe there aren't any fragments of the Sacred Jewel left in Musashi country.
Huh? Say, are you listening?! Huh? Oh, you may be right.
But my, my the firm, luscious flesh of young women Hey you! I'm just going to take a peek.
Stop! You'll only get whacked! See? Master Inuyasha, you can't resist either Huh?! What?! I'm not peeking! Get my clothes back! A finger whistle? Here, here Hiyoshimaru.
Good job.
Th-this isn't something to eat! Hey! Please return my clothes! Wh-who are you?! You look suspicious! That's our line! "Potato Chips" You really must've been hungry.
Want some tea? Uh-huh Want something to eat too, Inuyasha? No thanks.
If you'd help me eat, I'd have less to carry.
Well, why'd you bring so much stuff each time you go back to the well? Well, I have clothes to change into, homework Listen here Mmmm The dried potatoes were delicious.
My thanks, woman.
My name is Kagome.
He's Inuyasha.
And This is Myoga the Flea.
Who the heck are they ? You said you had become separated from your comrades.
Are you from a high-ranking family? For personal reasons, I cannot reveal my lineage.
But call me Nobunaga.
Nobunaga?! Not! Please let me shake your hand! And Please give me your autograph! Autograph? Oh, your name Please sign your full name.
Why're you so excited? He's Nobunaga Oda!! Don't you know him? He's soooo famous! His full name is not Nobunaga Oda.
Nobunaga Amari? No! Aren't you Nobunaga Oda?! I belong to the Takeda Clan in the land of Kai.
Don't lump me with that cretin from Owari! Cretin? I mean "fool"? If you're not Nobunaga ODA, why didn't you say so earlier?! I got excited for nothing.
Ahem Thanks for the food.
I have an important mission, so I'll take my leave.
Fare thee well.
Hey, that's the ledge.
Such a simpleton but he's not Nobunaga Oda.
Why are all the girls in the domain being taken there? I heard that none of the girls summoned to the castle have ever returned.
Wh-what? So the rumors are true! Why do we have to keep this guy company? Well He doesn't seem like someone who can manage.
Look, we have to look for the Sacred Jewel Just between us, I heard that the lord of the castle has been possessed by a demon.
What?! Princess Tsuyu Have you adjusted to castle life? Yes, I have naught for want.
I am glad to hear that.
Err My lord? Yes? I understand that you have summoned many of the young village women to the castle Where are you keeping them? You do not need to know! Please pardon me for being so intrusive! I'm so frightened.
I wish I could go back to the land of Kai.
No mistake about it This place reeks with the smell of evil.
I'm sure we'll find a Sacred Jewel fragment.
Okay, let's take a leap up there! Kagome, hop on my back.
Hey, why're you jumping on my back?! I have business at this castle, too.
Then climb up yourself.
Just take him, too.
Please! Oh well! Hang on tight! Such lax security Everyone's asleep.
Master Inuyasha, please be careful.
They're under a hypnotic sleep.
Probably everyone here in the castle.
Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Princess Tsuyu! Where are you?! Nobunaga is here to rescue you! Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Is it safe for him to yell like that? Well, everyone's under a hypnotic sleep.
With this much noise I'm sure the demon will come seeking us out.
Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Are you all right?! Princess, what has become of you?! Say, Nobunaga Isn't the princess you're looking for over here? Huh? Oh! Such a beautiful princess! We must awaken her! I'll taste her blood! Princess! Nobunaga? Why are you here? Princess Tsuyu you recognize me? How could I forget you? You are my childhood friend who was ever so kind to me.
Oh Thank you for those words! I thought you had long forgotten a lowly vassal like me.
You'd fall into the pond or slip on horse dung and always made me laugh.
Say, Inuyasha Do you think Nobunaga is in love with the princess? What a silly question! I wish I could return to those days! Princess! My lord husband began to act strange shortly after I came here as his bride.
He fell at the edge of the pond in the garden and ran a terrible fever.
He completely changed Almost like he was another being.
Nobunaga, what am I to do?! You have no choice! You must return with me to the land of Kai.
Even your father has heard of this lord's derangement.
In fact, he ordered me to come for you.
My father's orders? Even had he not ordered it I would have Nobunaga Princess Tsuyu, I Nobunaga On top of your head Hiyoshimaru! Hmm It's come.
Let's go, Kagome.
Intruders! So there you are, you demon! Let us see your true form! A toad?! My lord! Princess! Hang on! I see it the Sacred Jewel! For someone with the Jewel, he doesn't look strong.
Beware of him, Master Inuyasha.
This demon toad is the Toad of Tsukumo.
He is a formidable foe! Hah! I'll crush him in one blow! Oh no! Toxic vapors! Kagome, do not inhale it! Okay When'd you get here? Princess Tsuyu! Get back, Monster! Fool! Just what can you do, mortal?! Nobunaga! Princess! Princess! Don't move! You're badly wounded! Never mind me! Save the princess! Nobunaga You truly love the princess, don't you? How could you tell?! Don't you know it's pretty obvious? That disgusting toad! He won't get away! I'm going on ahead! Halt! Hey! Princess Tsuyu I like you Let me have you! Found you, you repulsive toad! It's too late Wh-what are these?! Princess Tsuyu! The rumors were true Just like toad spawn.
The Tsukumo toad demon seals the souls of young women until they mature, then eats them.
He used the magical powers of the Sacred Jewel to possess the clan lord, as well as the domain.
He intends He intends to devour Princess Tsuyu?! Why you! A miasma! Back away! Die, Toad Demon! You did it! Ohh! You're controlling the Tetsusaiga! Well, he is rescuing a mortal.
I'll use Tetsusaiga to slit your belly and dig out the Sacred Jewel! I'll die! Spirits! Spirits! Revival! His wound has healed! Why that! Keep stabbing me! And for each wound, I'll eat a fresh spirit! Princess! Princess Tsuyu! Princess! Nobunaga! Nobunaga! Princess Tsuyu! I now have no regrets in life! What're you doing to my princess!? Keep your mouth shut! Princess Tsuyu! I I Is this all my doing? Huh? It's too late to act innocent! That voice It's the voice of my kind lord husband! I see! The real lord still lives inside the toad! I know it! What a frightening thing I have done! Although I was possessed by a toad demon my heart was still human.
But lately, even my heart Kill me! Huh? Otherwise, I will end up devouring Princess Tsuyu! My lord! I beg you! Slay me now! Pretty noble words I gotta hand it to you, lord! 'Kay then, as you say! Hold it, Inuyasha! What about the real lord?! Yes! He still has a human heart! Will you stop yapping?! The REAL lord is asking me to slay him! This is no time for silly sentimentality! Stop! Sheathe your sword, Inuyasha! Inside this monster, the real lord's heart still beats! Why you! If you don't move, you'll die, too! I can't die.
Then move! I can't do that either! I cannot allow you to kill the monster while the lord's heart beats! Even if he weren't a lord, I despise the taking of life! Nobunaga This may sound naive considering the times in which we live Laugh at me if you like.
But I still still! All right! I won't lift another finger.
You guys can settle this.
Humph! Inuyasha Thanks for sparing me.
Nobunaga! The toad demon is back! Nobunaga! Inuyasha! If I help, the lord will die.
Princess Tsuyu! Kagome Pay me no heed.
You must take the princess and escape! All right! Let's go! Nobunaga! Move! Now do you see? Do NOT kill him! You! Princess Isn't there something we can do?! Though a demon, he's still just toad.
He should have an aversion to heat.
Heat? Throw some hot water on him.
Hot water? Then the toad will be in agony and the real lord will be released.
And just how do we get hot water?! Stop! He's coming! Something hot! I know, fire! Is there something like a large torch? Huh? Hiyoshimaru! When'd you appear?! I'll gobble both of you! Fire! Good work, Hiyoshimaru! It's too small.
Wait up, repulsive toad! Inuyasha! Kagome, the time for niceties is over! I'll gonna get 'im! Niceties? I know hairspray! It'll work this will drive the toad out! I'm gonna get 'im! Sit! Wh-whaa! It worked! Inuyasha, get the fragment! I don't need you to tell me that! Die! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! Huh? Well done! The lord is alive! You waited until the toad was driven out! Good work! No, I Just let him believe that.
Nobunaga Princess Tsuyu! Nobunaga! Thank you for protecting my lord husband! Princess Tsuyu! My lord, you are your old self once more.
Forgive me for all that has happened.
He seems like a very kind lord.
Hah! The toad demon's spell was broken and all the women have been saved.
I'm so glad! Umm Please cheer up, Nobunaga.
I knew it He IS a first-class fool! He was almost killed yet he saved the life of his bitter rival in love! That's true I am the world's biggest fool.
Oh well But thanks to you, many were saved.
Why not keep it at that? Okay! I'm feeling quite chipper now! I'm off! Off to where? Nobunaga, that's the ledge! He really is a fool.
Beyond this well is the age of the warring states.
Perhaps, I'll get to meet some real-life warlords like Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and leyasu! I know my history grades have gone up but these days, I don't go anywhere without my autograph book! I think a camera would be useful, too! But I don't think I'll want to take a look at photos of demons and things.
Now here's a cute demon! Next on Inuyasha: "Shippo and the Thunder Brothers".
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